How Much Does Jira Cost?

Jira App helps with cutting-edge project planning, tracking, and delivery software that prioritizes productivity, and continuous delivery, and also enables client feedback.

With Jira’s easy-to-use features and simple interface, users are often moved to make the final decision based on how much it will cost to enjoy the amazing features.

In this article, we review the Jira features, as well as Jira pricing.

Before we delve into Jira pricing and its features it is necessary to know what Jira is.

What Is Jira?

Jira is a project management and issue tracking software program. Atlassian, an Australian software firm, created the program, which is now extensively used by agile development teams to monitor bugs, stories, epics, and other activities.

Atlassian branded its product “Gojira,” which translates to “Godzilla” in Japanese. Atlassian’s coders utilized a bug-tracking software tool named Bugzilla before developing the tool, which inspired the name.

Over 150,000 modern software teams use Jira software to plan, track, and release their projects using agile project management, which emphasizes efficiency, continuous releases, and client feedback.

Jira allows software teams to release software using a simple drag-and-drop interface, regardless of whether they use Scrum, Kanban, a hybrid approach, or their bespoke workflow. More than 60,000 businesses around the world use it, including big brands like Spotify, Square, Domino’s, Airbnb, and eBay.

Jira Software connects with a variety of business programs, such as source code and collaboration platforms, so users don’t have to switch contexts many times to get the most up-to-date project status.

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How Much Is Jira Subscription?

Below are Jira pricing options:

Jira Pricing

Jira is quite inexpensive, for groups of less than ten people, the program is free.

Jiri pricing is simply divided into four plans and they are:

  • Free Plan
  • Standard Plan 
  • Premium Plan
  • Enterprise Plan

Let’s have an overview of the various plans.

1. Free Plan

The free subscription is limited to 2 GB of file storage and lacks certain essential capabilities for most teams. Beyond basic use, the free plan isn’t a viable business solution. Upgrade to the Standard or Premium subscriptions if you require enhanced functionality, project roles, and audit logs.

2. Standard

Jira pricing at the standard level begins at $7 per user per month. It can hold up to 5,000 users. The basic package includes unlimited single project automation and 250 GB of file storage space.

3. Premium Plan

Larger enterprises with sophisticated demands can immediately upgrade to the Jira premium plan, which includes 24/7 support, limitless storage, and the ability to accommodate up to 20,000 members. Jira pricing for the premium plan starts at $14 per user monthly.

4. Enterprise Plan 

Enterprise solutions with Jira pricing can support up to 20,000 users. This plan is intended for organizations with worldwide scale, security, and governance requirements; nevertheless, the price must be obtained from Jira.

In conclusion, with only 2 GB of maximum file storage, the free plan lacks some features that most teams want. You’ll need to upgrade to the Standard or Premium package if you want advanced rights, project roles, and audit logs, as well as unlimited storage.

The Standard level, which starts at $7 per user per month, is where most teams start. Larger enterprises with more complex requirements can hop right into Premium, which starts at $14 per user per month, or the enterprise plan.

If you know that you’ll be using this program for a long time, signing up for annual billing is a no-brainer. When compared to a month-to-month payment cycle, this effectively provides you with two months free.

Why Use Jira?

Jira Software is an agile project management tool used by over 150,000 modern software teams to plan, track, and release their projects. It focuses on efficiency, continuous releases, and customer feedback.

More than 60,000 businesses around the world rely on it, including big brands like Square, Spotify, eBay, and Airbnb. Jira is also relatively cheap compared to other software management companies.

Some of the reasons why Jira might be a good fit for you are listed below:

Jira Features

With the Jira app, you get access to the following features:

1. Powerful Agile Tools

Jira is a powerful agile tool that was designed specifically for agile and Scrum project management. Scrum boards and Kanban boards are included in the program, allowing teams to view workflows and track task progress in real-time.

2. Fantastic Reporting

The software comes with reports right out of the box which managers can use to get real-time insights into their team’s performance. Jira’s agile reports include burndown charts, sprint reports, velocity charts, version reports, burnup charts, and cumulative flow diagrams, to name a few.

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3. Supports Multiple Use Cases

Jira is oriented toward software development teams and supports a variety of use cases. However, some Jira versions are meant to help various departments inside an organization.

This program can be used by marketing teams to arrange complex product launches and large-scale events. Custom processes can be created by human resources departments to optimize the hiring process.

4. Bug Tracking And Issue Management

Jira was created by Atlassian to track bugs in software projects. This feature is still available in Jira’s project management service to date. The application makes it simple for programmers to find, track, and record errors in their code.

5. Highly Customizable

Custom workflows give teams the ability to construct a visual depiction of their procedures. This helps to promote project accountability and openness. 

6. Safe And Secure

In today’s world, the need for data security cannot be overstated. Admins can define custom roles for team members in Jira, giving them complete control over who has access to what. TLS 1.2+ is used to encrypt all data, and AES 256 encryption is used on servers hosting user data.

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7. Mobile Support

As software teams grow more globally scattered, Jira Software’s mobile app enables team members all around the world to remain on top of their projects using their Android and iOS smartphones.

What Are The Packages Offered by Jira?

Below are the packages offered by Jira:

  • Jira Core
  • Jira Software 
  • Jira Align
  • Jira Project Management 
  • Jira Service Management 

Let’s have an overview of the packages

1. Jira Core

Jira Core is a project management tool designed for usage in conventional businesses. The program is based on project workflows, which are used to establish processes and keep track of activities by teams. Teams can graphically track the progress of tasks and projects with Jira Core. Jira Core can also be used to construct automation activities that are based on rules.

2. Jira Software

This is the version that software development teams will use. Jira Software covers all of Core’s features as well as agile capabilities. This program is used by software teams to track bugs, handle fundamental software development tasks, and manage products.

3. Jira Align

Jira Align is a project management tool that connects overarching business strategy to technical execution. Jira Align allows executives to see real-time team data throughout the entire organization.

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4. Jira Project Management 

Jira Software may be tailored to match any project. A product team may also sync the status of its day-to-day work with its big-picture plan by linking the tool with its product roadmap. Teams can use a project template to get started, or they can design their bespoke approach.

5. Jira Service Management

Jira Service Management is a DevOps and Ops ITSM solution. Its goal is to make the service management process better for both customers and internal personnel. Jira Service Desk is used by call center managers, help desk representatives, and other support workers for issue ticketing, incident management, and change management.

Jira Service Management isn’t meant to be a replacement for project management. It’s a completely different device.

Having known what Jira is as well as its features and packages, let’s look at Jira pricing.

Frequently Asked Questions On Jira Pricing

Jira’s process is straightforward to learn and apply.

Yes, Jira provides a free plan. However, the free version is limited to 10 users and provides just 2GB of file storage.

Atlassian’s self-managed Data Center products and Atlassian-built apps are free to use in the classroom by collegiate and graduate students, as well as teachers.

Jira offers four subscriptions and they are:

  • Free Plan: The free plan only comes with 2 GB of file storage and lacks some features that most teams need.
  • Standard Plan: Jira pricing at the standard level begins at $7 per user per month.
  • Premium Plan: Jira pricing for the premium plan starts at $14 per user monthly.
  • Enterprise Plan: To get Jire pricing for the enterprise you’ll need to contact the company.


When it comes to reliable project management firms that prioritize efficiency, continuous-release, and customer feedback, Jira will always be on the list of top management companies. With the trust that it has earned from over 60,000 enterprises worldwide, including Cisco, Square, Spotify, eBay, and Airbnb, it’s a sure sign that Jira is good to go.

Furthermore, it provides price options that are relatively low while yet providing high-quality services. We hope that this Jira pricing evaluation has provided you with the necessary information you need to know about Jira.


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