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Are you yet to know ways you can make money online as a beginner? Do you want to enjoy the good that comes online even if it is little but you are ready to do the work and earn big after all? Well, you have to read this.

Making money online is the fastest way to earn cash in this day and age. You achieve more online than offline. Knowing that you can make money remotely and at your own time is the good of the internet.

There are a whole lot of platforms and tools available where one can start making money online. However, a strong internet connection and a gadget are what you need to enjoy the good in any of these platforms. 

Here, this article reveals the 30 best ways you as a beginner can start making money online at the comfort of your home.

Let’s begin.


The answer to this question, can you make money online is yes and no. There are a lot of simple ways to make a quick $100 online. I have compiled a list of 30 easy ways to make money online. Additionally, if you want it to be consistent, it is also pretty easy. 

The truth is, If you want to make money freelancing online, then you need to work hard and invest the time. 

This list is not for those who are looking for a “magic bullet” to make money. Remember, “Nothing comes easy in life. Even Santa comes with a Clause.”


Earning an income online is considered to be an excellent option by many.

Moreover, the reason is that earning an income online is an excellent way to supplement your income, so you are not dependent on one paycheck. Some even turn it into a career.

Other reasons to start making money online include;

1. Working from anywhere is possible

You can do this. The most important thing is to find a position where you feel comfortable. Cubicles are no longer necessary. It is time to say goodbye to boardrooms.

The options are endless when you can access everything online – whether you are working from your commuter lounge, the trendy new co-working space downtown, or cozying up in a cafe in your favorite city.

 2. Who is the boss?

A significant benefit to working for yourself is knowing that every decision you make is entirely yours, and every success you achieve is entirely yours. That feels more liberating than anything.

 3. Dressing Code

People don’t know whether you wear pants if you work from home. Just make sure you’re properly dressed if you’re having video calls with suppliers or partners.

 4. Your Earning Potential is limitless:

Setting your own goals and evaluating your own performance is an essential aspect of self-employment. You are responsible for your own income, so you no longer receive a salary, but you are not capped or determined by corporate structures.

Additionally, your earning potentials are endless.


The best ways to make money online for beginners include;


If you’ve got the time and want to catch fun while at it, take a survey. Avail yourself of tasks on platforms like Timebucks, AppKarma, Swagbucks, and more. Any of these platforms will give you a head start to make money online.

Swagbucks is a free online site to make money from. First, sign up on the website. Make a choice on the task you want like shop online, watch videos, surveys, etc. Finish the survey task and Swagbucks pays you either in gift cards or cash. That is an option you can make for yourself. 


Selling photos is a good way to make money online. Many companies are in need of beautiful photos for design on T-shirts, wallpaper, phone cases, etc.

To make money online selling photos, check platforms like Shutterstock and istockphoto. allows you to sell photos, but first, you have to download the Getty images app in App Store or Google Play. Then, upload 3 to 6 images, videos, or illustration samples through the YouTube links.

After that is done, wait to get a review of your samples to know if you are accepted to any one of the two – Getty images or istock.


Transcribing for small or big businesses can make you money online. You’ll basically change audio into great texts and make money.

Transcribing jobs is highly sorted for and it is a flexible job to do. is one recommendable site for you to begin with. Sign up on and a free training and exam course will be sent to you.

Upon course completion, a paid work will be available to you. Becoming a TranscribeMe professional, you earn about $15 to $22 per audio hour.


Transfer your knowledge to others outside the four walls of education.

Take up jobs to teach subjects online without being in the same room with the students. Platforms like and are there for your service. You become a tutor for free in any one of them. sign-up is free and you are ready to teach over 800,000 students anytime and anywhere. Become a host on after sign up and then take your first class.

It enables you to charge rates of your own choice. Preply team provides training for you through their webinars to upgrade your skills. 


Social media is your gold mine if you know how to use it. Companies are very much in need of a large audience and presence on social media.

Your job is to build an audience on social media and help businesses and companies to promote their products. You earn a commission for every purchase of their product.

Simply contact companies whose brand and products are essentials to people. Arrange your payment plan with the company and make sure you are satisfied with it.

You can as well create a gig on and get hired for a job.


Are you good at checking grammatical errors and accuracy? Then take up service on proofreading. Novels and other written works are what you would do.

It is a herculean task but the money is worth it. Writers pay high for this service. Platforms like and are where to get hired.

Get started with Fiverr and create a professional profile to attract the right clients. Then create a proofreading gig. 


Make money online with your opinions at no cost to you. Let people and brands know what you think about a product with a review on the product.

Your review helps brands to know how their products may likely be to the public. Join platforms for this are,,, etc.

Start by signing up for free on these platforms. Then apply to a brand and write a review. Always give an honest review on any product you have a voice for. 


The beauty behind your art can be shared for others to see and the highest bidder goes home with it.

You need to become an artist that makes money for what he does. A platform like can give you a headway to make money online.

Set up your shop with Society6 by first creating a Paypal account (for payment purposes), the cover image of 1000/100px, 50 words bio, and then upload your art. 


Have you got an editing skill you want to maximize for money? There is a lot of money to make as a video editor and with the right platforms, you can begin to make money.

Create accounts on platforms like Mandy and ProductionHub. You get started on after showcasing your work on a created profile. Respond to lead and bid for projects. Also, have direct communication with clients for a full-time job or part-time.


These days there are different courses for different needs. Also, convert an idea into a course that would be valuable to others.

You can sell these ideas as courses on platforms like Udemy, Coursera, SkillShare, etc. Sign up on and be a host. Sell your courses to students. 


These days a lot of products are sold online which makes companies and businesses look for people to carry out the service of delivering products purchased on their online platforms.

Delivery service is a flexible job you can do and make money. You can get started by checking for companies or businesses that sell online. Consider contacting businesses that are nearer to your vicinity. 


Apply your skill in graphics and make money online. The opportunities for graphic designers to make money are endless.

Design beautiful and catchy graphics for businesses like logos, designs on T-shirts and even phone cases, etc.

Platforms like Visme gets you hired. To join the Visme family, sign up is free. Select the content types you want to be hired and work towards your client’s taste.


Renting your space to people for work purposes can make you money.

Sharing your space with guests on a platform like Airbnb is a good way to make money.

This comes with some work if you want a better guest review such as cleaning your space to fit guests’ desires.

Hosting your home on Airbnb makes you about $406 a month with a free sign-up. Learn more at


Are you a pet lover? Can you stay all day with a pet and enjoy every moment? Then make some money by booking for service on and

Help to walk a dog and get paid for just that. You charge based on the hours of walking the dog. 

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Testing of apps for brands can be a good choice to make money especially if you have a good taste for new things.

You can get started with a platform like Apply by signing up for free and taking a quick test to join the UserTesting community.

Select the test that matches with you and share your honest views for brands to get improved on their products or services. 


Don’t keep your old gadget in the store. Make money from it instead of having them lie in the store doing nothing.

Start now to take all those old gadgets to where you can sell them and make money for yourself.

You can register with a platform like to begin selling those old gadgets. Apply and select on the sell menu. Pick the category on what you want to sell. 


Becoming a website developer can fetch you a lot of money. Web development skills are highly needed for businesses that want to reach a larger audience.

Online platforms that are available for you are,, Sign-up is free.

Any of these platforms can make you money by first creating an impressive profile and then a web-development gig of the service you render. 


Have you got a lot of business names or slogans to call a company? Join the contest-based platform to do exactly that. is an open platform to start submitting those names, taglines or slogans, and logos to companies in need of them. Sign up with SquadHelp for free.

You would be assigned contests for your ratings and upon completing your account will be upgraded to a ‘Full Access’. Now you can contest and get paid.


Become a voice-over artist with little or no experience at all and still make money. All you have got to offer to make some money is your voice.

You can make a voice-over for a video, game, production demo, and more. Applying for a voice-over job on platforms like,, Flexjobs,, etc.

Join for free and select the gig you want to offer. It is that easy.

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Make money online by using your car for a ride. Convey others to their destinations with your car while you make money for the service.

Join online platforms like and to book your car for that service. Sign up with any of these platforms for free as well as choose when to make money.

Provide documents like driver’s license, full documents of the car, etc., to complete your registration. 


Having your own blog can be the best choice to start making money. It is a good way if you have a love for writing.

You can always write content to stay relevant and also share helpful resources to your audiences through advertisement and earn a commission for every buy on your blog.

Though making money at first may not come easy but with your consistency, you can make money out of it. 


Make money online by becoming a virtual assistant for organizations without your physical presence.

Tasks like research, bookkeeping, managing emails, booking travel and more are what you can help organizations with as a virtual assistant all at the comfort you choose.

Get started by offering your service as a virtual assistant on platforms such as,,

Create gigs for these services and get hooked with clients.

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Do you have a great song and you want others to feel the vibe of the song? You can sell those songs online and make money from your talent.

Platforms such as get you on that quickly.

Choose the account type you want — free or premium. Start with a free account keeps you low on the rank and has no access to the board. Premium gives you full access to the board. Also, your profile is ranked high. Best start— get the free account and upgrade to premium later on.


Do you want to put your typing prowess to use and make money from it? One easy way to do that is by applying for a data entry job.

Hook up with jobs from clients seeking to hire on platforms like,, and more.

Start by creating a profile that draws clients’ attention. Make a gig for your service and what you charge for the job. 


Take your spare car online and make money while it is on rent. Give your car to a guest to use and earn money.

Platforms like and are places to rent your car out. Apply as a host on these platforms for free. Register your car with or and get it listed.

Always make sure your car is available for bookings. 


Do you want to make money every time you do your shopping? Have your shopping spree make money for you with platforms like,,, and more.

All you have got to do is make your shopping on any of the platforms’ portals through each retail outlet.

You earn points after every shopping. Convert your points to either cash or gift cards. 


Writing on Medium is one start for writers to join millions of other writers to share their different perspectives and thinking.

As a writer on, you make money by joining the Partner Program where only Medium members can access your stories.

Getting started is free. Publish your crafted stories with the “Meter my story box checked”. Earn money monthly on every read story. 


YouTube is one great platform that can make money for you. The online video sharing platform enables you to monetize your account even with no million subscribers.

You get to do that by first signing into the YouTube account, go to YouTube studio, select monetization, and create an Adsense account to get paid. Sign up on either YouTube Partner Program or YouTube Premium.

YouTube Premium works with no ads and non-members can view your content and still get paid.


Provide professional and expert advice to individuals or organizations in need and make money for your service.

Today, you can provide expert advice online to people lacking knowledge in your field.

Steps to follow — state clearly your specialization, have a website, get certified, set your rate, and also a reputable system.

Engage with clients online with platforms like and 


The business of a copywriter is the power to reach out to millions of people just with letters.

Copywriters are channels companies are using to boost their revenue. Learn the skill of copy by availing for courses and reading resources like Swipe files.

Help increase companies’ sales with a well-crafted irresistible sales letter as well as make yourself money.,, are platforms to get started.

First, build a profile to attract clients and set your price for the gig. 


In this article, we have revealed the best ways to make money online. It is high time you took your skills or business idea to a different level. There are a lot of clients waiting to hire you for the skill you have got. 

Beginners should know that the internet is the new market to reach out to a larger audience. The many opportunities online can make you money as they are pointed out. 

While this article covers the 30 best ways to make money, it is advisable you select any one way that is suitable for you.