10 Best Places to Buy Plants Online

With the increasing rise in the opportunity to buy plants online, it is now easy to access a variety of plants online without visiting the Nursery or dealing with the inconvenience of trying to get your plant home after purchase.

If you are wondering whether purchasing plants online is safe, it is essential to note that online plant dealers rely on state-of-the-art packing and shipping methods to transport plants to their desired destination safely.

Some of the plants arrive with a care manual, while other retailers provide guarantees. Even new plant owners and those without prior experience caring for plants can take care of a healthy plant with the manual that comes with these plants.

Finding a plant to buy online is much easier when you know the plants you want. What if you don’t have a specific plant in mind? Many of online stores provide buyers with the opportunity to filter between price and plant types to make it easier to find the desired plant.

Nonetheless, no matter what kind of plant you are looking for, these are the 10 best places to buy plants online.

Best Places to Buy Plant Online

  • Bloomscape—Best place overall to buy plants online
  • The Sill—Best for household plants
  • Amazon—Best for a variety of plants selection
  • 1-800-Flowers—Best for a large collection of large plants
  • Terrain—Best for the collection of unique plants
  • Urban Outfitters—Best retailer for a collection of succulent plants
  •  Etsy—Best for their huge collection of starter plants online
  • Nature Hills—Best for a collection of indoor and outdoor plants
  • The Bouqs Co—Best for a collection of stylish planters
  • The Urban Stems—Best for a collection of indoor gifting plants

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#1. Bloomscape

Best place overall to buy plants online

  • Price range: $39 – $249
  • Shipping rates: from $7 (free shipping for purchase over $75)
  • Guarantee: 30-day

When you buy plants online at Bloomscape, the company ships them straight from their greenhouse. The company utilizes plastic-free packs to ensure that the plants arrive safely at their desired location.

Depending on the type of plants you order, you might have them delivered in clay planters or recycled Eco pots.

Many pet-friendly and low-maintenance plants are available at Bloomscape, making it the ideal place to shop for your household plants.

You can search for your favorite plants on Bloomscape either by:

  • Size of the plant you desire
  • Filter plants by price
  • Filter plant by lighting requirements

Bloomscape also offers a range of gift options and a discount section (Last Chance Section) where you can pick a selected house plant for as low as a 20% discount.

#2. The Sill

Best for household plants

  • Price range: $14 – $115
  • Shipping rate: Starts from $10 (Subscribe to classic plant for $60 and enjoy free shipping and a potted plant delivery
  • Guarantee: Check the desired plant to see if it comes with a guarantee

If you want a place to purchase popular household plants online, The Sill is your best option. The Sill utilizes a filter system to find your desired plants online easily. Some of the filters include:

  • Find plant by features
  •  Search by variety
  • Search by size

There is also a special collection of plants on the site for those who own pets and also those with a special preference for lighting. At the Sill, it is very easy to navigate through the site and find the exact kinds of plants you need to enhance your space and spice up your lifestyle.

You can order your plants at the Sill’s with or without a planter. They also provide a special section for plant care and planters where you can order a planter that best suits your style.

You can select from their plant bundles, which may include up to three different plants of different sizes and care needs.

If you hope to start a backyard collection of small plants, The Sill is the best place to buy plants online.

#3. Amazon

Best for a variety of plants selection

  • Price range: $10 -$250
  • Shipping rate: Free delivery for Amazon Prime members
  • Guarantee: Check the desired plant to see if it comes with a guarantee

When it comes to a large collection of almost everything, which includes live plants, Amazon is a great place to start.

In 2017, Amazon launched a garden shop allowing customers to browse for all kinds of plants ranging from small indoor plants to large outdoor plants. Among their outdoor plants includes a collection of fruit-bearing trees.

The site also allows you to filter different kinds of plants from household plants to outdoor trees, garden and patio plants, etc. it all depends on what you are looking for when it comes to plants.

Over the years, Amazon has had a good delivery system that we can rely on. Therefore, you don’t have to worry so much about the safety of your plants when you purchase from Amazon.

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#4. 1-800-Flowers

Best for a large collection of large plants

  • Price range: $24.99-$134.99
  • Shipping rate: Fast delivery starts at $3.99 (same-day delivery is available for some plants). Standard shipping is free, provided you sign up for 1-800-Flower passport services.
  • Guarantee: Check your plant selection to see for available offer

If you are looking for one place to find a large collection of plants, 1-800-Flowers is great.

The variety of plants ranges from low-maintenance succulents to popular collections like Pilea Peperomioides and other kinds of decorative plants.

The company offers same-day delivery for certain types of plants. You can also purchase a plant and have it delivered to you directly or to your recipient.

For those who sign up for 1-800-Flower passport services, shipping and other service charges will be waived for a year before standard prices apply.

#5. Terrain

Best for the collection of unique plants

  • Price range: $28-$468
  • Shipping rate: from $16.95
  • Guarantee: Refunds are available within 48 hours of plant delivery if the plant sustains any form of damage during delivery.

The Terrain is one place to check if you are looking for unique plants to spice up your home. Besides the fact that the site is a little more challenging to navigate when compared to other sites, it remains a great place to search for unique plants, like architectural plants for different purposes.

Each plant comes with a care manual and basic tips on ensuring the plants are properly maintained.

When you purchase your flowers from Terrain, they come in plastic pots. You can also choose your desired plastic pot or saucer sets from Terrain. Other unique plant pots are available, including copper pots and urns.

Stylized pots are suitable for those that want to add aesthetic value to their space.

#6. Urban Outfitters

Best retailer for a collection of succulent plants

  • Price range: $19.99 – $64.99
  • Shipping rate: Standard Shipping is free. Express shipping costs $14.95, and products typically arrive between 2-3 days.
  • Guarantee: see product details for more information

You may be familiar with Urban Outfitters for their home décor. However, you might not be conversant with the fact that they also have a section for different types of household plants.

Their collection includes exotic plants like the English Ivy, The Snake, Caladiums, Sansevierias, etc. Urban Outfitters delivers their plants in either sleek ceramic or plastic pots. It all depends on your choice of plant.

Note that plants ordered from Urban Outfitters come from Home Botanicals. Therefore, if you choose to select a separate planter from Urban Outfitters, you will get a separate box delivery.

#7. Etsy

Best for their huge collection of starter plants online

  • Price range: from $0.89 – $10,000+ (For very rare collections)
  • Shipping cost: depends on the product seller, the delivery time, and the origin of the plant
  • Guarantee: check the seller’s offer for more info

Etsy is an online marketplace allowing you to connect with other members and purchase your plants directly. Many Etsy members have well-established farms and plant stores with lots of customer reviews to guide your decision.

If you know what you want, you can search for plants using their name on Etsy. Notwithstanding, it is still a bit difficult to find plants on Etsy when compared to other sites.

Note that Etsy is a user-driven market place and as such, price, delivery time, and shipping rates all depend on the specific seller you wish to buy from.

Etsy also offers buyers the opportunity to purchase different starter plants to experiment with instead of jumping straight to purchase a full-sized plant.

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#8. Nature Hills

Best for a collection of indoor and outdoor plants

  • Price range: $19.48-$249.61
  • Shipping cost: depends on the price of the products you purchased and usually started at $14.95
  • Guarantee: See product details for available offers

If you are looking for a place to shop for indoor and outdoor plants conveniently, Nature Hills provides you with that opportunity. The company claims to be the largest online Plant Nursery in America.

Hence, they provide their clients with a variety of ways to search for plants on their website. Their search criteria include searching for plants by height, growth, spread size, sun exposure, growth rate, etc.

Apart from a few exceptions, Nature Hills does not provide decorative containers for their plants.

Most plants you purchase will arrive in a typical nursery pot, so you can carefully transfer the plant to your container or in a basket with a drainage tray under it.

There are a variety of easy-to-maintain plants like the ZZ plant and succulents. Delicate varieties lie the Maidenhair Fern is also available from Nature Hills.

#9. The Bouqs Co.

Best for a collection of stylish planters

  • Price range: starting from $44 – $99
  • Shipping cost: from $12 (registered customers) and $18 (for guest members). Free shipping for those on a subscription bundle.
  • Guarantee: See full product detail for any available offers

Prominent for its floral design delivery, The Bouqs Co. also has a collection of household plants.

One thing that attracts people to this site on a daily is their flexible subscription charges that allow you to save up to 30% depending on how often you will like plants delivered to you.

You can customize your order at The Bouqs based on the size and the type of plant you wish to order.

You can also send a house plant directly to a recipient by replacing your name and address with the person’s address and name on the recipient column.

Besides the collection of plants, this site is also reputable for the supply of different types of exotic and colorful planters. Therefore, you can select what best suits your style.

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#10. The Urban Stems

Best for a collection of indoor gifting plants

  • Price range: $35 -$99
  • Shipping cost: from $15 and free shipping for orders above $85. Overnight shipping is also available
  • Guarantee: see product description for any available offers

Since its inception, Urban Stems has been reputable when it comes to flower delivery services. However, another thing they are also reputable for is the sale of different gift flowers.

Urban Stems is one place you can buy plants online and get a large collection ranging from air plants to cacti and various green plants.

They also provide a variety of planters, and you can select from a range of traditional planters and other decorative plant vessels to add beauty to your space.

Depending on your choice of plant, you can enjoy same-day delivery.

Why We Love to Buy Flowers Online

Buying flowers online can be a great way to reduce the hassle of visiting the nursery and transporting plants to their desired destination.

When you buy plants online, you save the time to focus on other things while you wait for your plant to arrive. Many of these online stores also make it easy to search for your plants using specific search criteria.

Therefore, it’s less stressful, less time-consuming, and you get exactly what you want.


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