Lyft Peak Hours: When is The Best Time to Book Lyft?

Lyft, like every other rideshare app, has times when the demand is more remarkable. And this can be because of several factors.

As a driver, you need to know when Lyft’s peak hours are, as it can significantly improve your finances.

Also, peak hours are the busiest for Lyft drivers because this is when passengers request rides the most and drivers get the highest number of pickups.

Lyft sometimes needs more drivers to satisfy the high demand.

So, if you want to know when Lyft’s peak hours occur, continue reading this article.

What Are Lyft Peak Hours?

Lyft peak hours are points where there is a high demand for Lyft drivers. Lyft takes pride in staying on top of local events, ‘special happenings,’ and high-demand events in each region. For this reason, peak hours occur frequently.

For example, significant sports events are held at venues such as Madison Square Garden in NYC, or the Rose Bowl, even on a Sunday night.

When this occurs, it drives up demand for Lyft drivers significantly. Then, Lyft will immediately institute “Peak Hours.”

Why is Lyft So expensive in the Morning?

Morning tends to be one of the peak hours for Lyft. Lyft is expensive in the morning because demand for it is high. This is quite understandable, as users call up rides to rush down to the offices or attend to business meetings.

So, if its not so important, you could try requesting a ride in the afternoon when the surge is less although it is also relative. Bear in mind if there is a special event in the afternoon, it could still be expensive as it was in the morning.

When Do Lyft Peak Hours Occur?

Generally, Lyft’s peak hours start when the demand is higher and when more people are traveling overall.

This means that there will be a peak during the morning and evening rush hours as people head to and from work between 7 am–9 am and 5 pm–7 pm during workdays.

Also, peak hours occur when people are out in large numbers but can’t or don’t drive. This happens in the evening on Friday and Saturday nights when people are heading out to bars and clubs.

Conversely, it happens when people return from bars and clubs.

Typically, this happens more during weekends.

As a Lyft driver, you can see the peak hours in your city from the Lyft app. The hours stay consistent each week, though special events can alter them. Lyft keeps a close eye on this and updates the hours in the driver app.

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How do Lyft’s Peak Hours Work?

Peak hours vary by region. Each city has different rush hours, events, and demand levels for Lyft drivers.

Due to this difference, peak hours are different in every region. They may be different in every section of a large city.

For example, peak hours may increase in the downtown area of a larger city on weekends, whereas the suburbs of the same city may not have a price increase.

The downtown core would likely not have peak hours simultaneously during a weekday.

How to Predict Lyft Demand

Typically, it’s elementary to predict when a Lyft peak hour will occur, especially when big games or events are happening.

But, it’s essential to know that Lyft peak hours can also vary dynamically based on weather conditions, sporting events, concerts, holidays, and other factors that cause people to use Lyft instead of driving themselves.

As a Lyft driver, you can quickly know when there is high demand. If you’re in driver mode, you can see a city heat map showing the market using shades of light to dark pink. The darker the area, the higher the demand (and the higher the potential price increase).

Also, you can stay aware of current events and conditions. If it’s a holiday, it’s a good day to drive. If there’s bad weather, it’s equally a good time to move, as people who usually walk will decide to take Lyft.

If there’s a conference in town, most people will likely need a ride when they are done for the day.

On the other side, Lyft riders need access to the same tools drivers use to check demand. But you can still use logic and awareness tools to determine your city’s trends.

If you know there’s a concert going on downtown, make sure you travel before or after it. Don’t decide to go out right when the show is ending, or you might end up paying a hefty premium.

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When is Lyft the Cheapest?

The cheapest time of the day to get a Lyft ride is when there are no surges. Surges here refer to the time.

Typically, the price of taking a Lyft stays the same throughout the day. The base fare is primarily based on distance and duration, and the rate is set for each service type (e.g., Lyft Plus) and for each city.

Depending on how busy the drivers are, surge pricing can apply, and it is referred to as “Prime Time.”

During these Prime Times, your fare can be applied to a multiplier that can increase what you pay. The Lyft app will warn you of this before you begin the trip.

If you are curious about the “cheapest time of day,” you may want to avoid these times when surges are possible.

If you are still wondering when Lyft is the cheapest, consider booking during unexpectedly busy times, and they often happen during commute times, during events, Friday and Saturday nights when people are out, etc. 

Why is Lyft So Expensive in the Morning?

The law of demand and supply applies here. Lyft is so expensive when the need for drivers outnumbers available drivers.

There is always a rush to get to work on time in the morning. This requests Lyft rise.

Mornings are considered Lyft’s peak hours hence, why Lyft is so expensive in the morning.

Ways to avoid surge pricing on Lyft due to Peak Hours

If you need a ride during Lyft peak hours, schedule a Lyft in advance. Lyft’s advanced scheduling feature locks in a price for you.

It may be lower or higher depending on what Lyft assumes the demand will be like at that time and in that location.

But if you know you’re heading out during surge time and the schedule ahead feature available in your city, you’ll save a few bucks by locking in your rate well before the ride.

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#1. Use the other app

If there’s a peak-hour price increase on Lyft, you can consider using other apps. There are two ways this can end. You may get a cheaper rate on other apps, or you may get an expensive cost.

Either way, compare with other apps before requesting a ride during Lyft’s peak hours.

#2. Try carpooling

Carpooling involves sharing a ride with strangers. Although it’d take longer than average, it can still be an excellent way to avoid paying the huge fees that come with peak hours.

Lyft Line allows you to see precisely what you’ll be paying before you request a car, and while surge pricing applies, it’s not quite as costly as it would be if you asked for your vehicle.

#3. Walk

Sometimes, increased prices are concentrated on a particular area. If you walk a bit, you can get a lower fare.

While walking, check which area gives you a cheaper rate and order your ride there.

#4. Wait

Some surge pricing happens suddenly and doesn’t last long. If a concert is getting out nearby, prices might surge for a half hour or so until all the concert-goers have dispersed. Waiting a bit and checking again can give cheaper options.

#5. Refer a friend and get a free ride

If you have a friend who still needs to download Lyft, you can refer them with your personalized offer code, and you will get a free ride.

Things to Know Before Becoming a Lyft Driver

While the desire for money is a significant reason to start driving for Lyft, here are leading things you should know before you start.

#1. Your actual earnings may be less than advertised

A 2016 NerdWallet study of 14 of the largest Lyft markets found that to achieve an annual income of $50,000, Lyft drivers need to offer 84 rides.

The amount of money you’ll make depends mainly on how many hours you put in behind the wheel. 

But regardless of how much you work, you need to consider the expenses you’ll incur — maintenance, gasoline, repairs, insurance, and taxes — and the commission Lyft will take. Lyft takes between 20 to 25 percent of drivers’ fares.

See how you can make extra as a Lyft driver here How To Make Money Driving For Lyft | Guide

#2. It may be worth it to drive for Lyft

Many drivers do so because they find that sometimes one service offers better rates than the other.

The New York Times recently wrote that Lyft had “cultivated a reputation for being more driver-friendly” than Uber.

#3. Be familiar with “peak” hours in your area

Knowing when peak hours are in your area will help you earn more because Lyft raises its rate for customers.

Lyft calls it “Prime Time,” and it tends to be late at night or early in the morning.

Sometimes very late at night or early in the morning, especially during concerts, sporting events, festivals, conventions, trade shows, etc.

#4. Keep your car clean

As a driver, you should always consider keeping your car clean inside and out. This could mean weekly detailing and daily trips to the car wash.

#5. Join a local Facebook group 

Another thing to do as a Lyft driver is to join local Facebook groups for Lyft drivers. If there is such a group, you can get a lot of good information about where and when to earn the most as a driver.

#6. Make sure you can endure the rigors of the job.

Part of the problems of being a driver is the stiffness in the legs and back that comes with driving for so long.

So, this may not be an excellent job for you if you have underlying health issues.

#7. You have time.

Being a Lyft driver gives you time to do other stuff that matters. It allows for a lot of flexibility since you are your boss.

So, it’s all up to you to have a good, healthy, and balanced life.

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#8. Know your area

As a Lyft driver, one of the essential things you can do is to know your area well. Get to know if it’s an area that will be affected by “Peak Hours” or not.

Also, if it’s a small city, don’t expect a lot of money during events like festivals. So, it’s up to you to determine how you can make money in your area.

#9. Lyft builds customers’ tips into its app

You can find some helpful tips in your Lyft app if you need help with handling customers. With these tips, you can have a better customer relationship and make more money during Lyft’s peak hours.

#10. Only become a Lyft driver if you can relate appropriately to people.

As a Lyft driver, you will indeed be handling people from all works of life. To make the most of it, you must learn how to relate to people properly.

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Whether you are a Lyft driver, rider, or both, knowing when peak hours and how they work can make a big difference in your finances.

This post highlights all you need to know about Lyft’s peak hours.

I hope it helps you.

All the best!

FAQs on lyft peak hours

Is Lyft 24-hour?

Yes, Lyft is a 24/7 service.

What is Lyft surge pricing? 

Surge pricing is a common practice used by ridesharing apps during periods of high demand to incentivize more drivers to meet the increased need for rides.

Is Lyft more expensive on weekends?

Lyft drivers tend to make the most money on weekdays due to a high demands of people going out for the things they can’t do during their work week.


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