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Playing golf is good stuff. But the question is, do you know the basics? Do you know how to find your way around the golf course? If you don’t yet, this article has been written to help you find your feet in golfing. Here are some of the free golf apps you can leverage now.

I know you’d be surprised by now because you’d not be expecting there’d be an app that can help you play your golf like you are a pro.

You’ll surely find all you need to know about the swing, the rules, and what to expect when you’re on the course.

What you Never Knew About Golf…

Golf was invented and first played in Scotland in the 15th century. Golf quickly spread to England and from there throughout the world. The first Golf Club, The Honorable Company of Edinburgh Golfers, was formed in Scotland in 1744.

The first official rule guides were published not much later. In the United States, the PGA was formed in 1916 ushering in professional golf.

Today golf is a very popular sport with major golf tournaments drawing huge crowds both live and on television.

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Best Free Golf Apps

Here’s a list of some of the best free golf apps. You can download them and start using them now.

#1. Golfshot

If you’re a casual fan or a professional golfer, the Golfshot app is undoubtedly one of the best golf apps available. There are both free and paid features in the app, which are available for Android, Apple devices.

The free version of the app uses GPS and your input to track every shot you hit on the course, as well as which club you used.

It also displays the distance to the green’s center, allows you to keep track of up to foursomes’ scores, review stats, and keep up with the latest golf news.

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#2. Hole 19

Hole19 is another free golf app. This free app allows you to see lots of courses from the front, middle, and back of the green.

Hole19 has a superb scoring card function, which looks more professional and enjoyable than a free golf app at home.

#3. GolfLogix

GolfLogix is one of the best free golf apps you can download now and start using.

The app has a premium statistics tracking option. It offers features for free. The main feature of this app is its excellent user interface and elegant design.

It’s great for getting the perspective of each course from the front, middle, and especially back.

It looks more professional and pleasing to use GolfLogix than your free-golf app at home.

#4.  Blast Golf Swing Analyzer

The Blast Golf Swing Analyzer is one of the free golf apps.

The app has sensors that help to figure out exactly how well you’re doing on the golf course.

Blast Golf Swing Analyzer also GPS which is used to monitor your game and keep track of your performance so you can identify weaknesses. It allows you to see all your metrics in slow motion including total time, pace, and angles of attack.

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#5. Rapsodo Mobile Launch Monitor 

The Rapsodo Mobile Launch Monitor is a great GPS app. It allows golfers to analyze their shot shape, review their launch angle, and understand the ball’s location.

Additionally, this app also tracks the averages of each club and gives professional-grade accuracy on all their swing metrics.

#6. TheGrint

Grint is another free golf app that helps golfers make the most of their careers.

Using the app’s simplified interface, you can keep track of your progress. You can even compare your game scores to others using the Liveboard feature. It calculates complex metrics like the accuracy of the iron

#7. The Fun Golf GPS

The FunGolf app provides a detailed, realistic 3D visual representation of your course. With your Apple Watch or iPhone, you can display course photos like you were floating above the green.

Additionally, the FunGolf app offers a myriad of other features. The app has over 30,000 professionally mapped courses. They can be saved for offline use, too.

Fun Golf records your shots and drives excellent shot data for locations that you visit regularly. Interestingly, backup and synchronization are often effortless.

#8. Shot Tracer

This app is not completely free. It’s just a few bucks but has a suite of helpful features. All iPhone and Android users can access the app.

Downloading this app delivers all of the essential features it has. It records every screenshot, and produces a timelapse effect, letting users see their mistakes before-after changes.

The app also tracks your shots on a 3D map and records your scorecard. This app is internet- or data-dependent.

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#9.18 Birdies

18 Birdies is a notable free golf app that golfers should be aware of.

The app shows the distance to the front, center, and back of the golf course while keeping distance information constant. Also, you can set golf handicaps and rank scores for each hole.

Another cool thing about 18 Birdies is that it also allows you to start and run tournaments. Overall, it’s a wonderful app with far more robust features than any other golfing app out there. Overall, the app is great.

#10. Game Golf

Game Golf is a free golf app. You can use the app online, shooting stats tracker.

Interestingly, the target lengths are provided to the front, center, back, and side of every green as well. Although this can be a bit of a pain if you have to enter them by hand.

Game Golf is an app you should get to help you get on top of your golfing career. However, you’ll have more features when you own a GAME GOLF product.


Getting one or more of these free golf apps will help you master how to strike the ball on course.

You can easily download any of them on google play or iOS store. They are completely free.

If you want to enjoy more advanced features, you can upgrade to a premium version of the apps.



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