10 Most Expensive Mouse in the World | 2022

Like clothes, watches, and shoes, computer accessories- especially computer mice are also going trendy these days.

Most people love their tech to look not just top-notch but to also be pure luxury. The fascination with a great mouse has caught the attention of manufacturers and gotten them to produce some gorgeous looking very expensive computer mice that make their owners very proud and satisfied.

There are normal mice whose price is affordable to almost everyone but again there are elite, gold/diamond coated mice.

Have you been wondering what the most expensive mouse in the world is and the price? This article breaks down all of it and more. Keep reading. 

Why Should You Use the Most Expensive Mouse in the World?

Of course, you should be wondering why. Because well, if you are going to be using a mouse worth hundreds of thousands, you should at least know what you can benefit from using the most expensive mouse in the world.

Some of these reasons are:

  • The most expensive mouse in the world has durable components and materials. This means that several years from now, you can still use your mouse. Investing in the most expensive mouse in the world is usually the result of careful consideration when thinking about longevity, quality of components, and the overall experience.
  • These mice are great for gaming. They can add and configure macros, backlighting for extended sessions into the evening, and even solid software for further customization.
  • Also,they have full use of extended functionality. 
  • They are often more comfortable than regular mice as they are designed for longer periods of gaming in mind.
  • They have various grip styles, allowing for ambidextrous people to use them comfortably. There is the palm grip and the claw grip, allowing you to grip the mouse in any way you can and still make the most out of it. 
  • Unlike regular mice the adjustable weight adds to the personalization that the user has over their peripheral to suit their preferences more.
  • They have software and lighting, which can usually be adjusted in the software. 

Is Buying The Most Expensive Mouse in the World Worth it?

Generally speaking, more expensive mice and keyboards are built using more durable components and materials and carry with them the expectation that because they’re part of a premium brand, you should be able to use them for years to come. The gaming mouse has unique features that separate it from a regular mouse. 

Expensive and high-end mice are worth investing in since they are usually durable, have quality sensors, premium build, and impressive designs and aesthetics. Compared to some cheap gadgets, these mice are more cost-effective because you don’t need to keep replacing them due to malfunctions.

Additionally, most look great, and you will get a device with incredible features such as software upgrades and allowance for customization. So yes, if you love to see your tech up to standard, they are worth it. 

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10 Most Expensive Mouse in the World

#1. The Gold Bullion Wireless Mouse

$36, 835.00

The most expensive mouse in the whole world costs a whopping $36,835. I bet you never imagined that you could buy a mouse for such an exorbitant price. This mouse has the features of the normal mouse with its left, right buttons and the scroll.

It also works well both on Mac and PC. Its luxurious look is enhanced by the goldbrick which is actually very expensive in the market.

#2. MJ Luxury VIP Mouse


This expensive mouse is fully studded with a diamond in the upper parts and both sides. It’s a wireless laser mouse with two push buttons and a scroll wheel in between. The MJ Luxury VIP mouse is made of gold, platinum, and silver inlaid with diamonds, rubies, sapphires, emeralds, and Swarovski crystals.

Unique mice and accessories in cases of valuable types of wood, mice of natural stone and bone, as well as designer mice in the decoration of natural fur and exotic leather handmade finish. The mouse can also be customized to your taste.

#3. Black Diamond Logitech Mouse

$ 31,840.00

This extraordinary mouse is studded with black diamonds. With all the other features of a laser mouse, it’s a good collection for computer users who are interested in jewelry as well. It has black diamonds while the quantity is once again limited.

Some of the target groups are people with jewelry craze and technology lovers. It is one of the most expensive mice in the world. 

#4. MJ blue Sapphire Mouse


This is a limited edition expensive mouse. Studded with blue sapphires on a gold base this splendid mouse is indeed a great collection for the owner. The quantity of this luxurious mouse is limited and comes packed in a black gold box to boost up its expensive look.

It is also cordless and comes with its exquisite features. It is fast and pretty easy to use. With only very few of them in the world, it is one of the most expensive mouse in the world. 



This is the most expensive one and has 18 karats white gold and covering has 59 diamonds. If you are a big spender and want to gift it to someone, then why not go for this high-end mouse. This elite mouse was named the coolest and costliest in the entire world.

Of course, technology changes so fast and other mice have taken their coveted position as the most expensive mouse. But the White Gold USB Mouse is still cool. In total, it has 59 diamonds and 18-carat white gold.

There are two designs for this mouse; the scattered diamond and the diamond flower. It is also customizable because you can add name initials on it using diamonds. It is one of the most expensive mouse in the world. 

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#6. Logitech Air 3D laser mouse with Gold case


From the house of Logitech, the mouse is covered with a gold case and features a jewel micro flash drive and a diamond ring. Right from the look and its features, it is defiantly the best one to go for.

This computer mouse has its advantages in that it can be used for luxury, business, leisure, and even gaming. It has a gold case, giving it a very outstanding look. If you are looking to buy a very exquisite computer mouse, you should consider the Logitech Air 3D laser mouse with a Gold case. 

#7. Gold Metal Sun Mouse


This one is another excellent mouse. This is also another edition of MJ studio. The version is MJ777. This mouse is round-shaped. It has a pure gold body. For using pure gold, it always shines.

The shiny, stylish look of the mouse attracts anyone & convinces one to want to own it. This mouse has all the features of a normal mouse and is cordless as well. The one who has the desire to spend a high amount on being fashionable, he or she can buy it. It is quite sure he won’t be disappointed.

#8. Gigabyte Bling-Bling GM-M7800S Wireless Mouse


This is another wonderful mouse in the world. The Swarovski TM Crystal was used to make it & also used the subtle leather. When the crystal sparks, it gives one the most luxurious sentiment. The leather stitching style also provides the mouse with an impressive look.

In this exclusive mouse, the ‘GIGABYTE exact laser tracking system’ is present. It has a 2.4G Hz wireless connection on which you can count. One will feel so comfortable using it because the mouse is much genial to users.

It also has the DPI system & anyone can set the DPI system only by touching the DPI setting button. The low power indicator system turns on when it diagnoses low battery conditions. The mouse will blink for a few seconds & then it shuts off.

This mouse also has a tiny or ultra-portable nano receiver, which gives one the traveling feelings with a notebook. For this wireless system, one can use it on different devices.

#9. MJ Python Leather Mouse


This mouse is manufactured by the MJ studios. This beautiful mouse is made of authentic python leather, which encloses the whole mouse. This idea of using pure python leather makes it so expensive special one. The mouse is equipped with a roller ball & this rollerball is locked.

It is placed between two pure golden plates. The packing style of this mouse is also very much eye-catching because the box in which it is packed is fur sable. The MJ Python Leather mouse would be one of the best gifts to give someone who does not only appreciate luxury but tech.

It has a 2.4G Hz wireless connection on which you can count. One will feel so comfortable using it because the mouse is much genial to users. Besides its exterior look, it still has unique interiors. It is one of the most expensive mouse in the world. 

#10. Crocodile Skin Gold Mouse Ferrari


Fully covered with crocodile skin and 18 carats of gold and blue diamonds. The piece is a pure gem and is worth using if you love luxury stuff around. It is available in limited edition and is highly expensive.

Luxury computer mice have become a trend nowadays. If you are a computer user, who is financially sound and are interested in luxury items, make all efforts to get this stunning mouse at any cost. It is mostly for collectors.

The crocodile skin used on the exterior gives it a classy and mature look. It is one of the most expensive mouse in the world. 

Frequently Asked Questions

People purchase expensive, precision computer mice because they need to move the cursor with precision. Some other people buy it because it is luxurious and looks unique. Whatever the reason for buying the most expensive mouse, it is valid if you can afford it. 

Usually, the sensors and DPI on the more expensive mice, are of higher quality and have a very noticeable difference when gaming and not to mention, they’re usually designed to be comfortable for long use. With these features, they are better than your conventional mice.

Expensive and high-end mice are worth investing in since they are usually durable, have quality sensors, premium build, and impressive designs and aesthetics. Compared to some cheap gadgets, these mice are more cost-effective because you don’t need to keep replacing them due to malfunctions.

The most expensive computer mouse is the Luxury VIP Mouse which costs a whopping $35,000. 

The optical sensors used in the mouse are of higher technology hence the cost. This technology reduces lag between the mouse movement and cursor movement and also allows higher DPI. Some of the mice can also be used for gaming and they have features that can make your gaming experience worth it. 

Buy a gaming mouse that cost around $100 which is an average price for a decent keyboard. Gaming mice are usually larger with more surface for the palm to rest and they have much better innards, the zoom wheel is usually adjustable in friction, the buttons have extra heavy-duty switches.


Buying the most expensive thing in the world is not a simple thing and when it is about buying simple or smaller things like a mouse one needs the guts to spend huge money to buy it. Some people think that one can’t put a price on happiness.

Despite that, few people are spending a massive amount of money only on their hobby and fashion. This 10 most expensive mouse in the world could be worth your money if you love your tech. 



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