20 Best Cricut Wedding Gift Ideas That Are Just Perfect

Are you looking for the best Cricut wedding gift ideas? Do you want to make your own Cricut wedding gifts or do you only want to have the slightest idea of what they look like? Do you want to get some super creative DIY wedding gift ideas for Cricut?

Generally speaking, when a family member or friend wants to get married, it is always a fun time and everyone looks forward to the celebration.

However, it is not always easy trying to choose wedding gifts. But you should know that you do not have to spend millions to get the best gift for the newest couple-to-be. What is more important is the creativity and thoughtfulness that go with the gift ideas.

You can make jaw-dropping wedding gifts with little expense using our DIY Cricut wedding gift ideas.

You can use them to work out something practical and stylish for new couples. It is one of the good ways to show them love. In some cases, it may become a keepsake for them.

What is Cricut?

You may have heard of a cutting machine that cuts paper, cardstock, vinyl, and related items, which are used for DIY craft works. That machine is the Cricut.

The machine has Design Space, which is easy-to-learn design software that enables you to design anything that comes to your mind.

Besides the Design Space is cloud-based and stores your device online. As such, you can access them from any device and location. With it, you have the option to edit and personalize your work without much hassle.

That is, you can access the library to get images and fonts of your choice and upload them to your work. After that, you can arrange and rearrange them to bring out the blend you desire.

Can you make Cricut Wedding Gift Ideas using a Cricut Machine?

In addition, with a Cricut machine, you can make different designs of personalized Cricut wedding gift ideas. Some of the items you can make include decorative serving trays, leather bracelets, fashion bags, and notebooks, among other items we will still outline here.

Did you know that in under an hour, using a Cricut machine, you can make beautiful couple pillow cases or even inscribe your family name on the gift you want to offer to the couple?

What about creating some kitchen towels and attaching the couple’s special names for each other on them? What about making personalized pajamas, modern art coasters, custom gift tags, and keepsakes for the couple to gift to their guests?

Most assuredly, you can make Cricut wedding gift ideas that are just perfect is possible with a Cricut machine.

Why do you use a Cricut Machine to Personalize Wedding Gift ideas?

You can customize wedding gifts with a Cricut machine in diverse ways. Besides, there is a range of materials and designs you are not even aware of their existence, which the machine can help you to identify.

With the machine, you can create monograms from fabric or paper. You can as well carry out some projects you would have typically done with your hand, using the Cricut machine.

Even with the Cricut Design Space, you can create an embroidery design, draw your design choice on them and stitch over the art using your embroideries.

With a Cricut machine, you can personalize just anything without the aid of scissors.

What do you need to make Personalized Cricut Wedding Gift Ideas?

Are you out of ideas to make the best Cricut wedding gifts? Already, we have established that a Cricut machine is the first item you need.

However, you need other must-haves to help you get the perfect Cricut wedding gift ideas. Here’s a list of them:

  • Cricut Design Space: This is an online library where you can get images for your designs as well as upload yours.
  • Cricut machine: It is a machine that helps you to cut your fabrics, woods, or metals for your craft.
  • Cutting mat: It protects your work surface so that it does not receive any marks from the cutting blade. Additionally, it prolongs the life of the blade and keeps it sharp regularly. There are cutting mats with grid lines and rulers to assist you in measuring the material you need. What’s more, each mat type will depend on the material you are using. Therefore, go with the standard green because of its quality.
  • Other tools include weeding tools, standard vinyl, iron-on vinyl, infusible ink transfer sheets and pens, cardstock or paper, parchments or cover sheets, Cricut pens, and the rest.

What are the Top Cricut Wedding Gift Ideas for You?

We have compiled the best 20 Cricut wedding gift ideas your newlyweds will cherish and treasure.

They include pillows, kitchen towels, home decors, and others. Further, all of them are good for anyone on a budget who needs a Cricut wedding idea.

#1. Family name sign of the couple

This is a fantastic Cricut wedding gift idea. When you personalize the about to get married’s family name on the gift, it adds prestige to their home. Besides, it could be used as home décor and gives a special outlook on the door, kitchen, bedroom, living room, and anywhere.

#2. Couple Pillowcases

You can make custom pillowcases with the names of the couple right in the middle. They are quite easy to make and could help you if you need a last minute Cricut wedding gift idea. If you are possible, you can make a heart shape and inscribe their names right in the heart.

#3. Custom Kitchen Towels

If you are on a budget and need a Cricut wedding gift idea, this may be a perfect picture. Moreover, they are quite easy to make and are presentable too. You can add a circlet monogram logo to make it more colorful.

#4. Couple Mugs

Although this looks like something that is rampant, it can be customized to offer some elegance to the wedding. As a couple mug, you can make two different matching mugs and design them with the couple’s favorite color.

Add their wedding date as well as their names. One thing is guaranteed, the couple will always make use of it.

#5. Custom-made cutting board

We all can agree that every home needs a cutting board. But you can go a mile by personalizing it by adding some cool touches with their initial names or favorite kitchen quote on it.

Hence, if you are looking for something handy for newlyweds, a Cricut cutting board will offer a better idea.

#6. A set of wine glasses

This is one of the priceless Cricut wedding gift ideas that are just perfect. Personalizing the glasses makes them more unique. To do that, use a monogram with the couple’s first names. We bet you, the couple will not stop talking about it.

#7. Ring dish

As we know, every couple must have a set of rings as a sign that they are married. Why not offer them something to keep the ring from scratches? Not just that, ring dishes are perfect to keep the rings safe.

They would equally help the couple to always know where to drop and pick up their rings when they retire for the day. Customize the ring dish with the couple’s initials joined by a heart shape.

#8. Keychain

This is an excellent Cricut wedding gift idea that a couple will cherish. Most times, a couple may have the need to move into a bigger home to accommodate their belongings. This would equally mean that they need a change of keys.

Gifting them a twin keychain will be a great idea for both of them to have a separate key bunch. Do not forget to personalize them to make them appear more special.

#9. Photo Coasters

This is an elegant Cricut wedding gift idea that is perfect. They are quite presentable and will be valuable to the couple since they would always drink water. Personalize them with the couple’s images and let them remember special memories with every sip.

#10. Beautiful flasks

A set of customized flasks for the couple is something they would cherish. If you want the best Cricut wedding gift ideas that are just perfect, get them two handy flasks they can carry anywhere.

#11. Wall Art

This is another way you can go creative with Cricut wedding gift ideas. You can use a mosaic, wood, or silhouette to make the couple’s favorite quotes, bible verses and other stuff using letter shapes.

#12. Custom–made T-Shirts

These T-Shirts are the onboard Cricut wedding gift ideas these days. Hardly will a couple step out together without wearing something identical.

Why not help them enjoy the atmosphere by gifting them custom-made identical T-Shirts with their names or some funny inscriptions? Without a doubt, they will appreciate it.

The T-Shirts will always draw attention towards them while leaving smiles on people’s faces.

#13. DIY Gold Throw Pillow

You can create a design on twin throw pillows for your friends or family members getting married. On them, you can inscribe Mr. Right and Mrs. Always Right. They are quite easy to make and would not cost you much if you are on a budget.

#14. Monogrammed Ceramic Platter

If you are looking for a unique and fun Cricut gift idea, you can get a personalized ceramic platter with a vinyl monogram. Gladly, the gift is affordable too.

#15. Personalized bedding

This is a super Cricut wedding gift idea for your dear one. One thing is certain, the couple will always have a need for it. So, be sure that your bedding gift will not be tucked away somewhere. You can add more light to it by inscribing their names or favorite quotes on it.

#16. Customized Pyrex Dishes

With your Cricut, you can sketch a Pyrex glass baking dish with the couple’s favorite color. Your cutting machine will offer you a variety of shapes for your dishes.

#17. Personalized Wine Bucket

You can inscribe a white finish vinyl that converts texts into something similar to etched designs on your super wine buckets. Without a doubt, the bucket will always be put into use by the couple. Fortunately, it does not cost an arm to make.

#18. Vow Boards

Looking for a romantic Cricut wedding gift idea? You can use your cut machine to make the most sincere vow boards ever. It can be put into good use at the ceremony or they can display it somewhere noticeable in their home.

#19. Engrave Stainless Steel Servers

You can etch a deep impression on stainless steel using a Cricut maker. This may be a bit difficult but it is one of the best Cricut wedding gift ideas that are just perfect.

#20. Dining Room Signs

If you are looking for a fabulous Cricut wedding gift idea, a dining room sign can be just perfect. All you need is to inscribe something that resounds with them on wood using a combination of colors.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I use a Cricut maker to do for weddings?

You can insert specially-sized ink pens into the Cricut Maker accessory adapter and write anything.
For instance, you can write your invitations, the address of the wedding and just about anything.
You can then use the Cricut machine to cut the cards into various shapes to obtain a beautiful finishing.

What can I use my Cricut to make for my wedding?

You can obtain just about anything you could imagine for your wedding day using your Cricut. Some of them include envelope liners, programs, menus, save the dates, wedding invitations, and thank you cards. Others include paper projects such as paper flowers, confetti, garlands, and other ornamental items

Can I make wedding gifts with a Cricut?

With a Cricut machine and other items, you can make any kind of wedding gift ideas.

Can you make acrylic invitations on a Cricut?

Using your Cricut, you can make DIY envelopes, and invitation cards, save the dates, and many more.


We have helped you with great Cricut wedding gift ideas and hope you find something fantastic among them.


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