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Choosing the right backpack for college is an important decision to make. Most of them are not very affordable for college students. However, there are still good and cheap backpacks for college.

Backpacks are necessary for carrying out day-to-day activities as they contain your books, pens, water bottle, and laptop. They come in different colors, shapes, and sizes and with varying price tags.

Whether the backpacks are just for classes or all-purpose, the price tag, as well as places to buy low-priced backpacks, is no longer a challenge. I have listed in this article the cheapest backpacks for college.

Who Is This Article For?

As a college student, you need a good backpack to carry your electronics, school supplies, and whatever you need for class.

Bearing in mind the limited budget of a college student, I have compiled a list of backpacks below $30 for college students in need of a good and affordable backpack. A tech-savvy or/and stylish student and even a backpack hoarder would find a good choice on this list.

Cheap Backpacks For College

#1. Trail Maker Backpack at $7.99

It’s a double-zippered bag with colors like green, light blue, red, coral, pink, peach, and black.

It has a spacious main compartment measuring 17” H x 12” W x 5.5” D, for books, laptops, or any other device, with an outer pocket for pens, ID, or snacks.

The trail maker backpack can be purchased at Amazon for $7.99.

#2. XDesign Travel Laptop Backpack at $15.95

At $15.95 this 16” grey-colored backpack is equipped with a headphone jack to listen to music hands-free as well as a built-in USB port.

This feature allows you to charge your electronic devices with ease while on the go. It’s not just stylish but also tech-friendly.

It has a durable yet breathable Oxford fabric lining to protect your belongings from all elements. It also has a front buckle and secure zippers to protect your valuables from potential theft.

#3. Tzowla Business Laptop Backpack at $29.95

With an external dimension of 19.29x 11.8 x 5.43 inches, and a separate compartment able to hold a laptop of 15.65”.

At $29.95 on Amazon, you can get the backpack. It also has a convenient USB & headset port design so you can charge your phone through your power bank as you go and listen to audio hands-free.

You don’t have to worry about someone opening your bag while in line because this backpack comes with a Fixed Password Lock and Durable Metal Zippers,

#4. Mic Laptop Backpack at $18.88

It’s a comfortable 26” backpack that allows you to charge at any time with its USB charging interface.

At the price of $18.88  on Amazon, you get a 3-pack set of 1 backpack, one messenger bag, and one handbag. It is strong, sturdy, and waterproof.

#5. Modoker Vintage Laptop Backpack at $22.99

The Modoker vintage bag is a cheap backpack for college. It is scratch-resistant, anti-wear, and anti-water splashing.

It has six compartments, can fit a 15.6” laptop, and also has an external USB charging port and set-in charger cable.

This backpack is perfect for going to school, work, a weekend get-away, biking, camping, gym, traveling, etc. It costs as low as $22.99.

#6. NiceEbag Clear Backpack Heavy Duty Clear Bookbag Large See Through Backpack at $21.99

This backpack is not only in compliance with the new clear backpack policy rule but also meets the national football league and airline regulations. Stadium-approved clear bags make the security process faster and smoother.

It is a water-resistant, durable, and affordable backpack for college.

It is also suitable for daily use, and you can carry it anywhere. The nice bag goes for $21.99 on Amazon.

#7. Roam Lightweight Packable Backpack at $18.99 

It is foldable with multiple front-zipped pockets for phones, cameras, and passport/travel documents.

It is a personal item for all airlines. That means you never have to pay bag fees. It is the perfect unisex travel bag for hiking, camping, school, work, beach, etc. It costs $18.99 on Amazon

#8. LKXC Laptop Backpack, at $13.43

It has a zipper closure on three main pockets, three inner small pockets, and two side pockets with a separate compartment for your laptops, iPhones, iPad, keys, wallets, etc. It also has a USB charging port and a built-in charging cable.

At a low price of $13.43, it is water-repellant and can be used for school, weekend getaways, shopping, or other outdoor activities.

#9. Lenovo Laptop Backpack B210, at $18.68

It is durable, with adjustable shoulder straps making it comfortable for all-day use. In addition to the laptop compartment, there are separate pockets for mobile devices, pens, ID cards, etc.

It accommodates laptops of 15.6 inches, and at $18.68, it is affordable for college students.

#10. Winblo Backpack 15 15.6 Inch College Backpacks at $17.99

The Winblo 15 backpack is durable, comfortable with adjustable straps, and sold at $17.99.

It is simple but not lacking in aesthetic capacity. It has two compartments. The main compartment is roomy and fit for a 15.6” laptop or any other gadgets.

It’s a lightweight backpack and easy to carry.

#11. Skyin Canvas Backpack at $10.99

It keeps your items organized with its special shelving system. It has a laptop compartment for all laptops less than 17” and is very easily cleaned with a soft, dry, or damp cloth. The Skyin backpack is a cheap but good backpack for college students at just $10.99.

#12. Outlander Ultra Lightweight at $12.99

The outlander backpack is not only low-priced but also roomy, with multiple compartments. It is water-resistant, durable, and saves space. It now comes with a carabiner clip, so you clip it to things.

#13. Cafewich Waterproof Backpack at $21.50

At $21.50, this zippered backpack is sturdy, comfortable, and multi-compartmented. It also has a built-in charging port design.

It is soft with adjustable high-quality padding-filled shoulder straps and has provision for not only a laptop but also for your iPhone, keys, wallets, books, clothes, bottles, etc.

#14. Advocator Slim Business Backpack at $15.99

Made from durable eco-friendly nylon fabric, this backpack is lightweight and perfect for college, shopping, traveling, and other outdoor activities.

It accommodates laptops less than 14” and has an extra compartment for an iPad,2 inner pouches, a keychain, one front zipper pocket, and 2 side pockets.

It is a user-friendly backpack and costs about $15.99. This is one example of a cheap backpack for college.

#15. Everest Luggage Basic Backpack, at $9.99

At $9.99, the Everest backpack, with dimensions 11” x 5” x 15”, has a double zipper closure for the roomy main compartment. The front zippered pocket is for easy access to keys, pens, wallets, etc.

It is available in various colors and is also suitable for school, work, travel, and everyday use

#16. Osoce Mini Classic Backpack at $9.89

If you want a portable bag that can still fit your laptop, then Osoce mini classic backpacks are perfect for you.

The fabric of this product is made of nylon which is durable and easy to scrub. This stylish and lightweight backpack is suitable for work, meetings, school, and daily use. It is, most importantly, affordable, as it is sold on Amazon for $9.89.

#17. Weekend shopper  small Nylon Backpack at $16.99

Are you looking for a cute, durable, yet stylish backpack? Then this one is for you. With its stylish nylon exterior, this bag is guaranteed to last for years at an affordable price of $16.99.

It has multiple pockets, inside and out. 2 external zippered pockets (1 on the front, 1 on the back), 2 external side pockets, 1 internal zippered pocket, and 1 internal sleeve.

The internal sleeve fits the iPad mini. This backpack, though comfortable with a padded back and bottom, is not for laptops or mini computers.

#18. Qyoubi Women’s Canvas Fashion Backpacks, at $24.99

With the qyoubi’s canvas material, this backpack surely lasts long. It is classic, and multi-pocketed, making it easier to carry your mobile phone, laptop, wallet, iPad, cosmetics, umbrella, and other daily items. It goes for $24.99 on amazon.

#19. Ihayner women’s Backpack, at $21.99

Made of high-quality PU leather and waterproof nylon material, the Ihayner backpack is soft and comfortable, and you never have to worry about sudden rain.

It has multiple pockets for books, electronic gadgets, and personal effects. It is affordable and has a small ball pendant on its zipper.

The Ihayner backpack also has an adjustable strap and a headphone hole. can be used for school, work, and travel, and it would be well appreciated if given as a gift. The price for this backpack is $21.99 on Amazon

#20. KROSER Laptop Backpack, at $25.99

It has a lot of partitions and pockets for a computer, iPad, power bank, a4 files, wallet, clothes, and more items.

The front pocket can hold small but frequently used items. It also has a built-in us port for charging your phone conveniently.

It is convenient, durable, inexpensive, and multi-functional. You can get this affordable backpack on Amazon for $25.99.


Can I get a backpack for $10?

Yes, you can.

Are there good backpacks that cost less than $30?

Yes, there are.

Where can I get a good backpack for less than $20?

Amazon sells good backpacks in that price range


Backpacks are important and there are very affordable ones. If you went through this article, you would have found a backpack that fit your taste and your budget. Don’t let cost stop you from having the backpack of your choice.


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