15 Free Live Chat Software | Engage Your Customers Realtime

It is no doubt that technology has developed a whole lot and live chat is one of them. Technology has made businesses more innovative such that engaging with their customers isn’t difficult, especially with the best live chat software.

Live chat aids you to work in synchronization with your clients in real-time and improves customer loyalty.

Obviously, the advent of live chats has made consumer satisfaction to be on the rise. Say, about 85% and that is a good way to go.

See the table of contents above to see the best live chat software that you can use in 2022.

What is Live Chat Software?

This is basically a real-time communication channel that connects a customer to a customer care officer.

Primarily, its aim is to eradicate the long wait hours that are associated with reaching out to a customer care agent.

Besides keeping customers engaged, it enhances customer retention too.

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How do I know the right Live Chat Software for my Website?

There are lots of things to consider before you can come up with the right choice in deciding which software is the best for your website.

However, for maximum results, check for the following;

  • Ensure you carry out your research on which live chat software offers what and how it’s going to boost your sales.
  • Think of how many customer care agents the software can accommodate at a go. This is very important so you don’t go overboard with the number of persons it can carry and then, cry foul later on.
  • Also, think of the possibility of incorporating other channels on your live chat software when the need arises.
  • Pay attention to the add-ons and the plethora of plans the software offers. Taking these steps will help avert a lot of issues that may arise at the nearest possible time.

Pros and Cons of Live Chat Software

Simplified customer Not obtainable in companies that are naive about technology
It connects with a lot of customers in a split secondIt will need a human to be available at every point in time
Improved user experience and increased sales The generic responses might not go down well with the customers
It is best for solving customer puzzles
It improves efficiency

15 Free Live Chat Software In 2022

Here’s our list of free live chat software.

#1. LiveChat

This is by far the most popular in the market. Services it offers include; online chat, converting potential customers into active ones.

This software is highly recommended for reputable organizations that intend to grow their business.

This LiveChat tracks your team’s performance and provides you with exclusive chat tools that improve customer experience.

#2. Intercom

This software incorporates a chat platform for marketing and customer support teams. With Intercom, all support requests are handled automatically.

Besides enabling you to connect with your customers in real-time, it provides you with unique tools to meet your company’s requirements.

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#3. Acquire

Known to be a cloud-based software, acquire provides your team with the most advanced chat bots that would help resolve customer queries in a simple time.

There is a fusion acquire causes to both the customer and the company through its live chat services.

#4. Chanty

Another top-notch software for live chat is Chanty. This is because it gives you room to interact with your customers using its very accommodating components.

For efficiency, you can form an alliance with the rest of your team to convert messages into tasks and arrange them through the kanban board.

Chanty ensures that it gives you that smooth experience you’ve always craved for.

#5. LiveAgent

If your company prefers to reach its customers through several mediums, LiveAgent is the ideal software for you and your team.

Besides giving you a unique user experience, it incorporates the universal box and customer tickets to give you a smooth run.

#6. Zendesk

I bet you don’t want to know that Zendesk offers you very amazing features like; automated triggers, pre-chats, offline forms, chatbots, and analytics that help you monitor your sales.

Its pricing plan is friendly and affordable too.

#7. Tidio

Tidio comes along with a mobile app that you can use to engage your visitors instantly.

This software has its automation at its peak of beauty. Interestingly, you can chat in more than one language on Tidio.

#8. SnapEngage

This software comprises a feature that notifies you of a customer’s visit to your website.

Also, snap engage helps your customer service team to have efficient communication with your contacts.

#9. ZohoDesk

For real-time interaction with your customers and productivity, ZohoDesk is your go-to software.

In what seems like a split second, the Zoho desk gathers your contact’s information and sends them automated responses.

The web-form widget is unique such that your customers can fill in the form and still send in their questions as tickets.

#10. Userlike

Here’s another interesting software you can use to connect with your customers.

It is able to transform a customer’s profile into a smart one immediately after their emails are entered. Also, this is most advisable for every kind of business and can be incorporated with CRM.

#11. Crisp Chat

Crisp talk is actually another free live chat software that may be a one-stop option for all the customer support needs you have.

Additionally, you are able to retarget your leads of yours to turn them into lifelong customers.

#12. Chatport

If no one is actually online to help resolve customer queries, the computer users have the ability to create thoughts via live chat.

All that you need to do is to enter your email and you will get notified whenever your query has been answered. And so, do not miss out on any critical lead.

#13. Olark

In the list of the best live chat software that dominates the marketplace is Olark. With their simplified powerful automation and communication mode, Olark is actually preferred by numerous businesses.

Customize the mail messages as per your visitor’s pastime on the site. Your customer service representative is able to get context by collecting consumer info even before the talk begins.

The effective integrations of Olark allow you to create an impeccable customer relationship.

#14. Drift

Drift is purpose-driven. That is why this live chat software is designed to offer an outstanding experience to sales reps as well as customers.

Its powerful automation allows you to send out personalized messages to essential clientele. It has a centralized information hub so you are able to fetch all of the required information and insights needed.

#15. Tawk.to

Tawk.to is a totally free live chat application. It provides common features including automated integrations, shortcuts, multilingual chat, reporting, widget customizations, and messaging.

With the team chat function, sales reps are able to talk with other reps and all decision-makers if necessary without ever making the tool.

In addition, they could jump on a fast video chat and share their screen of theirs, shifting the sales process along a lot more efficiently.

Additionally, with an infinite history of chats as well as chat tags, you are able to filter chats to notice chat volume as well as response time.

Final Thoughts

Technology is always evolving, and when we are operating on a digital planet, we should stay abreast of recent trends and the functions of the various software. And so, we’ve mentioned the best live chat software in 2022.

Do well to make in-depth research and check which software fits the demand of your company.



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