Paidverts Reviews: is it Earning cash on paidverts Legit or Scam?

This paidverts review contains all you need to know about the online platform. Are you looking to learn about paidverts? Reading this article indicates you probably know a few things about paidverts. But perhaps you are among a handful of people who often ask if paidverts are legit or scams.

In this article, I shall walk you through the A to Z of paidverts, providing helpful answers to all questions you have on the site. I first learned about the platform a few months ago when searching the internet. I took it upon myself to learn about the platform, given the high level of controversies to bedevil it.

Given my broad knowledge about the platform, I decided to do paidverts reviews so that people like you and thousands of other readers from around the world who visit my site on a daily basis don’t go through the stress of searching for reviews online about the website.

Now let’s get started with my paidverts reviews.

What is PaidVerts?

Simply put, Paidverts is an online platform where members are paid to view and click adverts (PTC). The adverts only take a few seconds. Users get rewarded for clicking adverts, and the payment depends on the number of ads you click or the duration you spend online.

Aside from clicking ads, there are other ways of making money on the site, and they include – Playing games, Playing Clickgrid, taking Surveys, Completing Offers, and Inviting a friend to sign up with Paidverts.

The site was created in 2014, thanks to an online tech entrepreneur called Jo Cook. Since its creation, PaidVerts has enjoyed massive growth with thousands of members signing up with the platform on a weekly basis.

Paidverts has got over 4 million members and has paid out more than $10 million since its inception. I believe this figure answers the frequently asked question, Is paidverts legit or a scam? After reading the entire length of my paidverts reviews, I urge you to sign up and try the site to see for yourself.

How to Sign Up on PaidVerts

Signing up on paidverts is pretty simple, all you need to do is log onto the website through and click the Register tab. The site would redirect to a page with forms that requires you to fill in your details.

The details to fill out include your name, email address, and password. Once this is completed, the site would send a confirmation link to your email. Once you confirm the email, your account becomes activated and you are good to go.

How Does Paidverts works?

Here is how it works – Paidverts sends ads to members on weekdays from Monday to Friday. It sends 8 activation ads to your account for a reward of 96BAPs. I have heard some people say they get reward of 200BAPs. I think the amount of reward you get depends on the country you sign in from.

Also, please note that the paid ads only get to show for 24 hours, so you need to click the ads to earn money within 24 hours. This also increases your chances of getting more ads, you should ensure you click the ads regularly.

What is BAP?

BAP is the currency in Paidverts. Members need to click all served adverts ona daily basis. This would help you accumulate Paid Ads, and the more BAPs you have the more money you can make.

After signing up with PaidVerts as a beginner you will receive 265 BAPs that will help you to start getting Paid Ads

The term BAP is a short form of Bonus Ad Points, and 1 BAP is valued at $0.0005. Members of paidverts need to be up and doing to accumulate more BAPs to receive Paid Ads.

Two types of ads are displayed on a daily basis – Activation ads and paid ads. What’s the difference between the two ads? Activation ads give you BAPs, while Paid ads give members Real cash.

Also, Paidverts allow users the option to upgrade their account. But to do so, you have to pay a small fee of $0.05. To accumulate that amount, you need to earn 2500 BAPs.

The upgrade helps you earn more Paidverts unlike other Paid To Click (PTC) which will cost you $800 per year or $50 per month to upgrade your membership.

Referral on Paidverts

There is also a referral program on Paidverts through which users can make money. When you refer people to the platform, you earn 5% of every ad your referral views. This is somewhat low when compared to other PTC platforms like

Other means of earning through referral include –

  • When your down-liner buys $100 worth of advertising, you’ll earn an instant 10% commission.
  • Again, you get to earn $0.005 when you down-liner clicks on ads of $0.
  • When your down-liner buys a $100 worth of Bulk Adverts (explained below). You get an instant $10.00 as commission.

What is Bulk Ads?

This type of ads is reserved for people who have blogs or websites and hopes to increase the number of people visiting their sites. By so doing, you get to earn BAPs. You could create a free website and promote Paidverts so that people know about the site and sign up to become members.  The site rewards you some commission when people sign up through your site.

How much can one earn in Paidverts?

The amount of money you earn on the platform largely depends on how active you are. Do you always log in to click ads? Do you refer people to sign up on the platform? How many BAPs do you have? These are some factors which determine how much you earn on the site.

Again, are you a blogger or YouTuber? Bloggers earn more than regular users who just wait to click ads. If you are a blogger and promote the site through your site, you are most certainly going to earn more than a regular user.

Is Paidverts Worth it?

Well, I would say this depends on what you actually want to achieve. Are you looking for an online job that would earn you enough money to take care of your bills? If yes, then you may need to keep searching.

We have got other posts to help you earn good amount of money. I think Paidverts is for people who want an additional source of income.

Paidverts should basically be for students or people who have lots of spare time to click on ads. People who are willing to stay active online to earn a little amount of money.

Why you should Paidverts

It’s Online

The fact Paidverts in an online gig is one fact I personally like about the platform. Granted, it might help you earn as much as you would love to. But consider the fact you would earn passive income by looking at ads.

Also, I like the fact you get work on the site from anywhere you are. You mustn’t be at a particular place to do the job. It is flexible. All you do is to sign in and start earning because it is online.

Method of Payment

The platform gives users options to receive their earning. When you visit the site you would find out the methods of payment. You can get paid through PayPal or other means. This is unlike other money-making platforms online that limit users to just one means of receiving payment.

Passive Income

Through Paidverts, you get to make money while you are sleep, paidverts is a passive way of making money. When combined with your primary source of income, you’d see the site is worth.

Is Paidverts Legit or Scam?

Is PaidVerts a scam or legit? This is one question prospective members are quick to ask. Please note that paidverts is not a scam. The company enjoys millions of users and has paid millions in dollars since its inception.

I hope my answer provides succor to you? Be rest assured that paidverts is not a scam and registration is free, so you don’t have to worry about being ripped off your money.

But one gets rich through paidverts? Is paidverts as lucrative as other online platforms? These questions are answered in detail in the next section of this paidverts reviews.

Can Paitverts make you Wealthy?

This is another popular question prospective members ask about the site. But I think you should have the answer to the question having followed my paidverts reviews until now.

Paidverts is a slow means of making money. The platform can only fetch you pocket money. But if you are looking for a platform that can fetch you enough money to pay bills, then you might need to search our site for such posts.

We have a lot of posts that teach you how to make lots of money on a monthly basis.

Also, read – 8 Ways To Make Money In A Bear Market | 2023

What I encourage people to do is see paidverts as a supplementary means of making money. For someone like me, I have got other means of making money online but because I enjoy multiple streams of income, I add Paidverts to the list but not as the primary source of income. I believe you now get the picture I try to paint? Take paidverts as an additional source of making money but not the main source.

Complaints on Paidverts

As with other platforms, paidverts also have its share of complaints. Users of the platform have reported their frustrations about the platform, and I thought I should share a few complaints you are likely to encounter on the platform with you.

Having read this paidverts reviews until now the compalints I shall reveal shortly shouldn’t be strange to you. However, I thought I should include the complaints in my review. Please note that these complaints do not mean that the platform is terrible.

Low Earning

The earning potential on the platform is one of the pitfalls users have reported. Many users have reviewed the earning as not encouraging. They thought Paidverts should increase earning potential to encourage more people to sign up.

The low earning is even more worrisome when you don’t have a blog to promote the platform to earn increased earnings.

Can’t sign up with BBB

If you are a resident of the North American countries USA and Canada and you prefer to use the BBB rating, then I am sorry to let you know you can’t do this.  

There are several mixed PaidVerts complaints. If you read them, it leads to one conclusion people need quick money, that is not going to happen you will need to work for money.

I agree entirely that PaidVerts is a slow earning platform. But it is far better than other Paid To Click sites I have reviewed.

Final Thought on Paidverts Review

Firstly, I would like to state categorically that Paidverts is different from what is obtainable at other ‘paid to click’ platforms. I usually don’t encourage people to join PTC platforms, but I think paidverts should be given a try, especially if you are looking for means to earn pocket money.

I hope you get it right? To earn pocket money in your spare time, you should sign up with paidverts, it won’t fetch enough money to pay the bills but pocket money.

However, if you just say I will pass PaidVerts, I am looking for something big that will help to make passive income and pay your bills.

Yes, there is an alternative to PaidVerts, but you need to put in mind that there is no easy money is whether you invest money or time to make money.

Search our other posts on this site and you are guaranteed, to see articles that would help you earn four figures on a monthly basis.

I hope my paidverts reviews answers all your questions about paidverts? If you have any concern about paidverts that was not addressed on this post, please let us know through the comment section below.

Also, if you have additional contributions to help my readers make a good decision about paidverts and other online platforms, do not hesitate to share your ideas and thoughts with us.

Good luck as you sign up on paidverts.


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