10 Most Expensive Drones In The World

A drone is an aircraft that is without any human pilots. This remotely piloted aircraft has evolved over the years and has numerous features that you cannot start to think of, especially for the most expensive drones in the world.

These drones will leave you stunned and wanting to spend your money.

It has become as expensive as it is fast. Some are able to film and take pictures, can sense objects, automatic pilots, and most especially can take passengers.

 The most expensive drones in the world will leave your wallet short of cash so hide it and never show this list to your kids.

#1. EHANG 184

EHANG 184 is one of the best on this list. It was made by a company in China that specializes in making autonomous aerial vehicles. Its features are that it is capable of reaching over 62 mph (100 km/h). The self-piloted aircraft started journeying with passengers in it in 2015. 

Looks like something out of a sci-fi movie, the sixteen-bladed vehicle has had more than 1000 test flights, and that too in violent weather conditions.

It has a height of 4 ft 9 and a length of 12 ft 8, it uses an 8’2 bladed fixed pitch and it carries one passenger. It is controlled through a phone app and this is why it’s on our list of the most expensive drones in the world.

To get the device you’d need part with $300,000 out of your wallet.

Most expensive drones in the world

#2. Augmented Aerigon

Is it controlled by both the Android device controller and Apple iOS? These upscale drone features, aside from being the most expensive, its flight time is 15 minutes which is lesser for a drone of its price. 

What it lacks in flight time is compensated for in other places such as the flight range which is 328 ft. It is used for mapping to take videos and pictures from different angles with a fitted and can’t hold it down while you take shots of different places.

 It makes use of battery power to fly which is made using renewable energy that says it can keep up with all its functions without endangering the environment due to long-term use. 

This eco-friendly drone will cost you 250,000 dollars and there’s news the company that produced it is currently struggling with bankruptcy so hurry and get one for yourself.

#3. Volocopter

Volocopter is an expensive drone that has a great balance between weight and power overall. It has a unique body design and it was made from polyamide which makes its language able to access all directions.

It was made to endure any type of issue while flying at a high altitude due to wind pressure.

This drone is an independent motor to fly, unlike EHANG it uses a two-seater capacity so another passenger can join you on a trip. Its inbuilt sensor makes it immune to questions about things it detects and avoids objects as per your program mid-flight.

With 18-motor flight, you can expect speed and safety but this factor may vary depending on the kind of battery your drone uses.

Volocopter uses a lead-acid battery that is non-toxic and also inaudible during landing and take-off, and this is why it’s on our list of the most expensive drones in the world.

As a photographer, an investment like this is sure to make you money. Its camera can be used for aerial photography. 

#4. Lockheed Martin Indago 3

This one has more features than expected. This lightweight drone has the weight of an average phone. It was made with the intent of being used for military purposes.

 Its features include a 30 x optical zoom camera that can be used to view something up close or to take a nice picture full stop in terms of its properties it has an hour flight time and can fly at 15 mph speed making a total of 20 to 30 km the battery is designed to last up to 50 to 70 minutes

A camera sensor of 10 MP is the login process for good aerial shots. It comes at a price of 25,000 Lockheed Martin indago is one of the most expensive drones to be available commercially.

#5. MultiRotor G4 Surveying Robot

The best thing about this drone is its camera.  A 1080p resolution with a decent wide-angle view. Its many onboard cameras include an HD real-time video lens, point of interest camera and mechanical arm, etc.

Its features are the sensors that help locate incoming objects and avoid them. It has an in-built safety measure that prevents crashes from occurring near buildings, power lines, and crops. The drone would never damage any object but rather hover for 20 minutes. 

It can function for disaster relief, monitoring, surveillance, aerial construction site supervision and pipeline inspection, and so on. It costs $26,000.

#6. XactSense Titan 

Is one of the most expensive drones with an impressive flying range. It is capable of flying for 30 minutes at a maximum travel distance of 9.9 miles 16 km.

Its features include an AI-based collision avoidance system which means that this drone won’t run into a flying bird it can sense direct objects in front of it and avoid them.

Unfortunately, it does not come with a camera but you can mount any camera of your choice on it. Its GPS feature called Follow me can be controlled using a mobile phone. In the case of an obstacle in front of it while following you the Titans stop themselves and stay still.

The piece of art is typically designed to get drone footage to capture their surroundings from a different viewpoint. It has a remote control and allows you to capture more footage than any other UAV.

It is a good investment that would cost you $120,000.

#7. FreeFly Systems Alta 6

The Alta is the perfect drone for videographers and those who want to record an action. It comes in a box that holds all the accessories to fly it with. 

 Its features attributes are that it can hold heavy equipment up to 15 pounds, which means that with a support payload like that it can accommodate almost any camera including compact cinema ones.

This drone includes variable payload multiplier options to assist you with determining the most appropriate payload weighting for your application.

The Alta six allows any form of a camera such as the micro 4/3 camera 4k cinema at 30 fps or even dropping a micro SD card into 1080 HD camera footage at 60 fps. It would help you capture the best images from an aerial point of view.

The drone is small and very handy but with immense power. It is the best for photography or filmmaking production 

with a price of 30,000.

#8. Airborne Drone Vanguard

With $45,000 you can get the airborne drone. It is expensive and sophisticated with a flight time of almost an hour.

It is easier to get the job done. An autopilot system makes transporting your drone easy because the safety concern has been taken into consideration and you can work for a longer time.

In addition to the amazing autopilot feature, it has a 4K ultra HD camera for capturing and travel photography. It allows for a smooth auto transition between waypoints and this one allows you to focus on aerial photography and filming tasks by taking the navigation and safety factor worries away from you.

It is a great investment for anyone but if you’re into photography, this can help widen your horizon and take beautiful shots.

#9. Sci Aero Cyber Quad 

The Sci Aero Cyber Quad functions as an agricultural, filming, and photography drone. It can be controlled by a remote as well as a mobile device. 

Its features are a travel speed of 37mph and a weight of 3.7 lb. It has a number of motors. It is always ready to fly, the only drone with GPS, mapping, and public safety options.

#10. Yuneec Typhoon H

 The typhoon is an expensive and equally powerful drone. It is packed with professional features that were created for drone enthusiasts. 

 In terms of appearance, Typhoon H has six rotors but needs 5 to fly so if one of the rotors gets damaged it would still make it back home. It is called a hexacopter.

 In terms of features, the typhoon comes with its own all-in-one ground station so you don’t need to connect it to your smartphone to use it. It also comes with an in-built front-facing sonar that helps to detect objects and avoid a collision.

It has a GPS-stabilized flight control eight smart flight modes auto return, auto take off, and auto landing. The drone has a longer flight time because of its 5,400 mAh battery. It costs $1,799.


What is UAV?

UAV is an acronym for Unmanned Aerial Vehicle. Those within the industry prefer the use of this term over “drone” due to the basic fact that “drone” is a term utilized by the general consumer and/or military.

Can Drones Work In The Rain?

Drones are generally not weatherproof however DJM Aerial Solutions recently invested in a drone that can operate in inclement weather with an IP43 the Matrice M210 and Zenmuse Z30 and Zenmuse XT was a heavy investment but we are one of the few UAV service providers that are able to operate in the rain.


We have come to the end of the list of the most expensive drones in the world. If you are thinking of making a drone purchase make sure to conduct thorough research and buy one within your budget.


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