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Celebrity Net worth Summary

Celebrity net worth $12.62 million
Age 54
Year of birth1968
Country/State of Origin Ohio, United States of America
Source of wealthCompany shares and stocks
Marital StatusMarried

Mike Tattersfield is the present Chief Executive Officer of Krispy Kreme Inc. Krispy Kreme is a popular American doughnut company. The company controls operate and franchises a wide spread of retail stores that sell doughnuts and related food products.

Mike Tattersfield has played the important role of overseeing the activities of all businesses related to Krispy Kreme since 2017.

The company which was incorporated on 07/18/2012 has made an impressive reputation for itself in the consumer staples products sector. If you’re a fan of doughnuts you must have come across the Krispy Kreme doughnuts.

This article clearly reviews the biography and net worth of the CEO of Krispy Kreme, Mike Tattersfield.

Net worth

With a total of about 2,705,610 units of Krispy Kreme Inc stocks to his name, Mike Tattersfield has an estimated net worth of $12.62 million.

The largest share purchase made by Mike Tattersfield was on November 15, 2021, when he bought shares of over $554.37K.

The impressive net worth of the Chief executive officer can be seen to be from his previous trades at Lululemon Athletica and Krispy Kreme.

Mike Tattersfield’s first stock trade at Krispy Kreme was on 6th July 2021 when he bought$10,030 worth of shares at $17 per share.

Before the major purchase of 15th November 2021, he bought Krispy Kreme shares at $14.30 per share for a total value of $150,150.

Early life

Mike Tattersfield was born in 1968 in the United States of America and is currently 54 years old.

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He attended Kent school from 1980 to 1983, he then went on to get his Bachelor of Science in Accounting from Indiana University Bloomington.

Mike Tattersfield’s latest education feat was in 1992 when he got his MBA from Harvard business school.

The Chief Executive Officer of Krispy Kreme has limited information on his early life due to the little amount of online presence he holds.


Mike Tattersfield is a businessman who has been phenomenal in transforming several companies for the better. The career life of Mike Tattersfield is quite long as he has handled important positions in different companies and organizations.

Mike Tattersfield delved into the business sector was when he became the president of Yum brand from September 1992- march 2005.

Other important positions which Mike Tattersfield has held include:

  • VP of store operations for Limited brands (April 2005 – October 2006)
  • Vice-chair board of Directors for Allina Health ( January 2011 – December 2015)
  • Chief Executive officer and president for Caribou coffee ( August 2008 – July 2017)
  • CEO and President for Einstein Noah Restaurant Group, Inc ( January 2014 – July 2017)
  • Chairman of Noah’s New York Bagels (January 2016 – April 2020)
  • Chairman for Caribou Coffee and Einstein Bros Bagels ( July 2017 – April 2020)
  • Chief Executive Officer and president for Krispy Kreme ( January 2017 – present)

Mike Tattersfield’s role in Krispy Kreme propelled him to the public limelight when compared to his other careers.

In his career, Mike has gotten to work with certain phenomenal personalities an example is the likes of Ozan Dokmecioglu, Gary Graves, and David Bell.

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Mike Tattersfield leads a very private life especially when concerned about his family and personal life. The businessman has not revealed anything about his wife, kids, or parents to the public.

He has ensured that the only part of his life that is open to the public is related to his business or career.

Luxury life

Mike Tattersfield owns a house on the shore of Lake Minnetonka. The house is 6,678 square feet and is located in the affluent region of Maplewood Circle East, Downtown Wayzata.

The magnificent house has five bedrooms and bathrooms, it was originally built in 1940 and sits on about 1.24 acres of land just 177 feet away from the shoreline. The house was purchased by Mike Tattersfield in 2012 for $2.7 million.

Tattersfield also purchased a luxurious home at Laken Norman for $1.4 million. A little is known about the luxurious lifestyle of the multimillion businessman to date.

Awards and achievements

The million-dollar businessman has various recognition to his name. Just the long list of his career life is a sure lifetime of achievement and awards.

Other achievements which the businessman has managed in the course of his career include:

  • Board Member El Tequileno (July 2021 – Present)
  • Panera bread Board member ( June 2016 – Present)
  • Board member in P.F Chang’s China Bistro Inc (June 2014 – January 2018)
  • Member of the board of directors in Peter Piper Inc (July 2006 – December 2014)
  • Chief Operation Officer for Lulemon Athletica ( October 2006 – March 2008)


Whenever Mike Tattersfield is on public interviews, the subject of the conversation is usually about his career or the notable Krispy Kreme legacy.

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Some key quotes on Mike Tattersfield interviews include:

  • Truly blessed to be leading the Krispy Kreme Doughnut Co. and building the most loved sweet treat brand in the world.
  • Currently bringing a little joy and enhancing the community we live in everyday through Krispy Kreme.
  • I’m blessed to be building exceptional communities via brand and culture.

Social media handles

Mike Tattersfield maintains minimum online presence but he has a profile on LinkedIn as Mike Tattersfield and Twitter @mj_tattersfield

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Mike Tattersfield has been able to create a phenomenal career achievement from the moment he stepped into the business sector. The businessman has headed several businesses and organizations and he always lives them in a better state than he found them.

A testament to Mike Tattersfield skill is the raving review from his co-worker during his time at Lulemon Athletica, Gary Graves describes Tattersfield as a guiding force that was instrumental in moving the company from private to public status.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Mike tattersfield’s net worth?

Mike Tattersfield is estimated to have a net worth of 12 million dollars.

What is Mike Tattersfield most prominent job?

executive officer of Krispy Kreme is what he is well known for.

Which school did Mike tattersfield get his bachelor’s degree from?

Mike Tattersfield got his Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting from Indiana University, Bloomington

How old is Mike tattersfield?

Mike Tattersfield is currently 54 years old.

What is the source of mike tattersfield net worth?

The impressive source of Mike Tattersfield net worth is mostly due to his shares from Krispy Kreme Inc.


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