10 Most Expensive Games On Steam | 2022

The majority of Steam games cost $60 or less, but there are a rising number of titles that cost considerably over $100. These are the priciest options.

The Steam discounts can be a terrific place to get a good deal, but even at full price, titles seldom cost more than $60. Of course, DLC and special editions can significantly increase the price, but when it comes to standalone games, few people pay much more than that to add a new product to their Steam collection. However, this isn’t to suggest that more expensive games aren’t available on the platform.

What is Steam?

Steam is an online video game retailer that allows players to purchase and save a range of titles in a digital library. After making a purchase, gamers may connect to their Steam account and begin playing on a supported device.

The platform was created in 2002 and released in 2003, but it wasn’t until 2005 that it gained traction when Steam began enabling additional publishers to upload titles on the site.

Steam has been immensely popular among gaming communities for years, with over 47 million daily users. Surprisingly, many Steam games are under $5 — but that doesn’t mean the platform is without its flaws.

It is an online marketplace run by game developers that allows you to buy, play, create, and discuss PC games. The platform has loads of games (as well as digital content, or DLC, and consumer features known as “mods”) from both major and small game creators.

How Does Steam Work?

Steam is a video game library that can be accessed via the internet. Users may play games purchased/downloaded to their Steam accounts on any computer, which is one of its most popular features.

Users may also save a large number of games without using up too much memory on their computers. To use Steam, you must first download and install the Steam “engine” or application on your computer. After that, you’ll have full access to the game, application, and forum libraries.

Thousands of titles, ranging from basic arcade-style games (Pac-Man Championship Edition DX+) to simulations (Football Manager 2020) to AAA behemoths, are currently accessible on Steam (Monster Hunter World)

Does Steam cost money?

Despite the fact that Steam is available for free download and use, many of the games offered are not. Some games are free-to-play or cost as little as $1, while new releases from the industry’s biggest and greatest developers can cost as much as $60–70 per game.

By waiting for one of Steam’s numerous deals, savvy gamers may save a lot of money. Keep in mind that Steam-purchased games may only be played just on the Steam network.

Can You Own Games on Steam?

“The Content and Services are not sold but rather licensed,” according to the terms of the deal you sign every time you buy a game on Steam. You do not have custody or title to the Products or Services as a result of your licensing.” It is a license to use the games, not the games themselves, that you are acquiring.

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If Steam goes bankrupt, it’s still feasible that Valve may release a version that allows games to run without it, but this is likely to be confined to its titles. Dark Souls 3 might not be playable, but Half-Life 2 might be.

It all comes down to a single point: licensing. For example, Square Enix is unlikely to agree to the removal of DRM from a game like Final Fantasy XV

In any event, we haven’t seen somebody going down the street with a huge stack of PC games on CD-ROM in a long time, and we don’t expect it to become popular again any time soon. However, who knows. The tape has resurfaced in its original location.

10 Most Expensive Games On Steam | 2022

10. VR-CPR

Price: $119.99

Although the visuals in VR-CPR are rather outstanding, it remains to be seen if many would-be first responders are willing to follow medical advice from a game produced and distributed by Studio Evil. Even if customers can see beyond the unpleasant moniker, the $120 price tag is virtually guaranteed to put them off.

As of this writing, VR-CPR has only one Steam review, in which the author questions if the game follows the most recent AHA CPR recommendations.

They argue that some of the directives in the game haven’t been included in stated rules since before 2010, which affected their decision to request a refund from Steam. This game is fantastic and belongs on this list of the most costly Steam games.

9. 1000 Stages: Adventure

Price: ($149.99)

Adventure!!! 1000 Stages!!! with over 1,000 floating platforms and three exclamation points, is a 2D walking simulator that looks more like an Atari 2600 game than one of Steam’s most expensive products. It will cost $149.99, however, the developer has claimed that anyone with gross pay of less than $800 would receive complementary keys.

Surprisingly, the game hasn’t always been that pricey, with one reviewer revealing that they purchased it in mid-2018 for ten English pounds. Even at that price, they believed it was a waste of money, but the developer did respond almost three years later to wish them a happy new year, which undoubtedly helped to soften the impact.

8. Leaping Platform: Adventure

Price: $149.99

According to the creator, the game was inspired by the award-winning action film Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, directed by Ang Lee. Despite the game’s inspiration, the creator urges fans not to expect an action-packed adventure. Users should anticipate a rudimentary “walking simulator” instead.

This game, which costs about $150, has garnered conflicting reviews, including one that simply states, “This game makes me want to die.” “I don’t understand why this game exists,” another says.

This game is fantastic and belongs on this list of the most costly Steam games.

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7. Virtual Orator

Price: ($199.99)

The goal behind Virtual Orator is straightforward: build an interactive virtual experience that helps individuals overcome their stage fright. Virtual Human Technologies performed an amazing job with the execution, based on the two reviews, with both stating that they would recommend the game to others.

The game has several options, including the ability to alter the crowd’s size and general behavior. Players may also import and practice with their notes, making it a useful tool for rehearsing speeches and presentations as well as overcoming glossophobia.

At $200, only people with a strong phobia of public speaking are likely to bite. This game is fantastic and belongs on this list of the costliest Steam games.

6. CrisisActionVR

Price: ($199.99)

CrisisActionVR looks to be a real game, unlike many of the other pricey Steam titles. It isn’t quite cutting-edge, but its visuals are on pace with some of the most recent double-A titles published for the PS4 and Xbox One. For $199.99, though, players might expect a little more than stunning visuals.

The game is a co-op VR first-person shooter with a fully fleshed-out narrative and many levels. Everything looks to be in order on paper, but user opinion is mixed, with some criticizing the game’s weak controls, bad animation, and low value for money.

5. Derelict

Price: $199.99

Derelict should not be purchased. At least, not according to JEPR, the game’s developer. It states so numerous times on the game’s Steam Store website, with a news item detailing that the early access title’s development was placed on pause indefinitely in early 2020 owing to the developer’s legal issues and job loss.

Rather than shutting down the game, JEPR just raised the price to deter others from purchasing it, although more than one person has paid the $199.99 necessary to acquire it. However, the developer just announced that they have begun development on the game, so it’s probable that the price will drop to a more reasonable level soon.

4. Super Fight

Price: $199.99

This game doesn’t appear to be very popular, and it’s easy to see why. This simulation, which costs roughly $200 and has just one level, is really easy to use (one reviewer stated that the background was merely a JPG image).

Nonetheless, the game’s description may interest some… maybe. Super Fight is a “vintage style game” in which users may “use fist and leg strike,” according to the creator.

3. Fight

Price: $199.99

The fight is a first-person shooter made and self-published by the Chinese company rongyou, despite claims to the contrary. It’s currently the developer’s only game on Steam, and it’s been available since June 2021. It doesn’t appear to have done well on the market, probably due to its exorbitant price.

There are presently no reviews for the game, however, it has been mockingly referred to as an eSports title by several Steam users. PvP fighting is supported in the game, and players may even join lobbies with their buddies. The visuals, on the other hand, are unimpressive, particularly for a game that demands a 1050ti and recommends 2080 with 16 GB of RAM.

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2. VRemedies: Radiotherapy Procedure Experience

Price: $199.99

Another VR simulator will be released shortly. Non-invasive healthcare procedures, such as CT scans and radiotherapy, are now available to users. The simulator was designed so that patients may have a feel of what they’ll be going through before undergoing surgery, according to a video released by StaplesVR, the company behind remedies.

The $199.99 simulator features robot tour guides that lead participants through the virtual hospital and during their booked visit. Users will also benefit from the simulator since it will allow them to lie down and see medical equipment from a first-person perspective. This game is fantastic and belongs on this list of the most costly Steam games.

1. The Ascent: Free-Roaming VR Experience

Price: $999

With a price tag of $999, this game is by far the most expensive on Steam. This is not the same game as the popular Neon Giant game of the same name. Virtual reality experience by Fury Game.

Fury Games continues to promote The Ascent as a “free-roaming” and “extremely immersive” VR experience that uses haptic suits, motion floors, and temperature controls to mimic the game’s virtual reality setting. Surprisingly, the makers make no mention of the game or the VR headsets that will work with the simulation. “The FuriCorp study will be cleared,” they say instead.

FAQs On the 10 most expensive games on steam

What is the most expensive game to buy on Steam?

The Ascent: Free-Roaming VR Experience is the most expensive game on Steam. At a whopping $999, this game is by far the most expensive title available to Steam users.

Why is Steam so expensive?

For niche software, the user base is small, and the unit price is high. Often, it means the software is sold for as high as you are willing to pay for. Steam makes it so that people from richer countries pay more than people in poorer countries, and even gives discounts to people who are unwilling to pay the full price.

What is the cheapest Steam game?

A list of the cheapest Steam games (under $5)

River City Ransom – team up with a friend to fight on the streets of River city and rescue your kidnapped girlfriends.

Might and Magic: Clash of Heroes – a mix of a role-playing and puzzle game set in the world of the Heroes of Might and Magic


Steam is revolutionizing the game business. It has made cooperation simpler for players and individuals interested in creating games. Although many players are dissatisfied with their inability to purchase games directly on Steam, this does not prevent them from engaging with the platform.


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