Paypal Money Adder Reviews: Is it legit or Online Cash Generator scam

Paypal money adder reviews will save a plethora of people who seek to make quick money from being scammed. Here’s why; reviews are the better actions to take before patronizing a product in the contemporary.

For one, reviews pre-inform you about the authenticity or not of a product.

Apart from reviews saving you from falling victim to scammers and fraudsters, they’re also a convenient way to know other users’ experience of a product. See it this way; product reviews place you at an advantage; you have a pre-assessment of users’ experience of a product.

I often tell how reviews have saved me severally from being a client to scammers on a regular. On one such occasion, I had been enchanted by a new product that popped up in an advert while I was surfing the net. I was doubly wow-ed by its dynamics. Imagine one product providing nearly four different solutions. I was blown!

Unfortunately, even the fake reviews (another fraudulent act you need to be wary of) on the product’s site told of all the wonders of this drug.

Anyways, I was a click away from finalizing payment when the white voice drifted in and asked if I was just gon’ to believe all this surface goodness without verifying.

I lazily paused, checked opinions beyond the site, and BOOM! None was good, NO! Not even half-good, all were tales of woes and terrible consequences. I had barely missed not just being scammed but suffering some protracted health consequences of fake drugs. See, scammers ain’t got no conscience! Their real Daddy!

Thus, it is my duty to ensure you do not fall victim or not of scammers in the guise of a Paypal money adder, hence this review. In this read, too, you will get to know whether or not the Paypal money adder is legit or a scam and worth your investment.

Meanwhile, let’s answer some specific questions you may have about the Paypal money adder.

What is Paypal money adder?

Before I help you understand the Paypal money adder and how it works, have a look at the authentic PayPal and its functionality.

The Authentic Paypal

PayPal is an electronic commerce company that, through online transactions, facilitates payments between parties. PayPal enables customers to create an account linked to a user’s credit card or checking account on its website. 

It is an online wallet that serves as a middleman between your online transactions and your bank account. At a vast range of online retail outlets, PayPal is a recognized form of payment system.

Upon confirmation of identity and proof of funds, users may begin sending or receiving payments online or via the company’s app to and from other PayPal accounts.

The payment system can also be used to make deposits on your gaming accounts. PayPal casinos, for instance, have recently increased in number because many players are hesitant to play casino games with their credit cards.

A PayPal casino functions in the same manner as a normal casino, but PayPal is the preferred payment method. All you need to do is click on the PayPal option in the banking section of your casino account if you wish to use PayPal to make a deposit.

Alternatively, instead of entering your credit card information, you simply connect to your PayPal account and enter your username and password.

Online casinos have recently improved their security a lot, but a UK PayPal casino provides an advanced level of safety.

Thus, to access your financial information, a hacker would not only have to get through the casino’s security system but would also have to break through PayPal’s security systems to get anywhere near your account.

However, PayPal is known for having one of the industry’s best safety schemes.

Paypal Money Adder

The PayPal Money Adder fraud has absolutely nothing to do with the authentic PayPal. It is deeply regrettable that a business that has worked incredibly hard to establish a reputation as a trustworthy and safe business should be dragged through the mud.

PP Money Adder or PayPal Money Generator is a downloadable software that claims to credit your existing PayPal account. All you have to do is pay for the software; usually, users have to pay for this ‘service’.

Sometimes they’ll send it to you free of charge in certain cases so you can download it on your device.

After which, you select the amount you want, enter your name and email address and BOOM, you qualify to receive up to $500 a day.

Who does this please? I mean, who gives free money in these millennia without any efforts done to earn same? Wait, hang on in there with me, Paypal money adder claims to give you up to $500 a day without you making any efforts at all to earn the same? Nah! Something’s definitely not sitting right here.

Let’s, however, see if you can really get free money with a Paypal money adder.

Can you really get free PayPal money?

With the authentic Paypal, you can redeem points on some sites via Paypal. An example of such a site is the Idle-Empire.

All you have to do to earn your free PayPal money is sign up for an Idle-Empire account, respond to a few paid surveys, watch videos, or complete deals, and easily redeem your PayPal balance points.

On the other hand, the Paypal money adder has no free money to offer anybody. They rather take yours. So be very cautious about what information you give out on the internet, or better still, verify all sites outside their domains before you give out sensitive details about yourself.

Where can I get free PayPal money?

Solely on this article, earning free PayPal money means getting payment through PayPal for completing some specified seamless tasks. There are a plethora of places to earn free PayPal money, via online surveys or sign up for a bid, etc.

Here are some of them;

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  • Ibotta
  • Branded Surveys
  • Survey Junkie
  • Swagbucks
  • Rakuten
  • MyPoints
  • PrizeRebel
  • Dosh
  • Pinecone Research
  • Sweatcoin
  • Honey
  • InboxDollars
  • Respondent
  • User Testing
  • Receipt Hog
  • Rover
  • ScreenLift
  • Getaround
  • TaskRabbit
  • Decluttr
  • Shopkick

Paypal Money Adder Reviews: Scam Or Legit?

The PayPal Money Generator is one of the many PayPal scams that has been perpetrated on the web

One red flag the Paypal money adder raises for me is the worrying fact that it has no legit website at the moment. This is what you find when you search;

PayPal money adder App Download

I however traced them to Facebook, but their page doesn’t look active or regular event:

The scammers advertise the app to you under the pretext of giving you an amount of cash when, in fact, you get nothing at all. What is worse, criminals have also built a bunch of fake websites that act as ‘third parties to help the efficacy of the PayPal Money Generator.

So you might see praise from some websites, total bull, if you were searching for the app online.

How The Paypal Money Adder Scam Is Perpetrated;

1. Constant Adverts, Fake Upgrades, and New Versions

It’s very quick to fall prey to the PayPal Money Generator scam. It’s because you might assume that you’re on the real PayPal app, without knowing that scammers are out for your money-blood. To build fake PayPal apps, these scammers work overtime.

More so, the scam PayPal Money Adder app is periodically addressed to you with an update invitation, a new edition, or a promotional bid. Usually, it is marketed as the best possible offer, but it is not. It’s a device that could end up costing you more than you’ve ever thought.

Don’t be fooled as these apps look a lot like the original ones, including the Paypal logo on them. Thus, without understanding it, users download this software and send all their precious details to scammers.

The real PayPal is trustworthy and has a stable payment network, but these counterfeit apps are built to defraud you of your personal details and cause you financial losses.

2. Looting your Paypal account directly

One reason scammers from PayPal Money Generator scam is to try to steal users’ personal and sensitive information. Crooks ask for your email under the basic justification for registering you for the app.

You get email days or weeks later that asks you to solve a problem with your PayPal account.

Attempts will be made along these lines to protect your login information. It can be in the form of a login page, or they can explicitly ask for it.

Login is a fake PayPal website, and you will unknowingly not be logging into your personal account. You can only provide scammers with all the information they need to steal money from your account, which could also lead to identity theft.

Stop any connections to your bank account or PayPal account that you send via your email address. Many of them are due to malicious intent.

To access your real PayPal account, please navigate to the platform’s web address. They are the only ones who are allowed to make any changes to your account. They also need to keep all your details secure, or you risk losing a lot of money.

3. Unauthorized Sell of your Email Address

One of the seamless ways to benefit from this scheme is for the PayPal Money Adder scammers to get users to pay for the app. Then, these persons will abscond with the hard-earned money of the victims before they can ask for a refund.

It may seem apparently a harmless act to collect email addresses, but for the crooks running the PayPal Money Generator scam, it is quite useful. It’s worth quite a lot of email addresses. When all the appropriate addresses are obtained, they are then sold in bulk for a lot of money to corporations who will then fill up your inbox with a variety of spam messages.

How To Report PayPal Money Adder Scam

Alert your family and friends about the PayPal Money Generator by sharing it via social media using the buttons given. You may also report the scammers to the Federal Trade Commission officially by using this link: Report To The FTC Here.

How To Prevent Scams and Fraud

By verifying the authenticity of a product before subscribing for same. Sites like, the Scam Detector, specifically review and expose scams as the Paypal money adder. 

Furthermore, they also do reviews of such products to enable users to understand why the said products are not authentic.

Never fail to visit credible websites like TheWealthCircle and Scam Detector to read honest reviews of products before plunging into the same.


Without doubt, PP Money Adder is a SCAM. Downloading such products is often a bad idea, they may also come bundled with malware and viruses that can damage your computer, and steal your sensitive information.

Whenever you see something that makes promises of easy money or free money, it’s a big red flag, and a warning that you should stay away from it. It’s a reality, to make money ain’t easy, it takes constant effort from your side and plenty of patience, and as some think, it’s never a fluke.

There is a real way to make money online, though; put in the effort and give it time to blossom in order to build a burgeoning online business.

Finally, always remember to check users opinions from various other sites before subscribing for any new product. It saves you all the consequences of scammers and fraudulent products and sites.


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