10 Most Dangerous Airports In The World | 2022

​​​​​The advent of air transportation was a major game-changer in the world of transportation. About 60% of the world’s population have used air transport at least once as it is considered the safest and fastest means of transportation.

Air transportation basically involves the use of air crafts like aeroplanes, jets etc to convey people and goods from one location to the other. But these cannot be possible without a fully equipped and functional airport. 

When you look around an airport, the most interesting part will definitely be the airplanes and the runways. According to the international civil aviation organization (ICAO), a runway is a land prepared for the take-off and landing of an aircraft.

The average length of an airport runway, according to the international civil aviation organization (ICAO) is at least 6,000ft (1,800m) in length for aircraft of approximately 200,000lb (91,000kg) while for heavier aircraft, the runway requirements are 10,000ft (3000m) to 13,000ft (4,000m).

 Air transportation is not all fun without the usual scary part, of course. There are few airports in the world that will get your adrenaline pumping while squeezing your armrest.

Meanwhile, lets us go right into the list of the most dangerous airports in the world.

10 Most Dangerous Airports In The World

The top 10 Most Dangerous Airports In The World are below;

1. Tenzing- Hillary Airport in Nepal

The most dangerous airport in the world is The Tenzing- Hillary airport in Nepal. Also known as Lukla airport.

Due to its altitude of about 9,500feet and bad Himalayan weather, this runway will definitely send cold shivers down your spine.

 The lukla airport is the first scariest airports in the world others include:

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2. Princess Juliana International Airport (sxm), st. Maarten:

What makes this airport one of the most dangerous airports in the world is the fact that the runway is only just over 7,500 feet, which puts it right on the limit for larger jets arriving.

This means that aircraft will have to use every single foot of the runway, this brings the aircraft very low while passing over the waters.

It is the second most dangerous airport on our list.

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3. Ronald Reagan Airport in Washington D.C

It is considered one of the most dangerous airports in the world because it requires the pilots to manoeuvre the capital’s best landmarks to avoid high-profile buildings including The Pentagon and The White House.

This serves for low and weaving turns close to the ground below.

Similarly, when planes depart Reagan Airport they make an immediate sharp turn just seconds after departure to avoid the Washington Monument and White House.

4. Cristiano Ronaldo Airport (FNC), Madeira, Portugal

The recently renamed Madeira Airport in Portugal. It suffers from extreme crosswinds at times because of its location in the Atlantic Ocean.

With the runway close to the ocean, this has led to further exposure from Atlantic winds, and videos of aircraft battling strong crosswinds can look terrifying, coupled with numerous clips of aborted landings due to the wind.

5.  Barra Airport (BRR), Outer Hebrides, Scotland:

This is the most unique “airport” on this list, because aircraft land directly on the beach here, and when the tide is high the landing strip disappears completely underwater.

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There are actually three runways here all marked by wooden posts along the beach, and when visibility is low, it has been known that car headlights provide additional lighting along the beach runway.

Quite scary isn’t it? That’s why it is part of the most dangerous airports in the world.

6. Narsarsuaq Airport, Greenland

This airport is located in the southern part of Greenland and in the middle of countless Fjords.

The strong winds are the most threatening element to landing on the 6,000-foot runway. And don’t even think about visiting here if the neighbouring volcano erupts with blinding ash.

​​​​​​7. Courchevel International Airport / France

With just 1,700 feet of runway length, this airport has a downward gradient of 18.5%.

This slope makes it difficult to manoeuvre, and only certified pilots are allowed. There is no second chance of landing here because of the runway position, and pilots must make it perfectly the first time.

And to make matters worse, this airport offers no lights or instrument aid so in bad weather landing is impossible.

8. Congonhas Airport / Sao Paulo, Brazil

Sao  Paulo’s Congonhas airport is well known to pilots for its short runway and dangerous approach.

It is located in a heavily built-up part of the huge city and gives you the impression that you are scraping the tops of high-rise buildings as you land.

The runways are also considered the most slippery in the world and have resulted in many fatal crashes. Not interested, please!!!

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9. Toncontin Airport / Honduras

Due to its location next to the mountains, as well as the narrow size of the runway, the landing is very complicated.

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Pilots are forced to make a dramatic sharp turn and land near the valley, and the experience is often compared to landing on an aircraft carrier.  Scary!!!

10. Tioman Airport, Malaysia

The landing at Tioman Island has pilots heading straight for a mountain and then making a quick 90-degree turn to line up with the runway.

The one-way landing has to be quick since the end of the runway has a cliff with a very steep fall into the waters below.

All I can say is, get it wrong at the first trial and that’s the end!!!

11. McMurdo Station, Antarctica

Last on this list of most dangerous airports in the world is Ice Runway. It is built on the bare volcanic rock of Hut Point Peninsula on Ross Island with a runway that is made completely of “white ice”, (four inches of compacted snow.)

This military base is the only main airport on the continent, and during the winter the area is dark 24 hours a day.

With no lights on the runway and during a whiteout, pilots are trained to land blind.


 In conclusion, the above airports are usually visited by adrenaline junkies and daredevils. They are the most dangerous airports in the world.

It is a life-changing experience and excitement, but hell no!!






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