20+ Best Gift Ideas for a New Mom of Twins

Motherhood is not an easy feat and having to take care of twins is a seriously daunting task. It calls for extra responsibility. As such, help is needed. If you have a mom of twins, knowing how to offer help is very important and this can be in the form of a gift.

For this to work, you need to have gift ideas for a new mom of twins.

Knowing the gift ideas for a new mom of twins is the first step if you’re to shop for a mama-to-be, a new mother, or a mom of twins.

In this article, we shall discuss the 20+ best gift ideas for moms of twins.

Is it difficult to find gifts for twins?

It can be difficult to find gifts for twin parents. Do you buy two of everything or make an effort to treat each twin as an individual? An even better alternative is to look for things designed expressly for twins that will help your sleep-deprived pals adjust to their new normal.

Giving birth to and parenting twins is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and twin siblings enjoy an even closer bond. As early as 14 weeks in the womb, some twin newborns engage with one other by reaching out or laying head to head.

Furthermore, toddler twins have been found to establish their own language that only they understand to interact with one another. Twins are truly wonderful!

While all new mothers require assistance, twin mothers may require more assistance and pampering. Aside from the extra overnight feedings and bath times, they’ll be using twice as many diapers and washing twice as many clothes.

Any extra clothing or baby gear is beneficial, but it’s vital to remember that not all twin parents need or want duplicates of everything.

While newborns require their own car seat, moms are likely to only carry one diaper bag and may want to keep their kids in the same bed while they are little.

What to Consider When Buying Gifts for Twins

  • Price: In the future, parents will be buying two of practically everything for twins, which can be costly. Any assistance in any aspect will be greatly appreciated.
  • Growth of The Babies: When purchasing, consider the price in proportion to how long you or the parents will be able to utilize the goods.
  • Practicality: Will parents and babies use this every day, or at least a few times a week? Parents will enjoy the sentimental value of gorgeous clothing, but keep in mind the practicality of must-have products as well.
  • Hands-free: Managing one baby is difficult enough, let alone two! Any product that encourages or helps parents keep their hands free is a huge win.
  • Functionality:  Can the product be used for multiple purposes in the future? Is it simple to pack and store?

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What are the best gift ideas for a mom of twins?

Here are some gift ideas that most new parents of twins, triplets, or more would appreciate.

1 Infant Care Products

When expecting twins, parents often focus on getting the big goods and the necessities—two cribs, two car seats, and so on. These are the first gift ideas for a new mom of twins you should consider.

Consider a selection of infant health and safety supplies as a considerate gift, especially for first-time parents.

Medicine dispensers, diaper rash ointment, thermometer, burp towels, infant pain reliever, and nail clippers should all be grouped together. Alternatively, package a variety of bath supplies in an infant bathtub to make a themed present.

2. Diapers


Another gift idea for a new mom of twins is diapers. You can’t have enough of it. Diaper changes for newborn twins might reach twenty per day.

However, before you go out and buy a case of Pampers, find out whether the parents prefer disposable or cloth diapers and prepare accordingly.

3. Offers of Help

The most valuable gift ideas for a new mom of twins you can offer is yourself. Babysit—for an hour or overnight, depending on your comfort level. New parents value time to go for a calm walk alone.

Make your offer specific: Offer to run errands or to sit in the car with the kids while mom runs them.

Make a dinner offer or pay for takeout. Plan to do the dishes, laundry, cleaning, yard chores, or car washing. Make sure you follow through on your promise. Don’t wait for new parents to request assistance.

4. Stroller with Lightweight Umbrella


In the multiples community, stroller type is a strongly disputed topic, and most parents will put a lot of effort (and money) into purchasing a heavy-duty one.

Most families, however, will require a lightweight, portable double umbrella stroller—or two single strollers—at some point.

5. Boppy or Nursing Pillow


These handy pillows are among the gift ideas for a new mom of twins that will come in handy for both bottle and nursing mothers. They’re a lifesaver for nursing mothers, supporting the weight of the babies while allowing moms to simultaneously milk them.

Boppy pillows, like the Twin Z cushion, are also wonderful props for playtime, providing extra support for babies before they learn to sit up on their own.

6. Bouncer Seat


When it comes to holding babies, new parents can always use an extra pair of hands. You won’t be able to provide them with that, but you can provide them with the next best thing: a bouncer seat to keep the baby safe and content. This is one of the gift ideas for a new mom of twins.

Although specialty retailers sell double and triple bouncers, a single seat is also a great gift.

They’re helpful holders for newborns, whether nursing, sleeping, or playing, and parents will love having more than one. Vibrating motion, toys, and music are all included in some models.

7. Foot Rattles


You can’t go wrong with these as a modest, affordable present. Buy a set for each infant or give one pack to two newborns to share. It’s one of the gift ideas for a new mom of twins you can consider.

Foot rattles—socks featuring brightly colored characters and rattles—are both fun and beneficial to a baby’s motor development. And they also keep small toes warm.

8. Gifts that are personalized or twin-themed

the bump.com

Looking for gift ideas for a new mom of twins that is less practical and more personal? Consider a present for twins. Personalize frames, prints, and clothes to mark the birth of twins and welcome them into the world.

Shop for multiples at Stuff4multiples.com or one of the other stores mentioned in this list.

9. A present for Mom


Babies are bombarded with presents without even realizing them. Give a present to the one person who truly deserves to be honored—Mom.

Any gift idea that helps a new mom of twins enhance her energy and makes her feel lovely and pampered will be welcomed. Look for mom jewelry with the new infants’ names and birthdates engraved on it.

Consider a spa, beauty salon, house cleaning service, or clothes store gift certificate. Don’t offer her a gym membership unless you’re certain she’ll enjoy it, and avoid giving her books unless they’re about baby care. She won’t have a lot of time to read!

10. A Few Words on Clothes


Picking out gorgeous outfits for multiples can be one of the fun gift ideas for a new mom of twins, and they certainly require a lot of clothing. However, predicting sizes and styles ahead of time can be tricky. 

Before purchasing, wait till the babies are born and discuss their needs with the parents. Some parents favor matching outfits, while others are against them.

11. Bathtub with Scale


Because it kills two birds with one stone, a bathtub with a scale is an excellent gift idea for a new mom of twins. It simplifies bath time while also giving an easy way to keep track of the twins’ weight.

“With the boys being so young, we had to watch their weight for a time, rather routinely,” a twin mom noted. “The scale bathtub made things a lot easier.”

This baby bathtub features a built-in scale as well as a thermometer to ensure the water temperature is exactly suitable for a bath.

If you’re giving clothing, make sure the tags are still on and include a gift receipt so the item may be returned or exchanged.

Give a gift certificate instead. Consider sensible, affordable attire for twins.

12. Car Seat Covers


Car seat coverings will not only keep your twins safe and toasty while you’re out and about, but they’ll also keep them germ-free.

One mother of twins praised the covers for preventing strangers from handling her children. She explained, “Strangers want to stare at and touch twins.”

Of course, my goal is that following a pandemic, people will be more cautious about contacting others in general, especially babies, but an additional barrier might not hurt.

13. Extra Large Play Mat


Make your baby gift for twins a safe, comfortable space to play on the floor. This giant play mat is big, cleans up easily, and has fun patterns on both sides.

One mother of twins stated that she had a large quilt that she would spread down on the floor for her children.

14. Hooded Towels


Only TWO freshly showered newborns are sweeter than a baby straight out of the bathtub! Mom will adore snuggling them both after a bath with these organic, ultra-soft, hypoallergenic hooded bath towels.

Just make sure you double-check your cart and get two so no one gets left out.

15. Collapsible Double Stroller (CDS)    


It’s likely that this new twin mama already has a snazzy double stroller for cruising around town with her cherubs. She might not have a super-compact one, so a tandem stroller like this Graco one is ideal. It folds up conveniently for easy storage. And mum will appreciate all the convenience she can receive!

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16. Diaper Bags


Babies need a lot of things. And with twins comes even more things, necessitating the use of an ultra-convenient backpack to transport everything.

This stylish backpack by Ju-Ju-Be features a memory foam changing pad, insulated bottle pockets, and color-coded storage tabs (ideal for twins)

17. Best Diaper Backpack


A backpack diaper bag is an excellent alternative because we know mama will almost always have her hands full of babies or baby-related stuff.

There are 14 pockets in total (4 of which are insulated), two packing cubes, a wet/dry bag, wonderfully padded shoulder straps, and easy stroller straps in this bag.

18. A Sterilizer for Bottles


With two children, parents must clean an endless supply of bottles. Purchase this bottle sterilizer to save them time. It has a capacity of four bottles and can be microwaved to eliminate 99.9% of bacteria.

To use it, parents fill the sterilizer with bottles, add water, and microwave it for two minutes.

The sterilizing process is carried out using steam. It can even be used to disinfect the parts of a breast pump. Parents can leave the sterilizer top on for up to 24 hours if they wish to keep the bottles clean. Additionally, parents will like the fact that plastic is BPA-free.

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19. Video Baby Monitor


New mothers will understand how frightening it is to leave their children alone while they sleep. Naptime is sacrosanct for a mother of multiples.

A video baby monitor is exactly what she requires to relax her mind during nap time. This is a must-have for new parents because it is rechargeable, portable, and simple to use.

20. Breast Pump Set


This is one of the gift ideas for a new mother of twins and baby showers. Everything she’ll need to keep things moving is included. This direct-to-bag approach makes it much easier for a busy multiple-parent to keep everything clean and organized.

21. Deep Tissue Massager


Backaches, painful legs, and stiff shoulders are all common complaints. Many new mothers are familiar with these symptoms.

Moms of multiples will appreciate being able to obtain the deep tissue massage treatments they require after a long day keeping up with the destructive duo. All in the privacy of their own homes.


Should you buy twins the same gift?

Even though you might think getting the same gifts for twins is a smart idea (it would stop twins comparing and squabbling over their presents) it’s actually better not to. It’s rare for twins to play with the same toy at the same time; so, if there are two of everything, this tends to just lead to unnecessary clutter

When should I start shopping for my twins?

If you’re carrying twins (or more), you’ll probably need to rest as you get bigger, so the second trimester is the ideal time to begin shopping around

What month are most twins conceived?

It’s estimated that half of all twins are born early, prior to 36 weeks gestation, which is almost a month before the standard 40 weeks gestation of a singleton baby. Triplets and other higher-order multiples have an even greater chance of being born early

What is the average twin birth weight?

5.5 pounds


Any of these gift ideas for a new mom of twins will be adored by the mom of twins in your life.

Even if she doesn’t like the gift, she’ll appreciate the idea that you thought of her at all! However, as a bonus suggestion, we recommend that you buy diapers in addition to whatever gift you pick for her.



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