15 Best Writing Apps for iPad in 2022

The advent of technology has affected every sphere of our everyday activities. Virtually, every sector and industry have witnessed their own share of tech disruption. It has continued to boom as more innovation and they build products to enhance how we do the things we do.

One sector technology has made quite a recognizable mark is writing. In our update today we shall relay the 15 Best writing apps for iPad in 2022. 

If writing is an important part of your life, you’ll be surprised to learn that a smartphone can help you in more ways than you ever thought possible.

Have you ever thought about writing, editing, proofreading, adding annotations, and keeping track of ideas on your phone?

15 Best Writing Apps for iPad in 2022

In the App Store, there are numerous apps that can assist you in creating and editing documents. However, selecting the best writing apps for the iPad can prove to be a real challenge.

And you are better served writing than procrastinating about which app to use.

For this reason, we’ve compiled a list of the best writing apps for iPad and iOS. Apple Notes is also a good option since it syncs across all Apple devices.

This update will interest content developers, writers, bloggers, editors, and those in general writing business including business owners.

1. Grammarly Keyboard

This App is ideal for writers, students, authors, and everyone looking to scale up and get assisted in grammatical corrections.

Grammarly Keyword is a writing app that is easy to use for writers, and even easier to use on mobile devices. It will check for grammatical, spelling, and punctuation errors as you type in your Written Document, Notes, and Mail.

Grammarly will be able to edit and recheck your text as you type, thereby saving you time! If you wish to check the text that you have typed manually, click on the keyboard icon and then tap the ‘G’ icon.


  • With the ability to resize it, you can create a message that is clear and error-free.
  • It has a dark theme for comfort in low light conditions.
  • Works as an editor that you can use at any time.
  • Grammarly Premium users will also be recommended the tool.

Get Grammarly iPad App here 

2. Google DocsI will also recommend grammarly Premium users

Google Docs is one of the best writing apps for writers to create, edit, and format text, as well as share writing pieces with their teammates and create shared folders. One shared document can be accessed by up to 100 people in real-time.

Furthermore, the interface is relatively intuitive, and Google offers insightful support options if you ever run into a problem. The intuitive toolbar gives you access to the number and bulleted lists, fonts, spacing options, and other essential features.


  • Writing tool with automatic formatting for citations.
  • You can access your work materials on the left side of the screen along with a document outline.
  • You can share your documents quickly and make them available for multiple users.
  • Documents are automatically stored in the cloud and can be downloaded to your device for offline viewing and editing.

Get Google Docs for iPad Here 

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3. LivingWriter

The LivingWriter app helps writers arrange plots and stories using boards and templates rather than using a word processor. It works online as well as on an iPad. The tool consists of a series of outline templates for popular story structures such as the Hero’s Journey, which helps writers organize plots and stories.


  • Great User interface
  • Custom built templates for writting.
  • 14 day free trial without a credit card

Visit Livingwriters.com to get started 

4. Evernote

Evernote is a writing app that lets you make notes and find them in a much easier way with tags. This writing app can handle PDF documents, text notes, scanned handwritten pages, audio clips, websites, and emails.

It is a popular choice among bloggers, writers, editors, content developers, e.t.c. It comes with both paid version and a premium version.


  • You can organize your notes effectively using this app.
  • This writing app works with all kinds of formats.
  • Evernote also works with scanned handwritten notes.
  • Textual content can be searched throughout the app.
  • Provides an option to make sorted notebooks to organize your writing pieces better.

Get Evernote on here on iPad 

5. Scrivener

Scrivener is among the best writing apps for iPad with high positive user reviews. Because of its many export options and advanced self-editing features, Scrivener is a top preferred writing app for longer articles and books.

Think of it as a powerful word processor as opposed to a simple writing app.

Despite being expensive, this app works well with an iPad Pro and is great for organizing complicated writing projects. All manuscripts can be synced to Dropbox and edited on your Mac.


  • Ideal for Novelists, authors, editors.
  • Highly powered artificial intelligence.
  • Can be synced with other apps

Get Scrivener here on iPad 

6. Byword

With this app, you can edit your documents even when you are offline. Byword is one of the newer apps available for iPad. The app can open any text document on all Apple products, such as the Mac, iPhone, and iPad.

In addition, people also love the app because you can multitask while using it. You can split the screen, allowing you to easily switch between different documents. Byword also has a dark mode, making it more comfortable for your eyes.


  • Can split screen
  • Allows for multi-tasking
  • Can edit documents offline
  • Can easily convert in PDF and HTML files

Get Byword for iPad 

7. Notebook

A company called Zoho designed Notebook, one of the best iPad writing apps. It won “Best App of the Year” in 2016. In addition to writing, you can also edit spreadsheets, documents, and PDFs using Zoho. It is equally among the best free iPad writing apps. 


  • Free to use
  • Can scan and soft copy documents
  • Advanced editing features

Get Note Book on iPad 

8. IA Writer

iA Writer has a feature called Focus Mode that enables distraction-free writing. The app dims everything but the line you are editing, allowing you to mark your mistakes, repetitive words, and weak verbiage.

It is hard to complete a list of best writing apps for iPad without mentioning IA writer. You can even sync it with your WordPress and publish your works directly there. It is most recommended for story writers, editors, etc.


  • Automated writting assistance
  • Distraction free writting with Focus Mode
  • Supports Markdown

Get IA Writer on iPad 

9. Simplenote

You can type, record your voice, record videos, and more with Simplenote. It works well if you prefer plain text.

In addition to setting reminders, changing the color and size of your text, you can also insert images, or create a voice memo.

Additionally, you can link Simplenote to your social media accounts and share notes. It is also accessible via the web browser. Although this app isn’t Bluetooth compatible, it is compatible with iCloud.


  • Share to social media accounts
  • Free with no subscription fee
  • Insert images, voice recordings and video
  • Advanced editing features

Get Simplenote for iPad 

10. Notability

There is no doubt that Notability is one of the best writing apps available for the iPad. It was even chosen as the “Editor’s Choice” app when it first came out.

It is a great app for students, teachers, and professionals since it has an easy-to-use user interface. You can use Notability to secure notes.


  • Screen share option.
  • Multi note editing
  • On-site signature option
  • User friendly interface

Get Notability for iPad 

11. Goodnotes

In addition to being one of the best writing apps available for the iPad, Goodnotes’ vector engine allows you to write more precisely, more fluidly, and more easily.

It is also searchable, so you can easily pick up your work where you left off.


  • Sync with other devices
  • Has a drawing tool
  • Auto save on iclouds

Get Goodnotes on iPad 

12. OneNote

The popular Microsoft app, OneNote, is now available on the iPad. With this app, you can create texts, sketch ideas and even jot down thoughts.

It remains one of the best free writing apps for iPad and iOS devices.


  • Edit texts
  • Record voice notes
  • Save images and videos
  • Free with no subscription

Get OneNote on iPad 

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13. Ulysses

Ulysses is not a new app, it has been around for quite some time. With Ulysses, writers can customize their writing experience to meet their needs on Apple devices, including the iPad.

The app is designed with a distraction-free interface to help writers focus on the written word.


  • Supports Markdowns
  • Set word counts
  • Ideal for big projects
  • AI powered writting space

Get Ulysses on iPad  

14. Nebo

You can use the Apple Pencil to create and edit documents with Nebo, an app that comes with advanced features and customizable options.

A highlighting feature allows you to find important sentences and phrases in your documents.


  • Add charts and formulars to texts
  • Edit powerpoint files
  • Track important phrases and documents
  • Compatible with Xbox

Get Nebo on iPad here

15. Microsoft Word

Microsoft word making it to the list best writing app for iPad and iOS devices should not come as a surprise. Especially, with the fact that it is free and comes with many enhanced features.

This Microsoft Word mobile app gives you the ability to create, edit, and review documents as easily as using Google Docs.

With this app, you can read comfortably on your mobile device and examine every detail in full-screen mode.

This is one of the best writing apps for writers that makes reviewing documents easier and more convenient.


  • In this application, you can create your documents using well-designed templates and add images, video, and audio clips.
  • The toolbar is easy-to-use and accompany a writer from start to finish.
  • You may also invite others to review your work.

Get Microsoft Word on iPad here 

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These 15 best writing apps for iPad will enhance your blogs, stories, poems, and everything you write in your personal diary. There are many writing apps out there, but only a few are worthwhile to explore. 

Some are subscription-based while others are free plans. Be rest assured that no matter your budget, our updated list here can fit into any of your plans whether paid or free to use.

For a subsequent update on writing apps and tips for writers on iOS devices, subscribe to our newsletter here to see.


Tap the Markup toolbar in Notes. In the Markup toolbar, tap the Handwriting tool (to the left of the pen). Type with Apple Pencil, and Scribble automatically converts your handwriting into typed text.

Byword, simplenotes, and IA writer are among the best recommended free apps writing apps for iPad and iOS users.

Yes, Onenote is free for all users on iPad.

Apple Pencil is not necessary in order to start sketching on your giant new screen. Many creative types probably have a stylus lying around that works just fine.


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