20+ Most Successful Shopify Stores | Ultimate Guide

It is usually frightening to start a new business – especially an online business. However, just as everyone needs that jolt of encouragement, you may also need to see/hear the stories of the most successful Shopify stores to push you in the right direction.

Shopify is one of the most influential e-commerce platforms that influence the bulk of the world’s online shopping. Whether it’s B2B or B2C operations, Shopify stores have continually outdone the previous stores over the last several years.

In this regard, we have compiled a list of 20+ most successful Shopify stores for you to draw inspiration, and pick examples/ tactics from.

Most successful Shopify stores

Check out these stores, and discover how they channel their products and services to reflect their brands while killing it at the business.

#1. Tattly

Most good business ideas are born out of bad experiences. For Tina Roth Eisenberg, it was the ridiculous temporary tattoo her daughter came home with, in 2011.

She then sought the help of her designer friend for the manufacturing process, and the business was born.

A customer retention technique Tattly uses is offering the option of including a confetti splash inside the packaging. It sets them apart from the competition and improves customer loyalty.

Now, the business that was supposedly a side job has made over $10 million in sales.

#2. PipCorn

Jennifer, Jeff, and Teresa created Pipcorn to provide people around the U.S with different flavors, and sizes of popcorn.

After applying to shark tanks, they received $200,000 in funding from one shark. Not only that, they made $200,000 in one day, more than they had ever made before. This was because of a shark tank appearance.

Furthermore, they created a Shopify website in NY, got extra creative with their flavors, delivery, and packaging methods, and became the most successful brand in the US.

#3. Happiness Abscissa

Happiness Abscissa is a successful Shopify store started by a neurologist, Emilio, and a psychiatrist, Ann. They sell scents as soaps and perfumes.

These creative ladies tried to combine scent and memory. The scents are transferred through the amygdala that influences an instant increase in happiness.

The “Ha” in their design supposedly describes the feeling of happiness when a person sees its unique design.

#4. Allbirds

New Zealand soccer player Tim Brown and his engineer partner Joey Zwillinger were the cofounders of the shoe brand back in 2016. Using merino wool and eucalyptus in footwear makes them the world’s most comfortable shoes.

Allbirds brand is a result of the combination of comfort, knowledge, and application of merino wool, making them a $1.4 billion sneaker company.

#5. Taylor Stitch

Mike, Mike, and Barrett are the cofounders of this successful Shopify store. Their passion for quality fabric and construction led them to start a fashion apparel company.

In a market of already existing apparel brands, they had to make a statement by making fitting, fashionable and functional clothes.

The founders wanted the brand to have a feeling of “an intersection of the city meeting the mountains and the ocean”. Eventually, Tailor Stitch upgraded their Shopify stores and are reaching revenues of approximately $10-$25 Million a year.

#6. Kylie Cosmetics

Kylie cosmetics is a popular beauty company with a successful Shopify store. The founder, kylie reached out to Shopify to create a user-friendly website for her. She wanted a website to show her brand flawlessly, and handle the incoming orders.

Also, she needed the website to handle international shipping and customer grievances. Shopify did that and she could sell out her merchandise within minutes of launching.

Kylie Cosmetics is certainly one of the biggest cosmetics stores on the Shopify platform with over $100 million in annual sales

#7. Bombas

Bombas is a premium sock manufacturer that focuses on quality, and affordability. After losing millions of dollars of revenue when their website crashed, they had to move to Shopify.

They ran a progressive business model where a pair of socks was donated for every pair that was bought. They ended up donating 5million pairs of socks!

They’re one of the most successful Shopify stores as they make over $100 million in annual revenue.

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#8. Gymshark

A teenager, Ben Francis, and a group of his high-school friends created it in 2012. Ben is a fitness apparel and accessories brand manufacturer, plus an online retailer based in the United Kingdom.

He created Gymshark to help fitness enthusiasts wear comfortable fitness wear. These are stylish and figure stressing at the same time.

Supported by over 7 million social media followers with customers in 131 countries, they have generated over £41 million in sales.

#9. Fashion Nova

Fashion Nova is the most searched fashion brand in 2018, outranking Louis Vuitton, Gucci, and Versace. They sell dresses, shoes, jackets, lingerie, jumpsuits, etc.

Also, at the bottom of the homepage, you will see pictures of users wearing their products. This builds a level of confidence and originality for prospective customers.

Samples of clothes on models are attractive, however, it doesn’t clear the doubt about buying clothes online.

Fashion Nova reached out to the right influencers to promote their products on their social media channels.

Popular American Cardi B received $20000 monthly to promote Fashion Nova on her Instagram handle with then 19 million followers.

Kylie Jenner’s single post in 2016 made an increase of $50000 in sales for the store.

#10. Luxy hair  

Alex Ikonn and his wife Mimi own this Shopify store. Luxy Hair is another business idea born out of a need. Alex had the idea when Mimi could not find a hair extension.

So, they created a store known for creating clip-in hair extensions for thousands of women all around the world who choose to use them every day.

Their products add length, volume, and allow you to experiment with color, with no damage to your hair. The Luxy hair brand has a hair blog, YouTube channel, information about their story and products, and much more content to learn from.

#11. Kith

Eric Bandholz is the co-founder of an online business for men’s beard care. Beardbrand’s email list also quickly grew to over 7 thousand emails.

Their products help you end scent confusion and find your perfect fragrance for your skin, beard, and hair. 

In a couple of months, after joining Spotify, the company was making $120k in monthly sales.

#12. KKW Beauty

Kim Kardashian, the founder of KKW Beauty is just one of the many celebrities that use Shopify to sell her products. KKW is a very known beauty brand making waves in the beauty industry.

Hosting periodic sales, the products are not only very high in quality but also sell out within minutes. It’s easily one of the most successful Shopify stores for cosmetics. 

#13. SkinnyMe Tea

To help people attain their health and wellness goals, this Australian company sells all-natural detox teas.

Founded in 2012, the Shopify store became very successful after 9 months with over $600k in monthly revenue.

They didn’t just achieve this much success by simply selling their products. However, they also had a blog on their Spotify store as brand content.

#14. MVMT Watches

MVMT watch is a wonderfully inspirational brand that is both stylish and affordable. However, they required a means to lower their cost of acquisition.

That was where advertising on Shopify came in. The founders, Jake Kassan and Kramer LaPlante believed in Shopify and made over $100 million in sales this year. This easily made them one of the most successful Shopify stores on the platform.

#15. Ugmonk

With his unique typography and minimal design, Jeff Sheldon started an online T-shirt and product lifestyle.

Ugmonk started as a side hustle for Jeff that morphed into a lifestyle brand over the years.

To advertise the store, he asked to be featured on blogging websites related to t-shirts and design. That’s where the Ugmonk got recognition and became one of the most successful Shopify stores to take inspiration from.

#16. Marc Wenn

Marc Wenn designed all the products in this Shopify store. They focus mainly on luxury biker denim, Chelsea boots, and handmade backpacks. Marc Wenn advises experimenting with different ideas to keep your customers.

Reaching out via email to thank his first 100 customers was his idea. You can also offer a unique product as a freebie and make your Shopify store one of the most successful.

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#17. Pour Moi

Pour Moi is a Shopify store that sells lingerie, swimwear, and nightwear of any size. This store ensures they provide fit products for modern, fashion-conscious women.

Also, they provide the support and comfort these women require. The Shopify store website is user-friendly – adding products to the cart and connecting socially is seamless.

#18. Khara Kapas

Kharakapas means ‘pure cotton’. This successful Shopify store with its modern heritage racks up over $1,500 in sales per day. They sell handmade clothing and Indian-culture-inspired clothes.

Their clothes result from the combination of an understanding of the elegance of cotton, simple colors, multipurpose prints, and minimal design. They produce their items of clothing in India, however, they offer worldwide shipping.

#19. SoYoung Inc

SoYoung inc is a line of bags for both children and their moms. They earn 25% of their revenue from their online Shopify stores. 

The profit margin on those sales is greater as a result of the higher margins from direct sales. They offer a wide range of collections for babies, kids, and adults to choose from.

#20. Jeffree Star Cosmetics

Jeffree Star is an American makeup artist, fashion designer, model, and the founder of Jeffree Star Cosmetics. The beautifully designed website contains a lot of holidays and special editions for its users.

This website also offers free shipping for products over $100 in the US. These and many other tactics place them among the most successful Shopify stores for beauty products.

#21. Quad lock

This Shopify store was designed in Australia. Their signature gadget offers the possibility of securing your smartphone to your arm, bike, or car.

Since its release in 2011, the Quad Lock bike mount has been made to suit different applications, including a wall mount, belt clip, and a tripod adapter. 

#22. Watch Outfitter

A 17-year old started this company. With the knowledge and passion for jewelry, this Shopify store was making $13,500 in monthly revenue by the end of the first year.

These watches are gotten from several vendors in the US, Europe, and Asia. Buying straight from the vendors allows them to sell high-quality designs at wholesale prices.

#23. Millk

This Shopify store was developed in 2016 to offer, comfortable and stylish clothes for babies. Considering everyday living and playing, Millk designs comfortable items of clothing for them.

They pay special attention to the production of these pieces with natural, soft, and versatile materials.

#24. Au Lit Fine Linens

They are one of the most successful Shopify stores for home and furniture. Their goal is to “change the way people sleep & improve the quality of their lives”.

The Au Lit Fine store sells a range of beddings, duvets, pillows, and other bath and comfort products. Also, they have a section that shares tips and advice, in case you’re looking for suggestions.


There are a lot of Shopify stores that are successful, however, one thing remains constant. They all employ different tactics – either by giving freebies or offering free delivery.

Why wait?! Start your e-commerce store and launch in about 30 minutes

Perhaps the next review we fix could feature your store!

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