10 Highest Paid Software Engineers In the World | Ultimate Guide

In recent times, digital disruption has invaded nearly all aspects of our lives. As a result, the demand for persons with the skills to design, develop, and maintain computer systems has gone through the roof, and one can only guess who the highest-paid software engineers are.

Anyway, software engineers in the U.S. took the number one spot according to News Best Job Rankings for the top 100 jobs in the world.

This means they are among the highest-paid workers/developers in the world. Still, which software engineers are the highest-paid software developers – this will be the focus of our article and the focal point of this investigation ten highest-paid software engineers worldwide. 

What Do Software Engineers Do?

Before you dive into the sweet world of hundred-thousand-dollar amounts, it would be nice to know what exactly it is that software engineers do to make them so highly paid.

Computers are run by programs that execute the various functions that a user may intend to do.

Software engineers are generally trained in engineering, computer science, and mathematics and use this knowledge to design and develop computer programs.

Further, software engineers will manage to create and maintain computer programs by engaging coders, developers, and designers.

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Are software engineers rich?

Software engineering skills are in such high demand that some of the highest-paying jobs are in software engineering.

Big tech companies such as Google and Microsoft have whole armies of software engineers within their ranks.

These companies are worth billions of dollars, and human resources are one of their most valuable assets. Consequently, the highest-paying developer jobs far outrank the highest-paying jobs in other industries.

But even within the world of high-paying software engineer jobs, there are different classes of earners.

For instance, you would not expect a 23-year-old developer just starting in their career to make the same amount as a developer with ten years of experience.

Similarly, the role that you play as a developer has a direct impact on your earnings.

Generally, software engineers in management roles will earn more money than their non-management colleagues. Additionally, some freelancers make much more than their counterparts in traditional full-time employment.

Other considerations also come into play when evaluating the highest-paid software engineers, such as the type of software engineer and the country in which you operate.  

Who Is the Highest-Paid Software Engineer In the World?

Software engineers mostly do not depend on salaries. They work for different companies and turn in vast amounts of money after each project.

However, Sergey Aleynikov makes approximately $1.2 million on each project. He could pass for the highest-paid software engineer in the world.

What type of software engineers get paid the most? 

Within the software engineering world, different types of developers perform different roles. Due to market forces of demand and supply, the pay rate for these developers varies from role to role.

Below we analyze 10 of the highest-paid software engineers.

#1. Machine Learning Engineers

Machine learning specialists have one of the most sought-after skills within the software engineering industry.

A 2018 study by LinkedIn revealed that there is great demand for machine learning engineers but not enough talent supply.

The same study revealed that machine learning engineers can earn up to $138,000 annually, with the figure rising to $250,000 with increased inexperience.

#2. Augmented/Virtual reality engineers

Augmented or virtual reality is the next frontier in the digital landscape. More and more industries are incorporating this technology in their service delivery. From businesses to schools and retail outlets, everybody is clamoring for a piece of this groundbreaking technology.

As a result, virtual reality engineers have become highly sought after and are among the highest-paid software developers.

They can demand a high fee, with Hired reporting that they can earn anywhere between $120,000 to $200,000 yearly.

#3. Cybersecurity Engineers

With the world embracing the digital shift entirely, criminals have also moved their operations to the virtual realm.

The big industries have therefore had to adapt, and cybersecurity is now a priority for industries such as banking, retail, insurance, healthcare, and manufacturing.

Cybersecurity experts offer great value to firms in the new age and are highly sought after by tech firms.

Their average salaries have shown steady growth over the years. Currently, cybersecurity engineers may earn up to $160,000.

#4. Big data engineers

Data science has taken the world by storm, fueled by the social media age.

At present, scientists can glean valuable data regarding collective behavior, which can, in turn, be used to tailor products for said communities.

This has made prominent data engineers some of the highest-paid software engineers in the world. Such software engineers can rake in up to $160,000.

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#5. Gaming engineers

Gaming is a multi-billion dollar industry with millions of serious gamers spread throughout the planet. 

Its engineers are not here to play but to stay and make some serious cash.

It is estimated that gaming engineers earn an average of $155,000 yearly.

#6. Mobile engineers

Everyone owns a mobile device, and there is a massive demand for full-stack mobile application developers.

When you consider that their different platforms exist, such as Android and iOS, you begin to understand the scale of work in the mobile application field.

On average mobile engineers earn around $150,000.

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#7. Embedded and application engineers

Although the demand for these engineers is low relative to other engineers o this list, their supply is also common in the market. They remain to be among the highest-paid software engineers.

Their median salary is about $150,000.

#8. Site reliability engineers

These engineers ensure that your favorite site is up and running at peak performance at all times of the day.

This role is quite demanding, and they can command high fees, earning up to $140,000 annually.

#9. Front-end engineers

This type of engineer makes up the bulk of software engineers. Their role comprises ensuring that software is user-friendly by developing attractive visuals for the user. Annually, they pocket an average of $110,000.

#10. Back-end engineers

As opposed to their front-end counterparts, back-end engineers do the work that is rarely seen by the user.

Typically, they’re responsible for creating and maintaining technology at the back end of a website.

Back-end engineers earn a figure of around $108,000 annually.

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How Much Is Software Engineer Salary?

Software engineer salaries are greatly influenced by several factors. Especially your employer, years of experience, and certifications.

According to Indeed.com, the average salary of a software engineer is $120,932 per year in the United States.

In 2015, the median pay for U.S. software engineers was $100 690/yr. They also get additional compensation of $14 673.

Which country pays the highest salary for software engineers?

The list of countries that pay software engineers the highest salaries in the world does not throw any significant surprises.

Software engineers in the USA and Switzerland receive the highest salaries.

Generally speaking, developers in European countries are the most highly paid. Germany, Norway, the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Finland, and the U.K. appear in the list of countries with the highest salaries for software engineers.

The USA is the highest-paying country in the world for software engineers. Software engineers in the USA earn over $110 638.

The table below shows the countries with the highest-paid software engineers and the average salary in each country.

The USA                               $110,638

Switzerland                         $95,394

New Zealand                      $46,229

Norway                                $64,202

Denmark                              $72,151

United Kingdom               $42,394

Sweden                                $51,396

Germany                             $60,162

Netherlands                       $54,025

Finland                                 $49,203

Australia                              $53,669

France                                  $46,508

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who is a software engineer?

A software engineer is a person who applies the principles of software engineering to design, develop, maintain, test, and evaluate computer software.

What does a Software Engineer do?

By collaborating with coders, developers, and designers, a software engineer oversees the entire process of developing and maintaining computer applications.

How much does a software engineer earn?

According to Indeed.com, the average salary of a software engineer is $120,932 per year.


The salary for software engineers is well above that of other careers.

From the analysis above, you should know the salary you would expect to earn as a different software engineer.

Similarly, it is clear which countries pay software engineers the highest salaries hence it is easier to make that job decision.



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