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Net worth$1.5 million.
Age75 years
Place of BirthGreenville Section of Jersey City, US
Country of OriginColumbus, Ohio, USA
Source of WealthAmerican Singer, Rapper, and Actor
Marital StatusMarried

Bob Hurley Net worth 

Bob Hurley one of the richest Basketball coaches and most popular Basketball coach is estimated to have a net worth of $1.5 million in 2022 according to the data released by wikipedia, Forbes and Business Insider. 


Robert Hurley,  An American Basketball coach won many championships, 4 nationals, and was also, USA Today National Coach of the year won it in 1989, 1996, and 2008. During his stay at St Anthony High School In Jersey City, New Jersey, Bob Hurley gained about 26 state championships In his 39 years as a coach. 

Early Life 

Bob Hurley was born and raised in the Greenville section of Jersey City and he grew up In St.paul the Apostle parish where neighborhoods are Identified with their parishes. He attended St.peter’s college.

During his days in college, he was dropped from the basketball team while in 2nd year. He volunteered as a coach for a Catholic youth organization grammar school team In his Parish. 

On February 2, 2011, Bob Hurley became the tenth coach in all high school history to win all round 1000 games, and where five of his managed teams have gone undefeated.

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Bob Hurley began his coaching career at St.Anthony In 1972. The school was run by the Felician Sisters and also, had one of New Jersey’s smallest student bodies, most of whom were known to have lived below or near the poverty line during most of Bob Hurley’s career.

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Hurley produced over 150 players to Division I basketball programs, all on full scholarships. Hurley has coached six first-round NBA draft picks, including his son Bobby Hurley. Hurley’s undefeated 1989 team, which featured Jerry walker, Bobby Hurley, Terry Dehere, and Rodrick Rhodes was ranked first In the nation by USA Today.

Three of the players on that team were first choices In the NBA draft. That team won New Jersey’s first Tournament of Champions and amassed 50 straight victories In a two-year span. It is generally considered one of the best teams In American history. 

Hurley’s 2003-2004 team was also undefeated and was ranked second In the nation, Is the subject and topic of The miracle of St. Anthony, a best-selling book by Adrian Wojnarowski

Hurley’s 2007-2008 squad was also undefeated, Finished with 32 wins and no losses and we’re ranked number one In the US. They also won Hurley’s 10th Tournament of Champions, winning Its state tournament games by an average of more than 27 points per game. It was considered one of the greatest basketball teams In modern sports. 

After Retirement 

Coach Bob Hurley continued his mission of developing children’s potential In life through the game of basketball. The Hurley Family Foundation runs a free basketball program for students In 3rd through 12th grade In Jersey City. And called The Hurley Foundation.

Hurley gained national attention when his son Bobby graduated and became a four-year starter and All-American at Duke University. Bobby is currently the head coach of Arizona state. He was there after two seasons at Buffalo before that bobby Hurley was an assistant coach for Wagner and an associate head coach for Rhode Island

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In 2008, when Hurley’s team was ranked number 1 in the nation, Dan’s St. Benedicts squad was ranked number 2 and only a 3-point loss kept st. Benedict’s from an undefeated season and a number 1 ranking of its own. Dan Hurley was hired on march 21,2012 as the head basketball coach at URI

Awards & Achievement 


Famous people drop their sayings unexpected or expected. Some even go to the extent of knowing their fans or people around feelings without they requesting for it. It could come in the form of quotes or it could come in form of motivation. Here are some of Bob Hurley quotes. 

  • If it were up to me, we’d not play any games, we’d Just practice…..
  • He typifies the kind of kid I’ve been coaching, someone who’s a worker rather than someone who’s gifted. 
  • That will be matched, we hope, with anywhere from 350,000 to 500,000 of state dollars…..
  • From what I can tell, It is a good deal for the city, where we can wind up with four soccer field replacing one for instance… 
  • He didn’t think he was good enough, and he was ready to give up on himself…. 

Bob Hurley was named the USA Today National coach of the year in 1989, 1996 on April 5,2010. He was also announced as the only coach to be Inducted Into the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame in 2010. He was also the third high school coach In history to be given and honored, he was formally confirmed and Inducted on August 13 ,2010.

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Who Is Bob Hurley?

Once a Basketball player, Bob became a basketball coach.

How Tall Is Bob Hurley?


Is any of Bob Hurley children In Basketball?

Bobby Hurley and Dan Hurley

What is Bob Hurley’s current Net worth? 

According to a recent release by Forbes in 2022, Bob Hurley’s Net worth stands at $1.3million.

How Old Is Bob Hurley?

75 years as at 2022.



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