Ojooo App Reviews: Is It a Scam Or $0.04 Per Click?

How else do I reiterate the power or necessity of reviews? And communicate that reviews for products like Ojooo app should never escape the curiosity of intending users?

Here’s a non-negotiable reality; users’ reviews are the best way to know whether a product truly works. For all we know, such opinions are borne out of good or bad experiences with the product.

I recall one week, some years back (about 3), when I stumbled upon an app that told how I could make so many dollars by inviting friends. This was maddd offer, crazy something!

I went gaga! I tagged my friends severally as if my life depended on it. It didn’t even help that I had been reading “…Dream Big” by Ben Carson and saw myself as the female Bill Gates of my century. For me, then, the app offered me the opportunity to hit RAW GOLD!

Unfortunately, I only managed to irritate most of my Facebook friends and WhatsApp contacts with excessive tags and broadcast messages. Guess what followed next? Facebook blocked me! You’ll say it served me right, right? Well, in hindsight, it did.

However, I could have saved myself all that 24-hour stress of recovering my Facebook page if I had read other users’ reviews of the app, which was another scam! Why this story? I want to save you the stress of falling victim to scammers in this post-covid 19 era.

Consequently, this post will thoroughly review the Ojooo app and distill whether or not the app is a scam and pays $0.04 per click as promised users.

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What is Ojooo?

Ojooo company was founded by Michael Thees in March 2013 and operates from Germany. Primarily, Ojooo is a platform for advertisers, allowing for the creation of effective Internet advertising campaigns, based on the PPV (Pay Per View) system.

However, Ojooo is beyond just an advertising platform; the company also operates mail, analysis, hotel business, call services and numerous other services. The PTC is their most recent project.

The platform is a unique place where advertisers and their audience interested in various goods or services and from all over the World meet.

Ojooo enables reception of advertisements via www or a special Ojoo App application available on iOS or Android. The system enables mutual profit for both the parties to the advertising process.

What the users get for watching the advertisements is the remuneration in the form of the BPV (Bonus Per View) points, while the advertisers are certain that they conveyed their message to the right audience.

What then is the Ojooo App?

Cover art
Ojooo App

The Ojooo app is a user-friendly app that enables users make cheap phone calls to landlines and mobiles worldwide.

It is a free smartphone app that helps you to call and send messages. It’s marketed as a way to make cheap calls abroad. If you’re familiar with WhatsApp, that’s how Ojooo works. You and your family and friends can download it to connect for free.

But in 2013, a digital website was developed that allows people to make money online; Ojooo Wad.

Ojo Wad is a paid-to-click opportunity that pays members to earn some money fromwatch ads (this is where the name “WAD” emanates from; Watching Ads).

In addition to the PTC and Messenger app, Ojooo provides other resources, such as a web-based email service, advertisement opportunities and a web builder.

Are there Distinct Features of the App?

The main features of the Ojooo app are;

  • free audio and video calls to other Ojooo users – HD quality,
  • PUSH notifications – never miss calls, even if your app is closed,
  • voicemail with e-mail delivery,
  • virtual phone numbers – get phone numbers from more than 60 countries,
  • minute plans and attractive pay-as-you-go rates.

How Does Ojoo App Work?

If you want to consider Ojooo, you need to register for free using your Google or Facebook account. This involves creating a username, adding a password, entering an email address, and the name of the person who referred to you.

In any case, once you have given your information, you need to check the box to show that you are not a robot and also agree to their terms and conditions.

Then you begin viewing ads to earn some money.

On the Ojooo App, if you’re familiar with WhatsApp, that’s exactly how the app works. Subsequently, you can get started in 3 simple steps;

  1. Download and install Ojooo App (iOSAndroidMac or PC)
  2. Create an account with your mobile phone number
  3. Start talking & saving

How can I earn from Ojooo?

With Ojooo, there are two major ways of making money: watching videos and referring friends to Ojooo.

The first involves clicking on an advertisement, watching the commercial, and being paid for it. According to Ojooo, you will be paid $0.001 to $0.01 per clip, depending on the duration of the video.

In the meantime, if you start their referral program, you’ll receive $0,0005, but if you’re not good at inviting people via a link, you can hire a referral instead. However, this will cost you $0.2 a month and will rise until you have earned 251 referrals.

You can also earn $0.1 up to 2 by entering the Ojooo Grid, which is a regular game on the website. You will play the game 10 times a day and try to win each of their five prizes.

By the way, Ojoo provides an incentive package to members for free, and of course, your earnings will improve if you upgrade your account to Premium or Premium+.

According to FoxyRating, Ojooo ranks 14th of the best and highest paid-to-click (PTC) sites. It is a great website that can help you earn some money than many other PTC sites. Since the cost of ads is really cheap, you earn faster on Ojooo.

With 100 RR, 0.06 per rented referral a day, and a free account, you can receive $512 a month. Assuming you have 200 rented referrals and each gets you 0.06, that then makes you twelve dollars a day, minus the investment, which equals $10.57 a day; thus, you earn 317 a month. And at 1,000 referrals, you will receive 4,200 dollars a month.

Ojooo App Reviews: Is It a Scam Or $0.04 Per Click?

Though several users have given negative reviews of their distinct experiences with the Ojooo app, however, FoxyRating, rates the app as a legit one.

Also, Best Lifetime Income (BLI) consider Ojooo app as a legit platform. Though they are not taken on the fact that Ojooo is not very profitable for users.

Nevertheless, from the review of many users, Ojooo may not be a scam on the one hand, but it may not be functioning properly as promised users, hence the agitations.

On Ojooo, what you earn per clip is between $0.001 up to $0.01, and this depends on the duration of the video too. More so, if you start their referral program, you’ll receive $0,0005.

Despite FoxyRating and BLI’s stance on the app, my opinion is that you weigh the pros and cons of the app. If, for you, the pros outweigh the cons, then you can subscribe to the apps offer.

However, if the cons supersede the cons for you, then it is fair enough if you do not sign up to the app. Whatever the outcome, your convenience is of utmost consideration in my giving this advice.

What are the Pros and Cons of Ojooo APP?

The pros and cons of the Ojoo app should guide your decisions about the app. You may want to reconsider subscribing to the app if the disadvantages outweigh the advantages.

You earn some money:
On Ojoo, you’re promised to earn from $0.04 per click.
Low Income Potential:
Although it’s nice to know that Ojooo is not a scam and legit, it’s still frustrating to hear that the sum you’re going to get is quite small. It’s the same as other PTC pages, and I think the only difference is that you have other opportunities to make a profit by viewing advertisements and referrals.
But still, even though you’ve invited many people, which can be difficult because most people are wiser today, you won’t make a lot of money.
Pays Via credible means (PayPal):
Since PayPal is trusted and accessible all over the world, this ensures that even though you live in the US or not, you will cash out your earnings.
Waste Of Time:
Even if you’re looking for a side hustle and you want to watch videos all day long, profits offered by Ojooo isn’t worth the efforts or all that time. Imagine if you used same for other, more rewarding investments? Thus, my advice is, don’t put too much efforts in Ojooo, watch videos at you spare time please.
Chat App workability in various countries:
From users experiences, the app seems none functional in other foreign countries.
Expensive Membership Fees:
Whether  it’s a $39 or $999 membership fee doesn’t concede the fact that ii is quite expensive. I mean, since you’re not going to make a lot of money via the platform, and you’re less likely to get the cash you’ve invested, why spend more than you’ll even earn to be a member? Quite expensive please!
Ojooo scam or legit

Ojooo App Reviews: Users Experiences

Riz0v.2 Maulad
I thought its available worldwide yet its not working. I keep getting error when I try to put my mobile phone number.

Angela Sharpe
Really wanted to try this app. I got a error code when I put in my phone number. I hope you get this fixed and I’ll come back and do another rate. For now I’m giving 2 stars.

akanza casimir
I didn’t really try it cause when I entered my phone number; error 414 appeared, so I couldn’t move to next steps. I guest it doesn’t work in AFRICA as many apps.

Abdul rahman
I thought this app worked I tried to login with my mobile number continuously it showed error

Arsalan Khan
Not loging in…. 414 Error… I’m from Pakistan.

Abraham Joseph
Unable to register app or link it with online account. Have not received the SMS verification. Useless app! Uninstalled!

Kurt O
Was well and good earning my first 20 points till I signed up on the app after adding my fone number I got the 414 error code. Guess it’s not for South Africans.

Md Azhar Hussain
Amazing….. really good app for me. This app saved my time to watching advertise. .


Firstly, you should cross check whether or not the chat app will work in your country before downloading same.

Secondly, you should pay closer attention to users’ review of the app which is obviously borne out of their individual experiences in using the app.

Finally, I reiterate, READ reviews! Their importance can never be over emphasized. I hope that you found this read very helpful to


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