How To Start A Floral Business In 2023: The Ultimate Guide, Step-by-Step

It’s great to hear that you are interested in starting a floral business, which means you love gardening and flowers. For this reason, it might spur you to learn how to start a floral business.

This business can either be a full-time business or a side hustle for you. Also, you won’t need to worry about getting fired or anything.

Furthermore, this business can be done on the phone or via your website so you won’t need a storefront.

All you will need is a great eye monitor, so you don’t tire while working on your new business!

As someone who loves this business and what to know how to start, Stay with me to the end to know every step on how to start a floral business.

Who Is A Florist?

According to CareerExplorer, a florist arranges flowers and other plant elements into a pleasing design. Also, sell cut flowers.

The arrangements of flowers are used mostly for celebratory events like weddings, birthdays, and Valentine’s days. They can also be used for hotels, homes, catered events, etc.

Formerly, most florists were once owners of small independent shops. Still, with the recent invention of internet-based delivery services and all-in-one convenience markets, many are now employed by larger companies.

What Is Floral Business All About? The Ultimate Guide

A florist business can be either a retail or a more significant one.

For the retail florist business, this can be as small as a kiosk in a hospital, your home, or a flower shop.

Furthermore, they sell, deliver and arrange flowers for special occasions like weddings. Some of these retail florists form niches by specializing in a specific type of flower, such as roses, hibiscus, etc.

While for larger florists, businesses have attached greenhouses and nurseries where they grow and sell plants, trees, and other items.

Things To Consider

Before thinking of entering into a floral business, you should consider having a well-detailed knowledge of plants and flowers.

Customers will always ask for expert advice about a plant’s soils, fertilizers, light, water, and temperature requirements.

Your advice which is either poor, non-specific, or good, depends on whether your customers stay or leave to search for a better florist.

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Choose a location that is convenient and near to your target market. If you’re running an upscale, specialty floral business, try to open it in a neighborhood where you will attract interested clients. Ideally, the spot you choose will receive foot and vehicle traffic.

However, If you decide to start your business from home, living near a retail area is best.

If you don’t, you can start a website with order forms or widely market your services to increase exposure.

Creating Brand

There can be heavy competition in the floral business, so setting your business apart from other local florists is key.

So, offering lower prices, original arrangements rather than standard, or specializing in a specific type of flowers will make your business stand out.

Also, you can consider focusing your expertise on weddings, business functions, hotels, or other specific occasions or locations.

All of your marketing materials should focus on attracting your customer base to the uniqueness of your business.

How Much Does It Cost To Start A Floral Business?

Starting a floral business usually costs between $10,000 and $50,000.

Most expenses go towards coolers for keeping flowers fresh, leasing a location, buying the initial order of flowers, and floral-arranging supplies (e.g. floral tape, vases, floral foam, floral wire, and preservatives).

Also, if the business will be delivering flowers, wages for an employee and the price of a delivery van should be considered.

However, as a florist, you can reduce startup costs by purchasing only one cooler and reducing how many flowers you stock at a time.

How Much Does A Florist Earn?

According to the Bureau of Labor And Statistics, a florist’s average salary is $27,750, with an hourly wage of about $13.34.

From the report, the top paying areas for florists in the U.S.A. include Northwest Colorado, Santa Barbara, San Fransisco, and the District of Columbia, with an average mean salary between $41,000-45,000 and an hourly wage of approximately $19-22/hour in these areas.

The Essential Things To Start A Business

Here are the essential things you must have to start a Floral business.

  • A sharp and quality clippers
  • You will need a workbench or a table to design on.
  • Wire cutters for wire, zip ties, etc. Don’t use clippers to cut wire.
  • Two pairs of sharp scissors, one for cutting ribbons and the other for something else.
  • You can use a knife to clean thorns and leaves off of rose stems, even if you prefer to cut them with a clipper.
  • A few buckets. Fresh flowers need a water source, so buckets are essential to proper processing.
  • Water to fill buckets & vases.
  • A reliable wholesale source for good flowers. Once you register your business in your state, Provence, Country, etc., you can shop with professional wholesalers.
  • A toolbox or “bag of tricks” to bring your floral act on the road or in case of damage in delivery or transport.
  • Some delivery vehicles are either a van, a sedan, a wagon, or a box trucks.

In addition to the item listed above, you must have the following:

  • An understanding of industry-standard markups and design fees
  • Floral design skills/training
  • A flower care knowledge!

Steps On How To Start A Floral Business

I know by now you will be wondering how to start a floral business, and the steps to take. But not to worry. There are some steps that we will show you.

#1. Assess Your Capacity

This is knowing how much you can give to your floral business.

As you think about your capacity, remember that you don’t have to take weddings every weekend to legitimize your craft.

It’s fine to recommend other florists when certain opportunities clash with your work, family, and even rest priorities.

While turning away clients initially seems unreasonable, know that it will prevent you from experiencing quick burnout and allow you to continue producing quality work. Estimate how much you can take on and let it be enough.

#2. Find Your “Why” For Floral Design Business

Write down a vision/mission for why you’re stepping out in your new venture and where you want to go in your floral business.

This is important to know how much time and money you will invest in making the pursuit happen.

At times plans often change, so reflect on on where you see your creative life going and write down achievable goals.

You could set particular, measurable goals. For example, your plan and budget for the next three months.

Casting a vision for yourself will ensure that your new pursuit is life-giving to yourself and your clients.

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#3. Make a Move in Starting a Floral Design Business

This part can sometimes be the hardest but start.

Begin arranging flowers for a few smaller events on the weekends, then offer to do a friend’s wedding at the cost of the flowers.

After a couple of weddings, you’ll see your floral business’s feasibility.

Sometimes it’s good to decide by putting yourself out there and booking that first wedding with confidence.

#4. Always See Potential In Every Celebration

Building a client base and developing your portfolio is difficult when you’re working on starting your floral business. But you can start with the celebrations of those you know.

If it is a holiday, a friend’s wedding shower, or a birthday, offer to make arrangements for these occasions.

Check for a budget for decorations and volunteer to buy and arrange the flowers.

#5. Set Aside A Budget For Your Business

It might seem risky at the beginning, it is okay to make small investments in your business.

If you can, sacrifice a little percentage of your current income to your business until you begin to make that money back.

You can put it in your budget and call it a “flower business.” This will help you purchase tools, build your portfolio, and practice more before clients start contacting you.

#6. Perfect Your Design Practice

For your client to feel more confident about their decision of you doing flowers, you need to know what you are doing, produce quality work, and fit within their aesthetic.

You can achieve this by taking classes, watching videos, and reading books. This will help you develop your skill set and propel you toward challenging arrangements that will make you more competitive.

#7. Market Your Floral Design Business According To Your Long-Term Goals

Knowing whether you want to make your business a full-time business or keep it as a freelance gig will help you determine the tools you need to market yourself.

If you are a freelance florist, then sharing your floral design business images on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest under your name can serve your purposes well.

However, you purchase a domain name and a website, file an EIN, and eventually obtain your resale license if it turns into a side business.

Note: While social media is a great tool, it can also make you feel like you are not enough or not okay right where you are.

Don’t weigh yourself by how many Instagram likes you get; weigh yourself by the amount of purpose you feel in doing your work and how much joy you get from creating.

Pros And Cons Of Becoming A Floral Designer

Here are the Pros and Cons Of being a floral designer.

Flex Your Creative Muscles Every DayThere May be Little Room for Growth in Floral Design
No Degree RequiredFloral Design Can Get Stressful
Floral Designers are Often EntrepreneursSalaries Not High


Having thought of this business idea is a good one. So, i hope this article will guide you on how to start a floral business.

Good Luck!!!



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