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If you have shopped at a bigger-box store before, you can totally relate to how difficult it is to figure out where to begin. There are literally a dozen options, all looking as worthy as the next.

Madewell offers clothing that promises not just to stand the test of time, but is also affordable and would definitely put a color in your wardrobe. 

Every student needs a discount. Are you a denim lover? Do you like to create an effortless look with your shirt tucked in, sleeves rolled, and jeans ripped?

If so, Madewell is the place for you. Take advantage of Madewell’s student discount and coupons and secure yourself that leather jacket, slouchy sweater, or have-forever totes you always wanted.

The Madewell Insider Loyalty Program is free to join and includes free shipping on all orders, a birthday gift, free returns, free hemming on jeans, and more.

Have you been wondering if Madewell offers students discounts? Have you been wondering how to get the Madewell student discount?

This article highlights these and many more. Keep reading. 

What Is A Madewell Student Discount?

Madewell is a store that has been around for several years. During the period they have been in existence, they have made a name and built a reputation for themselves.

Madewell is a store that focuses on all the things you can wear with denim, like effortless tees, keep-forever bags, cool jewelry, and compliment-worthy shoes.

Their most popular clothing is Madewell’s high-rise skinny jeans- which are available in petite, regular, tall and, taller fits.  

For the past few years, Madewell stores does better and better. Now, the Madewell student discount is a way for students to get Madewell products without having to break the bank. When shopping in person, you only need to flash your student ID to receive a store discount.

If you are shopping online, the promo codes and student discounts can also be added to your online basket easily if you are registered. 


Why Do You Need A Madewell Student Discount?

There’s a long history of retailers giving customers discounts, even before the Internet age, and for good reason.

Studies have shown that giving users a discount can increase sales between 130% -530% depending on the industry.

There are many reasons why discounts help increase sales; they bring more users to the site, encourage users to share your brand or product with friends and colleagues, and increase the overall reputation of your brand.

However, there are different reasons why students themselves need student discounts.

Some of them are:

  • Looking out for and accepting student discounts gets you into the savings habit early. If you establish a savings habit now when your paycheck is super small, you would only continue to save more and more money as you get your hands on a real paycheck from a job-job.
  • Accepting a Madewell student discount would help you build trust and confidence in your abilities. You would get to understand your spending abilities. Since you are taking over your life, this factor is very important. 
  • Accepting a Madewell student discount would help you cover the increased expense, such that even when you go to buy an item and the price is increased, due to your student discount, you can comfortably cover the expenses. 
  • When you accept the Madewell student discount, you let your money and student status work for you. From these discounts, before you know it, you are compounding interest on your money due to the discounts you are enjoying. 
  • Accepting a student’s discount gives you options. Imagine if you got the dream job you were waiting for all senior year, about midway through your first year with the job you took in the meantime. 

You could never go wrong when taking a Madewell student discount. 

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How to Get A Madewell Student Discount?

Madewell offers a student discount of up to 15% Off. The discount is open to both teachers and students.

All you have to do is to create a Madewell Insider account and verify your status as a teacher or college student.

Once your eligibility is confirmed, a 15% off discount will be automatically applied at checkout as long as you shop while logged in.

The discount is valid for one year. The steps you should take towards getting a Madewell student discount are:

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Step 1

Sign in to or sign up for your Madewell Insider account. The Madewell insider has a loyalty program that rewards you based on how much you shop.

The more you spend, the more perks you get. The program is entirely free to join, there is no minimum spending amount required.

Asides from the students discount, there are also more advantages to enjoy for signing up. 

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Step 2

Verify your status as a college student. This might require you to submit some documents showing your student status.

However, the process is simple, so nothing to worry about. 

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Step 3

You can now shop Madewell products from the shop. Remember that the student discount will be valid for one calendar year and applied to eligible items in your bag, no promo code is needed.

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Are There Other Ways To Get A Madewell Student Discount?

Asides from the Madewell student discount, there are other ways you can save your money by shopping with Madewell.

Some of them are:

By using a coupon. Once you sign up on your Madewell insider account, you can check out the Madewell coupon page. There are currently 378 active offers available to use.

You can follow Madewell on social media. In doing this, you would have access to the special deals Madewell offers their followers on their Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages.

Also, you can check Amazon for Madewell items. Amazon sells Madewell products at discounted prices and Prime members can receive free shipping. 

You can also shop using Madewell items on eBay. It may be worth checking eBay for used Madewell products if you can’t find a deal elsewhere.  

What Can You Enjoy With The Madwell Student Discount?

Madewell deals on anything clothing. However, not all clothing is available for the student’s discount.

On today’s best deals, discounts, and coupons for students at Madewell, you can get:

  • Up to 70% off Women’s Sale items with Madewell’s generous discounts on Jeans, Dresses, Shirts, and more.
  • Up to 70% off Men’s Sale items with Madewell’s generous discounts on Jeans, Shirts, and more
  • $20 off new pair of full-price jeans when you bring old pair of jeans to Madewell stores
  • 15% discount for college students and teachers in-store with valid school ID
  • Free Shipping on all orders with a Madewell Insider account. The Madewell Insider Loyalty Program is free to join and includes additional perks.
  • You would earn points every time you shop including 2x the points when you buy jeans.


Everyone wants to get the best deal they can on everything they buy. The Internet has made it easy to find a good deal.

Buyers can quickly browse through the websites of multiple retailers and price compare or use purpose-built apps to build shopping lists and have prices compared automatically.

It has become second nature for buyers to look for the best price before making a purchase online. The Madewell student discount is a way for students to shop effectively, spending as little as possible for more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Any current teachers or college students age 16 or older with a valid ID can receive the Madewell student discount in stores and online. Teach for America and Donors Choose associates are also eligible to use this discount with a valid company ID or business card with a photo ID.

Online usage of the Teacher & College Student discount is subject to different requirements. See the steps above for getting a student discount.

This discount cannot be combined with select promotions. If there is another promotion on the site or in-store, a deeper discount will be applied.

The discount may not be applied to previous purchases or the purchase of gift cards, third-party branded merchandise or Marketplace merchandise.

Make sure you’re not missing your school by typing out its full name. If you still don’t see it, you will not be eligible for the offer at this time.

You CAN’T combine it with other promo codes. Expires at the end of your birthday month. Free Madewell Insiders shipping will work on your birthday gift

No. All you need is a working internet to sign up for the Madewell insider. The program is entirely free to join, there’s no minimum spending amount required.


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