5 Hacks on How to Sell Poetry on Etsy in 2022 | Full Guide

One of the biggest challenges most poets face is finding the best place to sell their poetry. Etsy is one of the best online marketplaces for writers to sell their poetry, books, or articles.

I’ve always longed to get a personal gift from Etsy for my brother who is a writer, I had no idea that he can also sell his poetry on the platform too.

So, if you love writing poems, then you can make a good amount of cash online for writing poetry. Let’s show you the right hack to sell poetry on Etsy and turn up good cash.

How Do I Sell my Poetry on Etsy?

Signing up on Etsy do take a financial commitment, just the way writing requires you to get an editor, business cards, sometimes purchase an office space.

To register and buy on Etsy is free, but selling items cost up to $0.20 per listing, including a 3.5% fee on the sales price.

This might seem expensive, but it can’t be compared to the profit from the individual sales you will gain.

This is how it works.

When you make your first sale, potential earnings don’t just end with the item you sold. You will definitely keep getting a turn over from your single listing. This means you don’t have to make another listing, but people will keep purchasing your poetry.

However, to enjoy this, you have to attach a business card or promotional bookmark to each package and include your website or blog information with each ad.

If you do this, definitely, you will build a unique platform for your copywriting and advertise your business to an unusual but no less profitable niche of clients and customers on Etsy.

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How Much Do Etsy Charge to Sell Poetry?

The amount Etsy charges to sell poetry on their platform depends largely on how many listing you make.

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So, here’s what to expect as a poet who wants to sell poetry on Etsy: selling items cost up to $0.20 per listing, including a 3.5% fee on the sales price.

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Check it Out!

5 Hacks on How to Sell Poetry on Etsy in 2022

For many writers, writing is not just a way to pay their bills, it is also a craft and an art form. What better way to pay bills more efficiently than to market this craft and art on Etsy, the e-commerce site for artisans and writers.

As a sales platform, Etsy promotes one-of-a-kind crafts and vintage items, and good writers can offer a range of products to suit this market without needing to be experts in crafts or antiques.

Writers looking to supplement their income with an Etsy shop should consider these 5 ways to sell poetry effectively:

#1. Create Prints of your Poems on Paper in a Frame or on a Canvas

Etsy is a big marketplace for handmade products.

If you have amazing poems written you want to sell on Etsy, you can start by creating prints of your poem on paper in a frame or on a canvas.

The popular name to this is “Chapbook.”

The interesting part is, you can make Chapbook at home using desktop publishing software, a printer, heavy card paper, and other tools.

So, if you like the fact of creating print on demand products, Etsy can help you achieve that. You can also integrate with websites like Printful, keeping your startup costs minimal.

#2. Sell your Own Greeting Cards

In addition, to selling your print-to-order poetry items on Etsy, you can also explore other possible craft products, such as selling your own greeting cards.

Selling your own crafted custom greeting cards on Etsy is another way to successfully sell your poetry. Here, you’ll have full control to set your prices and design your card with no utility fee to pay.

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However, Etsy charges listing fees on what you sell, but are no up-front costs to get customers to buy your cards.

Here are a few steps to take when you want to sell your greeting cards on Etsy:

  • Gather materials to make the cards from stores or art supply shops.
  • Take photographs of your cards
  • Navigate to Etsy and click the “Sell” link in the top-left corner of the website
  • Click the button “Sell on Etsy” on the right side of the screen to log into your Etsy account.
  • Set up your bio, which will give prospective shoppers information about you and your card making.
  • Set up shop for the cards, including a title of your online store, a pictorial banner, information about the items you’re selling, and any messages to your buyers, such as “Ships out within 24 hours!”
  • Determine the payment method you will accept which includes PayPal, Money Order, or Check.
  • Click through the “Add New Item” dialog to describe and upload each card.
  • Repeat to add more cards to your shop.
  • Fill up other features that are necessary.

#3. Offer Custom Poetry Writing Services

Another way to make good sales of your poetry on Etsy is to personalized poetry writing services.

There are a few companies that offer a good, inspirational, and original written poem. And most academic professionals that need help with poetry writing are challenged by the limited number of people that offers custom written poem.

You can utilize this opportunity by selling your customized

With proper marketing, this can be a great way to put your poems in the hands of other people while they pay you for your work.

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#4. Self-Publish your Poetry as an eBook on Esty

EBooks is a growing category on Etsy. While Etsy wasn’t designed for writers, the platform can help you earn extra cash by selling an e-book of the poems that you have written.

It is important to note that Etsy is not a book marketplace, rather it’s a gift purchasing and self-indulgence marketplace.

To sucessfully sell your poem as an eBook on Etsy, you should optimize your listing. One of the ways to do that is by setting up a killer photos of your eBook.

If you are a novice in that area, you can look at pictures of books on Etsy and Pinterest, check the ones that catch your attention, then try to recreate them for your own eBook.

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#5. Using Ads Strategically

There are three types of ads you can utilize right from Etsy: Facebook ads, Google Shopping ads, and Promoted listings.

With regards to Etsy, promoted listings are the best option of returned search results on Etsy.

You can set a daily promotional limit and a CPC (cost per click) limit and, in turn, get to make sure that your book is seen at the top of Etsy’s search results.

Final Verdict

The truth remains that, there are less reputable websites that are willing to pay writers online for their unique poem.

While Etsy is not a book marketplace, all other options and not better than selling your poetry on Etsy.

Etsy purely stands as the best place you can make money with the unique poems you have written.


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