20 Best Gift Ideas For Ramadan

One of the numerous ways that we can show our loved ones, both nearby and far away, our affection and be a source of blessing for them is by giving them gifts.

It expresses to them the sentiment that we have in our hearts for them, namely how important they are to us and how much esteem we have for them.

It is possible to repair damaged relationships with loved ones who we have not seen or spoken to in years through the exchange of presents.

This is especially true during the holiday season, when we are in the position to extend the loving palm of our hand and give. In order to fortify their unbreakable Love Bond, couples often exchange priceless gifts with one another.

When Is Ramadan Celebrated?

The first sight of the crescent moon marks the beginning and the end of it. As a result of the fact that the Muslim calendar year is shorter than the Gregorian calendar year, the month of Ramadan begins 10–12 days earlier each year.

This allows Ramadan to occur in every season over the course of a 33-year cycle. In the year 2022, the holy month of Ramadan began on Saturday, April 2 and ended on Sunday, May 1.

If you do not know what to give for Ramadan, here are 20 gift ideas for Ramadan Kareem.

20 Best Gift Ideas For Ramadan

1)Food Basket 

Gift baskets filled with halal food are an excellent method to convey to those you care about how much you cherish them.

They are also an easy method to shop because you can get everything you require from a single location, making them highly convenient.

This exquisite gift basket is filled with delicious treats such as alcohol-free elderflower juice, baklava, homemade vanilla fudge, a caramelized peanut bar, tangerine marmalade, and chocolate.

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2) Tasheeb

These prayer beads are created with natural blue stones, and giving one as a gift can be a thoughtful gesture if you choose the Coral blue Tasheeb. The calming influence that it has can help send a pleasant sense when one is praying.

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3) Assorted Tea Box 

To show your appreciation for your guests in these trying times, consider giving them a porcelain teacup in an emerald green hue that has been personalized with their name. This is an excellent option for a present to give during the month of Ramadan.

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4) Customized Bracelet 

During this time of year, if you want to make your loved ones happy during the holiday season, consider giving them colourful bracelets that they may personalize themselves. This is one of the best gift ideas for Ramadan.

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5) Quran 

This holy month is another opportunity to put time and energy into reading the Quran, which will assist young loved ones in becoming acquainted with the holy book at a younger age. This is one of the inspirational gift ideas available out there.

The hardcover edition will have a more elegant overall appearance. This kind of gift has the potential to make your prayer and study sessions feel more otherworldly.

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6) Decorative moon and star tray set 

One may put up various cosmetics, such as creams and powders, on a stylish non-food tray set like this one, which would contribute to the overall beauty of the space. This is the best possible gift option for women to receive during the month of Ramadan.

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7) Lanterns 

The traditional Ramadan adornment of a lantern is an essential component since it enlightens us regarding the order of the customary days. It is also possible to personalize it in order to demonstrate affection to your guests during the Holy month and beyond.

“These brightly coloured lanterns can frequently be seen gracing people’s houses, as well as hanging in hotels and restaurants, as well as all over the market places. It is possible that they are just there for decorative purposes and to make Ramadan feel more like a festival.

On the other hand, they could be lit up with scented oils or candles, which would release a lovely scent into the air around them while also casting dazzling and colourful patterns on the walls of the surrounding area.”

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8) Ramadan Journal and activity book

You should get your children a book called Pray and Play Journal so that they can learn how to pray and then sing the prayers as songs. This is one of the exciting gift ideas for Ramadan that you can offer kids. 

They will have access to a daily journal book in which they can record their experiences and thoughts regarding Ramadan.

This is an excellent activity for children to participate in so that they can save a memento of their Ramadan journey. 

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9) Prayer Rug 

A sajdah in a royal crimson colour is an excellent option for the holy month of Ramadan. Its royal design exudes beauty thanks to the beautiful needlework that adorns it.

As a result of the fact that Muslims are required to pray five times each day, prayer rugs are essential components of the Muslim religious tradition.

Because the body and mind are expected to be clean and purified before each prayer, they are used as a clean surface for kneeling during prayers.

 This is an important use for them because of the importance of the cleanliness of the surface.

The rugs not only serve the practical purpose of providing a clean surface on which to pray, but the motifs that are woven into the rugs themselves can also have the potential to represent religious or spiritual concepts.

This rug’s design features a stylised portrayal of a mihrab, which is a type of architectural niche that may be found in mosques and points towards Mecca, the holiest city in Islam.

This is something that should not be ignored. It is one of the most thoughtful gifts you could give to the people you care about during the holy month of Ramadan.

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10) Essential oil gift  

Scented oils make for highly impressive presents that may be given to loved ones both at home and in other countries.

Muslims spend time with their families and often give one another presents while celebrating the holiday of Ramadan. 

Frankincense is considered to be the most valuable of all the oils. It is a potent oil that is known to heighten spiritual experiences and increase one’s level of consciousness.

During the holy month of Ramadan, make use of this superior oil.

A lovely perfume makes for a thoughtful present for close friends and family. Because of your generosity, the people around you have a pleasant aroma.

When you are separated from one other, they will think of these gifts and smile. Why not consider giving this item to your friends as a gift? I have no doubt that they will value it more in the future.

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11) The Alignist Quarterly Subscription

Beenish Ahmed, a reporter specializing in criminal justice, is the founder and curator of the organization known as Align. Align “connects international literature to international news” by sending out country-specific boxes that include various items such as books, recipes, graphics, and fair-trade crafts.

If you have friends who are avid readers, then you should share this content with them because it is ideal for them. If you have been bitten by the travel bug in the past, you just cannot afford to miss out on this content-packed with Unlimited Novels and many other irresistible deals.

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12) Eid Mirrors 

Because your female friends will be able to gaze into your thoughtful gift and be reminded of their attractiveness when they look into a magnificent handcrafted mirror, you should give some thought to purchasing a wooden handmade mirror as a present for your friends. This will be very beneficial.

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13)  Hijab 

A wonderful present for the women in your circle of friends and family. It is effective for both young girls and women. 

There is no other head covering that can compare to the elegance of a black hijab embroidered with silver stones.

During the holy month of Ramadan, you can lend a hand to your female coworkers by purchasing them a hijab that is both fashionable and well-designed.

Truly exceptional gift ideas for Ramadan for young girls and woman 

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14) Gift cards 

If you would prefer not to use cash or a credit card as a means of payment, they can be an excellent alternative option for you to consider. This is a remarkable gift idea for Ramadan.

Cards that can be redeemed for gifts are a thoughtful option for Ramadan. It is an alternative method for keeping commitments made to loved ones. What kind of present would be suitable for Eid?

Some people might have given to charity during the month of Ramadan, but the majority of people give at the end before prayers, particularly to organizations that help disadvantaged families, children, and orphans. 

As examples of possible presents, it proposes things like candles, ornaments, cushions, lighting, and beauty/skincare sets, in addition to a wide variety of toys for children.

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A beautiful cloth like a yellow-gold jalebi with a touch of black would cause anyone to pray for you during Ramadan. 

A beautiful Jalabiya long Arabic dress embroidered on several parts adds a chic touch to the outfit. Great gift for family and friends, it’s perfect as a gift for Ramadan.m

M I trust that you get the gist.

Black or navy blue Jalabya is also a good option for people who don’t like flashy colours. 

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16) Moroccan Fez style Kudu hat 

A beautifully tailored fez is another option to surprise people who bring value to your life; certainly, a dirty-brown colour will not be a poor decision at all in the end. It is an excellent present for the men in your life who have a strong sense of style.

During this season of celebration, looking put together can be as simple as donning a fez.

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17) Qibla print from Islamic Art Prints

Siddiqa Juma, a contemporary Islamic artist who has won multiple awards and is highly regarded in the art community, is the creator of Islamic Art Prints. She wanted to create a platform where anyone could locate and purchase original artwork.

The website features the work of Islamic artists from all around the world, and fifty percent of the proceeds from sales are distributed directly to the artists.

 In addition, the group gives away an art pack to a less fortunate youngster somewhere on the earth for every print of an artist’s work that is sold. If you have a friend who is looking for something to put on an empty wall.

Juma’s Qibla is the ideal present to give them. This image delves into the concept of the Qiblah or the direction which Muslims face when praying.

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18) Customised bag 

A gift bag is a decorative bag that is designed to be used particularly for the purpose of gift-giving and can be reused for this purpose several times. Gift bags are not the same thing as shopping bags, which are used solely for transporting items purchased from a store. The most likely recipients of this Ramadan present suggestion would be females.

Due to the fact that the month of Mubarak is a holy one, it is a time when people show their love for one another inexpensive ways. Bags are a lovely place to begin.

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19) Calendar 

Gifting one a calendar shows how much you want the person to take note of the information that comes with the Islamic calendar.

This will help you to be more committed to them seeing that it’s your joy to see them practising it. It merits to be one of these recommended gift ideas for Ramadan. 

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20) Juicers 

An essential source of energy throughout the thirty-one day period of abstinence. After you have been fasting for a while, the best way to relieve your thirst is with some hot chocolate and a juicer.

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Best Gift Ideas for Ramadan: Conclusion

The holy month of Ramadan is a time to celebrate and be merry. It is the perfect time to express your affection to those you hold dear.

After reviewing our list of the top 20 gift ideas for Ramadan that you can send to your loved ones at home or abroad, do not be afraid to give serious thought to the gift ideas that have been presented here.



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