10 Unnoticed Places to Get Cheap Razors in 2022 | Updated

Shaving is very necessary for everyone who has experienced puberty. Though costly, there are actually ways you can get razors at cheap prices, hence our bringing you the 10 unnoticed places to get cheap razors in 2022.

Getting razors at a cheap price will go a long way in lessening your budget and that’s very much needful as it would help you attend to some other things that need financial attention.

This would be of much help to persons that don’t want hair anywhere except the eyebrows and head.

Razor blades are seemingly one of the commodities that several people do not expect to be as costly as they turn out to be. If you go to physical stores to buy razor blades, you may receive a shock you never expected.

But, thanks to the growth in online monthly razor clubs, as you can buy cheap razors online without impacting quality.

You can buy razors at many online stores. You can buy razors can be at grocery stores or at the local drug stores but if you want to buy cheaper yet quality razors, often than not, your best bet is to buy them online.

10 Unnoticed Places to get cheap razors in 2022

There are several shaving clubs you can find online that will simplify the purchase process. In addition to this, they save you the time you would have spent to go to the store as time is money.

You are to note that most clubs have no contracts, and you can cancel your wish.

If you want to know where to buy cheap razor blades online then this article has the first-hand information you need to buy quality razor blades and save money at the same time.

The 10 unnoticed places to get cheap razors in 2022 include:

  1. Dollar Shave Club
  2. Harry’s
  3. Shavemob
  4. Gillette On Demand
  5. Bevel
  6. Billie
  7. Dorco
  8. Ibotta
  9. Dollar Tree
  10. Checkout 51

#1. Dollar Shave Club

Among many other options that exist for getting cheap razors online is Dollar Shave. It is one of the most well-known options to get razors by mail.

This is an online retailer and they know how to take care of a customer.

At signing up to use Dollar Shave Club, you become a starter and begin with a kit for that stage known as starter kit that costs only $5 and for which you will receive the following:

  • 4-pack of razors
  • 1 razor handle
  • One shave butter
  • 1 post shave due
  • One prep scrub

Dollar Shave Club ships out items to its customers for free, and offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. You can also cancel your transaction with them at any time you wish and that pretty cool, right?

Aside from razors, other products offered by the site include personal care products, such as shampoo, shave butter, deodorant, and cologne and they are all sold at affordable prices.

Dollar Shave Club also gives room for the customization of your orders.

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#2. Harry’s 

Harry’s and Dollar Shave Club have a similarity as both of them offer body care products. The two online retail shops only have one specific option for razors, but a customer gets to decide how many he/she will receive monthly, and they even have a family option.

When it comes to getting cheap razors online, Harry’s isn’t the best option as they only offer five-blade cartridges. In addition, you can only get a chrome handle and not a rubber one as that is what they offer.

However, if you want a cheap yet quality razor, Harry’s is a suitable option.

Harry’s offers the following plan:

  • 8 Blades
  • 8 Blades + Shave Gel
  • Family Pack

All the above-mentioned plans comes with has a subscription which comes with a 30-day guarantee, and you can opt-out.

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#3. Shavemob

This is among the places to get cheap razors online and is among the top choices.

ShaveMob is not as well known as Dollar Shave Club, but they’re an excellent alternative to buy cheap razors.

ShaveMob offers men’s and women’s razors for the same monthly price and that’s one of the best parts. Their packaging is zero waste generating as they are all recycled and recyclable.

If your interest is not in monthly razor clubs, shavemob is for you as you are allowed to buy in bulk without joining. However, you can also opt-in for the site’s subscription service as it offers one.

If flexibility is top on your list, ShaveMob is worth considering.

#4. Gillette On Demand

Gillette is one place to get cheap razors. It is fondly known as the granddaddy of razor blades.

As a way to get cheap razors, Gillette introduced Gillette On Demand from which people have been able to get cheap yet quality razors.

There are no many options that allow you to customize just about everything, whether you want reusable or disposable razors, a single purchase or a subscription, and many more but Gillette is one of the few options on this list.

With Gillette On Demand, every fourth-order you make is free, when you sign up for a subscription. This makes Gillette On Demand one of the better choices for buying cheap razors online.

Aside from the sales of cheap razors in bulk, Gillette On Demand offers a wide range of grooming products that you would have as well.

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#5. Bevel

There’s a shaving system for every skin, not minding whether it’s a sensitive one.

Bevel is among the places to get cheap razors but doesn’t offer monthly razor clubs yet like others do but you have two different options from which to choose from which include Safety Razor and Bevel Trimmer.

For the African-American community, Bevel markets itself as the leading shave club.

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#6. Billie

Billie is a shave club that is exclusively for women. Through this, men can still buy them, but the colour might not be quite satisfactory.

The best part about an online razor shop is buyers are to pay $9 no matter what, with free shipping. That notwithstanding, buyers can choose to get their shipment once a month, once every three months, or once every six months.

Paying the $9 gets you Billie’s Starter kit and Replacement cartridges

The colors of Billie’s razors come in coral, dream pop, blush, periwinkle, and cool blue. It’s up to you to make a choice for the colour of your handle.

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#7. Dorco

Dorco is an Amazon company but also has a shave club hence is one place to get cheap razors.

The Dorco service does not have over one option as with several online stores that sell cheap razors. It only has one, and that’s purchasing the starter kit and then getting the refills when you run out.

Also, there’s no subscription plan attached to Dorco services, so a buyer may pay a few cents extra for reusable cartridges.

Razors delivery can be done once a month, every two months, every three months, every four months, every five months, and every six months.

Dorco once sold disposable razors, but that is no longer the case, but if you want the chance to buy cheap razors in large quantities on Amazon, they’re worth considering.

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#8. Ibotta

Ibotta is a free app that allows you to get cash back on the purchases you make at the grocery store and at many other retail stores. It’s a terrific app that you can use to get cheap razors online in bulk and save money.

To do this, you have to wait for the razors’ offer to be added to the app, and when that’s done, choose the offer, and then upload your receipt validating the payment you made for those razors.

When this is done, Ibotta then gives you cashback based on the offer, which means you didn’t actually spend money on your razors.

For a start which is by creating an account, Ibetto gives you $10, and you can cash out once you reach $20.

Dollar Shave Club also gives room for the customization of your orders.

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#9. Dollar Tree

Aside from buying razors online is their being cheap and do not have quality impacted on, you can also buy from tested and trusted local stores like Dollar Tree.

Dollar Tree is one store through local physical stores, where you can get cheap razors. They sell you disposable razors, 

Buyers can visit their local stores, or shop online to see more inventory and find potentially better prices.

At Dollar Tree, you can get name-brand disposable razors like Barbasol and Bic. Blade sizes for the different brands range between two blades and five blades. Each disposable razor might only be sold for 20 cents and 50 cents.

After buying, you might pick up the items in-store or for free but the option that will have it is depending on the product you buy.

Most times, you would have to pay the shipping cost.

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#10. Checkout 51

Checkout 51 is another place to get cheap razors and just like, Ibotta, it’s a rebate app that gives you cashback on purchases. The Checkout app works similar to Ibotta.

In order to go shopping for razors, browse the offers and select ones you like.

Once you purchase them, it will issue you a receipt which you are to take a photo of. Checkout 51 then credits your account with cash once the receipt is processed. Once you reach $20, you can redeem your cash via pay pal.

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Some years back, you could only get razors from physical stores. However, with trading online, you can now get cheap razors online with little effort.

In fact, you can even purchase from local stores that have been tested and proven to offer quality and cheap razors like Dollar tree.

Thankfully, the quality of the razor blades is still intact, and the cost is more friendly.

Try it today and thank us for the quality shave you will have and the costs of buying these cheap razors will help you cut.


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