15 Highest Paid Jobs in Texas | 2022

The desire to land a job with reasonable pay is unarguably every person’s dream but sometimes life throws shots at us that we become saddled with a calvary of options to choose from. This view sets the table for which our central focus is on the top 15 high paying jobs in Texas. Without argument, Texas is a big state.

Yet settling for a particular job over there is one thing, ensuring that the choice made has what it takes to pay your bills and position you towards living above the circumstances of an average man’s reality is on the other side of the coin.

What then becomes the motivating factor for considering what kind of job to ultimately settle for in Texas? The answer is carefully packaged in the underlying theme this content is designed to unveil regarding the 15 best paying jobs in Texas.

However, it will be in your best interest to first and foremost provide a few answers to queries about the highest paid jobs in the second largest state in the USA, Texas.

I will also do you the favor of expounding on the basic job descriptions and requirements of those top paying jobs in Texas.

What are the benefits of working in Texas?

Detailed research conducted by the Kiiky Research team has attested to the fact working in Texas has some remarkable benefits which are enough to make anybody still weigh the options of considering some high paying jobs in Texas. They are outlined as;

  • Unemployment insurance in Texas
  • Paid time off in Texas
  • Health care benefits in Texas
  • Child care benefits in Texas
  • Disability insurance in Texas
  • Workers’ Compensation in Texas
  • Retirement benefits in Texas

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What are the rights of an employee in Texas?

Reports according to Legal Beagle have it that when an employee comes within the column of the Federal Laws that protect and see to the establishment of the rights of an employee, the employee has the right to the following;

  • the right to negotiate a contract
  • the right to take legal action to settle a contract dispute
  • the right to hire subcontractors
  • the right to control how work is done
  • the right to market services to other clients while under contract
  • the right to perform work when and how she sees fit
  • the right to her own business management, such as scheduling work hours and completing administrative tasks

Why work in Texas?

In an attempt to further justify the reason one may want to live and work in Texas, here are a few points that would help send the message home;

  • Texas is a tax-friendly state.
  • Texas has a lively sports culture.
  • In Texas, there is a lot to eat and drink.
  • Texas has an economy that is booming.
  • Texas has top-notch educational opportunities.
  • Texas is a place where you can afford to buy a home.
  • Texas as a state enjoys an amazing cultural heritage that is symbolic.
  • Texas has a good number of cities or suburbs that are safe to call home.
  • Texas has been referred to as one of the most diverse states in America.
  • Texas is a fun-loving state, especially for the jolly-good fellows, there is almost always no end to the excitement.

What are the high paying cities in Texas?

With over one thousand cities in Texas, there are some cities that pay higher for all kinds of jobs than others. Statistical research from ZipRecruiter shows the list of cities in this column pays the highest;

  • Frankston
  • Dallas
  • Oyster Creek
  • Austin
  • Tenaha
  • Brownsboro
  • Gruver
  • Denton
  • Jewett
  • Emerald Bay

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15 Highest Paid jobs in Texas

Here are the 15 highest paying jobs in Texas;

  • Loan Servicing Specialist
  • Vice Chairperson
  • President & Chief Technology Officer
  • Anesthesiologists, Pain Management Specialist
  • Hospitalist Physician
  • Senior Vice President, Engineering
  • Vice President, Products & Marketing
  • Pulmonary Physician
  • Staff Physician
  • Anesthesiologist/Physician
  • Acute Care Physician
  • Vice President Of Operations And Engineering
  • Associate Professor, Physician
  • Primary Care Physician
  • Family Practice Physician

Loan Servicing Specialist

Loan servicing specialists are presently on top of the log when it comes to the list of jobs with high payments in Texas.

Verifiable reports according to Zippia have it that the average salary of a loan servicing specialist is $306,000 and $212,000 as the entry-level salary.

The duties of a loan servicing specialist are to ensure that loan maintenance requests are completed, and processes subordinations and lien releases.

As a professional financial specialist, he is at the epicenter of lending money to either individuals or businesses.

The major requirements or qualifications of a loan servicing specialist are skills like computer proficiency and organizational skills. A Bachelor’s degree or any associate degree in business can suffice.

Vice Chairperson

The job of Vice Chairperson in Texas has been touted to be one of the high paying jobs according to research. With an entry-level salary of $129,000, the average salary of a vice-chairperson is $230,324. 

Officially, the job description of a Vice Chairperson includes managerial responsibilities across individual and organizational achievements. A Vice Chairperson plans and negotiates media expenses.

Ultimately, a vice chairperson directs proceedings during meetings, especially with difficult decisions.

President & Chief Technology Officer

President & Chief Technology Officers are presently earning $195,531 as salary while their entry level is $139,000 according to statistics from Zippia. And this accounts for the reason they are placed third on the log in this regard.

What is central to the job description of a President & Chief Technology Officer revolves around planning, managing, and implementing systemwide IT strategy and infrastructure.

They equally communicate with executives and report matters arising from their sphere.

Within every organization, they are usually charged with the responsibility of making sure that the technology resources are effective. A Bachelor’s degree and well-rounded years of experience in IT management are the major requirements here.

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Anesthesiologists, Pain Management Specialist

This kind of job is amongst the highest paying when it comes to jobs with good salaries in Texas. Their salary basically is $195,248 with an entry-level salary of $137,000.

Anesthesiologists, Pain Management Specialists are basically charged with the responsibility of regulating and protecting a patient’s life functions during surgery.

They equally operate in the intensive care units and pain clinics, and always check up on patients with regard to pain relief.

Major requirements here are either a bachelor’s degree in pre-med or science followed by a doctorate in medicine and a state license to practice.

Hospitalist Physician

Hospitalist Physicians earn incredibly well and are on the list of 15 well paying jobs in Texas. $195,175 is their basic salary and they have $139,000 as their entry-level salary

The number one duty of a Hospitalist Physician is to head the medical team and supervise both the welfare and care of patients. In some cases, they carry out lab work and even examine patients under admission.

And most times, this comes with ordering treatments, x-rays, and prescription of drugs.

The demands for Hospitalist physicians are university and medical school degrees and a good number of years alongside a residency program. 

Senior Vice President, Engineering

Senior Vice President of Engineering operates alongside other top company executives so as to give directives on engineering development teams, as well as to ensure that under their supervision, projects are carried out timely, design requirements are accomplished and the company standards are sustained.

The basic salary of $194,734 while the entry-level salary is $137,000. However, the basic requirements here are a postgraduate degree in business management or administration. Again, one may need to have 5 years of experience in this regard.

Vice President, Products & Marketing

When it comes down to the overall product marketing strategy, Vice President, Products & Marketing is in charge of making plans and seeing to both the creation and implementation.

They make $190,381 as their average salary while the entry-level salary is $133,000. Apart from Bachelor’s degree, things like a good number of working years of experience, leadership, and analytical skills are also needed.

Pulmonary Physician

Pulmonary Physicians are on the list of highest paying jobs in Texas because the average salary of$188,213 and the entry-level salary is $128,000.

The basic responsibilities of a Pulmonary Physician are diagnosing, staging, and treating lung cancer. They equally manage conditions such as fluid in the lungs or blockage of the airways.

Again, Pulmonary physicians monitor and treat respiratory diseases.

According to Betterteam, the requirements are Bachelor’s degree in biology, physical sciences, or a related field. Doctor of Medicine (MD) degree. 3 to 7 years’ internship and clinical residency training, specializing in pulmonology. Successful completion of the United States Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE).

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Staff Physician

With a whopping amount of $187,355 as salary as well as $131,000 as an entry-level salary, there is no question about why they are on the list of highest paying jobs in Texas.

Basically, Staff Physicians are concerned with making provisions for high-quality medical care by examining patients. They equally determine the appropriate treatment plans for illness or injuries as well as the prescription of medical treatment/services.

Ultimately for Staff physicians, the basic requirements are a medical degree from an accredited medical school and a post-graduate internship or residency in the specified area.


They are majorly concerned with the responsibility of evaluating, supervising, and monitoring patient care. They are equally charged with leading and even administering anesthesia. It is not out of place to say that their specialty is built around anesthesia care, pain management, and critical care medicine.

Their basic salary is  $187,010, while $127,000 is their entry-level salary.

Basic requirements here are a bachelor’s degree, a medical degree, and years of residency.

Acute Care Physician

They are charged with the responsibility of making provision for quality care services for patients in intensive care units, running diagnoses on them, and equally giving medication.

For earning as much as $186,703 and having  $129,000 as an entry-level salary, they are on the list of highest paying jobs in Texas.

Requirements for being an Acute Care Physician are a bachelor’s degree and completion of medical school.

Vice President Of Operations And Engineering

The Vice President Of Operations And Engineering is concerned with planning, directing, coordinating, and supervising operations in the organization.

Nevertheless, they are equally concerned with the development and implementation of efficient operations and cost-effective systems to meet the current and future needs of the organization.

Basically, their average salary is $185,968 with an entry salary of $129,000.

Asides from skills like excellent verbal and written communication skills, and extensive knowledge of engineering principles and procedures, a bachelor’s degree is basic in this field of endeavor.

Associate Professor, Physician

Associate professors, Physicians are those who facilitate discussions and activities that place focus on the field of medicine. These discussions and activities include the development of. lesson and coursework plans.

Again, students are usually assigned to them for supervision on their progress reports.

Their basic salary is $185,717 while they earn as much as $126,000 for an entry-level salary.

Requirements in this regard are degrees across various levels of education and certifications. Things like meritorious contributions to scholarship and publications are all factored into consideration.

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Primary Care Physician

Primary Care Physicians are (PCP) just like their name appears, they are primary caregivers but stand out as professionals in general medicine. They are on top of the log for medical care.

Amazingly, even doctors and nurses sometimes operate as primary care physicians.

Their average salary is $185,483 while they earn $129,000 as an entry-level salary.

Upon graduation from medical school, they still go for a postgraduate residency program in family medicine (practice), internal medicine, pediatrics, or gynecology.

Family Practice Physician

Family Practice Physicians are on the list of high paying jobs in Texas for earning as much as $183,269 salary with an entry-level of $129,000.

Basically, the duties of Family Practice Physicians revolve around receiving and addressing complaints as well as managing most acute and chronic illnesses.

It is equally their responsibility to lay emphasis on the prevention of diseases and to promote health.

For Family Practice Physician, one of the major requirements in this field is seven years of medical training, with the inclusion of four years in medical school and three years in a family medicine residency.

What are the five high paying jobs in Texas?

According to research by the Kiiky research team in relation to the time of filing this report, here are the five highest paying jobs in 2022 in Texas; Loan Servicing Specialist, Vice Chairperson, President & Chief Technology Officer, Anesthesiologists, Pain Management Specialist and Hospitalist Physician.

What are the benefits of working in Texas?

There are a good number of benefits to working in Texas, and here are some of them;
Unemployment insurance in Texas
Paid time off in Texas
Health care benefits in Texas
Child care benefits in Texas
Disability insurance in Texas
Workers’ Compensation in Texas
Retirement benefits in Texas

What are the 5 top-paying cities for all jobs in Texas?

Here are five major cities in Texas with the highest pay for all kinds of jobs;
Oyster Creek

Final Thoughts

There may not be a better way to conclude this resourceful article on the 15 high paying jobs in Texas without pointing out that the goal of this write-up is to arm the readers with the requisite information about moving to Texas for a job.

Considering the duties and requirements of all the jobs in view that are already standing out as the highest paid jobs in the state of Texas, I dare say that the world is yours for the taking if only you can reposition yourself and corner the goldmine in Texas.



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