How Much Do Photographers Make? Updated

It’s every photographer’s dream to get paid for what they love. But to turn that dream into a career, you need to make a manageable amount from your photos. This may have caused you to ask -.”How much do photographers make?”

How much you earn from photography depends on what type of photographer you are and in which country you work. Prices can also affect your income.

With that in mind, we’ve put together this guide to show you how to classify photographers’ revenues at a high level and set prices to maximize their revenue potential.

Who are Photographers?

Who are commercial photographers?

Basically, photographers are creative professionals who take memorable photos of people, things, and places either for personal or media use. 

Suppose you have an eye for detail and design and are familiar with photographic equipment and computers. In that case, you can use your skills as a professional corporate or commercial photographer to run your own business.

The photographer’s high degree of autonomy gives you fine-grained control over your work schedule, making it a flexible career if you want to spend time with your family.

Photography as a Profession

Generally, photographers are always in demand. Photography is one of the best careers that are not season-based. 

In fact, “freelance photographer” was the fifth most-searched freelance term in the UK in 2021.

This career is in high demand for personal photography such as weddings and portraits and large projects with commercial companies that need product and fashion photography services. 

For most people, photography is more than a hobby, and there is plenty of evidence that it is a viable career choice, such as:

  • The global digital photography market was worth more than $79 billion in 2017 and is expected to grow another 7.4% by 2026 (PR Newswire).
  • In 2018, 119,475 people were registered as full-time photographers in the United States.
  • Fashion, medical, product, and wedding photographers are the most expensive photographer jobs.

There are some lesser-known ways photographers can find a job. It doesn’t matter if you’re building a portfolio or struggling to find a ready job. We will discuss that further in this article.

What Ways Can Photographers Make Money?

1. Take advantage of social media

One of the best social media platforms to showcase your photography skills is Instagram. Consistently sharing your photographs on Instagram with the right hashtags will fetch you the right people for your product.

This includes people who can book you for events such as weddings, child dedications, festivals, funerals, and any other photographic events, and gatherings.

 Instagram is an excellent source of inspiration for taking good pictures. But you can also use Instagram to sell your photos and make money.

Also, you can provide photos to companies and blogs that always need images. Many photographers sell pictures posted on their websites. Just add a link where individuals or companies can buy your photos from a third-party site.

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2.  Participate in Photo Contests

Participating in photo contests is a great way to make money from photography. All you need to do is understand the theme of the competition as well as the general rules guiding the contest. Then, create photographs to fit the theme.

However, you don’t need to get discouraged when your photographs do not make the winning list. Instead, believe it is an opportunity to try again. Also, bank in the comfort that your works are already out there and can only get better.

3. Record or start tutorial classes

Photography is quite a competitive market, and it can only take a lot of effort and dedication to break through. While you make some bucks from commercial photography, you could teach photography too.

There are platforms available where you can record and sell on as courses. If not, you could professionally record videos of you teaching photography, upload them on your Google Drive, and sell them out as a crash course to individuals who want to get versed in the field.

Basically, not everyone can learn from the internet. If you have the skills to teach, contact these people and show them one-on-one how to do it. A good teacher can lead a good life in both groups and private classes.

4. Create a blog

Photo Starting a blog is a great way to get your photos viewed. Creating a powerful photo blog that complements your photo portfolio is one of the most powerful tools at your disposal. 

To create your own website, you must first purchase your own domain name and website hosting. Then install WordPress, themes, and some plugins. Write your first post, and your website is ready.

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 5. Assist other photographers

You can assist other photographers who have a lot on their tables. However, if you want to work at a wedding, you need a strong portfolio.

There are also luxury works such as fashion. Here you are not behind the camera, but you can still gain experience and money.

Photographers often need an assistant job, and you should expect to be paid for your time. The most significant advantage of all is that you don’t have to look for a job; it comes to you. 

The hardest part is finding someone willing to pay the money you need for the job you are good at. Take your time now and find a local photographer who works in your area.

Contact them and ask if you need an assistant. We suggest doing it for the first time for free.

6. Try real estate photography

Another great way to make money is to serve interior designers and realtors. Decide who you want to work with. Find out about the work of a local photographer and check out some samples of real estate photo images.

Next, you need to create your own packages. Also, ‌include price lists, contracts, and other details you need to ensure that the entire process goes smoothly. Then all you have to do is build a network and identify potential customers.

 7. Take a club photo

You could become a commercial photographer for nightclubs. Basically, every nightclub has promoters and you could work with them to provide images for their promotions.

It is worthwhile for the organizer to come to the photographer and pay to take a picture. These photos will eventually be posted on Facebook and used to promote the club.

You’ll find that most club photographers are in their early twenties. Therefore, you don’t have to have the best experience to find a job.

If you want to magnify the photo, just take your camera and go to the nightclub.

8. Sell on stock photography sites

You may have never heard about this, but photographers make money from selling their images on stock photography sites, some of which include Getty Images, Flickr, and the list of others.

You need to create or take some photographs, upload them on the sites with your details, and wait for your clients to contact you.

Also, you can send your photos to some other websites with the right keywords, so it’s easy to find them in the search results when someone needs your images.

Basically, companies and companies are always looking for stock photos. If your images match what they are looking for, they will buy them.

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Selling Photos in your local gallery is a great way to make money. However, it’s essential to know what’s selling. Items such as scenic scenery photographs that remind you of the surroundings and local attractions sell well.

International landmarks, famous landscapes, and portraits of celebrities have the potential to sell to a large audience. However, they are not very popular in the local market. 

If you see a person in a photo, it usually won’t sell. A photo of a cliché subject works well—for example, a photo of the Eiffel Tower in Paris and a boat in a seaside town.

These are overkill for the locals but attractive to tourists. You could ask for space on the wall. The best way to showcase your photos in the gallery is to visit the gallery.

Show them your work directly and take only about 10 of your best photos.

 10. Licensed from Flickr & Getty Images

Flickr helps thousands of people make money from their photos. If you have a Flickr account, you can now license your pictures from Getty Images. So when people see them, they can pay to spend them, and you can make money. 

Flickr members can enable the “Request License” link on the photo page. The link will appear right next to your license information. When a member submits a request, Getty Images reviews the photographer’s work.

They work with Flickr members to help handle details such as permits, clearances, and pricing.

11. Make your own photo book

One of the less common ways to make money from photos is to make your own photo book. There are many galleries available online. However, photo books are ‌better than virtual galleries.

The photo book has many customization options. In contrast to photo albums, you can design your photo book according to your wishes. You can add text, create frames around your photos, and organize your photo collection.

If you are efficient, you can create a photo book in an hour or two. You can also buy photo books like sticky photo albums online and customize them to your liking.

Photo books are cheap. It costs money to print hundreds of photos and buy a good album. Many photo book services offer books for as little as $10.

They are also substantial gifts for friends and family who want to leave memories in a trusted place.

12. Track wedding photography

Many photographers prefer wedding photography routes. Wedding photography is one of the most lucrative niches in this field. 

Not only is it financially profitable, but also a gratifying job. You will be part of one of the happiest days of life for some people. But the pressure is relatively high.

You are responsible for capturing one of the most important moments of a happy couple. Therefore, it is essential to exercise enough.

If you’re already shooting an event or portrait, you’re on your way to becoming a wedding photographer.

 13 Sell ​​your travel photo story

 Do you like to travel and photography? Imagine living your travel dreams, following your passion, and making money while having all the fun.

The demand for original content is increasing. Customers such as magazines and newspapers are always looking for new content. In other words, you can make money by creating and selling travel content.

These can be photos or videos that emphasize your travel destination. If you are also a talented writer, you can create a complete package of articles with images. Articles and photos must tell a story to ‌sell.

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14. Sell prints online

With enough practice, you may have taken some great shots so far. People want to buy them because they are so good. So why not start selling prints?

There are several ways to sell prints and make money. Both options are effortless and inexpensive.

The easiest way is to sell your photos online through a third party. They do all the legwork, process orders, print, and ship printed matter.

In return, you receive a commission. There is no reason why you can’t quickly lookup all your best photos and upload them to your website. Start making money from the prints you sell today.

How Much Does a Photographer Make a Year?

Basically, for photographers, salaries vary‌. Factors like the industry you work in, your experience and qualifications, and your location can affect how much you earn as a photographer. 

According to, the average annual salary for photographers working in the United States in 2022 was $67,204.

However, the salary grade of a photographer depends on the scale. The top 10% of photographers earned $83,367 in 2020, and the bottom 10% brought home about $40,767. Meanwhile, the current average salary for British photographers is around £44,112.

If you work as a freelance photographer, your annual income can be slightly lower, as 15% of freelance photographers earn between £20,000 and £30,000 a year.

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How Much Does a Wedding Photographer Make?

Wedding photography is one of the most demanding and expensive photography industries you can enter, but it is also one of the most competitive. Most wedding photographers are self-employed, which means their income potential is endless.

But if you’re hoping for a concrete answer about how much a wedding photographer will make, there’s nothing. With so many wedding photographers offering various services and prices, it is not possible to pinpoint a profession’s exact salary.

 A wedding photographer can earn an average of $3,000 per wedding package, while another photographer can earn up to $9000 per package, depending on experience, qualifications, and location.

 There is no exact annual salary for a wedding photographer, but you can see what you can expect by looking at the industry’s top and bottom salary brackets.

According to Chron, wedding photographers can earn between $37,945 and $77,833 a year with proper portfolio and marketing activities.

How Much Does a Product Photographer Make?

As more than companies do business online, product photographers are becoming more popular. 90% of online shoppers say that high-quality photos are essential in their purchases.

That’s why e-commerce stores and businesses hire product photographers for promotional photography. Product photographers can pay thousands of dollars for a single image and receive a generous bonus depending on the brand’s size.

According to Salary Expert, US product photographers earn about $57,963 a year. Professional commercial photographers can earn as much as $70,938, while junior product photographers can earn nearly $42,338.

In addition, the average US commercial photographer receives a $1090 annual bonus. Product photographers can usually earn about £22,169 a year in the UK. 

Those at the top of the wage table can earn up to £28,000, while those at the bottom (usually inexperienced) earn about £18,000 a year.

How Do Freelance Photographers Make Money?

Freelance photographers are independent photographers. They always undertake projects from different organizations and people. Freelancers have the flexibility to choose which projects to undertake.

For example, media companies, newspapers, events, commercial photography, etc. They are paid by project/hour/day. Freelance photographers must sell their work to earn money.

It is vital to have a powerful portfolio and network to find a new project.

What Countries are Photographers Most Paid?

Education, experience, and marketing determine the possibility of your merit as a photographer. However, the situation is also an important (possibly the biggest) role-play in how much money you can create.

We evaluated these five countries highly (translated by USD), with how your wedding photographer has been averaged every year.

  • Switzerland–CHF 77,511 per year ($87,171.82 USD)
  • United States–$45,775 per year
  • Australia–AUD$54,544 per year (US$40,488)
  • Canada–49,263 CAD per year (38,501 USD)
  • UK–£20,816 per year ($27,825.06 USD)

In general, to answer the question of ‘how much does a photographer earn in a year? ‘ It is important to note that photographers’ salaries can vary significantly.

However, keep in mind that it is not entirely clear which country’s photographer earns the most, as the currency’s value varies from country to country and the cost of living is high in some countries.

How Do Photographers Set Prices?

How much photographers earn in a year also depends on how they set prices. Basically, most photographers choose to work freelance or start their own photography business, so they have complete price control and unlimited income.

Being autonomous is excellent, but it can also come with many responsibilities. Pricing can be complex. You don’t want to overprice and scare potential customers with price hikes, but you also don’t want to truncate your service and lose money.

 Tips for setting prices properly.

 1. Know your market and your customers

Knowing your market and customer base is one of the most important things when starting your own business (or working as a freelancer).

By investigating how much other photographers (especially those who work in niches in the same place as you) are charging, you can sense market demand and competition and set prices accordingly. Remember to consider your customers when setting prices.

What type of people are you targeting, and what budget do you work for?

2. Calculate expenses

Don’t make the mistake of factoring overhead into your pricing. Set the price low to attract clients, but every photoshoot comes with many costs to consider if you don’t want to lose.

When setting prices, you need to consider equipment costs, processing time, and insurance premiums.

An excellent way to track your expenses is to make a list of your expected costs for the year, add them up, and divide by the number of projects you’re working on for the year to see how much money you’ll make. .. You have to repay each project.

3. Use pricing strategies

Often, customers are attracted to bargains. But you don’t have to sell the service to attract customers. With smart pricing strategies, you can increase your chances of selling without compromising your bottom line.

For example, if you use a strange price (the price of a product is $199 instead of $200), you’ll think your customers are doing a better deal.

You can incorporate many such psychological pricing methods into your photo pricing to make your service look even better.

4. Show price

The price is not just the amount you charge. It’s also about how you make your price attractive to your customers. The presentation will significantly help to make the price attractive.

Therefore, create a portfolio of the best works on your photo website to get a feel for what your potential customers are buying.

Then add a price list next to the photo with a brief description of each offer to see what your customers are getting with their money. Because the picture says more than a thousand words.

FAQs How Much Do Photographers Make?

The average annual salary for photographers working in the United States in 2022 was $67,204.

Basically, photographers are creative professionals who take memorable photos of people, things, and places either for personal or media use.

How do photographers make money?

  1. Take advantage of social media
  2. Participate in Photo Contests
  3. Record or start tutorial classes
  4. Create a blog
  5. Assist other photographers
  6. Try real estate photography
  7. Take a club photo
  8. Sell on stock photography sites
  9. Selling photos in gallery
  10. Licensed from Flickr & Getty Images
  11. Make your own photo book
  12. Track wedding photography
  13. Sell ​​your travel photo story
  14. Sell prints online


In theory, you control how much you earn as a photographer. Let’s say you start your own photography business or you work freelance.

In this case, your income potential is unlimited. You can earn anything from the median annual income of Americans ($44,720) to the impressive $77,000 or more, depending on your location, experience, and price.


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