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Christmas is one of the best times to give gifts to loved ones, appreciate and show your feelings towards them.

While you are giving the gift, it should be worthy of your friends or loved ones.

However, the act of giving should be more about gratitude and appreciating friendship; it’s not a reason to become extravagant. You can use a sustainable Christmas Gift.

Sustainable Christmas Gifts aim to share items that already exist, support artisans, decrease the negative impact on the environment, and give back positively.

From our research, you can easily find good and sustainable gift ideas for that special friend that is affordable.

We have verified each product to ensure it is a sustainable option, and you can choose to buy it from the links included or find it locally. It will help you find meaningful and eco-friendly gifts for anyone in your life. Stay with us.

20 Sustainable Christmas Gifts for Everyone on your List

There are many good ideas that allow you to keep the joy of exchanging Christmas gifts and keep the tradition alive without spending much. Here are 20 sustainable Christmas gift ideas for your friend.

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For Lovers of Fashion & Accessories

#1. Floral Maxi Robbe

This is perfect for someone who loves color already. TAMGA has a passion to bring fun prints and colors to sustainable fashion.

Their pieces are versatile for both home and outings.

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#2. Clothing Rentals

This is the best for those friends who love to play around with fashion and are conscious of the impact.

Armoire is one of the best places to get monthly clothing rental services that you can use as a gift. They also have maternity clothes for expecting mothers.

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#3. Multiple Name Necklace

Perfect for the new mom or the one preparing to empty her nest, this scripted name necklace is a sweet way to keep her kids close to her heart. 

Choose from a silver or gold chain and then send up to four names to the Etsy seller.

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#4. Soul Sisters Bracelet

This gold, silver, or rose bracelet tells your friend or girlfriend just how special she is. The stainless steel is adjustable, so she can tailor it to her wrist size.

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#5. Face Mask Tie Dye Kit

Uncommongoods.com provides you with a tie-dye trend with the colorful kit, which includes two cloth face masks, five dye colors, pipettes, rubber bands, rubber gloves, and a resealable bag.

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For Kids

#6. Cinderella Wearable Blanket

Your little prince or princess will feel like royalty once they cozy up in this blanket shaped like Cinderella’s iconic blue gown. Pair it with a tiara and wand for a well-rounded gift.

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#7. Personalized Pet Portrait Keychain

She won’t feel as bad leaving Buddy at home when she has his cute face to keep her company when she’s on the go.

Pick from rose gold, gold, or silver, and then send her pet’s best picture to the Etsy seller. 

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#8. Balance Bike

Wishbone Design Studio made this bike from sustainable materials, and it’s designed to be repaired easily with replacement pairs.

The innovative modular design means their balance bikes grow with the child and can be used from 12 months to 6 years.

#9. Green Toys Recycled Ocean-Bound Plastic Bath or Beach Play Set

Children love gifts that help them know more about the planet. They made this playset from plastic which was intercepted and recycled before it might have polluted our oceans. 

#10. Green Toys Recycling Truck

Green Toys make their eco-friendly toys from recycled plastic milk bottles, prevented from entering a landfill.

This gift will keep kids busy and help them learn about the world around them.

Sustainable Christmas Gifts for Students

#11. Notebooks for Students

You can get A5 notebooks for your student’s friend. This notebook is carbon-neutral, non-toxic, recycled, and designed and made in Australia. It comes in a two-pack.

#12. Mexican Blanket

Gifting a Mexican blanket to a student is the best way to surprise your friend. The Mexican blanket will keep you warm without putting the heater on. It can also be good as a throw or a picnic blanket for college and has a laptop sleeve.

#13. Recycled Backpack

This is a good option for carrying equipment to school, and you can put your laptop on since it has a laptop sleeve. It is a backpack made from material from recycled water bottles.

#14. Refillable Fountain Pen

What more can a student desire than a pen that is refillable?

This Reusable Ink Cartridge Fountain Pen is the perfect classic gift and will ensure you never have to buy disposable pens again.

#15. Recycled Crossbody Purse

They made this purse out of recycled materials. They made the fabrics with 100% Cycle PET polyester fabric which is made from recycled water bottles.

It has a water-resistant lining coating with a sustainable zippered pouch and interior key fob. This is perfect for any college student.

Sustainable Christmas Gift For Travellers

#16. Hydroflask

You can help a friend own their Hydroflask water bottle or coffee mug. It keeps water ice cold for a very long time.

Hydro flasks are worth the price and are one of the best eco-friendly, zero-waste, sustainable gifts for travel lovers!

#17. Cotopaxi Fleece Jacket with Cool Pocket

One of the best Christmas Gifts for a friend or yourself is a cozy fleece jacket. This soft teddy bear fleece is trending this year. It is great for people who love prioritizing comfort over any other thing in the world.

#18. Tree Print Trucker Hat (Eco-Friendly Hats)

A hat is always the best gift for a friend that loves traveling. There is no need to guess the size for them because the hats are resizable, and your friend will forever be protected from the sun and old.

#19. Henley Sweatshirt

No one has ever opened a cozy hoodie on Christmas morning and not immediately put it on or worn it all day.

Hoodies are one of the best gifts for a friend in the Christmas season because a friend deserves a hoodie that’s durable, comfortable, and legit.

#20. Como Te Llama Graphic T-shirt

Graphic T-Shirts are not the kind of thing that people tend to buy for themselves.

But, a friend will always appreciate a soft, comfortable, eco-friendly patterned tee with something fun or silly. It is the first thing a friend will grab when they’re lazing around the house or going to the grocery store.


Christmas is usually the time for gifts, but unfortunately, it is also often the time of overconsumption. Many times we buy things we are not sure others even need or want, right?

Follow this guide to see the best sustainable Christmas gift ideas for those on your list.



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