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According to the American Association of Colleges of Nursing, there will be close to 3 million jobs for registered nurses in the United States by 2023, making nursing the largest profession in healthcare.

According to the BLS, the field will expand by 9% through 2030, creating over 276,000 new jobs with opportunities to pursue over 100 specialties, from cardiac care to school or camp nurses.

 Being a continuously growing profession, there are several available opportunities for nurses. The need for nurses is constantly increasing, and a career in nursing offers many worthwhile advantages, like good pay, opportunities, and a sense of purpose.

 What are the Highest Paid RNS in Missouri? How can you become an RNS in Missouri? These are some queries we’ll be reviewing in this post.

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How to become an RNS in Missouri

Aspiring nurses in Missouri have a few options for starting their careers and even more career development and improvement opportunities. To become a nurse in Missouri, you’ll have to:

1. Apply for a program 

 Do you think you have what it takes to become a nurse in Missouri? The first step you should take is finding a school that fits your needs, taking the courses, and graduating to become a Missouri nurse.

A four-year Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) degree, a two-year Associate Degree in Nursing (ADN), or a one-year Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) program are all options.

An LPN program results in a lower license level than an ADN or BSN, which both lead to a Registered Nurse (RN) certification.

Prerequisites typically only apply to RN programs and focus on introductory college courses in arithmetic, English, and biology that take about a semester to complete.

2. Training 

 Congrats on getting into a nursing program! The next step after acceptance is thorough training. The first year usually focuses on fundamental patient care abilities, such as giving medication and handling crises.

Students in four-year programs move on to pursue specialized topics like pharmaceutical research, third-world health, or just about any other area of health care. While elective courses vary by program, they typically can cater to the specific interests of any BSN student.

By the second year, students will have a strong understanding of broader theories of nursing and management skills.

3. License Exam

After completing your programs, you’ll have to sit for the relevant NCLEX exam if you’re an LPN and RN student. Nearly 90% of graduating nursing students pass it on their first attempt and become Missouri nurses. It is the third and last phase of becoming a nurse in Missouri.

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Average Salary for RNS in Missouri

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average RN pay in Missouri is $65,900, much less than the $80,010 national average. Despite this, according to U.S. News & World Report, Missouri has one of the lowest living costs in the country, ranking it as the ninth most cheap state overall.

Missouri’s registered nurses make an average yearly wage higher than the $50,140 state median.

Missouri’s employment prognosis for nurses is significantly better than the national average. The outlook for RNS shows a 7% positive outlook nationally, compared to the 16.2% increase in Missouri over the same period; you’ll find the state has a brighter future outlook. 

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 Highest Paid RNS in Missouri

There are endless options to select a nursing specialization that appeals to your interests and passions because many types of nurses are employed throughout the healthcare sector. Below are some of the Highest Paid RNSs in Missouri.

#1. Clinical Nurse Specialist

With an average base salary of $85,107, Clinical Nurse specialists are among the Highest paid RNS in Missouri. Clinical nurse specialists are a type of advanced practice registered nurse (APRN), who provides direct patient care by working with other nurses and staff to improve the quality of care a patient receives.

They often serve in leadership roles and may educate and advise other nursing staff. With a 15% positive job growth expectation, it is one position in the nursing sector with a positive outlook. 

#2. Cardiac Nurse

Cardiac nurse practitioners diagnose, treat, and prevent heart and circulation problems. With a positive employment outlook and an average salary of $195,061, Cardiac nurses are one of the Highest Paid RNS in Missouri.

As more people experience heart-related issues, there is an increasing need for cardiac nurses. As a cardiac nurse, you’ll work in cardiology departments in regular hospitals, specialty hospitals, and clinics solely dedicated to heart health.

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#3. Nurse Anesthetist

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the overall demand for nurse anesthetists will increase by 14% by 2029. Missouri may be the ideal spot to begin your career as a nurse anesthetist. With an average salary of $154,272, nurse anesthetists are among the Highest Paid RNS in Missouri.

Nurse anesthetists give patients nerve blocks, epidurals, and general anesthesia to relieve pain during surgery or other medical operations. Since adequate anesthetic administration is necessary to avoid significant consequences, they play a critical role in health care. 

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#4. ER nurse

 Understandably, ER nurse practitioners are among the Highest Paid RNS in Missouri because working in an emergency room may be tasking. Emergency nurse practitioners treat patients with trauma and other urgent medical conditions that can be immediately fatal.

Emergency nurse practitioners need a great deal of expertise and training to manage the potentially life-or-death situations they will encounter.

#5. Orthopedic Nurse

 The number of cases involving bone injuries will rise as the population ages. Orthopedic nurse practitioners diagnose and treat all conditions affecting the musculoskeletal system’s bones, joints, muscles, and other soft tissues.

 Orthopedic nurse practitioners frequently treat patients for acute trauma or sports-related injuries, such as fractured bones, joint sprains or strains, and other acute trauma-related conditions.

They may also recommend medicine and at-home care, conduct imaging studies like X-rays or other types of imaging, or refer patients to other medical professionals like physical therapists or orthopedic surgeons. Orthopedic nurses in Missouri are among the Top Paid RNS in Missouri, earning an average annual salary of $113,300.

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#6. Neonatal Nurse

Neonatal nurses are essential to the healthcare industry. They offer care to newborn babies who could have everything from minor wounds to potentially fatal problems. They may work under neonatal doctors, but they are vital to the care of infants.

They frequently work in the maternity wards and newborn critical care units in hospitals. Neonatal nurse practitioners are among the Highest Paid RNS in Missouri, earning an average yearly pay of $154,272.

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#7. Perioperative nurses

 In Missouri, a perioperative nurse makes an average salary of $150,082. They are among the Top Paid RNS in Missouri even though they earn 10% less than the national average. Perioperative nurses have the training to help during operations.

They work on anything from life-saving treatments to elective ones and provide patient care before, during, and after surgeries. They work in clinics, hospitals, and various surgical facilities.

#8. Obstetrics Nurse

Obstetric nurses are well paid for their vital role in the healthcare industry. They are among the Top Paid RNSs in Missouri, earning roughly $139,140 yearly.

They are frequently a woman’s initial point of contact during her pregnancy. Before during, and following pregnancy and delivery, obstetric (OB) nurses offer mothers, and their infants care about reproductive health. By monitoring the mother and fetus’s health during pregnancy, they hope to keep pregnant women healthy. (zolpidem)  

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#9. Rehabilitation RN

Nurses that specialize in rehabilitation work with people who have disabilities, injuries, and both acute and chronic illnesses. The primary goals of a rehabilitation nurse are to assist patients in becoming independent or to support families in caring for their loved ones.

The Association of Rehabilitation Nurses states that rehabilitation nurses may assist patients with conditions and ailments like Burns, ALS, and Cancer. Rehabilitation RN is one of the Top Paid RNS in Missouri, with an average base compensation of $117,854 annually.

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#10 Postpartum RN

  A career as a postpartum nurse can be the ideal choice for you if you enjoy taking care of babies and want to spend your time doing so.

As one of the Top Paid RNSs in Missouri, working as a postpartum nurse also comes with unique perks. In Missouri, a postpartum nurse makes, on average, $137,513.

In the hours and days following delivery, postpartum nurses care for new mothers and newborn babies. As a postpartum nurse, you’ll monitor for problems and emergencies while advising and training moms in self-care and infant care.

#11. Pediatric RN

 Pediatric nurses are among the Top Paid RNS in Missouri, having an annual compensation of $145,666. Pediatric nurses take on positions that allow them to focus on caring for infants and teenagers.

Pediatric nursing requires particular knowledge to give the best patient care because so many ailments and problems are unique to developing and growing bodies. They are essential to a child’s entire development.

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#12. Dialysis RN 

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimate that 37 million Americans have chronic kidney disease. These patients receive care from dialysis nurses, as do individuals dealing with other kidney-related problems.

Dialysis nurses monitor patients during dialysis treatments and inform the medical staff of any changes. They specialize in patients with all kidney-related medical issues despite working predominantly with dialysis patients.

With an average yearly pay of $125,468, dialysis nurses are well paid for their significant contribution to the community.

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#13. Oncology RN

We can all agree that oncology nurses are essential participants in the medical industry, given the rising cancer incidence. In the demanding field of oncology, nurses help patients, families, and caregivers cope with the strain of diagnosis and therapy and the worry of several unknowns brought on by the disease, such as confronting mortality.

With many more therapy options, improved pain management, and fewer side effects than in the early days of cancer treatment, oncology is different today.

As an oncology nurse, you’ll embark on a road of lifelong learning that presents difficulties, opportunities, and financial benefits for professional development. With an average annual base income of $132,225, it is one of the Top Paid RNSs in Missouri.

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#14. Telemetry RN

 The field of telemetry nursing is difficult and stressful. However, many nurses enjoy their jobs and find great fulfillment in their work environments. With an average base pay of $137,955, they are among the Top Paid RNS in Missouri.

 In the acute care specialty of telemetry nursing, nurses at the bedside monitor patients’ vital signs and general health while being admitted to a medical facility. Most telemetry nurses work at hospitals where they may monitor and treat acute illnesses, including heart failure, diabetes, neurological conditions, or other medical conditions.

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#15. ICU RN (Intensive Care Unit)

 ICU nurses have intensive training in caring for patients with serious illnesses or conditions. They give patients the precise information, expertise, and abilities they require, making their cases less critical than it is.

Patients who are critically ill and frequently battling for their lives receive life-saving care from these nurses. The best nurses in this sector care for patients who need nursing care around the clock. ICU nurses in Missouri make an average base income of $145.327.

Frequently asked questions

What is the average salary for RNS in Missouri?

The average base salary for RNS in Missouri is $87,907.

What is the best area for RNS in Missouri?

Cape Girardeau, with an average base salary of $186,268 per year, is one of the best cities for RNS in Missouri. 

What is the Hardest RN specialty?

Oncology and ICU are one of the most tasking RNS specialties.

How long does it take to become an RNS in Missouri?

Becoming an RN in Missouri will take about 2-4 years.

Is being an RNS in Missouri worth it?

Yes, nursing is not only financially profitable in Missouri, but it is also emotionally and psychologically satisfying.


 Ask every registered nurse (RN) why they chose nursing as a career, and you’re likely to hear a similar response: helping people every day at work is incredibly satisfying. That nurses also make a good living must come in second.

It’s challenging to select an RNS specialty because so many of them exist. For that reason, this post has analyzed some of the Top Paid RNS in Missouri.



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