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10 Places To Get Cheap RV Rentals For $1/day

It sounds ridiculous right?! $1 per day for an entire RV, across a country?! I certainly do not blame your skepticism. Why would a company offer such cheap RV rentals? It should cost a lot more than that, so why the extremely cheap RV renting?

A recreational vehicle (RV) is a great way to travel as it allows occupants to maintain social distancing whilst still enjoying the journey. However, the problem was usually the cost of an RV rental as they are usually pricey.

These companies promise to eliminate that problem with the cheap RV rentals they promise. Let’s find out the possibility of this cheap RV renting in this article.  

Where Can I Get Cheap RV Rentals?

You can get cheap RV rentals from any of these companies:

#1. Imoova

iMoova has been in operation since 2005 as Standbycars. Now, they have expertise and relations with suppliers to give you the most reasonable travel price.

You can travel the world in relocation rentals from $1 a day. RV, camper and car rental companies sell relocation rentals through to save money on paying drivers and trucking vehicles. You can leverage this opportunity for a cheap RV renting.

For as low as $1 per day, will match your holiday trip and dates with vehicles that need relocation.

You can book online from a list of available trips in Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada, and Europe or phone the 7-day call center. If you cannot find your preferred trip, join the waitlist to be alerted by SMS and email when a match is available.

#2. Transfercar

Founded in 2008, Transfercar is a resource company for cheap RV rentals, that offers more cars than RVs. It’s a fast-growing rental car relocation marketplace, that allows travelers access to almost 100 thousand rental vehicles to great destinations.

Transfercar renters will have to pay for small mandatory taxes, fees, and charges imposed by airports or local and state government agencies. Also, the fuel used by the renter is the responsibility of the renter, unless it’s ignored in the rental terms.

Furthermore, rental operators may deem it necessary to charge $1 per day to meet airport requirements.

#3. Coseats

Founded by, Torsten Herbst in 2009, Coseats aims to become the Airbnb of the transport industry. They have become a renowned platform for backpackers, commuters, and travelers looking to share rides across Australia.

The site has gained over 20,000 registered users to date and has facilitated over 40,000 rides. However, the business’ main income stream has come from campervan relocations. also provides cheap RV rentals for as low as $1 for relocations to Australia and New Zealand. Plus, you can reseRVe the vans without paying any booking fees.

#4. Apollo

 ApolloRV Rentals is part of the global Apollo group founded in Australia in 1985. They have now become one of the major vacation vehicle operators in the world, with 7 branches across the USA.

Because they have been in the rental industry for more than 30 years, it is certainly an achievement for the company and an enticement for the renters.

A lot of travelers would readily choose a company with supposed extensive experience in the business, so Apollo is a go-to company for your RV rentals. They also offer cheap renting for as low as $1.

Even though there are charming experiences recorded, there are still frequent negative reviews. Still, the vehicles on the fleet are very attractive, especially because of the newer models at modest rates.

#5. Jucy

JUCY began with a fleet of just 35 rental cars in 2001 in Auckland, New Zealand. With more than 4,000 cars and campeRVans across Australia, New Zealand and the USA JUCY is looking to dominate the RV rentals world.

They also operate two JUCY Cruise boats in Milford Sound, New Zealand, and JUCY Snooze accommodation in Auckland, Christchurch, and Queenstown.

They leverage social media to connect them to a community of travelers. JUCY now have more than 80,000 Facebook fans, over 24,000 Instagram, and over 11 million YouTube views. They offer their seRVices to travelers between 18-35-year-old.

The company is run by brothers, Tim and Dan Alpe as Chief JUCIFIER and Chief Operating Officer.

#6. Outdoorsy

Outdoorsy advertises itself as the Airbnb of RV rentals and allows RV and campeRVan owners to rent out their vehicles at cheap rates, even if the route or rental dates you desire don’t match the relocation deal.

They provide an RV rental seRVice that’s cheap compared to the amount of a standard RV rental. They provide cheap RV renting for $1 as against the thousands of dollars with high daily rates and paying by the mileage.

Also, it includes insurance, 24/7 rental roadside assistance, and is available worldwide. If you are looking to relocate, Outdoorsy is one of the cheapest ways to rent an RV.

#7. Road bear

Road Bear has been operational since 1980. They built their first Camper Van then, and until today, they strive in their unquestioning quest to “be the best for the customer”. They also ensure their travelers truly feel “The Customer is King” at Road Bear RV.

Through the 30 years in the RV rental business and with about 7 locations throughout the United States, they still aim to provide a cheap yet exciting experience for travelers to keep them coming back to Road Bear RV.

#8. Cruise Canada

With 132 locations and over 300 employees at peak season in the U.S. and Canada, the employee-owned, Mesa, AZ. based company was started by Florida native Robert Smalley Sr in 1972. Now, it ranks as the nation’s biggest RV rental firm.

Smalley’s sons, CEO and Chairman Randall Smalley, and President Robert Smalley Jr., were brought into the system right out of college to help start-up and run the company, and stay at the peak till today.

After gathering 45 years of experience in the RV rental industry, they’ve established themselves around the country as the nation’s largest RV rental firm. Cruise Canada now has 127 locations in 33 states and five Canadian provinces.

They assist hundreds of thousands of travelers from around the world plan and execute their RV trips every year. From selecting the perfect vehicle to drawing out their journey and choosing the amenities they’ll need along the way.


Hit the ‘s office is located in downtown Toronto in the Toronto Star Building at 1 Yonge Street.

They are a Canadian vehicle delivery service that offers the driven delivery of cars, trucks, and RVs across Canada and to and from the United States.

To create budget-minded transportation options, they provide some of the cheap RV rental transportation across Canada.

They have been operational since 2005 and have been an accredited member of the Better Business Bureau since 2009. They have also been featured in several media pieces, including a recent CTV news story.

#10. Fraser

Fraser is a family-owned business that has been operational since 1969. They are Canadas only national dealers with coast-to-coast locations. They offer a full-service dealership that strives to offer everything for your RV and your RV adventures – parts, service, sales, or rentals.

Whether you’re single with a truck camper, a young family with a tent trailer, a larger family with a bunk model travel trailer, or an empty nester on a motor home adventure, Fraser Way

promises to find the perfect RV for you.

What Is RV Rentals About?

RV and car relocation deals happen when a rental company requires their vehicles to be moved from one destination to another. This way the company’s demand will be equally matched with the supply of these RVs to travelers. Sometimes though, the vehicles are moved to a destination to be sold with other used RVs.

Cars, trucks, and campervans also need to be relocated. However, the RVs and campervans are what need to be moved most commonly.

Why Are The RV Rentals So Cheap?

As a rental agency continue to rent out one-way RV’s, they realize at some point that their RV’s are scattered all over the country. To get them back in the desired locations should cost a lot of money. They’d probably have to pay someone to drive one way and cover their flight back.

The alternative to that is to make ridiculously enticing and cheap offers to travelers to motivate them to desire the RV rentals and take them to where they should be.

Now, you may be responsible for fuel costs. However, some deals may include a partial fuel compensation of about $50 to $500, a free tank of fuel, or a free kitchen kit.

Usually, by the second to the third week before a vehicle should be moved, these perks would then be included. Confirm from the company if the $1 would also cater for kitchen, linen kit, and other necessities, so you can bring yours.

Are There Mileage Limits On Cheap RV Rentals?

That would depend on the company. while some of them may not mind the mileage as long as the RV gets to the desired location, some may only allow the particular number of kilometers needed to get to your location.

Try to confirm if there are any restrictions on mileage, as you may be required to pay an extra dollar on every exceeded kilometer.

Bottom Line

Renting an RV for $1 per day is truly cheap and appealing. However, there may be additional underlying costa in the supposedly “cheap RV rentals”. Make sure you confirm what the process fully entails.

Nevertheless, if you are looking to move, or you’re just planning a road trip for a vacation, then this is the perfect opportunity for you. You’d get to have the full experience at little or no cost.

Bon Voyage!

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