How to Make Money as an Artist with your Artwork | Full Guide

Art has always been an integral part of human culture and society, serving as a medium of expression and reflection of our collective experiences. For many, creating art is a hobby, a passion, and a way of life. That is why we wrote this article on how to make money as an artist with your artwork.

However, the prospect of making a living solely from their artwork can seem daunting and challenging for artists. In today’s digital age, the art market is constantly evolving, with new opportunities and platforms emerging for artists to monetize their creativity.

This comprehensive guide will explore various strategies and tips for artists to turn their art into a profitable business, including how to price your artwork, where to sell it, how to promote your work, and how to build a sustainable career as an artist.

Whether you are a seasoned professional or just starting, this guide will provide valuable insights and actionable steps to help you achieve financial success while pursuing your artistic passion.

What Are The Different Ways To Monetize Artwork?

There are several ways to monetize artwork, including:

Sell artwork online

You can sell your artwork through online marketplaces such as Etsy, Amazon, Saatchi Art, or Artfinder. These platforms allow you to set up your shop and reach a large audience of potential buyers.

Participate in art shows and fairs.

Art shows and fairs are great ways to showcase your work and connect with potential buyers in person. You can apply to participate in local, regional, or national art shows and fairs.

Offer commissioned work

You can offer commissioned work, which involves creating custom art pieces for clients. This can be a lucrative way to monetize your skills, but it may require additional time and effort to meet the client’s specific requirements.

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Teach art classes or workshops.

You can offer classes or workshops to teach others if you have experience and expertise in a particular art form. This can be a rewarding way to share your skills while earning income.

License your artwork

You can license your artwork in commercial products such as t-shirts, mugs, or phone cases. This allows you to earn royalties based on the sales of these products.

Collaborate with brands and companies.

You can collaborate with brands and companies to create unique artwork for their products, advertising campaigns, or branding initiatives. This can be lucrative to monetize your artwork and gain exposure to a broader audience.

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How To Price Your Artwork and Ensure Profitability?

Pricing artwork can be a challenging task, but there are some steps you can take to ensure profitability:

Consider the cost of materials.

You should factor in the cost of the materials used to create the artwork, including canvases, paints, brushes, and any other supplies needed.

Calculate your hourly rate.

Determine how long it took to create the artwork, and then calculate your hourly rate. This should consider your experience, expertise, and the level of detail involved in the piece.

Add a markup

Once you have calculated the cost of materials and your hourly rate, add a markup to ensure profitability. This markup can vary, but a typical range is 50-100%.

Research comparable artworks

Research the pricing of similar artworks by artists with equivalent experience and skill levels. This can give you an idea of how to price your work competitively.

Consider demand and market factors.

Take into account the demand for your artwork, the current market conditions, and the perceived value of your work. This can also affect your pricing strategy.

Offer different pricing tiers.

Consider offering different pricing tiers based on the size or complexity of the artwork, which can appeal to a broader range of buyers and increase profitability.

Re-evaluate pricing periodically

Regularly re-evaluate your pricing strategy to ensure it remains competitive and profitable. This may involve adjusting your pricing based on material costs or market conditions changes.

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Best Tips For Making Money As An Artist With Your Artwork?

Here are some tips for you if you want to make money as an artist with your artwork:

  • Develop a consistent body of work: Creating a consistent and recognizable style can help you build a brand and attract loyal customers.
  • Build an online presence: A solid online presence is essential in today’s digital age. Consider building a website or social media profile to showcase your work and connect with potential buyers.
  • Network with other artists and industry professionals: Building relationships with artists, art dealers, and gallery owners can help you gain exposure and open up new opportunities.
  • Participate in art shows and fairs: Participating in art shows and fairs can help you showcase your work to a broader audience and connect with potential buyers and industry professionals.
  • Offer commissioned work: Offering commissioned work can provide a reliable source of income while allowing you to create custom pieces for clients.
  • License your artwork: Licensing your artwork can allow you to earn royalties from using your work in commercial products.
  • Collaborate with brands and companies: Collaborating with brands and companies can provide exposure to a broader audience while offering lucrative opportunities for creating custom artwork.
  • Consider diversifying your income streams: Pursuing multiple income streams, such as teaching art classes or selling art-related merchandise, can help create a more stable and sustainable income.

Remember that building a successful art career takes time and effort, and it’s essential to approach your art as a business and an expression of your creativity. Using these tips and strategies can increase your chances of turning your artwork into a profitable career.

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What are the Best Platforms To Sell Your Artwork Online?

There are several platforms to sell your artwork online. Here are some of the best venues:

  • Etsy: Etsy is a popular online marketplace for handmade items, including art. It has a large community of buyers and sellers, and it’s easy to set up a shop and start selling.
  • Amazon: Amazon is one of the world’s largest online retailers and has a dedicated category for handmade items, including art. It offers a large customer base and an easy-to-use interface.
  • Saatchi Art: Saatchi Art is an online art marketplace that connects artists directly with buyers. It offers a range of artworks, including paintings, sculptures, and photography.
  • Artfinder: Artfinder is an online art marketplace that connects independent artists with buyers. It offers a curated selection of artwork, and sellers are vetted to ensure quality and authenticity.
  • Society6: Society6 is an online marketplace that sells art prints, apparel, home decor, and other products featuring artwork by independent artists. It offers a range of products and a large customer base.
  • Redbubble: Redbubble is a global online marketplace that sells a range of products, including art prints, apparel, and home decor, featuring artwork by independent artists. It offers an easy-to-use platform and a large customer base.

When choosing a platform to sell your artwork online, it’s essential to consider factors such as fees, shipping options, customer base, and the platform’s ease of use. Consider using multiple platforms to maximize your reach and exposure.

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How to make Money as an Artist?- Step-by-Step Guide

Creating a sustainable business model as an artist requires careful planning and strategic thinking. Here are some critical steps to consider:

Step 1: Identify your niche.

To create a sustainable business model, it’s essential to identify your niche and target audience. This could be a particular style of art or an audience you want to reach.

Step 2- Develop a brand

Building a strong brand is essential to creating a sustainable art business. This could involve developing a consistent style, creating a logo, and establishing a unique value proposition that sets you apart from other artists.

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Step 3: Set financial goals.

Setting financial goals can help you create a roadmap for your art business. This could involve setting a target income level, identifying specific projects or products that generate revenue, and developing a budget for your expenses.

Step 4- Diversify your income streams

There may need to be more than just selling artwork to sustain a long-term business. Consider diversifying your income streams by offering services such as teaching, workshops, or licensing your work for commercial use.

Step 5: Build a network.

Building relationships with other artists, gallery owners, art collectors, and industry professionals can provide opportunities for collaboration, exposure, and referrals.

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Step 6- Invest in marketing

Marketing your art is essential to building a sustainable business. This could involve using social media, email marketing, or paid advertising to promote your work and attract new customers.

Step 7- Manage your time effectively

Managing your time effectively is essential to running a sustainable business. This could involve setting a schedule, prioritizing tasks, and delegating tasks where possible.

Following these steps and building a sustainable business model can increase your chances of making a successful and profitable career as an artist.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How should I price my artwork?

A standard pricing strategy is to calculate the cost of materials plus your hourly rate and then add a markup of 50-100%. However, pricing can also depend on factors such as your experience, demand for your work, and the type of art you create.

What are the best platforms to sell my artwork online?

Many online marketplaces exist, including Etsy, Society6, Redbubble, and Saatchi Art. It’s essential to research each platform and its commission rates, target audience, and customer service before deciding which one(s) to use.

How can I promote my artwork and gain more visibility?

Social media is a powerful tool for artists to showcase their work and engage with potential customers. You can also participate in art shows and fairs, collaborate with brands and companies and network with other artists and enthusiasts.

What are some potential tax implications of selling artwork as a business?

Depending on where you live, you may need to register your art business, obtain a sales tax permit, and report your income and expenses on your tax return. It’s essential to consult with a tax professional for guidance on how to comply with relevant laws and regulations.

How can I build a sustainable career as an artist?

In addition to creating high-quality art, building a solid brand and customer base is vital. Consider diversifying your income streams by offering commissions, teaching workshops or classes, and licensing your art for merchandise or commercial use. Being persistent, adaptable, and open to new opportunities is essential.


Making an artist’s income requires creativity, business acumen, and perseverance. By implementing the strategies and tips outlined in this guide, you can increase your chances of turning your artwork into a profitable career.

Whether you sell your art online, participate in art shows, collaborate with brands, or pursue other income streams, it’s important to approach your skill as a business and prioritize artistic and financial goals.

Remember that building a successful art career takes time and effort. Still, with dedication and a willingness to adapt to the ever-changing art market, you can achieve financial success while sharing your unique artistic vision with the world.



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