Where Can I Sell My Wedding Dress Now? 11 Places to Get Your Money Fast

A wedding dress is likely the most expensive clothing item you ever get to buy. Whether it’s a white gown with lace detailing measured 10,000ft or a high leg slit dress from Oscar de la Renta, you only get to wear it once.

Unless for some sentimental reasons, you can sell off your gown and recover some money from your wedding instead of losing it to dust in your closet.

What you may not know is that you wouldn’t need to be overwhelmed trying to navigate different market places. There are reputable sites you can easily sell your wedding dress and get your money fast.

In this article, you’ll discover 11 places you can sell your wedding dress. With the large demand for secondhand wedding dresses, you can get the best bet for your gown.

How Much Can I Sell My Wedding Dress?

The price you want to resell your wedding gown is typically dependent on the particular designer. Gowns from top designers like Vera Wang, Monique Lhuillier, and Oscar de la Renta can sell for 60 to 70%.

Regardless of who the designer is, what is most important is putting your gown in great condon and selling it off on time. A gown that is more than 2years may lose its market value.

Best Places to Sell Your Wedding Dress

The following are the list of reputable sites you can sell your wedding dress. These sites are also great resources to users interested in buying a used wedding dress.

Note that each of these listed has different benefits and costs involved. You can connect with the one that best suits your demand.

  • Stillwhite
  • Tradesy
  • Poshmark
  • Nearly Newlywed
  • Once Wed
  • Wore It Once
  • Wedding Bee
  • Sell My Wedding Dress
  • Craigslist
  • Facebook
  • Instagram

#1. Stillwhite

Listing fee: $20/dress
Commission: No commission

Stillwhite is one of the world’s largest wedding dress marketplace that offers services to both sellers and buyers. With over $40,457,876 worth of dress sold.

This site has a lot of features such as the live statistics that allow you to see who’s been viewing your dress and receive updates and performance tips. You can also chat with potential buyers using the messaging platform.

At Stillwhite, you only pay $20(one-time fee) or $30(premium fee) to list your dress. They charge no commission on the sale and your dress will be listed until it’s sold. Click on the button below to get started.

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#2. Tradesy

Listing fee: No listing fee
Commission: 19.8% on sales over $50

Tradesy is one of the best platforms to sell your wedding dress. It offers a safe and simple way to sell pre-loved pieces to buy something new.

At Tradesy, you can sell straight from your closet and post unlimited listings using the website, iOS, or Android apps.

You can set your price, choose your preferred shipping method, and review your earnings breakdown before you list.

Tradesy covers the cost of return shipping and handling, plus offer exceptional customer service to your buyer little wonder it is listed as one of the best online marketplaces.

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#3. Poshmark

Listing fee: No listing fee
Commission: 20% flat commission fee

Poshmark is a platform that can make selling clothes online fun. Their app also has a social media component, so you can follow friends and sign up for “Posh Parties,” where you can sell your stuff in a flash.

How it works: They give you a prepaid shipping label, making it simple to pack and track your package as it goes off to the buyer.

Once your dress sells, print the prepaid and pre-addressed label and either drop it in a mailbox or schedule a free pick-up. 

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#4. Nearly Newlywed

Listing fee: $25 
Commission: 40%

If you want to sell your cloth very fast and don’t mind paying a higher commission rate, Nearly Newlywed is the best site to go to.

Nearly offers a very quick and easy listing process. You simply submit the photos and information about your wedding dress. They take care of customer service, promotion, payments, insurance, and shipping.

When your dress sells, Nearly Newlywed contact you to arrange the shipping and send you payment for 60% of the listed sale price.

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#5. Once Wed

Listing fee: $19.95/dress
Commission: No commission

Once Wed offers a lower listing fee compared to other sites. This site has a great exposure that allows your dress to be seen by thousands of targeted buyers each month; a highly valued wedding blog, and a strong social media presence.

How it works: Create a listing on the site and add your photos. Once your dress sells, you will notify via email, then you pack and ship your dress after you receive funds from the buyer.

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#6. Wore It Once

Listing fee: $20
Commission: No commission

Wore It Once is one of the popular online marketplaces that offer great benefits to sellers. At Wore it Once, you can set your own prices and your listings never expire.

How it Works: Set up your own custom shop where you can list your item. When listing your dress, supply the details including size, color, and style. Thereafter, you write a custom description for your dress and decide on a listing price.

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#7. Wedding Bee

Listing fee: No listing Fee
Commission: No commission 

Wedding bee is a typical online plaOKm focused on providing advice, tips, and tricks to real couples planning their weddings. The site also features a classifieds section where you can sell your wedding dress.

How It Works: You set your own price, communicate with potential buyers, and when your dress sells, you take responsibility for shipping.

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#8. Sell My Wedding Dress

Listing fee: $19.99 (basic listing); $29.99(premium listing)
Commission: No commission

Another great marketplace to sell your wedding dress is at the site named Sell My Wedding Dress. This site does not charge for commission and your listings stay till your dress sells.

To sell on this site, you’ll need to list your dress, fill in the basic information about your dress like the color, size, and style. You’ll also need to write a description and choose a listing price for your dress.

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Where Can I Sell My Wedding Dress Locally?

If you are you’re looking to stay close to your home, you can simply contact the local shops. 

This will help minimize the cost associated with shipping and you won’t have to pay a listing, although it may take longer and may be harder to find qualified buyers, it definitely works. You can connect with the following sites to get started.

#9. Craigslist

Listing fee: No listing Fee
Commission: No commisson

Craigslist marketplace allows you to list and sell your wedding gown for free and offers a high-profit potential. You only have to meet the buyer to make the swap.

How it works: Each local board has a clothing and accessories section that allows you to post any item you want. You can sell a non-designer wedding dress that other sites don’t accept.

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#10. Facebook

Listing fee: No listing fee
Commission: No commission

Facebook is a great local option to sell your wedding dress. You don’t need to worry about fee payment because it is free hence, you can keep more of the profits.

How it works: You list the item, buyers contact you through Facebook, and you connect with them directly. Once you’ve met with your buyer in a public place to make the exchange, mark the item as sold and it will stop showing up in the search.

To get started, simply tap on the Marketplace icon at the bottom of your Facebook app, and start listing your items by clicking on Sell Something. 

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#11. Instagram

Listing fee: No listing fee
Commission: No commission

If you know how to use social media you can utilize the Instagram platform and make a huge profit selling your wedding dress. It might be a bit tough to get buyers here especially if you’re are not selling products full time.

On Instagram, you have full control of your price and marketing strategy. To get started, set up a separate Instagram account, take beautiful flat lay pictures of your dress, and use relevant hashtags.

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Being aware of the best marketplaces to sell your wedding dress is not a guarantee that you will get the best bet for your dress. In that regard, you must learn some basic marketing strategies like how to best present your item for Sale.

How To Sell Your Wedding Dress– Best Tips

The following tips will guide you on how to present your gown for sale and also interact with potential buyers to get the best price.

  • Find a niche: Your best bet is to go with a niche-specific site that focuses on selling and reselling wedding dresses and other related items.
  • Be responsive: Take your time to answer questions, provide additional information, and ease any concerns in a timely fashion.
  • Take clear photos of your dress: People will come for your dress if they find it enticing. So, you have to help your buyers to visualize what the item on your list will actually look like. You can take photos of someone wearing it with a good quality camera.
  • Make your dress presentable: Ensure you give your dress a good wash and an iron before you sell it.

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There are a lot of market places you can sell your wedding dress. Connect with the top 11 on our list and get the best price for your gown.


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