10 Most Expensive Gaming Mouse In The World

 The gaming mouse market is vast, with different models being introduced every other day. So how do you know the gaming house to buy? 

Actually, the price never lies!

When it comes to gaming peripherals, you’ll likely want quality and performance all of which the most expensive gaming mouse on this list provides for you. 

 A comfortable gaming mouse that is customizable and wireless, all are available. All you need to do is take your pick and win that competition. 

10 Most Expensive Gaming Mouse In The World

#1. Mad Catz The Authentic RAT. PRO X3 GM- $236

This gaming mouse cost $169. The RAT X3 is the most efficient on the list, consisting of unique features. 

 In terms of appearance, the RAT X3 has an edgy look with the titanium screw and carbon thumb making it look something out of a sci-fi movie. It weighs 0.011 ounces and is 4.25×3.38×1.59 inches.

 It has 8 buttons for increased control. Its hydrophobic coating would keep your hands dry during tense gaming competitions. It is highly customizable and the precision button offers changeable sensitivity up to 16,000DPI.

 You can customize its scroll wheel and LED light. The LED light allows for a fun gaming experience. 

The model has a one-year and 30-day free return policy. 

 The long cord is a disadvantage and some customers complain about the software and firmware of this gaming mouse.

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#2. Swiftpoint Z Gaming 13 Programmable Buttons- $180

 With a 4-star rating out of five, this mouse makes it to the list of the most expensive mice in the world. Unlike the RAT X3 with a 5-star rating, it weighs 4.1 ounces with 3.54×5.12×1.57.

 The perfect mouse for gaming competition as it comes with as many as 13 operating buttons. Swift Point has a precision button that offers changeable sensitivity up to 12,000 DPI and soft pads for ease. This model is equipped with high memory and quick gliding. It provides vibration feedback.

 Its advantages include its 13 buttons with different uses, an OLED screen with an active gaming profile, easy gliding movement, and a middle button that can be used without rolling. The grip style and hand shape can be customized according to the gamer.

 The downside is it takes time to get used to, with its complex button design and placement.

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#3. Razer Mamba Chroma- $120

 Another equally expensive and efficient mouse comes under RAT X3 and the swift point. The Razer Mamba measures 1.69×2.72×4.96 and weighs 1.76 pounds. It comes in black and can be operated on Windows 7,8 and 10.

 Its features bother wireless and wired modes of operation. It is simple looking unlike RAT X3 and swift point. Its cord is 7 feet long and the USB receiver that comes with this mouse is used to shift it to wireless mode.

For extreme precision, 5G laser sensors provide accuracy up to 16,000 DPI. Its sensors offer a track of about 0.1 – millimeter distance- which in turn makes this Razer Mamba mouse one of the most precise models.

 Razer’s upsides are that it is perfect for people with large hands, unlimited personal choices of Chroma lighting, and 10 operating buttons. Its downside is that it can’t function wireless without plugging the charging dock onto the PC.

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#4. Razer Basilisk, Hyper-speed Wireless Gaming Mouse w/ Charging Dock- $169

 Perfect for a right-hand gamer, the Razer Basilisk mouse is one of the most expensive gaming mice. It weighs 14.5 ounces and is 5.11×2.36×1.65 inches. It offers a perfect grip and high gliding operation.

This mouse offers customizable Chroma lighting to use as you deem fit as well as 11 programmable buttons. It uses 20,000 D1 optical sensors. It is engineered with one lithium battery.

We like that it is a stock ergonomic mouse design, and a personalized scroll wheel. Its hyper-speed features ensure zero lagging faces, no glitches or connectivity problems.

 Its downside is that it doesn’t have Bluetooth available, a bit shorter button, and RGB lighting settings not stored in its board memory.

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#5. Razer Naga Pro Wireless- $149

 This expensive and efficient mouse isn’t only easy to use but also allows for a smooth workflow. It has a unique feature which is the 3 side plates installed along with 2,6, and 1212 customizable button layout

 The mouse weighs over 13.4 ounces and 2×9.4×1.7×4.68 inches. It has a total of 19 buttons and a lithium battery.

 Perfect for a right-handed gamer to slide through a competition. It has personalized Chroma RGB lighting and an optical sensor of 20,000 D1

 Using this mouse is advantageous because it allows you to adjust sensitivity and enhance movement due to optical mouse switches. The downside is the DPI setting is reset frequently and the right and left clicks may malfunction.

You can change its sensitivity with its DPI buttons that can be programmed as per your gaming needs.

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#6. Logitech G502 Lightspeed- $150

 Another one of the most expensive gaming mice is the Logitech G502 made by the best-selling brand worldwide Logitech G. It weighs over 14.2 ounces and is 2×4×8 inches. It is available in black.

Its features include its customizable RHB light and grip style. You can tweak the weight option to suit your needs. The fat scrolling wheel can help you win a game faster. With the mouse, you can connect your PC in a matter of seconds, and that too through the wireless mode.

 Rigged with 11 programmable buttons and a HERO 25K sensor this mouse can last 60 hours. Logitech G brand plays its part in environment conservation by donating to plastic recycling processes with the amount earned.

 Its upside is that it is highly agile with adjustable weight configuration and ultra-fast and highly sensitive. Its downside is that it is smaller compared to other mice and the left click is known to develop problems. The mouse cord lacks any coating and is made of rubber.

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#7. Logitech G900 Chaos Spectrum Professional Grade Mouse- $105

The Logitech G900 model is the lightest of all the mice in this list. It weighed only 3.84 ounces and 5.12×2.64×1.57 inches. Logitech has up to 20,000 DPI range. It functions on Windows 7,8,8.1 and 10.

Its features include a battery that can last for 30 hours after charging only once, and a speed of 1 millisecond. It’s comfortable use for both left and right use. No doubt Logitech G900 is designed to win games. It has a battery-saving tuning feature and 

PMW3366 optical sensor is responsible for extreme accuracy and high tracking rate.

The upside is in its lightweight, button settings can be customized, and the wireless mode of Logitech G900 exhibits no lagging. The downside is in Issues with the right button and side buttons are a bit elevated.

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#8. Logitech G903- $116

 Another gaming mouse from the Logitech brand has no short efficiency and luxury. It weighs 3.88 ounces and ‎1.59 x 2.62 x 5.13 inches. It is available in black color. 

 This Logitech G features a Hero 25K sensor. It has built-in Bluetooth to detect movements.  It is optimized with a maximum sensitivity of over 25,000 DPI and a very precise report rate of 1 millisecond.

 Its ambidextrous configuration makes it suitable for both right and left-hand users. This expensive gaming mouse is recommended due to 180 hours of durable battery life and 140 hours of RGB lighting.

 The upside is that it works perfectly for every hand shape and size, the long battery life, a High tracking rate, and eco-friendliness. The downside is the price can be discouraging, and Some issues with buttons were reported.

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#9. Razer Viper Ultimate Lightest Wireless Gaming Mouse & RGB Charging Dock- $86

 This Razer Viper Ultimate is another pricey but worth it gaming mouse. Extremely lightweight, It weighs 13.9 ounces and ‎2.61 x 4.98 x 1.49 inches. It comes in black color.

It features a wireless connection. It’s 20K DPI optical sensors make it way faster than other wireless mice. Razer’s ultimate feature is that it has a highly efficient charging dock. The lighting of this mouse can be customized with a vast variety of color combination options.

 Its advantages are that it faces no glitch, perfect for right and left-hand gamers, is long-lasting and highly responsive,e and has low latency. Disadvantages are the squeaky buttons and overly smooth mouse feet.

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 #10. Corsair Dark Core RGB Pro SE- $62

This gaming mouse is made by Corsair. It weighs 5 ounces and 5×3.5×1.69 inches. This versatile model offers wireless and wireless functions; the wireless mode provides 50 hours of battery life.

This impressive piece of machine has superfast connectivity in just 0.5 milliseconds and it can be operated in three ways such as Bluetooth, wired USB, and wireless mode. It has very high accuracy and precision due to the 18 DPI optical sensor.

Corsair is optimized with a very high polling rate of over 2000 Hertz and Omron switches with minimum latency. It has 8 buttons.

The contoured shape of this mouse makes it suitable for gamers with all grip styles. Its unique software works for all settings, adjustments, and customizations.

Its upside is in its contoured design which leads to ease of usage. It is responsive and can transfer data fast by a USB-C connector.

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There are different types of gaming mice but the most expensive ones get the job done. With numerous features to help you handle the most complex of competitions.



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