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Sandy beaches, salty breezes, a relaxing lifestyle, and lots of outdoor activities are some of the features that retiring on an island offers you. Various islands are popular retirement destination spots when looking for a place to relax and enjoy a simple and peaceful life. Islands are dream retirement spots for retirees.

Most retirees get scared to think of retiring on islands because they doubt if they can be able to afford the cost of living on an island. Some islands are affordable and have an affordable cost of living while enjoying everything the island offers. 

Are you looking to retire? Are you interested in retiring on an affordable island? This article will clearly highlight and review the best islands in the globe for retirement using affordability, simple life, and community as strong criteria for the article. 

What Is An Island?

An island is an area of land that is completely surrounded by water. They can be found in various places like seas, lakes, oceans, or rivers. A group of islands is referred to as an archipelago. Islands can be simply classified as either oceanic or continental.

Oceanic islands rise from floors of the ocean basins to the surface while continental islands are the high part of the continental shelf which are surrounded by water. Most islands are of the continental type. Islands are popular getaways for people looking to relax and soak in the sun. 

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What Are The Benefits Of Retiring On An Island?

Retiring on an island has a myriad of benefits for retirees. The various islands which are spread around the globe are popular destinations for relaxation, vacations, tourism, and retirement settling. Attracting such a wide variety of people from all walks of life, what do you tend to gain from retiring on an island?

1. Pleasant community

Retiring to an island usually entails creating bonds and living together as a closely-knit community. The various islands usually have a relatively small population, especially when compared to other rural or urban areas. The different communities on every island usually share close bonds with each other.

Retiring to the islands will enable you to live close together and form attractions with one of the most pleasant and friendly people. The relationships in these island communities are ideal for retirees to experience life and mingle with people from diverse cultural backgrounds.

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2. Relaxing lifestyle

A high percentage of island residents will tell you that the main reason why they love the islands so much is because of the relaxing lifestyle it offers. Retirees are mostly drawn to islands because of the relaxing and serene effect it has on people. The combination of the various features of the island like its fresh sea breeze and green nature scene all bring about soothing feelings of relaxation while pushing you to lead more carefree lives during your retirement process.

3. Fresh seafood

If you’re a seafood lover then islands should definitely be on your trajectory for retirement spots. The island, being surrounded by water offers its residents a steady supply of fresh seafood. The various seafood is made easily available and accessible to residents of an island. The type of seafood in a particular island actually depends on the location of the island and the type of seafood that can survive in the water.

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4. Attractive landscapes

When you hear the word island your mind goes immediately to clear blue waters with beautiful landscapes. Islands have attractive landscapes which are mostly covered with green plants, varieties of exotic flora, and fauna. The beautiful landscapes found in islands are dominant attractive features for various tourists. The landscape of an island can include waterfalls, high cliffs, and lush forests. 

10 Best Islands To Retire

With the various islands spread around the globe, trying to select one to settle in can be a challenging and frustrating task. This section contains the best island to retire in using the cost of living and the beauty of the islands as the top criterion.

1. Malta

The island country of Malta tops our list as one of the best islands to retire in with all the beautiful features which it offers its residents.

Malta is one of the regular choices for most retirees with its affordable cost of living; residents of this island can survive on less than $2000 in a month. The city boasts of an impressive healthcare system which is one of the basic features reviewed when settling down in a new place. The island of Malta enables retirees to just enjoy the sunshine and all-year-round beautiful weather.

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2. Penang, Malaysia

Retirees on the island of Penang are exposed to a diverse variety of cultures, as they get to interact with people from various cultural backgrounds. There are various outdoor activities open to residents of this island including hiking, diving, and snorkeling.

The island offers all of its luxuries to its residents at an affordable rate hence making it one of the best islands to retire in. the island of Penang is widely known for its top food places, majestic architecture, energizing art scene, and friendly people. The beautiful island of Penang is exceptionally popular among food lovers as the city has an amazing street food menu.

3. Ireland

Ireland attracts a lot of tourists, new residents, and retirees not just because of its beautiful landscapes but because of the friendly residents, bonded communities, country charm, and affordable cost of living. The island country of Ireland has a beautiful landscape that is filled with rolling green hills.

Residents of the island are not just friendly but are capable of maintaining a close relationship with others despite their existing various cultural backgrounds. The island is known to have a very inclusive cultural scene.

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4. Mallorca, Spain

This 1400 square miles of island is a perfect island for retiring in. The cost of living on this island is quite affordable but can skyrocket depending on the lifestyle you choose to adopt on the island. The island has a lot of historical artifacts in region like the gothic cathedral hilltop castles, Arabian structures which were erected before the great Reconquest, and various Roman ruins. The county has a romantic scene and is perfect not just for any retiree but retired couples. The residents of this island enjoy an all-year-round mild climate.

5. Ambergris Caye, Belize

Ambergris Caye is Belize’s strongest and most attractive tourist center. The island is also known as “ISLA BONITA” This beautiful island is well known for the beautiful greenish-blue landscape that stretches throughout the island. Ambergris Caye offers retirees and new residents a lot of outdoor activities and an elegant lifestyle.

The island has witnessed an exponential growth in the number of tourists, retirees flocking to the region due to its top-notch amenities and beautiful architectural designs. Retirees who decide to settle on the island can select the lifestyle they’ll want to adopt there. The cost of living on the island can be quite high as the island is a top tourist center.

6. Isla Mujeres, Mexico

If you’re looking to retire and your top criteria include warm tropical water, friendly community, affordable cost of living then the island city of Isla Mujeres might just be the best place for you. The small island is usually a top vacation retreat spot for people from all over the world looking to relax.

The people on the island of Mujeres are rumored to be one of the most friendly people and you’re sure to make new acquaintances. The healthcare on the island is average with advanced medical needs usually being transported to hospitals in the close city of Cancun. 

7. Roatan, Honduras

The beautiful island of Roatan is a tropical paradise. The island has a population of over 80,000 and is home to many retired civil service workers and business tycoons. One of the main unique features of the island is the different cultures and features which can be found in different regions on the island. The west side of the island features highly developed facilities and amenities.

The lifestyle at Roatan is simple and refreshing while revolving around the beach and the Caribbean. The clear blue water is ideal for fishing and snorkeling. Retiring in Roatan can cost you about $2,000 a month. Retirees on the island can engage in several;l different outdoor activities like diving, fishing, and boating.

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8. Bocas Del Toro, Panama

The island features lush plant growth, turquoise waters, white sands, tall coconut trees, and majestic palm trees. Bocas del toro is a quintessentially Caribbean island. The community mostly includes retirees who have found the island as a perfect place to relax and enjoy their retirement life. Residents living on the island can engage in various activities like snorkeling, paddle boarding, and diving. The cost of living on the island is relatively affordable when compared to other islands like the Bahamas. The Island is ideal for a peaceful and quiet retirement.

9. Bali

The beautiful island of Bali is a popular retirement zone for retired people for various reasons. The residents of Bali are overall friendly people with attractive personalities and an amazing culture. The island offers tourists and retirees the opportunity to settle in the island and enjoy a luxurious lifestyle at a very affordable cost of living. The various regions of the island have various activities you can engage in. The island has benefits that a retiree can qualify for when trying to get a retirement visa.

10. Koh Samui, Thailand

The island is well known for its beautiful beaches, white sand, and plenty of fun outdoor activities. the island has a spread of various high-end luxurious apartments and resorts. The island is known for more than its beautiful beaches as it has many side attractions which the residents can engage in. Koh Samui island is one of the best islands to retire in as it boasts of an affordable cost for residents, beautiful scenery, turquoise beaches, and very friendly people with beautiful cultures.

Frequently Asked Questions On Best Islands In The World To Retire

The safest island to retire and move to is Montserrat.

There are various affordable islands to retire in but the Ambergris Caye, Belize tops the list.

The best island to retire in using popular reviews is Ambergris Caye, Belize.

Being popular tourist centers, the communities are generally filled with friendly people.

Yes, it is possible to acquire private lands on islands.


Islands are popularly misconceived to be only for the rich and the well to do but various islands have an affordable cost of living. Retiring on an island enables you to enjoy the sea breeze, beautiful scenery, cool waters, and pleasant community throughout your retirement. Islands also have various outdoor activities which residents can engage in to occupy their time.


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