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Technology has come a long way. It has touched so many aspects of our lives and has even found its way to our homes. Now you can save more time and enjoy a flexible schedule using smart home devices. Conventional homes are now being upgraded to smart homes. 

You might be wondering if you can turn your house into a smart home without robbing a bank, there are lots of cheap smart home devices like smart lights, smart speakers, smart thermostats, and so many others you can use in setting up a smart home.

It doesn’t matter if you want to customize and issue out voice commands to your devices, there are lots of high-quality cheap smart home devices that are affordable. You can also connect most of these devices to Alexa and Google Assistant.

Here’s a list of some of the best cheap smart home devices you can start with when setting up your smart home.

What is a Smart Home Device?

Before knowing what a smart home device is, let’s understand what a smart home and a smart device are.

A smart home is a home where gadgets and devices can be automatically controlled remotely from anywhere in the house using an internet connection through a mobile or any other networked device.

These devices are interconnected using the internet, this way the owner can control functions like lighting, home theater, or making a to-do list.

Smart homes are houses that use devices that are interconnected through an internet connection to remotely monitor and manage the appliances and gadgets in the home.

A smart device is any device that can be connected to your smart home, and that is interconnected to other devices. These devices can interact with your home and other devices when you give a command from anywhere in your house. 

Smart home devices are devices that are interconnected through which you can remotely give out commands from anywhere in your home using the internet through mobile devices or personal computers. It means you can be sitting on your couch and if you want the lights to come on, all you have to do is give out the command using this device and the light comes on without you moving an inch. There are lots of things you can do with a smart home device.

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What does Cheap Smart Home Device Do?

There are a lot of things smart home devices do. Some smart home devices come with self-learning manuals, they take note of their owner’s schedule and work according to that.

Some come with lighting control to allow you to regulate your electricity usage, thereby reducing the money spent on renewing energy.

Most smart home devices have motion detectors that allow them to alert the homeowners of movements in their residents when they’re away. Some even go as far as alerting authorities and security departments when there’s an emergency.

They also tidy up the house, play home theaters, and do other amazing things on your behalf, providing you with maximum security, comfort, convenience, and a free schedule.

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Benefits of Cheap Smart Home Devices

The following are the benefits of cheap smart home devices:

  • Time Saving
  • Convenient
  • Suitable for disabled people
  • Control over every appliance with just one device
  • Security alert


You get to save plenty of time when you have a smart home device since all the appliances and gadgets are controlled by one device. For instance, you can be using your vacuum cleaner to clean the house while doing something else.

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Smart home devices can increase the level of conveniences in your home. You might start feeling cold while lying on the bed, with a smart home device you can easily adjust the temperature without moving an inch. You can reduce the lighting in the room as well as turn on your home theater all from one place.

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Suitable for disabled people

Cheap smart home devices are one of the best options for disabled persons. It gives them comfort and makes life easier for them. As a disabled person, you can easily control your appliances without causing any discomfort to yourself.

Control over every appliance with just one device

One beautiful benefit of a smart home device is that you get to control all your appliances from one device through the internet. There is no separate device for each appliance. You command them from one source.

Security alert

Smart homes alert you about security issues whenever you’re away. If there’s a robbery going on in your house, you can easily get an alert on your phone without alarming the suspect.

Some smart home devices even go as far as contacting the security authorities on your behalf.

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Disadvantages of Smart Home Devices

Everything that has benefits will always have disadvantages no matter how few, therefore these are some disadvantages of smart home devices:

  • Expensive
  • Reliable internet connection
  • Security issues
  • Compatibility between devices
  • Not suitable for all homes


While smart home devices may save costs associated with energy, the cost associated with buying and installing smart home devices are usually high and some people might not want to spend that much on getting them.

The prices for acquiring a smart home device vary according to the product. However, there are still cheap smart home devices that are quite affordable.

Reliable Internet Connection

Using cheap smart home devices requires a reliable internet connection. Without a strong internet connection, the smart home devices may not function properly and this will further stress you up. Before using or getting a cheap smart home device ensure that your environment or location has a reliable and strong internet connection.

Security issues

Some smart home devices can easily be hacked and manipulated by hackers and robbers thereby compromising your security system. Robbers could crack the code to your lock and easily gain access to your home.

Compatibility between devices

Smart home devices are supposed to be controlled from one device but sometimes these appliances might not easily be compatible with each other. Particular appliances might need a different app from the rest of the appliances. 

Not suitable for every home

Most old homes might not be suitable for some smart home devices. There are special wiring and connections used for smart home devices. Before acquiring a smart home device make sure that they are suitable for your homes or residents. 

How To Set Up A Cheap Smart Home 

Setting up a cheap smart home is simple. It starts from ensuring you have a strong WiFi connection, selecting a smart home device, and installing them.

Deciding which devices to purchase first might be hard but you don’t need to get everything at once.

Below is a step-by-step guide on how to set up a cheap smart home.

  • Ensure you have a reliable WiFi connection
  • Invest in a virtual assistant
  • Set Up your smart lightning
  • Install your smart security devices
  • Regulate the temperature with a smart thermostat
  • Install smart plugs
  • Add any other smart device of your choice

#1. Ensure you have a reliable WiFi connection

Before installing a smart home device at your residence, ensure you have a strong and reliable WiFi connection.

You can get a WiFi extender to increase the range of your wireless network. Having a very slow network connection might cause a lot of inconvenience for you.

You can carry out a WiFi test to check the speed and strength before installing your devices.

#2. Invest in a virtual assistant

Investing in a virtual assistant is the best place to start. You can do this by getting a smart speaker that allows you to control other devices using a simple voice command.

Smart speakers work as hubs through which you can give out instructions to other devices using one app. 

But this can only be done if the smart assistant and appliances are compatible.

These smart speakers can be used to regulate the temperature, lighting, prepare schedules, and perform other tasks on your behalf. The best smart assistants are Google, Alexa, and Siri.

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#3. Set up your smart lighting

Smart lightings are one of the cheap smart home devices that are easy to set up. They come in different colors and sizes.

After installing your smart lighting, you’ll have to connect it to your app from which you’ll be able to control it. Through the app, you can increase or reduce the light.

Most smart lightings are better and energy-friendly than regular lights as well as cost-friendly.

#4. Install your smart security device

If you’re security cautious, you can go a step further by installing a smart security device, there are several cheap and affordable smart security devices. You can get a smart lock and video doorbell.

If you’re the type of person that always forgets your keys, using a smart lock can help you from being locked out of your house. Some smart locks can be operated remotely using an app.

Smart video doorbells allow you to see whoever is at your door and also talk to them in real-time even when you’re absent from home, some also alert you about visitors at your house through the app on your phone.

#5. Regulate the temperature using a smart thermostat

Smart thermostats are easy to operate, you can always adjust the temperature in your house to your liking. It saves cost in the long run.

Another advantage of a smart thermostat is that it can easily detect when you’re at home and absent from home. Smart thermostats also keep records and report how much energy you’re using and how much money it will cost you.

#6. Install smart plugs

You can easily set up your smart home at a lesser cost using smart plugs. Smart plugs can turn your normal appliances into smart devices, without you worrying about spending more money on new appliances or rewiring your house.

Smart plugs can also be connected to your smart speaker from where you can control the other appliances in the house.

#7. Add other smart devices of your choice

You can also add other smart devices of your choice such as a smart fireplace, a smart vacuum cleaner, a smart home theater, etc. If it is within your budget.

15 Cheap Smart Home Devices In 2022

  • Google Nest Mini
  • Amazon Echo Dot 4th Generation
  • Ikea Tradfri
  • Nanoleaf Essential Bulb
  • Wyze Plugs
  • Meross Plugs Mini
  • Lenovo Smart Clocks
  • Echo Show 5
  • Eufy Video Doorbells
  • Ring Video Doorbells 2nd Generation
  • Tp_Link Kasa Spot
  • Blink Security Cameras
  • Nest Learning Thermostat
  • iRobot Roomba 960 Robot Vacuum 
  • Logitech Harmony Elite Smart Remote Control

Before purchasing a smart home device, carry out research and draw up a list of what kind of cheap smart home devices you’d love to purchase and their prices. Check out the products and find out their quality. There are lots of cheap smart home devices you can select from.

I’ll be listing some cheap smart home devices below that are pocket-friendly, select the one you’d like to use a make your homes more comfortable and exciting.

Best Cheap Smart Speaker

Smart Speakers are available in different colors, sizes, and shapes. They also come at very affordable prices though with a lower quality if you’re looking for a cheap smart device for your home.

Some of the best smart speakers you can purchase at affordable prices are Google Nest Mini and Amazon Echo Dot.

1. Google Nest Mini

Google Nest Mini is one of the cheap smart home devices that are affordable, they come in different colors such as charcoal gray, coral orange, chalk, and sky blue.

Under the Google Nest Mini cloth covering you’ll find some touch screen buttons which you can use in playing music and launching the Google assistant.

You can use it Hey Google command to give out voice commands from anywhere in the house. It is loud and has an added microphone. 

Cost_ $49

2. Amazon Echo Dot 4th Generation 

Having changed its outer appearance from its predecessors, this smart device has gone from having a flattened shape to a more spherical shape.

The Amazon Echo is still pretty much the same smart speaker as the former ones. It has three colors which you can choose from, the new twilight blue, glacier white, and charcoal, with the same 1.6-inch speaker as its predecessors, Front-firing speaker which helped in boosting its sound, the 4th generation Amazon Echo Dot is worth the upgrade from the previous version and it is also affordable. It also has a new 2nd generation echo dot that has a clock. 

Cost_ $49.99

Best Smart Light Bulbs

Smart light bulbs are available in different colors, shapes, and sizes. Some people prefer colored lighting to the regular bright ones. Whichever one you love several brands provide them at affordable prices, here’s a few of them.

3. Ikea Tradfri

Ikea’s smart lights are quite affordable and flexible. You can choose to buy the bulbs and remote switch without actually opening the smartphone app. If you opt for some extra smarts like the Alexa control and app control, you can get the Tradfri gateway.

The Ikea smart lights have multi-colored lights and white spectrum bulbs available in sizes E27 and E26 in the US. They also sell some accessories like a remote switch, dimmer switch, and a motion sensor.

This can all be paired together with each bulb separately. These accessories are needed when you want to add something to the Tradfri gateway.

For maximum use, you’ll need to connect it to a Google assistant, Alexa, especially when you want to give a voice command from outside your home.

Cost_ $7.99A and

4. Nanoleaf Essential Bulb

The Nanoleaf essential buildd is a smart light bulb that comes with a smart light strip and both of which have in-built thread connectivity.

This is for apple lovers since they can use this light bulb with Apple’s diddy smart speaker which acts as a thread border router for the smart light. 

The Nanoleaf essential buleab is a Rhombicosidodecahedron shape. That is it’s a super bright light that has multiple color temperatures (2700k_6500k) including a 1100_lumen max brightness. It also comes with a screw and bayonet fitting.

This 2m essential bulb has 21 led sets per meter (2 warms, 2 cools) and they can be cut and adjusted to a maximum of 10m. It also has a control switch that has a power button, a button that goes through a preset scene. 

Cost_ Bulb $17.99, lightstrip $44.99 and the 1m extension pack is $19.99

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Best Smart Plugs

Smart Plugs are one of the best and affordable ways to automate your home. Some of these are the best plug to look out for:

5. Wyze Plug

The Wyze Plug is sold in two packs, having an identical look to Amazon smart plug which stretches at 2.7 inches in width. There’s a button on the left side if you manually want to turn it on or off.

It has a small blue light at the corner to indicate when it’s on. You can also decide to put it off if you don’t want it. The downside is that the Wyze plug only allows 2.4GHz networks.

You can access the remote control on the app, timers for regulating the remote control, Alexa, and Google assistant control. It doesn’t have an energy recording setting so you might not be able to see how much energy you’ve consumed.

Another awesome feature is the vacation mode that turns the plug on and off at intervals if you want to give an impression that you’re home to keep out robbers. 

Cost_ $25.99/ 2 packs

6. Meross Plugs Mini

Meross Plugs are one of the smart home devices produced by Meross. They have US and UK variants that are slightly different from each other. The plug comes at 15 Amp, supports Google Assistant and Alexa. 

It has a remote control for switching it on or off with an internet connection, timers for regulating connected devices at random intervals, and is a 4 pack plug. It occupies only one socket. 


Best Cheap Smart Displays

Smart displays come with all the features of smart speakers but with an additional amazing feature which is the smart display screen in front. Some best cheap smart displays are:

7. Lenovo Smart Clock

Lenovo smart clocks are the first Google assistant alarmed clocks. Having all the features of a normal alarm clock but with an additional special feature similar to the smart speaker. It has a small size at 80mm × 113.88mm × 80mm a perfect size for your side tables. 

Its screen size is 4_inch 480 × 800 LCD screen. It has a home grey knit fabric covering. The smart plugs in-built USB cable can be used to power your phone. There’s a switch at the back to turn off the microphone if you don’t want it.

It also boasts a 1.5_inch speaker with 3W output and 2 passive radiators. Another awesome feature is the light sensor that dims and brightens according to the surrounding. You can also play your favorite songs and listen to the news.


8. Echo Show 5

Echo Show 5 is one of Amazon’s smart devices. If you’re looking for a screen display for your Alexa speaker, then this is your best bet along with the Echo Show 10 and 8, whichever variant you prefer. 

The Echo Show 5 is a 5_inches smart clock with a 4W speaker, and a 3.5mm Jack. The button is located at the top for regulating the volume, you’ll find a mute switch that controls the microphone and camera.

There’s a new camera shutter that physically hides the lens and kills the power of the camera but enables the microphone. The screen has various beautiful wallpaper displays as well as clock faces for you to select from.

The Echo Show 5 boost of a light sensor that dims and brightens according to the surrounding. There are two microphones at the top and everything is powered by a MediaTek MT 8163 chipset. 

Cost_ $59.99_$79.99

Best Cheap Smart Doorbells

Doorbells are one of the ways of keeping out unwanted visitors. Smart Doorbells are an upgrade from what a regular doorbell is, you can use them to see and speak to your visitors in real-time before letting them in especially when you use a smart video doorbell.

Here are a few you can try out:

9. Eufy Video Doorbells

Eufy Video Doorbells is one of the cheapest, small, and efficient doorbells that are affordable, and they don’t need any monthly fees. It has a good design, high-def video, person detection, and quick notification.

It also comes with a face recognition feature, an ability to trigger other cameras in your home,  it has shiny black plastic and angled edges.  There’s also a cable nut and wire extension.

Cost_$159.99 and

10. Ring Video Doorbells 2nd Gen

Amazon’s Ring video doorbell is the second generation and updated from the original one. It is pocket-friendly and has a good quality. Also, it was recently revamped last year.

It comes with a full HD 1080p video, updated motion-activated alerts, audio privacy, privacy zone, and a crisp clear night vision. There’s are two in-built microphones and speakers with noise cancellation to communicate with visitors from your mobile device.

It works with Alexa which enables you to view life, you can charge the doorbell without moving the device using the battery pack. There’s also an interchangeable faceplate for you to match your security to your house.

There’s a ring protect plan at the rate of $3 per device or $10 per household.


Best Cheap Smart Home Camera

You can purchase smart security cameras with full HD or high resolution that are very affordable for your smart homes, here are some brands you can try out when next you want to purchase cheap smart home devices:

This smart security camera comes at an affordable price. And upgrade from the KC100 spot, the KC105 has a few unique features.

It takes the shape of a small, curved square camera that sits on a little white stalk, leading into a stand that allows for flexibility when adjusting the position of the camera.

Meanwhile, it only has a white and black color, it is powered through a Micro USB cable and a mains adapter.

It works with both Alexa and Google assistant, helping you monitor the footage from your security camera up to your smart speaker with a display screen. It doesn’t require a central hub, it connects straight to the web.

You can set up activity zones to monitor movements around your home, there’s a motion detector. It has local storage thanks to the Micro SD card slot by the side where you can save your chips directly, you can also decide to record only chips where motions are detected. The video quality is 1080p HD.

Cost_$54.99 and

Blink cameras are small, svelte, affordable, and easy to set up security cameras. Having a strong battery life and square shape. The Blink outdoor camera is identical to the Blink XT2 but more refined with matte covering and clearer lines.

The Blink indoor is was recently introduced in the market and is identical to the outdoor security camera but in white and sans weatherproofing. There’s a plastic rear that easily opens to review the opening for two AA lithium batteries and a USB cable.

It also serves as an attachment as a mount when standing or placed on the wall when closed. It is flexible and can be adjusted to any angle you desire, it requires a little hub to be connected wirelessly.

You can also connect it to Alexa for voice commands. It also has a photo capture that takes pictures every hour and stores them. You have an option for an arm or disarm mode. It has a 1080p video quality.


13. Nest Learning Thermostat

You can use the smart thermostat to adjust the temperature in your home. It uses a unique technology to learn your habits and automatically change the temperature.

It is energy-friendly and cost-friendly. Nest saves about 10-12% on heating expenses and 15% on cooling expenses. You can issue out orders to the smart thermostat using your smartphone or personal computer.

It comes in four different colors, has a sleek and thinner design, and can be connected to Alexa. It has temperature sensors, indoor humidity, near-field, and far-field activities.


14. iRobot Roomba 960 Robot Vacuum

Ever woken up from sleep or after having a busy schedule and get home to do some cleanup but feel so tired? The iRobot Roomba vacuum cleaner is there for you to command.

It can clean and schedule the house from anywhere using a voice command and get alerts when the job is done. It can clean up to 75 minutes and automatically recharges itself.

Also, it comes with a three-stage cleaning system and a high-efficiency filter that collects pollen, dust, and allergens. It can be connected to Google Assistant and Alexa. 


15. Logitech Harmony Elite Remote Control

The ultimate smart remote control, doesn’t only control your TV but other smart home devices. It is very compatible with Alexa, so you can use it to control your TV and other smart devices.

Its unique features include one-touch automation, allowing you to use a one-touch button to control every activity in your home. Very compatible with other smart home devices like your smart lights, thermostats, doorbells, etc.

You can combine up to 15 other remotes and smart devices into one unique easy-to-use remote. It is definitely the universal remote. The screen size is 2.4inches. 



Setting up your own smart home shouldn’t be so tough and impossible. You don’t have to get everything at once, there are lots of cheap smart home devices that you can get at affordable prices on Amazon and other brands. 

You can start by setting up the basic cheap smart home devices like a smart speaker, smart lights, smart plugs, smart doorbells, and locks. Also, you can always upgrade and get new smart home devices when you have more money. 

You can go right ahead to set up the smart home of your dreams and make life easier and more flexible for you by using these cheap smart home devices listed here. 


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