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Whether it’s your first 1000 dollars or an extra 1000 dollars you just gained, one question you might consider is what to do with 1000 dollars in 2022.

Unfortunately, many people never spend enough time really considering that topic. They shrug their shoulders and head to Amazon to look for something entertaining to purchase, assuring themselves they’ll study more about personal finance later.

However, saving money and investing it wisely is among the most crucial for accumulating wealth. They don’t require unique training or intrinsic skills and are surprisingly easy to understand and use.

In this article, you will learn some of the best things to do with 1000 dollars in 2022 and going forward. Let’s get right to it!

What to Do With 1000 Dollars in 2022

Our list of things to do with 1000 dollars in 2022 contains the things you should definitely do and the things you should consider doing when you have 1000 dollars in 2022.

Le’s look at them:

1. Pay Off Unsecured Debts

This is the first of the things you must do with 1000 dollars. Before you do anything else with your money, we recommend you pay off your unsecured debts such as student loans, credit card balances, and personal loans.If you let them, bad credits such as student loans and personal loans can negatively affect your credit score and sap you of your financial strength.

While it’s okay to put or invest your money towards other vital financial goals, it is essential to clear debts too. to make things easier, you can decide to set aside a certain amount every month to pay down your high-interest debts. See How to Get Out of Credit Card Debt in 2022

Is it Better to Save or Pay Off Debt in 2022

2. Make a fund for emergencies.

Also, another one of the things you must do with $1000 creating an emergency fund is one of the critical places your money should be put. Everyone needs an emergency fund as no one is ever spared from unexpected bills.

We suggest you can keep an emergency fund that can cover between three to six months’ expenses. An important tip is – the more irregular and unstable your expenses and earnings are, the more money you should put in your emergency fund.

You can create a savings account to save your emergency funds.

3. Open an Individual Retirement Account (IRA)

Just as emergency funds are important, so are retirement funds, especially if you desire to retire early. Usually, IRA accounts come with substantial tax benefits and are easy to open. Here are the Top 10 ROTH IRA ACCOUNTS to check out.

Also, see: How Much Money Do You Need For Retirement?

4. Open a Taxable Brokerage Account

Also, another one of the most important things to do with 1000 dollars in 2022. Opening a taxable account can help you invest in stocks, REITs, bonds, and funds like ETFs and mutual funds.

Scared you might have all your money locked in? While your retirement account comes with restrictions, your brokerage account doesn’t. It is more flexible as you can contribute, buy and sell stocks and as well, and withdraw your money when you want to.

This is important to do, and it doesn’t matter how small you invest.

You should see this: IRA vs Brokerage Account: What’s the Difference?

5. Invest in building a passive income

While you may have a job you earn from, building a passive income to make money will be important. If you have an extra 1000 dollars in 2022, you can invest it into a business that will pay you monthly.

Some passive income ideas include starting rental property services, bonds, REITs, earning dividends from stocks, businesses, and many others.

You can also make this your form f savings and allow your savings earn you more profit while you also earn from your job. Here are the top 15 Passive Income Ideas That’ll Make You Rich in 2022

6. Get a life insurance

You need life insurance coverage. If you can’t afford the normal budget yet, you can begin with securing a low-premium life insurance and disability policies and then pay for your first year’s premium with this extra cash.

This allows you more time to prepare for the normal budget. Here is a guide to help you: How Much Life Insurance Do I Need? | Full Guide

7. Acquire new skills and certifications

You can invest in learning new skills, obtaining professional certifications, or learning a new language. Either way, the goal is to invest in your self-development. See the 20 Most Profitable Skills to Learn in 2022 with Salary.

8. Save for a Down Payment on a House

If you have always dreamt of a home of your own, then now might be an excellent time to start paying a house down.

While some individuals may not want the hassles of owning a home and the headaches that come with maintenance and repairs, others dream of owning homes they can creatively modify now and then.

You can create a savings account to begin saving for this investment and keep to it. Here’s how to Buy a House In 2022: A Step by Step Guide

9. Travel

Travelling has several advantages, including increased creativity, a greater awareness of diversity, and a better understanding of various regions of the country or the globe and the people who live there. You might be able to travel to Europe with $1,000, drive cross-country, take a cruise, or take a beautiful train excursion.

See Cheap Ways To Travel Around The World

What to Do with 1000 dollars in a Developing Country

Suppose you live in a developing country whose local currencies have a lower value than US dollars. In that case, this section discusses what you can do with the equivalent of 1000 dollars in your currency and how to make more money with 1000 dollars in 2022.

1. Currency arbitraging

Arbitraging is simply taking advantage of market price differences to gain profit. It involves purchasing assets at quite lower prices to sell at a higher value in a different market.

In this case, currency arbitrage come in where you can invest in currency arbitrage to make money from different rates offered by brokers in varying currency markets for the same currency pair.

2. Invest in properties/Real Estate

Investing in real estate is another one of the best things to do with 1000 dollars in a developing country as the real estate sector is increasingly booming in these countries, and people are steadily making millions from it.

All you need to do is research and seek the properties whose values will appreciate over time and invest in them. What Is Digital Real Estate? How Can I Invest My Money Into It | 2022?


Whether in a developed region of the earth or not, these tips will help you put your extra 1000 dollars to great use. While you read through it, we hope to continue in our research to keep you updated with more tips.

FAQs What to Do With 1000 Dollars in 2022 | Best Advice

Is 1000 dollars a lot of money?

Is one thousand dollars a lot of money?

All money is relative. For those in poverty or even those who live paycheck to paycheck, $1,000 would be a sizable sum. Perhaps not for someone with a respectable pension or means of subsistence.

Is crypto better than stocks?

Stocks are a well-known asset type that may produce gains over the long and short term.

Cryptocurrency is a more recent financial product with greater price volatility and risk. Cryptocurrencies are frequently viewed as an alternative to more conventional assets, even though both instruments draw traders and investors.

Is Investing 1000 worth it?

1000 dollars might not be a lot of money, yet it is still well worth investing. Sums as low as $50 or even $20 are worth investing consistently in several of the alternatives we examined in this article. The fact that investing is an incremental game has to be emphasized.


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