How Much Does it Cost to Start a Podcast | Full Guide

Podcast is one of the best ways to connect your customers as a businessperson. Even at that, most people still scare away from using it while the few that have summed the courage to start it continue procrastinating.

This is because of the short stack-gritty information they keep getting about requirements for starting a podcast.

This article will show the basic things you must put in place before starting a podcast and an insight into how much it will cost you to start a Podcast.

Meanwhile, taking a glance at the table of contents below will give you a glimpse of what you need to know.

How Much Does it Cost to Start up a Podcast?

Most people are worried when it comes to starting a podcast because they believe that aside from understanding the concept of podcasts which has posed as a challenge, podcast is big-budget stuff. So, they can only start it when they have saved enough money.

The truth is that podcast is not too expensive and there is no fixed budget cost required for starting a podcast. In fact, the cost of podcasts varies. it depends on the type of podcast you want to create.

You can start with a low-quality podcast and improve it to high quality later. It’s not bad all you. On the other hand, you can start up with a high-quality podcast at once.

Going for any of the options requires its own cost budget. That was why I told you that cost of podcasts varies.

I can’t tell you the exact cost required to start a podcast but with the list of equipment below and their estimated cost, you can get an insight of what you might likely spend to run a podcast.

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  1. A computer
  2. A microphone
  3. Podcast editing software
  4. Headphones
  5. Artwork and
  6. Podcast hosting

#1. Have a functional Computer

A functional computer is the most important equipment you must have if you plan to start a podcast. Although computers are costly, their prices seem to depend on the model and type you want to get. 

If you have a computer already, it’s a big advantage, but don’t be discouraged if you don’t have any. You can start by getting a second-hand computer that is cheaper or even visits some public libraries with computers available for public use.


A high generation and high-speed performance computer will cost around $1749-$2000. 

To get a lower computer that can still help you start your podcast will be around $480. Note that its lower doesn’t mean that it’s not good for a podcast. The only downside is that it might not give you the best speed performance you need. But you can start with it in the meantime.

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#2. Get the Perfect Microphone.

A microphone is another important equipment you need. Although your computer might have an in-built Microphone, it’s advisable you get an actual microphone because the in-built Microphone doesn’t give a high-quality sound.

However, the most affordable microphones to get started with is USB or higher-end Microphones. With this kind of Microphone, you won’t need a mixer.

On second thought, you can go for refurbished microphones, which are cheaper. 


A low-quality microphone cost is about $50, while a high-quality microphone like the USB mic cost about $500. You can also check on Amazon to get more options.

#3. Podcast Editing Software

You also need audio recording software to record and upload your podcast. 

Luckily, you will find high-quality apps that are free online. GarageBand and Audacity are two decent free software alternatives that can be used on Linux, Windows, or macOS. 

To get free softwares, search for “open source podcasting editing tools” in your web search, and you will find additional free editing options. 

Aside from those two, you can go for paid software. Some paid software like Logic Pro cost around $200 or Hindenburg Journalist, which costs $95. 

You can also check out Squashout, Wavve, Auphonic, Fission, or Buzzsprout. Buzzsprout gives a $20 Amazon gift card after you pay for your plan.

Remember, it’s expedient you watch tutorials or check reviews on using the software before buying it.

 #4. Headphones

Headphones enable you to get a clearer recording. It would be best if you also had it for the editing process to avoid feedback. Aside from that, it will also help you monitor the sound.

When buying a Headphone for your podcast, consider its comfortability, level of frequency responses. Sound isolation and, most importantly, the cost. 


The prices range on headphones, with lower-end pairs costing around $70 and higher-end headphones running you $500. 

Headphones like Sennheiser HD280 Pro, Bose QuietComfort 25, and Audio Technica ATH-M50x cost range from $100- $180.

You can also visit Amazon to get more options.

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#5. Artwork

You’re going to need a thumbnail that will complement your podcast. This Artwork is going to attract the attention of the viewers when setting up your name. 

If you already know how to draw, you can also save money by making a thumbnail of your own. You can design a thumbnail for free on Canva or contact a designer from a platform like Upwork or Fiverr, which will cost you a minimum of $10. However, before you go for any Artwork, remember to read through reviews.


#5. Podcast Hosting

With a podcast Hosting, your podcast will be live online. A host stores your podcast and makes it go viral. It enables your listeners to access your podcast.

Fortunately, there is a free podcasting Host that you can start with. Host like Anchor. Fm, Buzzsprout allows your podcast to be online. The only disadvantage is that they delete your old episodes after 90 days. That means your listeners won’t see your podcast after then.

On the other hand, you can go for a paid host like Libsyn, which with $5 a month, you can upload 50 MB of new podcasts. For a more high host, the cost will be around $100.

Bottom Line

Now you can agree with me that there is no specific budget for starting a Podcast.

You can start your podcast today with any budget. You might have some equipment required, like a functional laptop, Microphone, or headphones on some occasions. That means you won’t have to buy them again.

You can decide to go for low-quality equipment in the meantime with the aim of adding some setup later to improve the quality. All these depend on the budget you have at hand.

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