Does Coin Pusher Really Pay Out To Paypal | Steps & Procedures

Many people have been wondering whether coin pusher pays out to Paypal. Well, the answer is yes and no. It all depends on how you use it. If you use it for its intended purpose, it will pay out to Paypal. 

However, if you use it for something else, like gambling, it will not pay out to Paypal. Coin pusher is a simple game in many arcades and casinos. The game aims to drop coins into a machine and hope they push other coins off the edge. 

If you are lucky enough to push a coin off the edge, you get to keep that coin. The more coins you can push off the edge, the more money you will make.

So how do you use a coin pusher to make money? This article will guide you. Read through!

Coin Pushers: What are they?

Coin Pusher is a fun game that comprises two or more levels filled with coins. While the lower level remains in place, the upper levels oscillate back and forth.

However, the goal is to drop a coin on the top level while shoving the coins below the collection area. Some games add to the intrigue by imprinting dollar bills or unique gifts on the coins. 

This kind of game gained popularity because it allowed players to win a sizable sum of virtual money with few coins. 

On the other hand, the casino makes money by taking the coins pushed into the holes at the side of the playing area. According to reports, this game was very profitable for casinos, and it’s evident that players adored it.

Although players use specific strategies to increase their chances, the game is a luck game. It entails timing the coin drop and selecting the landing spot to increase the likelihood of winning.

Also, choosing suitable machines is essential because there can be substantial differences in the number and placement of the coins on each device.

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Coin Pusher For Cash: How Does It Work?

Users of Android and iOS can download Coin Pusher for free from the Google Play store, but only those who are at least 18 years old are allowed to play the game.

To begin, tap the screen to drop coins onto the board, then wait for the coin pusher to push the cash down the board’s edge. You accrue more virtual money, tokens, and Lucky Wheel spins the more the machine moves coins off the platform’s edges.

Additionally, the Coin Pusher app gives out random sums of money while you play the game, typically in the range of a few cents. 

By assembling puzzles and spinning the lucky wheel, you can win thrilling prizes like an iPhone and AirPods. You can also win a mystery box with undetermined rewards, five tokens, an iPhone XS, or Airpod puzzles. 

Watching videos that have been sponsored will also net you more coins. When your coins run out, you have two options: spend $10 or view video advertisements.

The features of this gaming app can also help you win more money while playing. One is the Wall power-up feature, which raises a wall at the board’s edges to stop anything from falling off them and rendering them useless. 

A Shake function also causes coins to fall quickly off the board’s edges while shaking the board by dropping significant cash.

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On the Coin Pusher app, how to get paid.

To win virtual money, tokens, and spins, players in this game try to push as many coins as they can off the board’s edge. 

There are several ways to get paid from the Coin Pusher app, including allegedly winning an iPhone or a pair of AirPods or receiving cash once you reach the minimum threshold.

Additionally, you can strategically drop your coins on the right spots, avoid continuous dropping, and stack them up in one place so they can be distributed evenly and make it easier for the pusher to do its job. 

Doing so will increase your chances of winning cash or other exciting prizes. 

Also, use your shake feature when the board is fully loaded with coins to maximize your rewards. Utilize your lucky wheel spins; you might be fortunate to win additional coins or other prizes.

Does Coin Pusher exist in Casinos?

However, it is now very challenging to find these traditional games in casinos. One problem is that because these are older machines, there is almost no chance of seeing them in a new, modern casino. 

These locations are more likely to have more recent video poker and slot machine games. 

Therefore, older casinos are where you’ll have the best chance of finding coin pushers, with smaller, less popular casinos possibly having the highest likelihood of maintaining one of these machines. 

A quick search online confirms that other people are looking for these games in casinos.

Online recommendations claim some games may still be available at some casinos. Whether you can play them in a casino is still unknown.

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Where are They to be found?

These days, it’s challenging to find coin pushers anywhere. It’s unclear precisely when and why they lost favor. 

They might have been more challenging to keep up with, or players may have moved on to more contemporary games with innovative technology and features.

The most likely place to find a coin pusher game is an arcade. Again, the best options are older, less crowded arcades that still have traditional games. 

One might be present at a fair or carnival as well. The best course of action is to search online for your local area and then visit any of the spots mentioned because most of the information on the locations of these games you see online is dated.

Does Coin Pusher payout to PayPal?

No, Coin Pusher doesn’t pay out real money to PayPal. Although the game leads players to believe they can eventually transfer their virtual money to Paypal or win iPhones or AirPods, the Coin Pusher app does not pay real money. 

Because the Lucky Wheel’s question mark instructs you to:

  • Redeem puzzles for prizes like 10 iPhone XS puzzles for a chance to win an iPhone XS
  • Redeem 20 Airpods puzzles for a chance to win an Apple Airpod. 

Because of that, the game app also contributes to the misconception that you can generate real money. However, the designer designs the games, so you can never solve every puzzle.

When it reaches the minimum threshold of $100, you are supposed to collect the money via PayPal, but based on player reviews, most players never even reach this stage before the game app malfunctions. 

This game app’s description explicitly states that the game is only for entertainment and does not give players real money.

Additionally, according to the terms of service of this game app, which you can find in the settings section, the game chooses a winner based on an algorithm while you play, making it difficult to win if you don’t win the sweepstakes. 

Please don’t waste your time playing this game hoping to win real money because it doesn’t.

Finally, the sole purpose of this game is to amuse you, not to generate revenue. Despite the many sponsored videos players watch, the game developer receives the most profits. 

Do a thorough research if you want to make money while playing games. Other than Coin Pusher, there are quite a few games available where you can pay and earn real money.

Can you play Coin Pushers online?

Yes, you can also test out online coin pushers. These games can be found on other websites even though they haven’t yet been modified for use in online casinos. They mostly appear in app versions of games where the gameplay is condensed and in-game purchases are available.

The physical appeal of dropping coins into a pile and watching them advance is missing from these games. They provide a different option for when you want to remember these games but can’t find a local venue.

Are coin pushers permitted in some states?

Although coin pushers are now widely regarded as illegal in casinos, there is nothing wrong with having an arcade in a location where they are permitted. 

The Department of Revenue must grant the casino a license before using coin pushers in Minnesota or Illinois. If the casino’s coin pusher does not have a permit from the Department of Revenue, it is illegal, and the casino may be forced to close. 

Nowadays, many casinos use electronic devices to safeguard their clients and themselves. For this reason, many casinos have chosen to do away with manual coin pushers.

Why Are Coin Pushers Seen as Illegal Activity?

For various reasons, coin pushers are illegal activities, but because of the design, an unknowable number of coins could fall off the side of the bed. 

The coins may return to the house and not be paid out to the player because it is challenging to predict how they might function.

As a result, many people take unnecessary risks and controlling how these machines operate challenging. As a result, it is exceptionally uncommon to see a coin pusher in a casino, though it is still possible in some circumstances to do so in an arcade. You should be careful if you decide to play one of these games.

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Where can you pay to play coin pushers?

The most likely place to find a coin pusher game is an arcade. Again, the best options are older, less crowded arcades that still have traditional games. You must keep an eye out for games of this type because some now use tickets rather than coins. One might be present at a fair or carnival as well.

Are coin-operated machines forbidden?

For various reasons, coin pushers are prohibited, but due to the design, an unknowable number of coins could fall off the side of the bed.

Are there coin pushers in any casinos?

Some arcades still have versions of the machine; instead of receiving coins back, you receive tickets that can be exchanged for rewards. However, it has been almost two decades since we last saw a Flip-It machine in a Nevada casino. The majority of the former quarter-pushers have moved to the casinos on cruise ships.

Are there coin pushers in Indian casinos?

Law enforcement agencies are discovering the machines in gas stations, smoke shops, and other places across the state. Even though they are advertised as skill games, the California Gambling Control Commission claims they are not permitted outside tribal casinos.


With the hope of winning cash prizes, thousands of people play Pusher For Cash in all four corners of the globe. You will waste your time playing this coin pusher simulation because it does not offer real money. Since the prizes are so alluring, the game is very addictive.



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