15 Highest Paid College Volleyball Coaches | Best Countries

College volleyball coaches in the United States and some other countries are well compensated with good wages and other benefits similar to those enjoyed by other well-known professions. They are among the highest paid in the industry.

Being a college volleyball player comes with a lot of sacrifices and obligations, which is understandable.

Volleyball is a fascinating sport that is enjoyed by people all over the world. There are teachers and mentors in every field, but in sports, their teachers are referred to as coaches. There are several coaches all around the world, but only a few are well compensated in the sport of volleyball.

This article will focus on the highest paid college volleyball coaches among other information about the career. Stay with us.

About Volleyball

Volleyball is one of the most popular sports in the United States, with leagues for both children and adults available across the country and around the world.

In the United States, girls and boys as young as ten years old can begin playing, while adult leagues cater to both men and women on both a recreational and competitive level.

The first thing to consider when choosing a career in sports at any level, whether for children or adults, is whether the prospective coach enjoys working with people. Anyone interested in coaching should have good communication skills as well as the patience to work with players of all ability levels.

Volleyball is a fun sport to play, but it may be difficult for coaches to manage due to the problems they confront. In addition, great accolades should be given to the coaches who developed the top volleyball players in the world today.

Most coaches start out as volunteers, learning different coaching tactics and seeing more experienced coaches run programs as they progress through the coaching ranks.

Moreover, there are the assistant volleyball coaches who assist the head volleyball coach. 

Assistant volleyball coaches play an important role in the volleyball team’s leadership. 

 Assistants follow the team’s direction given by the head coach, but they contribute their own personality and expertise to the role.

They have good playing experiences so they can comprehend what it’s like to play the game and what methods can help the team win.

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What are the Skills Required by the Highest Paid College Volleyball Coaches?

Working as a college coach necessitates a wide range of abilities that allow for positive interpersonal relationships between coaches and athletes. Some of the skills needed for a college coach include:

  • Communication skills, 
  • Competitive mentality, 
  • Drive for success, 
  • Volleyball knowledge,
  • First Aid and CPR ( Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation) certifications are required by most organizations.
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Although, there is no formal schooling requirement, having a high school diploma is advantageous.

All coaches must undergo a background check and have IMPACT, CAP, and Referee certifications. Working as a coach is more of passion and interest.

Are Volleyball Coaches well paid?

You might think, do they get paid well?  Well, yes, college coaches get paid well. 

When it comes to being a high school or college coach, many coaches volunteer to get their “foot in the door” and then work their way up by taking assistant coaching roles, working at the freshman or junior varsity level, and eventually becoming the head coach of their own team.

Most high school head coaches are compensated for a season, usually between $2,500 and $3,000, although college coaches can earn upwards of $100,000 at the best institutions around the country.

The average annual wage for a College Volleyball Coach in the United States is $42,286 as of July 30, 2021.

That works out to almost $20.33 per hour and equates to $813 each week or $3,524 per month.

4 Main Reasons Why  College Volleyball Coaches Get Paid So Much?

Volleyball coaches are one of the highly paid jobs and it is understandable the power of their commitment. 

During the tournament, most coaches devote between 20 to 30 hours each week to practices, games, and travel. If they can find the time to travel to a game, some coaches may also go scout their opponents.

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1. They give up their time and abilities in order to uplift their colleges.

One of the skills that a college volleyball coach must possess is the ability to live a sacrificial life whether at comfortable or uncomfortable moments.

2. They provide valuable exposure to their schools.

A professional college volleyball coach must possess great exposure to the subject matter. He must be able to have a clear foresight of what other teams are doing better than his team.

3. Playing is the same as working.

Since volleyball is a fun-filled sports activity, a coach must be creative in his coaching skills to help his trainees to learn faster and easier.

4. They are separated from their families for a period of time.

As earlier said that a college volleyball coach must live a sacrificial life, most of the time they tend to live away from their families.

Being a teacher on its own is a huge commitment, not alone a college volleyball coach.

How Much Do College Volleyball Coaches Get Paid?

Most college volleyball coach assistants volunteer their time, but some are paid $250 to $500 per month for a season, and head coaches for club teams can earn up to $1000 per month for a season.

High school coaches typically earn between $2000 and $3000, and top college coaches can earn over $100,000 at the top programs while smaller colleges pay less.

The head coach of the men’s and women’s cross-country teams earned $50,000 in 2016. Whereas the college volleyball coach was paid $42,000 each year.

In addition, the average annual wage for an assistant volleyball coach in the United States is $37,975 per year, according to a report generated, as of August 3, 2021.

Who is the Highest Paid College Volleyball Coach?

John G. Cook is the head coach of the Nebraska Cornhuskers volleyball team. He was born on April 19, 1956. 

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He has won the AVCA National Coach of the Year award twice. Cook was the head coach of the Wisconsin Badgers for seven seasons before coming to Nebraska. During that time, he had a 161–73 record.

Cook earned a bachelor’s degree in history from the University of San Diego in 1979. In 1991, he graduated from San Diego State University with a master’s degree in teaching and coaching effectiveness.

John Cook is currently the highest paid college volleyball coach at the university, with a basic salary of $600,000, surpassing the $575,000 of head women’s basketball coach Amy Williams.

John Cook, the No. 6 best coach in NCAA history, is the head coach of one of the most popular and strong women’s college volleyball programs in the country. He’s guided the team to three national titles, four NCAA finals trips, and six NCAA semifinal appearances.

John Cook, the head coach of the Nebraska women’s volleyball team, has signed a contract extension that has kept him in charge since January 2021. Nebraska also awarded Cook a $144,000 raise in addition to the new contract. Cook coached his squad to the program’s fourth national championship last December.

How Much Does John Cook Make?

John Cook has made a lot of money by just coaching volleyball teams. At Nebrasak, Cook earns over $675, 000 annually.

He has won four national championships. He is obviously one of the highest paid college volleyball coaches in the world.

What is Russ Rose Salary as a Volleyball Coach in the World?

Russ Rose is a volleyball coach at Stanford University in Penn’s state. The salary of a volleyball coach at Stanford is about $38, 000 annually. On average, Penn state volleyball coaches’ salary for the men’s team is over $27, 000 while their female counterpart earns $26,667.

Russ has over seven national titles and has won many games with her designated team. Russ Rose’s salary was just $14 000 when he assumed office in 1979.

 Russ Rose has seven national titles and won more games than any other … Rose assumed the coaching job in 1979 making a salary of $14,000. A Series of chats on Volleytalk.proboard.com suggests that Russ Rose salary maybe $500, 000.

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15 Highest Paid College Volleyball Coaches In The World

Volleyball coaching positions can be rewarding for people who are dedicated and passionate about the sport. Some coaches profit from their volunteer work.

There are a variety of reasons that contribute to the disparities in volleyball coach salaries around the world.

Furthermore, as a volleyball coach, rank varies, which influences how much each coach is paid.

The top 15 highest-paid college volleyball coaches from around the world are listed below.

1. San Mateo, CA

Annual salary $52,133

Monthly pay $4,344

Weekly pay $1,003

Hourly wage $25.06

2. Berkeley, CA

Annual salary $50,365  

Monthly pay $4,197

Weekly pay $969

Hourly wage $24.21

3. Daly City, CA

Annual salary $50,224

Monthly pay $4,185

Weekly pay $966

Hourly wage $24.15

4. Richmond, CA 

Annual salary $48,909

Monthly pay $4,076

Weekly pay $941

Hourly wage $23.51

5. Stamford, CT

Annual salary $47,624

Monthly pay $3,969

Weekly pay $916

Hourly wage $22.90

6. Bellevue, WA

Annual salary $47,495

Monthly pay $3,958

Weekly pay $913

Hourly wage $22.83

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7. San Francisco,  CA 

Annual salary $47,085

Monthly pay $3,924

Weekly pay $905

Hourly wage $22.64

8. Brooklyn, NY

Annual salary $46,761

Monthly pay $3,897

Weekly pay $899

Hourly wage $22.48

9. Lakes, AK

Annual salary $46,568

Monthly pay $3,881

Weekly pay $896

Hourly wage $22.39

10. Knik-Fairview, AK

Annual salary $46,509

Monthly pay $3,876

Weekly pay $894

Hourly wage $22.36

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11. California

Annual salary $45,199

Monthly pay $3, 766

Weekly pay $869

Hourly wage $22.34


Annual salary $41,896

Monthly pay $3,491

Weekly pay $805

Hourly wage $21.9

13. Maryland

Annual salary $43,266

Monthly pay $3, 605

Weekly pay $832

Hourly wage $21

14. South Carolina

Annual salary $42,688

Monthly pay $3, 557

Weekly pay $820

Hourly wage $20

15. Vermont

Annual salary $40,884

Monthly pay $3, 407

Weekly pay $786

Hourly wage $20

FAQs on Highest Paid College Volleyball Coaches

Who is the Stanford women volleyball coach?

On Jan. 30, 2017, Kevin Hambly was named the program’s sixth head coach in its history. In 2021, he began his fifth season as head coach at Stanford and his 13th overall.

How much do college volleyball coaches make?

The average annual wage for a College Volleyball Coach in the United States is $42,286 per year.

Did Russ Rose play volleyball?

Rose earned her bachelor’s degree from George Williams College in 1975.
He was a member of the volleyball team that won the national championship of the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA) in 1974.
He captained the second team to a two-year varsity record of 52–5 while writing his thesis on volleyball statistics.

How much has John Cook made?

Cook is paid $675,000 per year at Nebraska, where he has won four national championships.

How can I be a good volleyball coach?

Here are some volleyball coaching suggestions:
In practice, be active rather than passive. Practices should be conducted at a fast pace for the best effects.
Effective communication is essential.
Drills and scrimmages should be combined.
Encourage proper exercise.
Don’t forget to stretch your muscles.
Organize yourself.
Make practicing enjoyable.

Is volleyball coaching a good job?

Yes, it is one of the highest paying jobs.

What are the basic skills needed in Volleyball?

The six basic volleyball abilities that college players should learn first are:
Blocking, and 


Every profession is distinct in its own way, and no job is truly gratifying. Commitment and the acquisition of necessary skills aid in achieving the apex of any profession.

For instance, the average income for a sports coach in 2019 was $44,910.

In 2019, the typical wage for comparable positions was $65,930 per year for high school teachers, $63,550 per year for middle school teachers, $51,030 per year for child and family social workers, and $36,830 per year for recreation and fitness workers.

Coaches of college volleyball are among the highest-paid positions, with remuneration varying by location.

The opportunities for financial success as a College Volleyball Coach appear to be endless, with average wages higher than the national average at the  15 highest-paid colleges mentioned.



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