10 Best Places To Retire In Oregon

The state of Oregon is located in the pacific northwest region of the United States. Oregon, also nicknamed “the beaver state,” is known for being welcoming and nice to strangers. The friendliness of its residents makes it one of the popular destinations for people looking to retire.

The various cities in Oregon offer various facilities and features that make it one of the best places to retire. Retiring to one of the cities in Oregon enables you to relax and enjoy all the amenities the pacific northwest has to offer. The state of Oregon has beautiful scenery as well as temperate weather and climate for participating in various outdoor activities. 

Oregon has various tourist-attracting features like the hood river, smith rock state park, silver falls, the Oregon coast trail, Willamette national forest, and many more. Despite being a little obscure state, Oregon is one you should put into consideration when planning for your retirement.

Are you interested in retiring in Oregon? This article highlights the various benefits that retired residents of Oregon can enjoy and the best places to retire in Oregon. Do you think retiring in Oregon is worth it? Keep reading to find out.

Benefits Of Retire In Oregon

What are the reasons why you should consider retiring to Oregon? This section details the various benefits which Oregon retired residents enjoy, from the beautiful scenery to the low cost of living. the benefits of retiring in Oregon include:

1. Beautiful climate

The state of Oregon has a beautiful climate as the state is blessed with non of the extreme conditions of the four seasons. It is rare to witness extreme climate conditions in Oregon. The pristine weather condition of Oregon makes it capable of hosting a lot of outdoor activities which the retiree can enjoy easily.

2. Moderate retirement tax

The state of Oregon has a moderate retirement tax-friendly system when compared to some other states in the United States. It offers retired residents an exemption from social security benefits.

However, the state does tax every other retirement income including all withdrawals from retirement accounts. The tax friendliness of the state is also displayed in its NO SALES TAX policy which is enjoyed by retired officials in the state.

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3. Car retirement

Retiring in Oregon enables you to be active, going anywhere without depending on public transportation, as some regions are widely known for having bikes as their main means of transportation. Car retirement means adopting this lifestyle of, Oregonians. Using other means of transportation like biking or walking will help in keeping the retired residents, especially the senior citizens fit.

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4. Beautiful scenery and beaches

The state of Oregon has beautiful green landscapes and beaches. Oregon is known for its abundance of beaches. The beaches in Oregon range from sandy beaches to majestic cliffs. The famous Highway 101 is a steady attraction in the state for enjoying the beautiful scenery of the entire coastline.

5. Environment friendliness

With the high amount of green plants found in the state of Oregon, it’s safe to say that the residents aren’t just the only friendly feature in the community. The state of Oregon has one of the lowest carbon footprints in the united states, making it one of the safest places to retire.

The state is a major player in the recycling, energy production, and energy efficiency sector. Being environmentally friendly is a good benefit of the state as it lowers the probability of developing one of the diseases caused by various environmental/ climate hazards.

6. Low crime rate

The city of Oregon is known to be one of the safest places to retire. Despite having mostly activities that have to do with the outdoors, the crime rate in the state is lower than the average crime rate of the country.

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What Is The Cost Of Retiring In Oregon?

Retiring requires you to carefully plan all your expenditures as you might be required to live on a limited budget in order to have a comfortable retirement. An average American might spend up to $1.1 million for a comfortable retirement hence the adequate prior planning required before getting to the retirement stage.

With the cost of living varying from state to state, the cost of retiring depends on the cost of the state you are planning to retire to. The average American will need at least $1,106,165 to retire comfortably in Oregon. The state has a life expectancy rate of 75 years.

Top 10 Places To Retire In Oregon

Finding the perfect city to retire in is a central task when retiring, as the place you decide to retire in will ultimately decide the flow of your retirement. With the various cities located in Oregon, which of them offer the perfect features for retirees?. The top best places to retire in Oregon include:

1. Ontario

Selecting which town in Oregon to retire in is a big challenge, but the city of Ontario should be top on your list of cities you’re interested in. The city is mostly described as the place where Oregon begins. With the various senior living community in Ontario, the city is one of the best places to retire in Oregon.

The city of Ontario is the largest town in Malheur county. The town is a top destination for retirees due to its impressive healthcare system and outdoor activities residents can engage in. One of the key features of the town is its hells canyon which offers the most exciting adventure experience in the city

2. Astoria

The city of Astoria is located in Clatsop county. Having over 70% population of young people, Astoria is the spot for retired citizens who crave to feel young and invigorated again. The small size of the town account for its low crime rate and low cost of living. The town is a worthy place to retire as it offers you the choice of enjoying the various benefits of your retirement years.

The city has an active, adventurous, and historical scene. Its small tonw size offers complete serenity which is an ideal feature for retirees who are desperate to leave behind the hustle and bustle of urban life. 

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3. Dallas

It’s a no-brainer that some towns in Oregon share names with other cities like Ontario in Canada and Dallas located in Texas. If you’re searching for a town to just sit back and relax in Oregon, Dallas should be one of your top contenders.

The city provides its retired residents with above-average medical facilities which is a major feature that attracts retirees to the town. The town of Dallas also has about 7 parks for walking your pets or taking a stroll. The city of Dallas in Oregon is one of the best places to retire in Oregon; it enables you to relax during your retirement and enjoy some beach time. 

4. Prineville

The town of Prineville is located at the center of the state of Oregon. This beautiful town is very small, with a population of about 9,500. The town is one of the best places to retire in Oregon and has a population containing over 20% of senior citizens.

The town of Prineville gives you the opportunity of retiring somewhere with good medical facilities and a beautiful countryside scene. Retirees who choose to retire in Prineville are opportune to enjoy a private and fun-filled life. Most residents take part in hiking or fishing along the crooked river.

5. Ashland

The relatively small town of Ashland is home to the southern Oregon university. The town attracts both retirees and people looking to just settle down because of the town’s love for art. The town is able to attract as many as 400,000 people every year with its famed Oregon Shakespeare Festival. Residents in Ashland have several outdoor activities to engage in, like fishing, hiking, and biking.

6. Grants Pass

The city of Grants Pass is located in the southwestern region of the state. It has features like the famous Rogue river which is a site for fishing, boating, kayaking, and rafting. The city has an impressive healthcare system with an estimated number of 2 medical centers for every 1,000 residents.

The town is also known for its love for art which it demonstrates by hosting several art exhibition events, an example is the “Back to the fifties car festival” which is focused on antique automobiles.

7. Hood River

With its small population, the town of Hood River is the best place in Oregon to enjoy a relaxed and private retirement. Retirees, especially those up to 65 years of age, search for places with good healthcare systems for retirement.

The town offers its residents easy access to healthcare facilities. Additionally, residents can take part in hiking on the iconic mount hood, and better still, you can engage in windsurfing as the town is referred to as the best place for windsurfing.

8. Roseburg

Sometimes referred to as the land of Umpqua due to being located at the center of the Umpqua River valley region in the southwestern region. The town offers one of the best housing prices in Oregon.

THE city OF Roseburg has many advantages why retirees relocate there. The myriad of outdoor activities you can engage in includes hiking, fishing, and enjoying waterfalls. The city is literally situated close to the famous vibrant and blue Crater lake. 

9. Brookings

Brooking is located in the southwestern portion of Oregon. The city of Brooking is very beautiful and is one of the top choices for retirees looking to retire in Oregon.

The housing cost of the city is within range of the state’s median home value. The town is perfect for a calm, private, and smooth retirement. The city has several beaches, a beautiful forest, and an ambient temperature. These various factors make Brookings one of the best places to live in Oregon. 

10. Florence

Think of calm beaches, smooth waters, and beautiful ocean life, these are a few things you’ll enjoy when retiring in Florence, Oregon. The town is located at the edge of the Siuslaw River in Lane County.

The town has a relatively small population and most of its residents are over 50. The city of Florence is the dream retirement destination for most retirees looking to retire in Oregon.


One of the biggest challenges during retirement is selecting where they’ll want to settle down. The city of Oregon is one of the top choices for retired residents to relax and enjoy their golden years, but where exactly in Oregon is the best place to retire in? This article has clearly stated the benefits which the different towns offer. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, the state’s Medicaid program is impressive with several benefits for eligible residents of the state.

Oregon has a moderate tax rule for retirees with social security being exempted from tax.

Portland is widely acclaimed to be one of the best cities to live in Oregon.

The cost of living in Oregon is above the country’s national average.


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