How to Make Money as a Poe | Full Guide

How do you make money as a successful poet? There are several ways to make money as a poet. We assure you it’s both attainable and simpler than you imagine.

With the expansion of social media and internet platforms, you may profit from your passion for poetry while inspiring readers worldwide.

Of course, everything depends on how well your work turns out and how eager you are to go to whatever lengths to get money from your creative pursuits.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with earning money from your artistic endeavors. You should be proud of it.

how to make money as a poet

Does Poetry Pay Well?

Yes! As a poet, you can earn a satisfactory living. Yet a lot of this depends on how much knowledge and experience you have.

Today’s most prominent poets include many poetry teachers. In essence, they support themselves by instructing others. Some earn up to $75,000 on average while teaching others how to write outstanding poetry.

On the other hand, the artists-in-residence poets may only receive a stipend; their actual income is lower.

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The Reasons Why Most Poets Don’t Earn As Much Income from Poetry

Poems are typically published primarily in literary journals and magazines, which is one of the main reasons poets make less money than other writers.

These literary publications and magazines frequently have small readers, making it difficult for many people to read the poems they include.

This has been the case over the years, resulting in the poor income poets receive when their poems are finally published, despite the time and effort they put into creating stunning works of art.

But if you are an aspiring writer or have been writing for some time but haven’t received any meaningful income from your poems, don’t worry; this article contains 14 Simple guides that will teach you how to make money as a poet.

We did a ton of research on the internet and other key sources to develop these tried-and-true strategies for making money as a poet.

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Guides on How to Make Money as a Poet

It is always thought that if someone had the creativity to be a poet, he should also have the creativity to figure out how to make money as a poet, but in reality, this is only sometimes the case. As a result, we wrote this article to help poets make a good living and earn a lot of money from their careers.

You won’t be scratching your head about how to make money as a poet with the help of this article. Since our team of researchers has developed tried-and-true strategies for making money off your poetry, you can now devote all your attention to creating spellbinding poems.

Let’s examine the guides below…

#1 Sell Songs, Not Poetry

You should be aware of the various types of poetry because you are a poet. While some poets primarily write and publish poetry, others write songs to communicate their ideas to audiences.

Then this part is for you, fellow poets who fall into the latter category. Have you observed that most poets who write poetry earn less than they would like to?

After doing some creative writing exercises to create lovely poems, you go to a recording studio to complete the recording only to discover that your work never received the airplay you had anticipated, which means you never received the return on your investment that you had anticipated.

Here is some advice on how to make money as a poet. You must start selling poetry and music. According to a proverb, join them if you can’t defeat them.

We don’t advocate giving up poetry altogether; we only say your delivery style needs to be adjusted. Strive to make your singing style more marketable. Try incorporating poetry into your raps; you’ll be amazed at the results.

Visit a studio and create a different recording from typical poetry. Try something different, like fusing poetry with rap or R&B, then upload it to YouTube.

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#2 Sell Your Poetry Directly

Poets frequently go through the drawn-out procedure of submitting their poetry to journals to reach a waiting audience and profit from the publication.

There are other viable options for earning money as a poet, even though the traditional method of earning money from poetry described above is the way to go.

You may monetize your poetry by having your poems printed and bound in cardstock using one of the various Print on Demand (PoD) services, such as Amazon’s Create Space.

Instead of waiting for your poem to be published in journals, you can look for direct means to reach your target audience. Bring your work to events and bars to show it to the public.

People truly adore poems, but they are hard to get by. If your book is priced reasonably, you will be sure to make sales and money.

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#3 Sell to magazines

Do you realize many well-known magazines and journals purchase poems from talented poets? You could earn a respectable income by selling your artwork to publications prepared to pay for your skills.

As few people know this knowledge, you should take advantage of the opportunity since there will be little competition. You would undoubtedly receive bids from these magazines and journals even if there was competition and you were certain to know your niche.

Visit the websites of Poetry Review, Poetry London, and PN Review if you want to submit your poetry to publications in the UK. If your works are of the highest caliber, you will find publishers there eager to pay for them.

A list of publishers on Poetry and the American Poetry Review websites will buy your poetry if you want to sell magazines or journals in the United States.

Most of these publications that acquire poetry from poets have websites where they post their content. Ensure you refrain from posting poems on Facebook, Twitter, or any other website you want to sell online.

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#4 Attend Poetry Slams

Attending slams is method number four on our list of how to make money as a poet. You must watch for poetry readings and open-mic slams in your area.

Bring your book to these occasions and read a passage from it. You’d be surprised by how much business you receive if you let the public know you have books for sale.

Nonetheless, ensure your works are excellent before going to a poetry slam. You can receive more than expected if your job is shallow and casual.

Even if they are exceptional, we know a few poets who would rather have their writing destroyed than go to slams. Thus, before entering a poetry slam, they must convince you that your works are likable.

#5 Print Poems on Boxes

There’s more to the poetry business than meets the eye. You need to be innovative if you want to profit from poetry. You must exercise creativity.

Poems can be printed on products like mugs, book covers, boxes, etc., as the fifth way on this list of how to make money as a poet. On websites like Etsy, you may sell these goods with imprinted poems.

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#6 Print on T-shirts

Printing your poems on T-shirts is the sixth option for making money as a poet. You might see printings on people’s shirts as you go around, but we can promise you that you will only sometimes see t-shirts with poems printed on them.

This can make you more distinctive, especially if you print on shirts and include a signature thumbnail. When you do what you love, you can earn a nice income.

#7 Print Poems and Frame Them

You can find beautiful wall frames with numerous imprinting in stores. You, too, may start a business making frames. If you want to set up your poetry, you can purchase frames and print them on paper.

Display the lovely frames on websites and social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. Some folks adore the frames and would be happy to purchase them. Strive to keep the price reasonable so that you can attract customers.

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#8 Teach Poetry courses

Getting people to pay to learn what you know ranks eighth on our list of how to make money as a poet. One of the finest methods for poets to earn money is through teaching. We are aware that only some people are suited for teaching. Only some enjoy teaching, but if you are skilled at it, you should consider earning money by instructing poetry courses.

Depending on your preference, you can teach poetry courses in person or online.

#9 Entering a Poetry Contest

Entering a poetry contest is another means of making money out of poetry. There are numerous poetry contests online to enter. All you have to do to make money from a poetry contest is pay a small amount as an entry fee.

You will compete with other poets who also pay the same entry fee. A panel, usually the contest organizers, will select which of the contestants’ poems is the best, and the winner will have their works published and go home with the prize money.

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#10 Podcast

One way to earn money from poetry is to enter poetry competitions. There are various poetry competitions you can join online. Paying a minimal entrance fee is necessary to profit from a poetry competition.

If you paid the same entry fee as other poets, you would compete against them. The contest organizers or a panel would decide which of the entrants’ poems was the finest, and the winner would have their work published and receive cash prizes.

#11 Sell e-books

E-books are yet another excellent option to make money off of your poems. Making an e-book is relatively inexpensive. E-books can be created and sold on social networking platforms or online stores like Etsy.

Strive to set the price as low as possible to get customers. You might also run a contest as a start.

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#12 Sell poetry as Audio Books

You can create audiobooks of your poetry and sell them like e-books. This is a successful method of making money off of your artistic endeavors. You must first jot out your poetry and record it to get started.

You should note that you are not required to read. Ask friends to help with the reading if they have a good voice.

The best marketing tools for audiobooks are the voices; thus, you must ensure the reader has a lovely voice.

#13 Create a website

You may make a website that is solely dedicated to poetry. Create lovely blogs and poems for your website. Moreover, make sure your website is set up to welcome guest content.

Adding Google AdSense to your website lets you earn monthly money while doing what you love.

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#14 Sell poems to publications

The fourteenth strategy on our list of how to make money as a poet is pitching poems to magazines. Several magazines buy poetry from specific authors to include in their issues. This can apply to nearly any periodical publication, such as magazines, newspapers, journals, etc.

You can improve your chances of finding devoted readers and get paid directly for your work by selling your poems to a periodical. Most of the time, you can find possibilities to submit your poetry to these journals online. Still, ask your friends or coworkers if they know any publications that acquire poetry from authors.

Doing extensive research before signing any contracts can be helpful because the specific requirements for the kind of work you can submit and the amount of money you can make can differ significantly depending on the newspaper you sell to.


Do Instagram poets earn a living?

Your poetry posts should have sponsors. Sponsored posts make you money if you can attract enough followers. Business Insider says influencers are paid around $100 for every 10,000 people who see their posts.

How can poets get noticed?

Composing poetry is the most crucial part of being a poet (well, maybe reading poetry). Do not be concerned that the “voices” of others will dilute your distinctive voice. That doesn’t function like that.

Should I publish my poetry on my own?

Poetry is traditionally the hardest literary genre to publish, so don’t panic! Poetry self-publishing is considerably simpler and more gratifying than the conventional method. You are in complete command of the publishing procedure in this instance.

What kind of writing is the most popular?

Romance is the most lucrative and popular category of fiction books. The most popular non-fiction category is religious and inspirational, and the most popular audiobook category is a thriller.

I wrote a poem; may I copyright it?

The US copyright laws will safeguard your poem without you taking any further action. When you compose a poem, you are given ownership and copyright rights. If you want extended protections, you must register for copyright with the USCO.


Earning money out of your poetry is a doable chore, and you don’t have to be a well-known publisher to do it.

You can turn your love of prose into a reliable source of money with little research and a well-thought-out strategy. Submitting poetry for payment is a freelancing business, and success might need a lot of effort, practice, and persistence.

But if you’re a poet at heart, you’ll appreciate the ride!


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