How To Make 10k A Month Online Fast | 15 Proven Hacks In 2022

Making 10k a month is something many people wish for but it’s not that easy if you are doing a day job.

Now the question of most people is how to make 10k a month online fast Because it’s a number that’s big enough to make a difference, but small enough to be achievable by most people who set out for it.

But not to worry, we are going to show you some unique ways and proven hacks on how to make 10k a month fast online. So, let dive right into it and see how to do it.

Before we continue, you can navigate through the table of content below to get an overview.

How Can I Make I0k a Month Online Fast?

To make 10k a month online fast is attractive, but is difficult for some while some can get it before the month ends.

Getting this amount of money requires determination and being focus to achieve what you have set for yourself.

You can make 10k a month fast online through a lot of ways like dropshipping, flipping stuff, selling online course, blogging, and affiliate marketing, etc.

15 Proven Hacks To Make 10K a Month Online Fast

#1. Teach People

There are things you already know like teaching, playing guitar, etc that people are searching regularly online.

You don’t really need a degree or decades to practice. All you need is to have expert knowledge and excellent communication skills, to be fit to teach what you know to other people.

With this, you can make 10k a month online fast. At first, it may not yield much but with time the more students/persons you will have, the more it’s going to pay off in the long run.

Just share the knowledge you already have and promote it well and you see yourself smiling.

#2. Start Dropshipping with Shopify

Dropshipping with shopify is one best way you make more than 10k per month and has changed the lives of thousands of people across the world.

This is a business model in which you buy cheap stuff from either Aliexpress, Alibaba, or eBay and sell it on either Amazon or your own Shopify eCommerce store at a higher price.

Also, the good thing about this business is that you don’t have to buy stuff and then ship it yourself as all of this process is automated.

All you just need to do is to create an online store on Shopify (which is super easy and everything is drag and drop).

Then you go to Aliexpress or any other site from where you want to buy stuff, import the products you want to sell to your online store through Oberlo (an app that automates the process for you), and price them higher with good profit margins.

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#3. Offer Freelance Writing Services

Freelance writing is one of the most demanding online skill also a great way you can make money.

This skill involves writing blog posts, articles, emails, social media posts and press releases etc. for companies and individuals running their own websites.

So, you can try freelance writing, if you have a good writing skill and an engaging writing style.

Here are freelance websites and writing job boards to kick-start your freelance writing career

Freelance writing site

  • Upwork
  • Freelancer
  • Textbroker (only for USA residents)

Freelance writing job boards:

#4. Sell T-shirt Through Tee Spring

Tee Spring is another website you can make 10k online free. On this website, you can design a t-shirt and sell it anywhere in the world without having to leave your home.

This site does the entire job for you. All you need do is to design a t-shirt you want to sell and upload it on Teespring.

You set the price tag on the t-shirt and get the buying link from them to promote it. After that, you can promote the t-shirt on social media, forums, or anywhere you want with a link given to you by Teespring.

So, once someone clicks the link and buys the t-shirt, Teespring ships the t-shirt to him/her and you get the money after $10 deduction by Teespring as their commission.

#5. Start A Blog

Do you know bloggers make thousands and even hundreds of thousands of dollars every single month?

Blogging is the most profitable online business you can start and make 10k in a month free online.

You can start a blog in under 20 minutes on WordPress. The process is extremely easy and anybody can follow the simple steps mentioned in my guide to blogging and start his/her blog.

While there are free options available to make a blog, I highly recommend you go for a paid option as it would help you have full control over your blog and most importantly make money from it.

#6. Start Affiliate Marketing With Clickbank

This is also the best and profitable way to make 10k in a month free online. Affiliate marketing involves promoting the products or services of some company and getting paid per sale or lead.

In affiliate marketing, the publisher is the person who promotes the product/services and an advertiser or merchant is the person whose product/service is being advertised.

While, ClickBank is one of the best affiliate networks out there that connects advertisers and publishers from a lot of niches like weight loss, online marketing, personal finance, and personal development, etc.

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#7. Start CPA Marketing

CPA stands for Cost Per Action.

CPA marketing involves promoting a specific product, service, or an offer (in most cases) and getting commission per lead.

It’s actually an affiliate marketing that mostly involves promoting a free service or an offer.

Also, most beginners use CPA to start their online journey because promoting a free offer and getting leads is easy as compared to any other form of money-making method.

To start CPA marketing, join some CPA network. There are some CPA networks that accept beginners and they are 100% legit. Below are some of the best CPA networks you can join as a beginner.

  • Flexoffers
  • Adsworkmedia
  • CPA lead

#8. Start a Web Development Business

This is also one way you can make 10k in a month free online. It takes time, but it pays well.

Web developers command a decent hourly rate and their demand is increasing continuously. So if you want to become a web developer, you can start taking tutorials on Skillshare, Pluralsight, Udemy, or Lynda.

#9. Become Amazon Affiliate

You can also make money to become an Amazon affiliate. Amazon has a program through which you can join to promote your products and get commission per sale generated through their affiliate link.

Amazon is the biggest ecommerce giant and every second person buys stuff on Amazon. Much of their annual sales comes through their affiliates who regularly promote their products on their blogs, websites, etc.

Know that anytime you see a website recommending an Amazon product, they are basically the part of Amazon affiliate program.

#10. Offer Social Media Management Services

Social media management is one of those online jobs that is profitable.

It involves managing the social media pages for clients which includes running paid ads, managing the campaigns, calculating the ROI, posting photos and videos to increase engagement and running contests, etc.

IT’s great if you are already good at it but if you want to learn how to run Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat ads, etc. you can learn it on Skillshare. Skillshare has one month of a free trial.

#11. Getting into a Consulting Business

Consulting business has been one of the most emerging businesses over the years and is still growing to an exponential rate in the upcoming years.

If you have any kind of expertise or skill that you can offer to business owners around you and help them scale their business, then this business is for you.

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If you don’t still understand what am saying, consulting involves helping companies identify their mistakes and improve them through your knowledge of a respective domain.

For example, if you know something that will make a business grow, you can reach out to them and offer your services in form of consultancy.

#12. Write a Short Book

You may have a story to tell or a subject to explore–you might write books. Before then, remember they need not be of any specific length or style, and you don’t have to be an expert in the field.

Writing a book isn’t simple, but this is an exceptionally good road to take if you’re not really in audio, video, or merchandise.

Just like other writers that make over $10,000 a month from selling their published books, so this can be a great way for you to make over $10,000 a month.

#13. Email People

You also make money free online with email newsletters. Not just any newsletter, but newsletters that have to be valuable to convert, and there are several ways to make an exceptional newsletter.

One of them is reading books or watching movies and then email your subscribers exciting facts with a rundown.

In addition, you can monetize newsletters when you get enough subscribers, you can get an advertiser or sponsor to support your newsletters.

#14. Recording Coversations

 Is there any subject you’re especially interested in exploring? Can you be a good listener and ask the right questions? It’s time to consider podcasting.

There are countless fields of interest for podcasters. The more well-defined your material is, the bigger is your possibility to make an impact.

In making this possible, you’ll need some basic equipment for recording high-quality sound, but that is about it.

Also, you’ll need persistence. It takes time to build a large audience, but that’s where the big money is.

#15. Earn Money With HealthyWage

With the HealthyWage app, you can win up to $10,000 by making a “bet” on your own weight loss.

On the other hand, you have the opportunity to take part in any of HealthyWage’s weight loss and fitness challenges.

The challenges are fun and effective. Above all, you have the chance to win money for losing your own weight.

You can also download the app on Google play store.


Making 10k a month is something many people wish for but it’s not that easy if you are doing a day job. You may not find all the proven ways to make 10k in a month online free worth trying but I am hopeful you would end up with at least one way to go for.

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