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Everyone wants to be productive but sometimes distractions and bad habits get the best of them. Nonetheless, a 1-minute manager can stimulate productivity in just one minute.

He achieves this by changing his mindset and strengthens his motivation in just one minute using a one-minute reflection. This reflection is in accordance with a one-minute manager review.

This article will provide a review of this book.

General Idea Behind the Minute Manager Book

The one-minute manager achieves a good review by using the one-minute rule. This rule helps people improve their productivity. A small chore when piled up becomes a problem to an individual and this is where the one-minute rule comes in.

It minimizes the number of small responsibilities in an individual’s life. The one-minute rule shapes a more productive lifestyle and organizes responsibility. The rule posits that if a task takes one minute or less to accomplish, then do it right now.

It improves work ethics and reduces stress for the one-minute manager because he handles smaller tasks in 30 to 60 seconds. If he handles smaller tasks in one minute or less, his overall work base becomes clutter-free and his life freed from stress.

The one-minute rule helps the manager in checking emails at the workplace. This can be done in 1 minute or less rather than allowing the mailbox to be littered with so many unread messages.

The one-minute manager handles schedules, changes messages, and checks documents using the one-minute rule.

Thus, the new 1-minute manager puts out the fire as it happens instead of saving them for the latter. The one-minute rule changes lifestyles because it explores lifestyle productivity.

The Basic Premise of The One Minute Manager

The one-minute manager is one who walks around the company and gets good results without taking much time.

He takes note of people doing something right. These are those who feel good would deliver good results. This is a basic premise of the one-minute manager.

He sets three goals for the employees which he reviews in one minute or less according to a one-minute worksheet.

How To become a One Minute Manager

Effective management is what organizations need for a one-minute review. To become a 1-minute manager, the manager must seek management where people and organizations will benefit.

 Mapping out one-minute management strategies is what makes an individual become a one-minute manager. The one-minute manager sustains a leadership potential in both professional and private life.

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The Purpose of The One Minute Manager

The symbolic purpose of the one-minute manager is to set goals for the employees. The one-minute manager hands over these goals as a list of directives.

The One Minute Manager and his relevance

The one-minute management as proposed by the one-minute manager is relevant even today.

It allows for changes in the one-minute manager review concerning the various ways people can be managed and led. This could be between parents and children, coaches and players, or at work.

How to put the one minute manager to work

Putting the one minute manager to work requires that the managers identify measures of attaining goals for their work team.

Input is the first level of performance relevant to the specified goal. The one-minute manager checks the desired level of performance during the one-minute manager review.

The one-minute manager uses the one-minute worksheet to record the performance-related data. A software tool allows the one-minute manager to access the performance-related data and track progress towards goal attainment.

Leadership and the one minute manager

A 1-minute manager practices self-leadership and takes up responsibility of all the outcomes of his actions.

He knows and believes in his own power rather than in assumed constraints. Thus, his power lies in his leadership position.

 As a leader, the book tends to lose interest in assumed constraints because the one-minute manager review shows that this hinders future exploits.

The Three Secrets Of The One Minute Manager

1. One minute goals

The performance standards and the desired outcome are clear for both the one-minute manager and his employee. Planning, coaching, and performance are three parts a 1-minute manager uses for management performance.

The one-minute manager uses the one-minute worksheet to keep goals at the center and upfront and views them continually. He uses them to check if the behavior is a match to the goals.

Goal setting uses the 80/20 rule. This means that 80% of the important results come from 20 % of the goals. Thus, goals are only set on 20% which are the key areas of their responsibilities.

It ensures that the goals and the standards would take less than 250 words to express in a one-minute worksheet.

This is of great need during the one-minute manager review. In addition to knowing what the goals need to be, there is a need to know what good behavior looks like. This behavior is what gets that goal accomplished.

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2. One minutes praising

Caring is the power behind one minute of praising. The one-minute manager sees when the employee does something right and looks closely into his eyes and acknowledges his effort.

He shares with the employee how good he feels about what he does.

The book uses the example of killer whales at the aquatic parks. At the end of each show, the whales jump out of the water over a rope and make a big splash for the grand finale.

In the one-minute manager review, he gets a whale, each time it swims under a rope that is already way under the water and gave it a fish.

The one-minute manager gradually moves the rope higher and higher until a day comes when the whale comes out of the water. Thus, if the whale wants to get its fish, it needs to jump out of the water.

3. One minute reprimand

The one-minute manager in his one-minute review responds when an employee who does something right all the time makes a mistake.

First, he confirms the fact and would come to the employee’s desk to speak about the wrong. A 1-minute manager in a one-minute review of the situation shares how he feels about it.

He ensures that he does not attack the person but only the behavior.

The new 1 minute manager

In the new one minute management, the manager looks at the goals and checks if it matches the behavior.

A 1-minute manager makes changes to these goals according to the one-minute review. In the new 1 minute manager, one-minute re-direct replaces one-minute reprimand.

The new 1-minute manager establishes a difference between the two which is whether an individual is a learner or not.

 He uses a reprimand when an individual knows better than what he/she does. He considers a learner with a redirect.

The Plot Summary of the One minute Manager Book

The one-minute manager book is a situational leadership model. It is a pragmatic guide to the life cycle theory. The reader of this book sustains the potential of becoming a leader in both professional and personal life.  

It motivates self-leadership. It clarifies the work-life of employees and the duress to which they are subjected. This leads to the underutilization of power the employees possess.

Self-leadership which the book propounds will not only help the success of an individual but also an organization in a competitive society. The knowledge from the book works. It is adequate for the one-minute manager review.

The one-minute manager book tells the story in which a leader finds out the effective power in one-minute management.

It is a great resource for both new and experienced managers alike. It has tips that can help streamline operation, increase productivity and people management.


The book is not meant to be taken literally. It is a genre in the category of business, self-help, and motivation. The book has 112 pages.

It is co-authored by Ken Blanchard, PhD, and Spencer Johnson, MD. It was published in 1982 by HarperCollins publishers.

This story was published in 1982 when people were ready to increase their productivity, profits, and prosperity.

People use the one-m manager because they want to enjoy fair and honest treatment and have their work appreciated.

Most employees attest to the fact that using the one-minute goals, praising, and reprimands, their children manage their own lives.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why does the One Minute Manager have a high turnover rate?

The high turnover rate of the one minute manager is because they grow to become leaders themselves. The employees do not get away with sloppiness.

It reminds them to work towards the goal or praise them for their good works. The huge turnover rate is because he utilizes the potentials in him during the one-minute manager review.

The general provision of the one-minute rule helps in this review.

Who would I recommend The One Minute Manager summary to?

A 1 minute manager recommends this summary to a 24-year-old individual, who is about to start his first job which he manages for the first time.
The second recommendation of the one-minute summary is to a 38-year-old manager, who has a tough time giving positive feedback to his employees, and anyone who wants to be a better friend.

Why is the one-minute goal important?

If goals are defined in lesser words, it is very clear for the employer to frequently check their performance against their goals and feel happy if they are progressing.
This is because feedback on results is clearly the number one motivator for people. Good behavior is positively reinforced. This would get somebody to an eventual achievement of the organizational goals

Why does one-minute praising works?

The above example is used because at times managers refrain from telling employees that they are doing well unless they are achieving end results.
A big takeaway from this section is to let the employees know upfront that the manager would be evaluating the employee’s progress towards the goal.
One minute of praising works because people don’t want to be manipulated.
The best way to make somebody a winner is to catch them doing something right. Then, such people are gradually moved towards the desired behavior.

Why does the one-minute reprimand works?

A 1-minute manager intervenes early and deals with one behavior at a time. The person receiving the discipline would not be overwhelmed.
 The performance of a one-minute review is an ongoing process and not something that should only be done once a year.


I recommend this book. It should not be taken literally. These tasks can’t always be completed in one minute but the goal is to simplify.

When the one-minute manager does that, he only focuses on the big picture whereas the employees know what to strive for.

The employees can see who the progress towards the tasks. They can therefore praise or reprimand themselves.



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