What Are The 10 Best Performing Hedge Funds? Updated

Measurement for best performing hedge funds of all time is based on the assets they manage (AUM). 

Total capital raised by the fund is referred to as “capitalization.” As an indication of strength, funds with a larger AUM are more popular than those with a smaller AUM.

It’s all about supply and demand in the stock market, a war between the bears and the bulls. 

More money these funds have, the more powerful they are at swaying investor sentiment and shifting the balance of supply and demand in the financial markets.

Here is the list of the best-performing hedge funds of all time. 

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What Are The Best Performing Hedge Funds In 2022? 

Let’s now properly look into the best performing hedge funds of all time and how they are graded as the best performing hedge funds in 2022:

#1. BlackRock

On our first list of the best-performing hedge funds of all time is BlackRock. 

Hedge fund tycoons Larry Fink, Susan Wagner, Robert S. Kapito, and others formed BlackRock, which is frequently mentioned in the world’s top financial media.

As the firm’s assets under management have expanded to almost $9.5 trillion, it can no longer be expressed in billions of dollars.

Due to the company’s success in the financial markets expanded to become the world’s largest fund manager from an initial focus on risk management and fixed-income institutional asset management.

In addition to managing hedge funds, the company offers a wide variety of index funds and passively managed investment portfolios to the general public, allowing the firm to acquire such a high asset under management (AUM).

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#2. AQR Capital Management

Asness, Kabiller, Liew, and Krail are all well-known financial market analysts that created AQR Capital Management. 

A Connecticut-based investment firm has been in business since 1998 and services institutions, financial advisors, and wealthy people.

The company, which is only a few decades old, has amassed more than $248.9 billion in assets under control.

The fund’s assets are invested in various ways, including classic stock and derivatives. 

Like many others, the firm’s quantitative or systematic approach to investing necessitates a thorough understanding of mathematics and data analytics.

 It is among the best performing hedge funds in 2022.

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#3. Bridgewater Associates

Bridgewater Associates is on our next list of best-performing hedge funds of all time. According to the company’s website, Bridgewater Associates was founded in 1975 by billionaire investor Ray Dalio and has grown to manage more than $150 billion in assets as of March 2021.

When it comes to hedge funds, though, Dalio and his fund management firm aren’t quite what most retail investors expect when they think of hedge funds.

On the other hand, Dalio and Bridgewater have been dubbed “Steve Jobs of Investing” by ai-CIO.com and “the Steve Jobs of Investing” by Fortune magazine, respectively, for their success in the stock market.

Even though Bridgewater participates in short selling, it makes its decisions from a global perspective.

 Pure Alpha and All Weather are two of Dalio’s proprietary investment strategies that his business employs when making market-wide wagers.

Attic Capital estimates that Bridgewater Associates provides annualized returns of 11.5%.

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#4. Renaissance Technologies

Renaissance Technologies is also one of the best-performing hedge funds in 2022, founded in 1982 by Howard L. Morgan and Jim Simons, managing more than $165 billion in client assets.

 Nearly 300 individuals work at the Long Island, New York, firm, of which more than 150 are entrusted with providing investment advice.

To put it simply, according to Benzinga, it’s one of the world’s most successful funds, and the firm’s Medallion fund is one of the most profitable and tightly kept secrets on Wall Street today.

In keeping with its name, Renaissance Technologies combines complicated mathematics and data science to establish a technological advantage over its competitors in the market.

However, while the firm’s technical approach is well-known, little is known about the precise investing techniques it employs. 

Moreover, the Medallion fund is an invitation-only investment option often only available to the company’s employees.

Medallion’s annualized returns, according to Institutional investor, are roughly 66%.

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#5. Elliott Asset Management

Founded in 1977, Paul Singer’s Elliott Asset Management (Elliott Management) swiftly became one of Wall Street’s most prominent asset management firms, with a portfolio of $48 billion.

Singer is a well-known activist investor who buys big holdings in publicly traded firms to give them a push in a different direction. 

Investors should expect the companies they invest in to follow Singer and his fund’s vision of a better reality if they have a major interest in the company.

Indeed, distressed securities account for more than a third of the fund manager’s total holdings, representing corporations or governments in financial difficulty. 

It is also one of the best-performing hedge funds of all time. 

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#6. Two Sigma Investments

Two Sigma Investments has about 20 years of experience as a service provider to institutional and high-net-worth investors.

 Even though it is one of the younger hedge fund managers on the list, its popularity can’t be understated.

Some of Wall Street’s brightest minds, including David Siegel, Mark Pickard, and John Overdeck, founded the firm.

They are all well-versed in making smart investments. Trade strategy development and implementation is another area where the corporation relies heavily on technology.

 Since its founding, Two Sigma has been noted for employing artificial intelligence, machine learning, and distributed computing in its trading techniques.

With an annualized return of more than 30 percent, this high-tech approach to investing appears to be paying well. It equally ranks among the best performing hedge funds in 2022.

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#7. Millennium Management

Israel Englander created Millennium Management in 1989. The assets under management at Millennium are a solid $48.3 billion.

With a concentration on fundamental and technical analysis at the core of numerous investment strategies ranging from relatively low-risk fixed-income strategies to fast-paced quantitative and derivatives trading, Millennium’s investment management approach is a traditional hedge fund.

Investing in both high-risk derivatives and low-risk fixed-income securities in this way reduces the overall risk of the portfolio.

 As a result, the Wall Street Journal reports a profit margin of roughly 10% per year for this company. 

Millennium Management is one of the best-performing hedge funds of all time. 

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#8. D.E. Shaw & Co.

One of the world’s best-performing hedge funds in 2022, D.E. Shaw was founded by David E. Shaw.

The New York City-based firm was founded in 1988 and has generated a $55 billion investment portfolio, according to the Firm’s website 

The advanced mathematical models and computer programs developed by the fund management organization are best renowned for their use in locating and exploiting stock market anomalies.

With a portfolio of $35 billion in derivatives, the hedge fund invests the rest in long-term investments like stocks, bonds, and ETFs, with the latter accounting for the remaining $20 billion (ETFs).

According to Institutional Investor, investors in the fund management company should expect to see annualized gains of roughly 10.8%.

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#9. Tiger Global Management

Tiger Global Management is on our penultimate list of the best-performing hedge funds of all time.

 Tiger Global Management is a young hedge fund manager founded by billionaire investor Chase Coleman in 2001 and has also created a reputation for itself on Wall Street. 

Currently, the company manages over $65 billion in customer investments.

Technology-related investments are the firm’s primary focus, even if it invests in various other asset classes.

 Investing in software, the Internet, consumer electronics, and financial technologies is the primary focus of this firm.

Customers have seen annualized returns of roughly 27% as a result of the firm’s concentration on technology and investment strategy in the industry, according to Value Walk.

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#10. Appaloosa Management

On our last list of the best-performing hedge funds of all time is the one founded by David Tepper and Jack Wilson. Appaloosa Management, a hedge fund founded in 1993 by David Tepper and Jack Walton, has amassed $6.9 billion in assets under management since its inception.

Yes, the company invests from time to time in traditional securities and uses derivatives occasionally. What has changed?

Appaloosa Management’s investment strategy revolves primarily around distressed debt.

 Difficult-to-repay debt can be purchased in the expectation that the company would turn things around and be able to pay the loan in full, plus interest, at a severe discount.

Investors in the company’s equity could be left with nothing but losses if the company fails to turn itself around and files for bankruptcy. 

There is a safety net if you invest in distressed debt rather than equity in these companies, which makes it seem hazardous. 

Corporate bankruptcies result in the liquidation of company assets, with the proceeds being used to pay back creditors in order of priority.

When Appaloosa invests in distressed debt, it gives itself two ways to make money, regardless of whether the underlying businesses do well.

According to Sure Dividend, this investing has provided investors with an annualized return of 11.9%.


Some of the world’s wealthiest individuals and institutions have poured billions, in the case of BlackRock, trillions of dollars into the funds on this list because of their reputation for generating impressive returns.

Like any other institutional investor, Hedge fund managers must report their portfolio activity to the Securities and Exchange Commission of the United States of America. 

Many individual investors keep an eye on these filings to get an idea of where the next major stock market opportunity might be.

For those who want to follow in their footsteps, utilize their files as a guide, not a rule. 

The use of hedge fund moves to generate ideas is perfectly acceptable. However, before making any investment decisions, you should always conduct your research.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best performing hedge funds in 2022?

These hedge funds top the chart list, especially in Ella Street, and have high-rated investors.

Are these best performing hedge funds of all time good for investment? 

Yes. That is why they are called the best performing hedge funds in 2022.

Can these best-performing hedge funds of all time make me rich overnight? 

Any hedge fund that will make you rich overnight is a big scam. Investing in these best-performing hedge funds of all time is not a guarantee of quick money. 



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