Freshbooks Alternatives: Best Budget-Friendly Accounting Software

Freshbook offers small businesses an opportunity to run their accounting analysis themselves, however, Freshbooks is quite expensive, and this has necessitated the search for Freshbooks alternatives.

While there might be a whole lot of Freshbooks alternatives out there, we’d be looking at a few that are presumably the best Freshbook alternatives.

There are 30.7 million small businesses in the U.S. which account for 99.9 percent of all U.S. businesses (SBA, 2019). A small busy is typically any business with less than 500 employees.

All these businesses have one thing in common – they must do their books. While others opt for professionals to handle it, some others, especially the very smaller ones cannot afford such luxury. This is where accounting/bookkeeping software like Freshbooks comes in.

According to, FreshBooks is one of the most popular small business accounting software applications on the market today.

It best suited for sole proprietors and freelancers. It also offers a plan for the self-employed along with a team plan.

But like we said earlier, Freshbook might be too expensive for some businesses, hence, the necessity for Freshbooks alternatives. We’d be looking at those alternatives in this article.

However, before we get started, it’s pertinent we understand how exactly Freshbook works, or what it is.

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What is Freshbooks

Freshbooks is accounting software that helps businesses track their expenses, billable hours, and invoices. It is very popular among smaller businesses, but it’s also a little too expensive for said businesses.

The cloud-based finance and accounting software was launched in 2003 and has since risen to be one of the best in the game.

Freshbooks unlike some Freshbooks alternatives provides quality customer support. It also has crucial functionalities and features that make it well sort-after.

The software is currently in use by millions of establishments to modernize customer billing and time tracking.

Additionally, freelancers use it to speed up their sales cycle and collection. It’s also used to give their documents an individual brand to be more professional.

With all the beautiful features that Freshbooks provides its users, it may not be enough. So if you’re looking for software with other functionalities or that’s less expensive, read through.

What to look for in a great Freshbooks alternative

Popular with bookkeepers and accountants alike, Freshbooks is a great small business accounting software application, but it may not have everything you’re looking for. Luckily, there are a lot of alternate applications to choose from.

Even if you’re not completely sure what you’re looking for, it’s helpful to pay particularly close attention to the following three features.

1. Scalability

Scalability may not be important to a freelancer or consultant, but if your business is growing, it’s important to have an application that can grow along with you. Changing software applications is never easy, so choosing the right application today can eliminate the need to change applications in the future.

2. Reporting

Even small businesses need to run reports. When looking at reporting options, be sure to consider the following:

  • What reports the application offers
  • Whether the reports are easy to run
  • If the reports are customizable
  • Whether the reports can be exported

3. Pricing

Pricing is always important. If you’re a very small business or freelancer just starting out, pricing may be more important to you than it is to a thriving small business.

Find out what features are included in the plan you’re interested in, particularly since many features are found only in more expensive plans. It’s important to know exactly what you’re paying for before signing up.

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11 Best Freshbooks Alternatives 2022

Below are Freshbooks Alternatives

#1. Invoicera

Invoicera is a good software for finance and accounting purposes, best suited for freelancers and enterprises. It’s fast billing, time tracking, and easy payment features make it easily one of the best Freebooks alternatives.

With Invoicera, one can get accounting software solutions tailored to their specific scope and size of their business.

The software is multi-lingual accounting software, and, is available on iOS and Android devices. Invoicera allows users to enjoy trial periods of up to 15 days, after which it’s paid for.

#2. Hiveage

Hiaveage is another software another bookkeeping software that can do what Freshbooks can, and, more.

It can help you set up project estimates for your business, make payments receipts, invoices and expense accounts from the same interface.

The software will also help you bill your clients by the hour and track your expenses simultaneously. With Hiveage, you’re assured of detailed reports about the financial state of your business.

Users of Hiveage can pay up to $15 to $79 a month depending on the volume of your business transactions.

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#3. InvoiceBerry

InvoiceBerry is not just a good Freshbooks alternative, it’s also free – if you’re managing a client’s list of three.

As open-source finance and bookkeeping software, it caters to the bookkeeping needs of mid-sized companies, startups, and professionals.

With Invoice Berry you can import, print, and upload huge financial documents in seconds. Additionally, you can create branded invoices for your clients.

This and more makes InvoiceBerry a suitable Freebooks alternative

You can get InvoiceBerry pro app for $30 with 15 ready-made invoice templates.

#4. The Invoice Machine

Another Freebooks alternative is The Invoice Machine. with the Invoice machine, you get all the features of an online invoicing tool. The tool can be customized to suit certain needs with a few HTTP POST calls, enabled by the API, which is an open source.

The Invoice machine removes all complexities of generating invoice and bookkeeping in general.

#5. Harvest

Harvest bookkeeping software helps you track time and schedule payments, this is why it’s one of the best Freshbooks alternatives.

With Harvest, your billable and nonbillable hours are critically analyzed to help you know where to put more effort into your business.

The tool is integrated with  Google applications, Trello, PayPal, Slack, and other apps. It’s available on iOS, Mac, and Android, for $12 per user a month.

These features and more makes Harvest a suitable Freebooks Alternative.

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#6. Wave

Yet another suitable Freebooks alternative. With Wave, you can sync your bank account, expense statement, and balance sheet for proper bookkeeping purposes.

The software is free and allows you have unlimited number of clients.

#7. QuickBooks

Getting this software program gives you access to a whole lot of others things, which include project tracking, payroll management, and invoice generation at an unbeatable price.

QuickBooks is one of the most popular accounting software solutions out there. With the software, you can give batch invoicing, track outstanding bills, make tax and salary payments as at when due.

Like most of the other Freebooks alternative, QuickBooks is available on iOS and Android devices.

#8. Indy

Indy is a brilliant choice for freelancers who want to get their admin together and make invoicing, payment processing, and billing simple.

Indy offers a simple invoicing tool with powerful features. Here’s what freelancers can do with Indy’s Invoices tool:

  • Link clients to projects and invoices automatically.
  • Connect the easy-to-use time tracker to projects.
  • Add unbilled hours to new invoices in seconds.
  • Create and send invoices quickly using customizable templates.
  • Receive payment through Stripe, PayPal, Zelle, and other options.

Indy has an entire suite of tools you can use to help your freelancing career. In addition to the Invoices tool, you can create proposals, contracts, and use the files tool to get your work signed off sooner. 

The best thing about Indy is the price. You can accomplish all your freelance invoicing and admin on a single platform for just $5.99 per month.

#9. Xero

Xero is particularly one of the best Freshbooks alternatives for me. This is because you can manage assets, invoicing, inventory updates, and even do your bank verification. This and more makes Xero a suitable Freebooks alternative.

The software is available on iOS and Android devices and costs from $20 to $40 a month.

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#10. ZipBooks

ZipBooks is another accounting software on our list.

The Robust accounting platform for entrepreneurs and enterprises lets subscribers use its basic features free of cost.

You’ll only pay for third-party services available within the software program.

ZipBooks imports your bank data for quick reconciliation. It also helps you keep track of expenses and income and lots more.

A singular-user license o ZipBooks is free. Multi-user plans cost from $15 to $35 per month.

#11. Sage Intact

Sage Intact for many people is even more Robust than FreeBooks. The software helps you take care of your inventory and revenue management.

With all editions, you get core financial services such as accounts payable and receivable, cash flow management, and billing.



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