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Searching for the highest paid jobs in Oregon?

 Oregon is one of the most populous states in the US, with a population of over 4.2 million people. It is a state to consider if you’re looking for a place that promotes professional development and boasts some of the best pay.

 Health care, administration, and technology are some industries with the highest income average in Oregon. Some of the Jobs in Oregon provide above-average salaries while not requiring a degree. The state of Oregon also offers several optional benefits, flexible spending accounts, retirement benefits, and paid leave possibilities, in addition to the excellent income associated with specific employment opportunities. ​

 Are you interested in finding some of the Best Paying jobs in Oregon? This article reviews everything you need to know about Oregon’s Highest Paid jobs.

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Economic Outlook in Oregon

 On July 1, 2020, Oregon implemented a new three-tier minimum wage rate. The tiers are different depending on where you are in the state, with the Portland urban development boundary having the highest cost at $13.25 per hour, the rest of the state has a standard rate of $12.00 per hour, and designated nonurban counties have a rate of $11.50 per hour.

Depending on the region, Oregon’s minimum wage will rise by $0.50 or $0.75 a year through 2022. Oregon’s minimum wage will begin to fluctuate yearly in 2023 in line with the rise in the U.S. Consumer Price Index. Oregon’s economic outlook is slowly starting to return to its pre-pandemic levels regarding job needs. 

According to a poll conducted by the Oregon Employment Department, employers anticipate creating around 103,000 new employment. The top industries offering prospects for job seekers seeking a high weekly wage are construction, healthcare, social assistance, and retail trade.

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What is the average salary in Oregon?

 Despite having a higher minimum wage than most other states, Oregon’s private-sector employees often work fewer hours per week and earn less on average than Americans. Oregon’s average weekly pay for workers in 2019 was $1058, less than the $1,139 weekly wage for all of the country. 

According to industry, Oregon employees made an average of $55,027 annually. The information industry had the highest annual average salary of any large industry ($89,699), followed by the federal government ($76,990), professional and business services ($73,469), financial activities ($73,314), and manufacturing ($71,434). 

Jobs in the leisure and hospitality industries paid on average $23,798 annually, representing the lowest salaries. 

Naturally, a sector’s average wage does not indicate the proportion of low- or high-paying employment inside that sector. 

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What are the Highest paid jobs in Oregon?

 The degree of experience has the most impact on income. Naturally, the salary increases with the number of years of experience. In general, across all industries and specialties, individuals with two to five years of experience earn, on average, 32% more than rookies and juniors. 

The difference in experience-based pay between locations varies greatly and relies on the professional sector. Below are some of the Highest paid jobs in Oregon

 #1. Chief executives

Chief executives hold one of the Highest Paid jobs in Oregon. All parts of the business’ operations are led by the chief executive officer, who strongly focuses on long-term objectives, expansion, profitability, and return on investment. 

Additionally, you are in charge of examining the financial results of all activities, contrasting them with the company’s goals, and taking the necessary steps to improve subpar performance and outcomes. 

Chief executives in the state of Oregon can earn a typical yearly salary between $66,150 and $200,550. With a typical annual income of $200,550, the Coast Oregon nonmetropolitan area is the top paid region in Oregon for chief executives. 

 #2. Nurse Anesthetists 

Patients get pain management (anesthesia) treatment from a nurse anesthetist before, during, and following surgery. They continuously check on each patient’s biological processes while giving drugs to keep patients asleep or pain-free throughout the operation. 

Depending on their employment location, a nurse anesthetist’s work schedule and daily tasks might change significantly. 

Nurse anesthetists have one of the Highest Paid jobs in Oregon, with an average yearly pay of $180,230 (top 25%). The median yearly wage (50th percentile) is $184,300.

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 #3. Podiatrists

Chiropodists, or podiatrists, are medical professionals who specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of conditions affecting the foot, ankle, and lower leg. They hold medical degrees and carry out several important tasks as doctors. 

The top 10% of earners, or those in the 90th percentile, make an average yearly pay of $162,900. In Oregon, this occupation has increased by 26.46 percent in the last 12 months.

#4. General dentists

The teeth, gums, and dental tissues are all under the dentist’s care, as are any other oral health concerns. 

Dentists might practice as general practitioners or as experts in particular fields (e.g. pediatric dentists, endodontists, and periodontists).

In the state of Oregon, general dentists have a median yearly salary that ranges from $141,510 to $206,530. With a median annual income of $206,530, the Eastern Oregon nonmetropolitan area is the top paid region in Oregon for general dentists. General dentists hold one of the Best Paid jobs in Oregon.

#5. Pediatricians

Pediatricians play a critical role in children’s health care. A pediatrician, often known as a pediatric physician, is in charge of conducting routine health examinations of kids to look for ailments, injuries, or impairments.

 In addition to providing immunizations for common viruses or allergies and sending patients to experts based on their needs, their responsibilities include engaging with patients and their parents to encourage them to maintain healthy behaviors. 

Being one of the Highest Paid jobs in Oregon, their income more than makes up for the extensive list of responsibilities they manage. The median annual wage (or 50th percentile) is $164,830.

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#6. Communication and information research scientists

 Communication scientists study many facets of the organization planning, creation, use, evaluation, and exchange of information via verbal or non-verbal communication. They research how people connect, with groups, and with technologies.

The top 10% of earners earn $204,590 a year on average, while the median yearly income wage is $116,770.

#7. Judge Magistrates

 Judges in Oregon focus on upholding the rule of law by resolving disputes involving criminal, civil, family, and other legal issues; interpreting and applying state and federal legislation and constitutions in case judgments; and conducting hearings and trials across the state. 

In Oregon, magistrate judges’ median yearly pay ranges from $24,950 to $143,730. 

With a median annual income of $143,730, the Central Oregon nonmetropolitan area is the region in Oregon that pays the highest salaries for judges. Magistrate judges are one of the Best Paid jobs in Oregon.

#8. Engineering managers

Engineering management involves projects that need supervision because of their complexity, size, safety hazards, or regulatory requirements. This makes it a very hands-on profession. The duties of an engineering manager include:

  • Conducting product research and development.
  • Creating project budgets.
  • Monitoring the effective completion of projects.

 Architectural and engineering managers in the state of Oregon may earn a typical yearly income between $103,360 and $156,480. Corvallis, where the typical annual income for architectural and engineering managers in Oregon is $156,480, has the highest pay.

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 #9. Nuclear engineers

 Nuclear engineers usually study and develop the systems, tools, and procedures used to harness nuclear energy and radiation. Although their work environment differs depending on the business they operate in. They often work in offices. Many nuclear engineers are full-time employees. From 2020 to 2030, there is a projected 8% reduction in nuclear engineers’ employment. 

The top 10% of earners, or those in the 90th percentile, make an average yearly pay of $163,360. The median yearly wage (50th percentile) is $148,830. Nuclear engineering is one of the Best Paying jobs in Oregon.

#10. Pharmacists

In Oregon, pharmacists ensure that patients receive the proper pharmacological therapy and monitor services to ensure that the facility or institution is adhering to all applicable laws and recognized pharmacy standards.

 Additionally, they organize and oversee educational activities and clinical dispensing for support staff. 

In the state of Oregon, pharmacists make an average yearly income between $124,970 and $133,500. With a median annual income of $133,500, the coastal Oregon nonmetropolitan area is the top paid region in Oregon for pharmacists.

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#11. Information systems manager

A manager of information systems is an expert in both hardware and software. Their major responsibility is to develop, manage, and monitor information systems while supervising a group of professionals that install and maintain hardware and software upgrades. They oversee the use of technology in a company or organization. 

In the state of Oregon, the yearly median income for managers of computer and information systems ranges from $84,340 to $131,770.

 Oregon has had a 14.77 percent 7-year growth for information systems managers. They are among the Best Paid jobs in Oregon.

#12. Lawyers

Oregon has three law schools: Lewis and Clark College, the University of Oregon, and Willamette University. You must pass the Oregon State Bar exam to practice law in the state. 

This test is for a legal license. It covers both broad legal issues and also state-specific issues.

 In the state of Oregon, lawyers’ typical yearly salary ranges from $49,470 to $132,620. Salem, where the typical annual compensation for attorneys is $132,620, is the most lucrative region in Oregon for lawyers.

 #13. Physician assistants

A physician assistant (PA) is a qualified medical practitioner with a higher education who can give direct patient care. They provide diagnosis, treatment, and small procedure work for patients of all ages in almost all primary and specialized care settings. 

As more Oregonian baby boomers enter their golden years, the prognosis for PAs in the Beaver State is anticipated to remain positive.

 In the state of Oregon, physician assistants make an average yearly pay between $83,730 and $128,190. With a median annual compensation of $128,190,

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#14. Nurse Practitioners 

A nurse practitioner (NP) is a nurse having a graduate degree in advanced practice nursing. 

Another name for this kind of healthcare professional is an ARNP (Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner) or APRN (Advanced Practice Registered Nurse). Without the guidance of a doctor, some nurse practitioners may operate autonomously in clinics or hospitals. Others collaborate with doctors to form a combined health care team.

 In the state of Oregon, nurse practitioners’ median yearly income ranges from $93,510 to $128,910. Nurse practitioners now have more job prospects than a year ago, up 6.72 percent. Nurse Practitioners are one of the Best Paid jobs in Oregon.

#15. Computer hardware engineers

Computer hardware engineers research, design, develop, and test computer systems and parts. 

Typically, computer hardware engineers work in research facilities that create and evaluate various computer models. Most people work in manufacturing and computer system design services. 

From 2020 to 2030, the employment of computer hardware engineers will increase by 2%, which is slower than the average for all occupations. 

The top 10% of earners, or those in the 90th percentile, make an average yearly pay of $196,070. 

The median yearly income (50th percentile) is $127,690. Computer hardware engineers have one of the Highest Paid jobs in Oregon.

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FAQs Highest Paid jobs in Oregon| 2022

  •  What is the average pay in Oregon?

 Workers in Oregon have an average weekly salary of $1,058.

  •  What jobs are in demand in Oregon? 

Last year, the service and health care industries in Oregon had the most open positions.

  •  Does Oregon have good job opportunities?

 Yes, the state of Oregon has good job opportunities. It has one of the lowest unemployment rates in the country.

  •  Which city has the most job in Oregon? 

Lake Oswego has one of the highest job opportunities in the state.

  • What is the job market like in Oregon?

 Compared to the U.S.’s 96 percent, Oregon has recovered 90% of the jobs it lost in the spring of 2020. In Oregon, the job market is still very robust.


Working in Oregon is a beautiful idea. With an average yearly income of $56,434, you may find work with pay that will cover a month’s worth of expenses. Although Oregon’s cost of living may be greater than that of certain other cities, the difference can be made up for by the state’s higher employment rate and better job remuneration.



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