10 Best Science YouTube Channels For Kids

The practice of science does not have to be messy or complicated. Kids are natural when it comes to asking questions and seeking answers through research and experimentation, which is at the core of what it’s all about.

To motivate them to pursue a career in science, the most important thing is to encourage them to keep asking “why?” and to think about ways to find solutions to problems that occur in the real world.

While many books can teach your child the answers to their questions, there are also many fantastic science YouTube channels for kids.

These range from simple science experiments kids can do at home to unique but dangerous experiments they should avoid.

But thankfully, skilled individuals have completed them for them to observe and learn from safely. This article contains the best science YouTube channel for kids. 

10 Best Science YouTube Channel For Kids. 

Here are the best science YouTube channels your kids will love. 

#1. SciShow Kids

Subscribers: 823K. 

Views: 222 Million.

The SciShow discusses a wide variety of scientific subjects, but it strongly emphasizes issues about biology.

They use fun and engaging short videos to teach children various topics, from why your phone won’t work in cold weather to the extraordinary adaptations trees make to survive the winter. 

Some of its most popular video content includes: Worms are Wonderful, How Does a Seed Become a Plant, What Causes Thunder and Lightning, How a Caterpillar Becomes a Butterfly, The 5 Fabulous Food Groups, Meat-eating Plants, What’s a Hurricane, What Makes Bridges So Strong, and many more. 

The SciShow kids are one of the best science YouTube channels for kids. It uses animation and enthusiastic anchors to teach kids the science behind the world around them. 

Kids can participate in a live debate, pose questions to the hosts, or take a seat and watch as the hosts dissect the strange occurrences in our world.

They welcome new guests every Wednesday to answer any scientific questions your children may have.

They present the most recent, surprising, and exciting events that have occurred in the scientific world in a manner that will be enjoyable for your children. SciShow Kids is best for children in kindergarten through fourth grade.

SciShow Kids 

#2. Ryan’s World

Subscribers: 32.6 Million.

Views: 51.1 billion. 

Another excellent YouTube channel for kids is Ryan’s World. It is a child-led kid’s education and entertainment channel with its roots in toy reviews.

According to its parent company, Sunlight Entertainment, Ryan’s World has grown into an eight-channel media empire with more than two dozen staff animators, videographers, and other digital media professionals. 

The core Ryan’s World YouTube channel does include educational content such as science experiments, simple chemistry, animal world facts, and interviews with scientists .

Finding the most educational videos on the channel requires a little sorting since the channel still features a lot of content centered on toys; however, the channel includes a lot of other content.

Learn about travel in space as Ryan investigates the Mars Rover and the Milky Way. Then try your hand at travel on earth as Ryan engages in activities such as skiing, horseback riding, and snorkeling.

The content’s online learning component is entertaining and educational; however, the language used in the interviews is not always appropriate for younger children.

As a result, the educational video interviews on Ryan’s World are likely to be more enjoyable for children in the third to sixth grades.

Ryan’s World 

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#3. Mark Rober

Subscribers: 22 Million

Views: 2.8 Billion. 

Mark Rober’s channel is one of the best YouTube channels for kids. It currently has 107 uploaded videos.

Mark Rober, who worked as an engineer for both NASA and Apple, has a passion for the scientific field that is so strong that others get easily influenced by it.

Rober explains the engineering and design process, as well as the science behind each activity, beginning with the construction of a giant super-soaker and moving on to creating a dart board set that always hits the bullseye.

They are great for taking a complicated concept and breaking it down into crazy, hands-on lessons that your kids will remember.

This is a channel that the whole family would enjoy, especially the older children, and you might find that it motivates them to start working on some of their ideas and inventions cause of watching it.

Mark Rober 

#4. The Backyard Scientist

Subscribers: 5.32 Million. 

Views: 713 Million.

The backyard scientist is a YouTube channel for kids with tons of fun science videos. These crazy videos will teach you a wide range of science topics. 

By watching videos on the Backyard Scientist channel on YouTube, you can get your older children excited about some explosive science while keeping them at a safe distance. Each of these videos includes a warning that reads, “DO NOT TRY AT HOME.” 

This channel will surely shock, amaze, and educate viewers about the scientific method and the engineering and design process through demonstrations such as a potato cannon that powers a glider to blow underwater fire rings.

This is a STEM channel your children will enjoy watching if they are adventurous.

The Backyard Scientist 

#5. Science Buddies 

Subscribers: 86.3K.

Views: 20.4 Million.

The educational video content provided by Science Buddies is ideally suited for use in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) projects. Learn the ins and outs of robotics, dive into the world of physics, and even investigate some safe chemical explosions.

You can even learn how to fashion a short motor out of a battery pack. “Whether you’re looking for a fantastic science fair project, a quick STEM activity, or an NGSS-aligned science lesson plan perfect for the classroom, Science Buddies has you covered.”

Some of its most popular videos include “How to Be a Breadboard,” “How to Make an Anemometer,” “How to Build a Simple Electric Motor,” “How to Build an Infinity Mirror,” “How to Build an ArtBot,” “How to Make a Paper Airplane Launcher,” “How to Make a Balloon Car,” and many more.

You can find these and other videos on the channel’s homepage. Science Buddies is one of the best science YouTube channels for kids. 

Science Buddies  

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#6. Sick Science

Subscribers: 588K.

Views: 179 Million.

The Sick science YouTube channel for kids host is Steve Spangler. He is a well-known educator and television personality. Spangler uses his channel to demonstrate easy science experiments and craft projects children can try at home.

His channel currently has about 532 uploaded videos. Because he is a teacher, he is familiar with the science projects for the classroom that are engaging for the students and that is both enjoyable and instructive.

This channel will teach you the basics, such as how to make slime, but it will also take you into uncharted territory, like demonstrating how to enlarge and decrease the size of an egg. 

The videos begin by outlining all the required materials and providing specific instructions so you can succeed with each experiment on the very first try.

Sick Science 

#7. Nat Geo Kids

Subscribers: 653K.

Views: 132 Million.

It is impossible to compete with NatGeo regarding science, animals, and nature; therefore, it is beautiful that they have a channel explicitly geared toward children.

Your children who love science are going to have a great time watching these videos because not only are they entertaining, but they are also educational.

The Nat Geo science YouTube channel for kids currently has 819 uploaded videos. The educational video content found on Nat Geo Kids covers a wide range of subjects, some of which are as follows: exciting information about alligators; swimming with a small shark; the valley of wolves; pigeon genius; polar bears, and how to save them; lots to see in the sea; information about hurricanes; and more.

In addition, Nat Geo Kids presents kid-friendly science experiments covering topics such as the operation of roller coasters, lava lamps, 3D printers, and popcorn, amongst other things. Children immensely love the Nat Geo science YouTube channel for kids worldwide. 

Nat Geo Kids 

#8. Mystery Doug

Subscribers: 550K.

Views: 149 Million.

Mystery Doug science YouTube channels for kids explain the questions that continuously arise in children’s thoughts. He has professionals respond to questions entertainingly to young people.

Mystery Doug is the brains behind the curriculum known as Mystery Science, which is usually utilized in many elementary, middle, and high schools.

On his YouTube channel, he posts a video once a week answering the question, “Are mermaids real?” or “What are some ways to determine whether or not a plant is poisonous?” The questions he answers on his channel as usually submitted by children and voted on by other young people.

Mystery Doug answers the questions our children ask that we aren’t always able to answer by putting together audio and visuals that are easy to understand and enjoyable.

Some of his viral videos that cover a wide range of topics are: What’s Worse a Hurricane or a Tornado, How Is Gold Made, Could a Turtle Lie Outside Its Shell, What’s the Biggest Number, How Deep Does the Ocean Go, Why Do Different Places Have Different Times, Why Do Owls Say Hoo and many more.

The mystery Doug science YouTube channels for kids will answer many of your kid’s confusing questions. 

Mystery Doug 

#9. Science Max

Subscribers: 272K

Views: 80 Million

If your older kids have a strong interest in science, conducting experiments, and constructing various objects, then Science Max is an excellent choice.

This channel presents some entertaining classroom activities, such as the well-known egg drop, and some other, more challenging ones, such as the sugar cube bridge project.

Phil on Science Max takes ordinary, everyday experiments and designs and scales them up, or “experiments at large,” as he refers to them. Some examples of these exciting experiments include creating a giant hot air balloon out of multiple plastic bags rather than a single bag and launching model rockets of human height.

The ridiculous strategies and results will amuse your children. Videos range from full 20-minute episodes to quick five-minute videos. The Science Max channel is one of the best science YouTube channels for kids of all ages. 

Science Max 

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#10. Design Squad Global

Subscribers: 994K.

Views: 462 Million.

WGBH Boston produces Design Squad Global, which is part of PBS KIDS. It offers informative videos that educate students, particularly middle school students, on a wide range of science and engineering concepts.

The channel features “kid engineers and hosts Deysi and Nate, who use their experiences to dispel engineering stereotypes and inspire kids to explore engineering.

” Some of its most popular content is Kid Engineer: 3D-Printed Hand, Daddy Engineer: Outdoor Play Sink, Balloon Joust, Robot Wheel, and so on. 

Design Squad Global 


By watching these science YouTube channels for kids, your child can learn so much. You must find out the channels your kids love most.

While some of the experiments on these channels are simple to replicate at home, not all are. 

We recommend emphasizing safety procedures in conjunction with any science experiment with your child and screening channels before sharing with your children.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the most famous kid YouTubers?

Ryan Kaji, the most popular and richest child YouTuber, has 30 million subscribers, and his channel Ryan’s World has taken the internet by storm since 2018.

Who is the richest girl YouTuber?

#2. Lilly Singh is the wealthiest female Youtuber for 2020, according to Celebrity Net Worth, with a net worth of around $15 million.

Is there an educational YouTube?

#3. Videos are an excellent way to engage older students in various topics ranging from science to literature to current events and beyond. These YouTube educational channels cover everything.

How do YouTubers get paid?

The majority of YouTubers’ income comes from ad revenue on their channels. Ads pay is mainly based on the number of times clicked.

Is YouTube suitable for studying?

Certain subjects can be difficult to explain; by providing your learners with access to YouTube videos, you can better illustrate complex concepts, procedures, and ideas.



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