Top 25 Thrifting Websites & Store Online In 2022

If you’ve ever heard someone say they’re going to go thrifting, you might be wondering what they mean. Simply put, thrifting means going shopping at a thrift store, garage sale, or flea market where you’ll find second-hand items at reduced prices.

With the growing number of thrift shoppers, thrift shop owners have decided to go digital by creating websites and online stores.

This new trend makes shopping convenient. You won’t just enjoy the discounted price rates but also the ease of shopping from the comfort of your home or even in the office.

In this article put together by The Wealth Circle, we’ll be looking at the top thrifting websites and stores online.

#25 Urban Renewal

Urban Outfitters is an online thrift store where you get the second-hand selection of your dreams – at affordable UO prices. Shop anything from tie-dye to repurposed jeans, mini skirts, and original band tees.

Urban Outfitters is a lifestyle retailer that inspires customers through a unique combination of product, creativity, and cultural understanding.

#24 Mirth Vintage

Mirth is of the view that vintage should fit into your wardrobe seamlessly. They focus on classic, timeless, and well-made pieces – day-to-day essentials to wear season after season. In addition to a collection of clothing, accessories, and shoes from the early 20th century through the early aughts, Mirth specializes in vintage denim and varieties of stock and know-how to find your perfect pair. 

#23 NXC Vintage Shop

On NXC vintage shop, you can shop shoulder pads, floral pants, sequin dresses, and sporty windbreakers at an affordable price.

#22 Awoke Vintage

Awoke Vintage started as a little market stall in Perth, Australia in 2006. Since 2012 it’s been a brick and mortar vintage store in Brooklyn, New York. 

On Awoke Vintage you will find Fun, brightly colored pieces, and classic staples, blue leather pants, a pink cotton set, and a striped cardigan are just some of the stand-out pieces.

#21 The Vintage Twin 

The Vintage Twin is of the view that ” there really isn’t a need to mass-produce clothing. There are so many gems already out there and it’s our job to find them and give them new lives.”

The above statement Xrays their dedication to rebranding or remodifying second-hand clothing to suit standard and pass the test of high value.  10 percent of their proceeds go to charity.

#20 Hood Hippie Vintage 

Hood Hippie Vintage is a small-scale Brooklyn-based thrifting website that is a cool blend of East meets West.

They specialize in streetwear to vintage graphic tees and floral kimono that are perfectly worn-in concert tee paired with classic denim or tailored slacks, a breezy bohemian Woodstock-era dress, or a funky 90’s surf style button-down. 


Patagonia worn wear is an online thrift clothing brand that sells second-hand clothing. They sell all manner of gently used clothing for men, women, and kids, as well as used outdoor gear at slashed prices.

Before we get onto that further, allow us to go on a tiny tangent about Patagonia, a company currently occupying the first position of cutting-edge sustainable clothing brands.  

Patagonia thrift store maintains a high level of quality control. If you send in worn or torn articles, they’ll fix them and clean them for you before selling on Worn Wear. 

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Vestiaire Collective is an online thrifting shop for vintage and high-end clothing and accessories. They were founded in France in 2009 with the ambition to bring luxury second-hand clothing back into circulation instead of sitting unused in wardrobes. 

Their online platform now has a global offer, with “over 7 million fashion savvy members located in over 50 countries across Europe, the United States, Asia, and Australia.” and offices in Paris, London, New York, Berlin, Milan, and Hong Kong.

They offer one of the widest ranges of beautiful vintage designer clothing online. Their products all include the location of the item so you can shop locally and minimize those shipping emissions.


Refashioner is super cool. Not only are the pieces really vintage, but they provide the story behind each piece so you know where your clothes are coming from. They have gently-used Miu Miu, Fendi, and more, so the prices are a little higher, but still a huge steal for these brands.


Tradesy is a trendy online thrift store. They sell straight-up designer brands specifically for women.

Tradesy not only offers modern second-hand designer ladies’ wear online, but they also try to customize to your own personal taste. With the option to create your own “style feed”, you receive ideas based on style and previous search or purchase history.  

Tradesy offers a 100% Authenticity promise. If an item you buy doesn’t satisfy what you had in mind in any way, they refund you entirely.


Rebag is a designer online thrift store that specializes in luxury bags. They offer every possible bag style imaginable from backpacks to professional totes. 

Rebag is a specialist store with one of the biggest ranges for second-hand designer bags on offer. 

They also promote ongoing re-use of the bags already in existence with their Infinity Exchange program which allows customers to return any bag within 12 months with a credit worth 70-80% of its purchase price which can then be used towards the next purchase. Amazing!

#14 Poshmark

Poshmark is a peer-to-peer thrifting website with an even more popular iPhone/Android app that makes buying and selling used clothes online seamless.

The online thrift store is more than just a shopping destination, it’s a vibrant community powered by millions of Seller Stylists, who not only sell their personal style but also curate looks for their shoppers, creating the most connected shopping experience in the world.

Poshmark has a loyal following in the US with growing communities of thrifting fashionistas in both the UK and Australia.


Luxury Garage Sale is a designer online thrift store situated in Chicago, USA. They curate authentic, pre-owned clothing and accessories from top brands around the world.

They offer wonderful second-hand clothing, shoes, bags, jewelry, and accessories online and up to 80% off regular prices. If you’re a local, visit their brick-and-mortar stores in Chigaco: Gold Coast or Dallas.

They use a consignment model for sellers and offer pre-paid shipping labels and in some cities, a pickup service.


MAW Supply, short for Man and Woman, is a black-owned thrifting website and store located in Houston, Texas.

MAW was established in 2012 by couple Norman and Rachelle Clark, who write, “We specialize in providing our clientele with an array of unique, beautifully aged, one of the one-pieces that suit the style-driven male and female.

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MAW’s selection of vintage apparel and accessories is a bit more confined than others on this list, they keep the vintage train rolling with steady additions. 


For “curated modern vintage” wear and accessories, Persephone Vintage is a must-shop.

Whether you’re on the hunt for a one-of-a-kind fairy tale dress for a wedding or some high waist dress for your dream job, this shop has a little something of everything and an endlessly updated supply.

Persephone Vintage is one of our favorites for its truly unique and curated classy looks.

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#10 ASOS Marketplace

On ASOS marketplace, you can find vintage items and brands that are making a comeback and currently trending again in the fashion world.

ASOS is an aged long dedicated online thrifting store. The Marketplace operates a zero-tolerance policy towards the buying and selling of counterfeit goods.

Other than vintage pieces, the site also features countless independent sellers that carry vintage-inspired wares. You will always find pieces that are unique and special at ASOS Marketplace.

#9 Etsy

Etsy is the global marketplace for unique and creative goods. It’s home to a universe of special, extraordinary items, from unique handcrafted pieces to vintage treasures.

On the online thrift platform, sellers can enlist their second-hand clothes and accessories for sale.

This online thrifting store pays keen attention to the description of items and makes sure they’re in good shape.

On Etsy, you search for products based on their description and not necessarily the brand name. This style enables one to have a bigger peep into the closet.

#8 Thrifted

Thrifted is an online thrifting store that sells vintage men’s and women’s clothing and accessories. They also reserve rights for payments to be made later after shopping.

As a thrift store, they believe in a circular fashion and also the idea that a unique cloth can have three or more lives.

Due to the company held view that consumers are more concerned with where their clothes come from, and the true cost of wearing something once. They pup up the best of recycled and remade clothes and accessories.

#7 TheRealReal

TheRealReal is an online thrifting website that resells used clothing and accessories. The online thrift stores work on a consignment basis, so they’re great places to find vintage luxury pieces.

They have a unique selection of luxury brands and you’re bound to find the best quality second-hand items here.

TheRealReal has authenticity policies to ensure that each item sold on the website is in good condition before it is posted.


Mercari is a reselling app that sells men, women, and children accessories in addition to other household items at second-hand value. This app allows you to search for items from a variety of brands and save your searches for later.

On Mercari it super easy to sell (or buy) almost anything. So, if you have things you don’t use, never used or simply outgrew, consider Mercari.

 Mercari makes it easy to turn old clothes into cold, hard cash.

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#5 ThredUp 

ThredUP is an apparel resale website, offering a convenient option for shopping and selling quality secondhand women’s and children’s clothing, shoes, and accessories.

 As an online thrifting store, thredUP abhors the sale of counterfeit apparel and complies with all applicable laws pertaining to the trafficking of counterfeit apparel. 

ThredUP is reinventing resale with a mission to inspire a new generation of shoppers to think secondhand first.


Depop is the thrifting website where the next generation comes to discover unique items. With a global community buying, selling, and connecting to make fashion more inclusive, diverse, and less wasteful.

On Depop you can shop the biggest brands you know and love. Discover independent brands making waves and the creators behind them.

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#3 SWAP.COM thrift website is a community of thrifters where you can find affordable, quality secondhand apparel for the whole family.

This online thrift store makes it easier than ever to filter through like-new, pre-owned clothing.

With over 2,000 vintage options I’m sure making choices and selections will be difficult.

Orders over $60 come with free shipping—so it’s okay to celebrate just a little! Not only will you look more stylish than ever, but you’ll be helping to recycle textiles and keep waste out of landfills.

Every item that comes out of the store is well inspected to check if it meets the company’s standard.


Brooklyn based vintage online store, Maeven Vintage sells vintage clothing, jewelry, and accessories.  

Maeven was founded in 2012 by Amy Yee (with the support of her husband and cat, Yoko, of course) as a side gig after relocating from Chicago to New York to pursue a career in art and design. Suddenly, she found a passion that connected the two together:

Endeavor to read the product description for the period of origin, label, marked size, measured size, fabric, and of course, an in-depth description of the condition.

Maeven is an Etsy based business.

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#1 eBay

With eBay, you have access to all sorts of unique second-hand clothing from many cultures and eras around the world… from hip hop to disco!

On eBay. you can find great deals on classy clothing, stylish shoes, haute handbags, and jazzy jewelry. There are fashions and accessories for men, women, children, and babies so start shopping now.

Enjoy everyday low prices and free shipping with eBay Deals. Don’t forget to check out eBay Coupons for upcoming promotions.

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Final Thoughts

With the recent advancement in technology and the existence of thrift stores, you might not have to spend heavily on clothes or accessories. In fact, you can buy elegant wear and accessories with ease from the comfort of your home at an affordable rate.

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