15 Highest paid Jobs in Utah |2022

Are you searching for the highest paid jobs in Utah, and how to apply for them?

 Those looking for industries that offer high-paying professions and financial security can find them in several Utah industries. 

Someone interested in pursuing a profession that will lead to a high-paying job has several possibilities, depending on their previous experience and qualifications. 

You can research to find out what employment in Utah may correspond with your credentials if you are seeking a well-paying job in Utah. 

This article will highlight several highest paying jobs in Utah that have the greatest wages and the key responsibilities of those careers. 

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What Are The 15 Highest Paid Jobs In Utah? 

Now let’s look at the highest paid jobs in Utah in detail. The highest paid jobs in Utah include:

#1. Salesforce 

Salary range: $83,172-$137,664 per year

On our first list of the highest paid jobs in Utah is Salesforce.

 Salesforce is a platform for managing relationships with clients and customers (CRM). 

It includes a variety of software and application solutions for managing marketing, customer support, sales, customer data, and online connection with customers.

 Because Salesforce is a cloud-based platform, businesses can use its applications on their websites and social media accounts without installing all CRM platform components on their server.

 This saves time and money. Businesses use Salesforce in various industries, including telecommunications, entertainment, finance, healthcare, technology, and retail. 

The platform is also utilized by governmental bodies, charitable organizations, and manufacturing enterprises.

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#2. Pharmacist 

Salary range: $99,424-$119,978 per year

A Pharmacist is responsible for filling prescription drug orders and providing patients with instructions on how to take their medications. 

They might work in university pharmacies, prison pharmacies, community pharmacies, or hospitals. 

They might also work for pharmaceutical companies. 

The responsibility of ensuring that there are no adverse drug interactions or other effects on preexisting conditions falls on the shoulders of the pharmacist while monitoring patient prescriptions. 

They should be mindful of the possibility for patients to abuse prescription drugs and advise patients of the potential adverse effects of the medication, as well as give vaccines if appropriate.

 In addition, pharmacists need to be familiar with insurance codes and the procedures involved in processing claims on patients’ behalf. 

They may work in different healthcare settings, such as clinics or hospitals, to provide patients with information regarding their medications and overall health. It is one of the best paying jobs in Utah. 

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#3. Software Engineers 

Salary range: $76,480-$113,764 per year

On our next list of the highest paid jobs in Utah is Software Science. Software engineers are responsible for the conception, construction, and upkeep of software systems used in electronic devices. 

A software engineer can work independently, but in most cases, they spend their time collaborating with other engineers and a wide range of specialists to develop innovative solutions.

Software engineers serve as the creative brain behind electronic gadgets daily, operating as if they were the devices themselves.

 They verify that active programs function without hiccups and may suggest software updates to improve product performance. 

A software engineer could be responsible for writing or programming code in certain circumstances.

 In addition, software engineers could spend time fixing bugs and educating customers about their applications.

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#4. Biomedical Engineer 

Salary range: $59,272-$99,424 per year

An individual with extensive knowledge in medicine and the biological sciences is known as a biomedical engineer. 

They use the vast knowledge base they have accumulated to produce various kinds of apparatus and equipment to make patient care more efficient. 

Critical thinkers and analytical analysts are what biomedical engineers are.

 Their time is spent finding answers to medical issues and inventing new gadgets, such as diagnostic equipment and even technology for generating artificial body parts. 

A biomedical engineer’s responsibility is to train other doctors in the correct operation and maintenance of the equipment they have developed and perform routine maintenance on that equipment.

 In addition to the practical side of their work, biomedical engineers spend their time conducting research on complex medical problems and contributing to the design of innovative technological advancements. It is also one of the highest paid jobs in Utah. 

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#5. Model

Salary range: $29,636-$99,424 per year

The retail and fashion industries both rely heavily on models in various capacities. 

These individuals promote and market various types of goods within the fashion industry, including clothing, accessories, and beauty products. 

They do this through various industry platforms, such as catalogs, online stores, fashion shows, and commercials. 

Not all models work in front of the camera; others are employed as fit models, which means they work closely with the manufacturers of clothing to ensure that the garments are a good fit for the models who will be wearing them. 

Some models, such as those who focus on their hands as their area of expertise, are known as “hand models.”

 Models are dressed in various garments and carefully pose to highlight the garment’s characteristics.

 When they are in live settings, such as a fashion show, models swiftly change their clothing backstage so that the show may continue without interruptions. It ranks among the highest paid jobs in Utah. 

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#6. Flight Attendant

Salary range: $36,328-$92,254 per year

Flight attendants are responsible for more than just providing passengers with food and beverages.

 Flight attendants must attend a pre-flight briefing to get all of the necessary information regarding the flight before the aircraft takes off. 

They need to inspect the emergency supplies, including the food supply and the equipment, to ensure that there is enough of both and that everything is in working order.

 After that, they will welcome passengers as they enter the aircraft, check that their luggage has been stowed correctly, and confirm that passengers are seated in the appropriate rows. 

During the trip, they will provide passengers with safety instructions and refreshments. 

Flight attendants have a crucial part to play in the safe evacuation of passengers and the continued protection of the aircraft in the case of an emergency.

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#7. Data Analyst

Salary range: $47,800-$79,826 per year

For the benefit of their customers, data analysts chart, investigate, and analyze data using a variety of approaches.

 As a Data Analyst, it is your responsibility to examine the information held by a corporation by applying a variety of mathematical inspections and condense the information. 

In addition to this, you can be required to submit your reports to other stakeholders. 

Because the data analysis findings are frequently used as the basis for business decisions, data analysts are required to verify the reliability of the data. It is one of the best paying jobs in Utah. 

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#8. Translator 

Salary range: $33,460-$69,310 per year

Text, conversations, speeches, and other forms of information are among the many things that can be translated and interpreted from one language into another.

 Translators and interpreters perform this task. The fundamental distinction between the two careers is that interpreters transform spoken or signed language, while translators work exclusively with written documents.

 A translator’s objective is to produce a text that, when read, conveys the same feeling and meaning as the text that was originally written. 

For instance, they need to be able to articulate the meanings behind slang and other idioms that might not transfer directly into the target language. 

You need to speak at least two languages fluently and have a solid comprehension of the cultural expressions and social influences that each language is subject to be considered for this position. 

This job is one of the best paying jobs in Utah. 

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#9. Sad Officer 

Salary range: $34,416-$62,140 per year

Occupational health and safety professional, often known as a safety officer, is responsible for evaluating working environments and providing recommendations for preventative safety measures. 

They also offer advice on how to resolve safety concerns after an accident has taken place and offer solutions. 

Your responsibilities as a safety officer include:

  • Providing employees with training on proper safety procedures.
  • Conducting investigations into workplace accidents.
  • Making recommendations regarding workplace policy. 

You may have a job in a highly specialized industry, such as construction or manufacturing. 

You are responsible for advising employees and supervisors on how to avoid potential hazards to their health and safety. 

It is one of the highest paying jobs in Utah that you can apply for. 

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#10. Local Truck Driver 

Salary range: $39,674-$59,272 per year

The responsibilities of a Local Truck Driver are not dissimilar to those of their Heavy-Duty Truck Driver counterparts. 

Local truck drivers are responsible for delivering cargo or supplies within a certain regional area rather than making long, overnight drives across the country. 

One of the advantages of holding a role of this nature is having a more conventional work schedule, which allows the driver to return home at predetermined times each night rather than being away from home for several days at a time. 

In this position, rather than driving massive tractor-trailers, you will typically be in charge of operating box trucks or other vehicles of comparable size.

 Local Truck Drivers are responsible for various tasks, including loading and unloading cargo, maintaining their mileage and inventory, and documenting these processes. 

Local driving is one of the best paying jobs in Utah that can transform your life. 

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#11. Photographer 

Salary range: $25,812-$47,800 per year

Photographers who make a living at their craft use cameras and other gear to capture fleeting moments. 

They photograph various topics, most of which are people, but they also photograph natural settings, works of art, animals, and other things. Photographers can take photographs for their use, or individuals, groups, or businesses can pay them on their behalf. 

Before beginning a picture shoot, experienced photographers often offer direction to their clients regarding poses, locations, and settings based on their years of experience.

 A camera, tripod, several types of camera lenses, photo processing software, and backdrops are some standard instruments that a photographer will utilize.

 Photographers who shoot professionally have the option of freelancing on a contract basis or being employed full-time by an organization or agency as a staff photographer. It also ranks among the best paying jobs in Utah. 

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#12. Data Entry 

Salary range: $26,290-$45,888 per year

Jobs in data entry involve entering information into various electronic formats, such as word processing, spreadsheets, or specialized software, and require typing skills. 

People who are attentive to detail, or even those who would rather work from the comfort of their own homes, might do well in this line of employment.

 Jobs in data entry often include inputting data or information into a software program using a computer, typically after transcribing the data or information from a hard-copy paper format. 

In certain situations, you can be required to scan documents and use optical character recognition, also known as OCR. 

Transcribing documents, maintaining client databases, and entering financial data are examples of work that fall under “data entry.” 

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#13. Construction 

Salary range: $25,812-$39,674 per year

Carpenters, electricians, project managers, and civil engineers are just a few of the occupations under the umbrella of “construction jobs.” 

The construction business offers a wide variety of employment options. The specialists in the construction industry are involved in a diverse array of projects. 

There are residential projects, such as single-family homes, small lot developments, or apartment buildings; commercial projects, such as the construction of strip malls, industrial facilities, or office buildings.

The tasks and responsibilities are determined by the project you are working on and your position within the building and construction sector. Construction Jobs are one of the highest paid jobs in Utah. 

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#14. Painter 

Salary range: $29,158-$39,674 per year

A painter’s responsibility is to approach any promising assignment from an expert’s perspective. 

A painter will examine the project’s requirements and mix the appropriate paint to thoroughly cover the area.

 The guide guidance regarding the number of required coats of paint will come equipped with the necessary brushes, ladders, and other tools to do the work. 

Painting jobs of all kinds, from residential decorating to commercial construction, need the expertise of trained professionals.

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#15. Dog Walker 

 Salary range: $23,900-$35,372 per year

Dog Walker is on our last list of the best paying jobs in Utah.

 Pet owners often seek the services of dog walkers to exercise one or more of their canine companions. 

When their schedules are too packed to allow them to provide their dogs with the required amount of physical activity—for example, when they are working long hours or going out of town.

As a professional in pet care, you are responsible for educating yourself on how to manage unexpected behavioral or health difficulties in your canine customers. 

You also need to communicate effectively with the people who own the pets you walk with and share any concerns you may have noticed.

 Allow you to communicate with a wide range of dog breeds and dogs of varying ages and personalities.


It is worth noting that many highest-paid jobs exist in Utah, USA. However, the Jobs listed in this article are the most popular ones you can find in Utah.

 Mak meets the requirements before applying for any job above.

 We hope this article was helpful! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can anyone work in these best paying jobs in Utah? 

Yes. Anyone can apply if the requirements for each of the best carrying jobs in Utah are met.

How can I apply for these highest paid jobs in Utah? 

Click on the above link and fill in the necessary information about yourself. Or you can browse it on Google to learn more about the particular job in Utah.  

Can I make money in these best-paying jobs in Utah? 

Yes. You can make good money from these jobs. 



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